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  1. 1. Whatsapp
  2. 2. Index Introduction History Protocol used Language used Security Textsecure Mechanism when Offline Limitation
  3. 3. Whatsapp ? Is an instant messaging app for smartphone Cross platform app, uses the internet to send text , image , location and videos In January 2015 , whatsapp was the most globaly popular messaging app with more than 700 million active users Available for Android , iPhone , BlackBerry, Symbian , and Windows Phone Whatsapp Inc. based in Mountain view , California , was acquired by Facebook on February 19, 2014 for approx. US $22 billion
  4. 4. History Whatsapp Inc. was founded in 2009 Founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum , employee of Yahoo Koum immediately choose the name whatsapp, it sound like whats up..
  5. 5. Protocol Used - XMPP XMPP Extensible messaging and presence protocol Based on XML XMPP is based on Client server architecture
  6. 6. XMPP architecture
  7. 7. Language - erlang Whatsapp server is implemented on erlang Server system that do backend message routing are done in erlang
  8. 8. Security Till May 2011, Whatsapp message were not secure data was sent and received in plaintext On November 18, 2014, Open Whisper System announced a partnership with Whatsapp to provide end-to-end encryption
  9. 9. Text Secure TextSecure is a free and open-source encrypted instant messaging application for Android It uses end-to-end encryption Text secure uses Off-the-Record Messaging(OTR) protocol for encryption
  10. 10. Mechanism when offline All message are queued on the server until the client reconnect to retrieve message. Message are wiped from the server memory as soon as the client has accepted the message
  11. 11. Limitation Needs your phone to be on and connected to the internet: Not completely Free No sign-out option.