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1. Innovation in Rural CommunitiesSocial Enterprise Safari 2. About AlstonRemote rural communityPopulation 2500 with 1000 householdsEconomy a mix farming, tourism, construction

Taking a Social Safari Brian E. Gracon Why Take a Social Safari? Understand and leverage your online presence Use internally or with customers Customers probably

1. DOBBE NEIGHBORHOOD Social Innovation Safari 9 - 19 july 2013 Amsterdam 2. hood culture case brief opportunities disconnects field research analysis analysis

1. ! SOCIAL MEDIA SAFARI Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredPRworks 2. Questions? @PYMLive Barbara Rozgonyi :: @wiredPRworks 3. Questions? @PYMLive Barbara Rozgonyi :: @wiredPRworks

SocioSquare Case Study Delhi Safari

1. Fiona Hering, Ibis Advantage forFood Safari November 26, 2009 Ibis logo 2. Field to fork experience days Behind-the-scenes

1. Social Media Campaign ReviewWhats In Your Mirrors 2. FacebookPageAnalysis 3. the page has a healthy followingof more than 1,000,000 likes.multiple apps on the page

You might be lucky enough to bag some face time with your favorite superstars without resorting to creepy stalking. Here's how to spot celebrities with social media!

European Social Enterprise Law Association Social Enterprise in Europe Developing Legal Systems which Support Social Enterprise Growth REPORTS MAPPING EXPERTS The information

Introducing Social Enterprise Overview What is a social enterprise? What makes social enterprise different and why does it matter? Could social enterprise be

Slide 1 Social Enterprise Means Business Social Enterprise Means Business Workshop Slide 2 John McGowan Enterprise North West Social Enterprise Means Business Workshop Slide

PowerPoint Presentation SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Our Mission Prepared for McClellan Foundation and CF Debt Fund April 7, 2016 NEXT GENERATION SOLUTION SOCIAL ENTERPRISE SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP

Social Enterprise Social Enterprise Making our world a better place By Mike Britton 1 Social Enterprise in Thailand Social Enterprise Social Enterprise in the UK. Models

1. Janelle Kerlin Asst. ProfessorNonprofit Studies Program Georgia State UniversityCIES/Barcelona ProgramMay 7, 2012 2. Social enterprise is the use of market-basedapproaches

1.Social Enterprise 101 Presenter:Cynthia Gair, Director, Portfolio and Field Advancement, REDF Preparer: Jill Zeldin, Farber Intern, REDF2. What is REDF? Created in1997as

1. Social Enterprise in the PhilippinesAteneo Graduate School of BusinessAteneo-Standard MBAENTREP26 February 2013Prof. Jorge SaguinsinKevin M. Toledo 2. Social Entrepreneurship

1. Stacey Corriveau BC Centre for Social Enterprise 604.859.4618 1 2. Were going to cover: Definition of social enterprise (SE)

Enterprise Social pitch deck Social Enterprise Microsoft in the Enterprise Wayne Thompson Social Lead Microsoft Canada Presenter Guidance: This presentation provides a

Ashoka - School For International Training February 2007 Social Enterprise Ashoka School For International Training Ashoka - School For International Training February 2007