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Want more retweets on Twitter? Of course you do! Here are 19 simple Twitter tips that get more retweets - and take 2 minutes or less!

1. News on twitter How one person could inform the (twitter) world 2. BreakingNews has 411 692 followers Screenshot from - Shooted on 2009,

The Twitter Ties that Retweet: Information Diffusion in Social Movements Elizabeth Cha Masters Project Dec. 10, 2010 Advisor: Ted Glasser 2 Social movements,

1.Twitter Retweet Competitions 2. Twitter retweet competitions best practice Retweet and follow Reiterating purpose of competition, increase twitter following and

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Twitter is the one true social network. You'll see what I mean in the deck, but what that means is that brands HAVE to act like normal human beings on Twitter. If you…

BENCHMARKING TWITTER HASHTAG USAGE AT MEDICAL CONFERENCES S Palmisano A Miller T Parker P Farmer MedThink SciCom Inc Raleigh NC INTRODUCTION Twitter is a microblogging…

1. Weekly Twitter Steps1Jen Lee ReevesSocial Communications Trainer 2. Using Twitter to the Fullest Personal Talk to people Meet people Share with each other

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To Tweet or to Retweet? That Is the Question for Health Professionals on Twitter Ji Young Lee &


1. Twitter Tips & TricksPresented by: Sweta Patel Social Media Eatery 2. ObjectivesHow to get more twitter followers, fasterCreating a connection with followersConverting

1. TWITTER TIPSFOR ENGAGEMENT BY @LAURENKGRAY 2. ENGAGEBe a part of the conversation.Dont just push out content.Retweet with a comment. 3. SHARERelevant links to your

1.Business 137 Twitter Tips How Small Businesses Get The Most From Twitter By Readers of Small Business Trends, June 2009 Copyright 2009, Small

1. Use fu l Tw it te r Tip s! Sunday, February 7, 20101 2. Useful Twitter TipsSix thingscompanies MUSTdo to maximizeTwitter! Sunday, February 7, 2010 2 3. Useful Twitter

By AB SAM 21 Smart Twitter Tips for New Users Follow Them and People Will Follow You 1. Direct messages attract more attention than those that are automated

@DavidSpinks If you're not seeing results, it's probably not twitter's fault, it's how you're using it. That's ok. Reevaluate why you're there and apply. #1 @divinewrite

Director, NA Social Media Marketing Please Retweet! [10 Steps To Help You Extend Your Tweets To A New Audience] Preview Summary You are a powerful brand advocate for your

After writing the book, Twitter Marketing for Dummies, we decided to throw out the 140 different pieces of marketing advice given to us by the many AWESOME users of Twitter!