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1. ntu bike share a mode of transportation that : is environmentally friendly : gives students an alternative to other modes of transport : is a way to overcome increasingly

X-bike Eric Chiu x Denly Shih NTU Hackathon 2014 WHY X-bike Rent & Return = Wherever You Want Unlock = Simply with Phone Tracking = Don't Miss a Meter What we did

1. Project Identifier:Version:Contact:Date:JISC Final ReportProject InformationProject Identifier To be completed by JISCProject Title NTU SHARE (Supporting Harnessing and

Slide 1 Bike Share Green Apple Move Out Two Birds, One Stone Community Agriculture Club Igoe Renewable Energy Project NYU Green Lease National comparison: Grants Funded NYU

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A NEW ERA OF FITNESS IS HERE BETTER YOUR BEST AT CAPITAL TOWER SPORTS PERFORMANCE 2 Grounded in science and movement philosophy, Capital Tower Sports Performance will be

BIKE-SHARE OPPORTUNITIES IN NEW YORK CITY NYC Dept. City Planning | Spring 2009 Acknowledgements and Special Thanks The authors of this report would like to thank the following

Imagine walking to a sidewalk corner and finding a public bicycle. With a cellphone call or swipe of a card, you unlock it from its bike rack and ride it across town. Once

PowerPoint Presentation USC BIKE SHARE CE 585 - DESIGN PROJECT GROUP #6 Amr Zaher Nieyangzi Liu Mingjie Jin OUTLINE Introduction Purpose of the project Methodology Data collection

PowerPoint Presentation Are you a student, needing a more convenient way to get to class or around campus? Do you not have a car, and need a cheap solution to get to where

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1. Steve Hoyt-McBeth Transportation Seminar Series October 12, 2012 2. Bike Share Definition“Public bikes available for short term rental

Bike-Share @ LSU Promoting campus sustainability and Easy Streets Bike-Share @ LSU 1 Establish bicycle rental stations at the outer edges of campus that will encourage automobile

1. ant STEWARDSHIP I SIGNIFICANCE | OUTREACH | CORE VALUES . - 2. Strata + IEIEE Laboratort: 3. Strat pUI'pO$ To encourage 9 internal innovation = and Create continuous

2017 Bike Share Pilot Regulatory framework for free-floating bike share Sustainability & Transportation Committee Andrew Glass Hastings & Kyle Rowe September 19,

Bay Area Bike Share: Project Schedule Date Event May 17 2013 Name Announcement May 30 2013 San Francisco Open House June 14 2013 SFMTA Public Hearing: Station Approvals July…

Station Siting Guide Bike Share 2 B IKE SH A RE S TATI O N SITIN G 1.0 Introduction 1.1 How to Use This Guide 1.2 General Principles 1.3 Bike Share Stations in Context 1.4

i February 2010 For: City of Philadelphia William Penn Foundation Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia By: and Bonnette Consulting