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Romania is a country in the southeast of Europe. It has a population of 21.5 million.

The Capital city of Romania is Bucharest.

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Romania shares borders with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine to the far northeast, the Republic of Moldova to the near northeast, and Bulgaria to the south.

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The Romanian language is directly descended from Latin.

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The Black Sea is a sea in Eurasia between Europe, Caucasus, and Anatolia. Many big rivers connect to the Black Sea, like Don, Danube, and Dnieper rivers.It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean through the Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, and many straits. 90% of the sea has no oxygen, and the water has salt in it. During the last ice age, the Black Sea was a freshwater lake.

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The story of Dracula was inspired by the 15th century Romanian Count called Vlad Dracul.

The famous novel Dracula was written in 1897 by Bram Stoker who was from Dublin, Ireland!!!

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