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1. Story In Relation to Game 2. Why Stories? In general: Illuminate the human condition Make you feel something Help you learn something Fun 3. Stories

Slide 1 Narrative in Games Slide 2 Games and Narrative: a continuum.. InteractivityStorytelling Slide 3 Or two different things There's a conflict between interactivity

1. Funny Games Narrative May 10, 2010 NARRATIVE 2. Funny Games NarrativeMay 10, 2010Funny Games (2008)Tropic thunder (2008) 3. Funny Games NarrativeMay 10, 2010 s t o r y

Narrative in Games Narrative in Games Games and Narrative: a continuum.. Interactivity Storytelling Or two different things There's a conflict between interactivity

Narrative in Computer Games James Merry Animation (MA) June 2000 1 Contents 1. List of Illustrations 2. Introduction 3. History of Narrative in Computer Games

Games, Narrative, & Story Randy Lubin Interactive Media Ludonarrative Storytelling Games Plotypus Interactive Media Dynamic & Immersive Game Renaissance Ludonarrative

1111 Steve Introduction: Hi folks, Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. You may be wondering why there are two of us on this stage. Its a little known fact that GDCO

Games, Play and Narrative Games as media, and game studies as an academic discipline Games as an object of academic study Why should we study games? How would we study games?

Narrative theory Narrative theory By Gruvin Intro A narrative is not the same as a story. A story refers to the base, including events, places and people. Although, a narrative

1.NARRATIVE THEORY PROPP & TODOROV2. NARRATIVE STRUCTUREPropp 1) Preparation 2) Complication 3) Transference 4) Struggle 5) Return 6) RecognitionTodorov 1) Equilibrium

1.G325 1B Narrative2. Narrative Narrative is about how stories are told. Applying different models of narrative structure to your work may reveal unconscious things that

1. Narrative Theory 2. Narrative Theory Narrative can be described as: The wayin which the plot is told to the audience Narrative is strongly linked to the audienceand

1. NARRATIVEMedia StudiesMedia Studies 2. Narrative is a way of organising spatialand temporal data into a cause and effectchain of events with a beginning, middleand

1. Theories about narrative structure.Narrative Thestory of the film.Narrative Structure Theway the story is told.3 ways narrative can be structured:Circular Thefilm

1. Narrative structureBy Casey Jefferies 2. Todorovs theory Tzvetan Todorovs theory states that there are five stages of development to every film. These five stages

1. Narrative Theory 2. Tim O'Sullivan argues that all media texts tells us some kind of story. Through careful mediation, media texts offer a way of telling stories,

1. Narrative Theory Learning Objective: To understand what is meant by narrative and look at some examples of narrative theory. 2. Plot vs Narrative The plot of a film is

1. L/O: To understand the narrative theories of Todorov, Strauss, Barthes, Propp, Cameron -to be able to apply theory to films in order to identify and explain the theories

Narrative Theory Narrative Theory Ben Bateman Todorovs Narrative Theory Todorovs narrative theory is neither a liner or non linear narrative. Although there is an apparent

NARRATIVE NARRATIVE NARRATIVE BORDWELL AND THOMPSON [1997] STORY PLOT what we see inferred events non-diegetic material (how we are shown what happens) (what happens) TIM