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  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin


    A Students Travel Log A Students Travel Log

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin


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    Elizabeth Conklin


    Have you ever thought of traveling to a different country to go to school or even just to

    visit, well this travel log will help you. This will take you into Latin America, Russia ,Canada and so much more. You will learn about the education programs in those coun-tries, all about the people and country itself. If you choose any of these places to go Imsure it will be a great experience!

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin


    Meet the People of France...Everyone in France speaks french. There are very few other languages spoken. So,a decision to live in France will require you learn the language.

    The people are proud of their contribution to cuisine, fashion, cinema and high

    culture and decorative arts. You will probably recognize some of their designers to-day. Do you know the names Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, Louis Vuitton and LaCoste?These are all from France. The french are very social people, eating together isimportant to them.France is also a secular country. The most popular religion in France is Roman Ca-tholicism with 57% saying they are Catholic but only half of them believing in God.Thirty one percent of the population call themselves Atheist.

    Welcome to France Welcome to France

    W h a t t o E a t :

    E s c a r g o : S n a

    i l s

    F r o m a g e : F r

    a n c e i s f a m o u

    s f o r i t s w o n d e r

    f u l C h e e s e

    C l a f o u t i s : T h

    e s e a r e s i m p l

    e b a k e d c u s t a r d s t

    h a t a r e m a d

    e w i t h f r u i t s

    T h e m o s t p o

    p u l a r i s m a d

    e w i t h c h e r r

    i e s.

    C r e a m B r u l e

    : A c r e a m d

    e s s e r t t h a t i s

    t o p p e d w i t h

    c a r m e l i z e d s u g a

    W i n e s : F r a n

    c e i s t h e h o m

    e o f d e l i c i o u s

    w i n e s.

    P o u l e t f r i t

    e s : C h i c k e n

    a n d F r i e s

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin


    Famous Sites in Fran The Eiffel tower is the most popular attrac-

    tions you can go up to the top and see all of France it is beautiful!

    Disney land in France is awesome you get toenjoy the rides the food and the culture made

    into something we all know! The Orsay Museum a beautiful museum full

    of art and culture. This museum has had overthree million visitors!

    The Louvre is actually really fun to go to itsthe worlds largest and most diverse collectionof pre-20th century painting, sculpture, anddecorative objects, The Louvre is de nitelyone of Paris best attractions featuring theMona Lisa by Leonardo Di Vinci!

    The Menagerie Zoo has a lot of charm al-though is still very kid friendly they havedozens of exotic animals that most zoos in thestates wont have!


    Weather in France can vary greatly and itis actually said to have different climatesdepending on the region. The west issaid wet winters and cool summers andis prone to a lot of fog and mist. CentralFrance has longer, hotter summer andmilder winters than in the west.

    Famous Geographical Features: Mt. Blanc is a popular site for climbers.Elevation 15,781 ft.

    River Seine runs all over France.

    Island of Corsica

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin


    Students in France

    ve you ever wondered what it wouldlike to be a student in France. Wellyone who is 6-16 is required to go tohool and any one younger gets intorsery school free. Most French stu-nts go to the free public schools. Someend private schools. Most privatehools are administered by the Romantholic Church. After completing the

    uired schooling, students may con-ue their education at either a techni-school or general high school called

    yce. Schooling in France is obviously at and you learn so much more aboutture and art than other countries.e museums and beautiful historicales make it a great place to study.

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin


    Meet the People of Canada...Hey, now we are in Canada! Everyone here speaks French just like in France, but here 45% of thepeople who speak French can also speak English. The most popular religion here is Roman Ca-tholicism. As you can see Canada is a lot like France when it comes to these two subjects but now everything changes.

    In Canada, the people are serious hockey players and fans! The kids play it at the many ice skat-ing rinks. Lacrosse and skiing are more popular sports. Canada is a great place because thepeople love the outdoors and are very active. The Canadian people are very proud of their beau-tiful geographical sights such as Niagra Falls and the beautiful mountain resorts and nationalparks like Banff National Park.

    Welcome to Canada

    W h a

    t t o E a t :

    K e t c h u p

    a v o r e d p

    o t a t o c h i p s !

    T h r o u g h

    o u t C a n a d

    a, m a p l e s y r u p a

    n d m a p l e p

    r o d u c t s a r

    e p o p u l a r,

    r e -

    e c t i n g t h

    e s i g n i c a n

    c e o f t h e m

    a p l e t r e e, w h o s e

    l e a f a d o r n

    s t h e a g o


    C a n a d a.

    T r y t h e

    f a m o u s d i

    s h c a l l e d P

    o u t i n e. C a

    n a d i a n s m

    a k e t h i s a l l t h e

    t i m e. I t i s F

    r e n c h f r i e s

    t o p p e d w i t

    h f r e s h c h e

    e s e c u r d s

    a n d s m o t h e r e

    i n g r a v y. D

    o n t b e a f r a

    i d i t s o u n d

    s w e i r d b u

    t i t i s d e l i c

    i o u s ! ! !

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin


    Famous Sites in Can Niagra Falls ! At night they light it up in

    all different colors its amazing that has thehighest ow rate in the world with a vedrop over 165 feet!

    Grouse mountain resort is one of Canadasmost popular attractions you can ski, climb goon a ski lift, shop, eat and have a whole lot of fun.

    Just north of Toronto, Canadas largest themepark, Canadas Wonderland features moreThan 200 attractions and more than 65 rides ina thrilling environment.

    Banff Resort Ontario Science Museum



    Canadas climate is not cold all year round which is what a lot of people think. In the winter the temperature is normally beforefreezing in most areas of Canada but on thesouthwest coast there are normally muchmilder winters. During summer thetemperatures stay normal from the 75-90pretty normal for the summer.

    Famous Geographical Features:

    Niagra Falls


    Ontario Science Museum


    Beautiful Mountains


    The Canadian Shield A rocky region around the Hudson Bay

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin


    Students in Canada

    Marie Louise was woman who lived to be 117 the oldest woman to ever live in Canada.

    North America's lowest recorded temperature was -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-63 C) at Snag, Yukon Territory, on February 3, 1947.

    Canada is known as the home of large animals like the moose and grizzly bear, but it ishome to about 55,000 species of insects and about 11,000 species of mites and spiders.

    Canadians have made many important inventions, including Kerosene, the electron micro-scope, the electronic organ, insulin, the IMAX lm system, the snowmobile, and the electriccooking range!

    Fun Facts!

    Canadas schools are organized by language, not by public,private, or catholic. It is mandatory to go

    to school unless you are the age of 16 or 18. Fifteen-year-old Canadians continue to be among the bestin the world in reading, mathematics and science.

    If youre thinking of college, Canada has more than 85 public colleges and 145 community colleges.Montreal is the largest university in Canada. Other universities with a great reputation include York University and the University of Waterloo.

    Most students prefer to study in universities in Canada because it is the most popular and cost effec-tive study destination for education in the world. Canada is also ranked as the number one country inthe world to live in.

    Wherever you choose to study in Canada, you will discover a multitude of cultural, leisure, and otheractivities year-round. The United Nations has declared that Canada has the highest quality of life inthe world. A vast country with a variety of tourist destinations. You can enjoy the many museums,seasonal festivals, and exciting nightlife that each province and territory has to offer. Canada also hasa beautiful countryside which means that most outdoor recreational activities are very popular here, whether it be skiing, cycling, hiking, camping, sightseeing, or even ice sailing.

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin


    Welcome to Mexico

    W h a t t o E

    a t :

    C h i l a q u i l e s w e r e c o

    n s i d e r e d p o

    o r p e o p l e f o

    o d m a n y y e a

    r s a g o. I t w a

    s w h a t p e o p l

    e d i d w i t h

    t h e i r s t a l e, o l d c o r n t o

    r t i l l a s t o k e e

    p f r o m t h r o w

    i n g t h e m a w a

    y. C h i l a q u i l e

    s a r e b a s i c a l l

    y f r i e d

    c o r n t o r t i l l a

    s t h a t a r e c u t o r b r

    o k e n i n p i e c

    e s a n d s a u t e

    e d i n s a l s a, t

    o p p e d w i t h c

    h e e s e. T h e y

    a r e v e r y d e l i

    c i o u s ! ! W i t h

    a s i d e o f b e a n s, i t s t h

    e b e s t t h i n g o

    n e a r t h. S o m

    e m a k e t h e m

    w i t h e g g ,

    c h i c k e n, c h o

    r i z o o r b e e f.

    M o l e : A s a u c

    e m a d e w i t h

    c e r t a i n t y p e

    s o f d r i e d r e d c h i l e s

    a n d c o o k e d

    w i t h a c o m p

    l e x v a r i e t y o f

    o t h e r i n g r e d

    i e n t s r a n g i n g

    f r o m c h o c o l

    a t e, c r a c k e r s

    , s w e e t b r e a d, b

    r o t h, g r o u n d

    a l m o n d s, e t c


    I t i s c o m m o n

    l y s e r v e d o v e

    r c h i c k e n o r p

    o t a t o e s & c a

    c t u s. I t d a t e s

    b a c k a b o u t 3 0 0 -

    4 0 0 y e a r s.

    A n d o f c o u r s

    e S a l s a i s f a m

    o u s. I r e a d t h

    a t t h e A z t e c s

    & M a y a n s w

    o u l d m a k e i t

    t o s e r v e a s a c o n

    d i m e n t t o

    a c c o m p a n y t

    u r k e y, s h, o

    r v e n i s o n. W

    h e n t h e s p a n

    i a r d s c a m e a

    n d a t e i t, t h e y

    l o v e d

    a n d n a m e d i t S a l s a.

    Meet the People of Mexico...The people of Mexico are some of the most kind and generous people anywhere. Most of thepeople today are mestizos, a mixture of Indian and Spanish blood. While 97% of the people inmexico are Catholic the government does not recognize any of cial religion. Soccer is by far

    the most popular sport in Mexico! if you are going to come to mexico and your not a socer fan you better become one before you get there.

    The people celebrate Mexican victories in history like Independence Day and the Feast of OurLady of Guadalupe. The language spoken there is spanish and there are very few other lan-guages spoken. The in uence of the Maya Indian people is great. They produce wonderfultapestries, paintings, murals and sculpture.

    Mexico has no middle class. The people are either wealthy or poor. The political and economicfailures have caused this to remain today. It has great potential however because of its richnatural resources.

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin



    Famous Sites in Mexico The Teotihuacan Pyramids Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe Cuernavanca is the capital and largest

    city of the state of Morelos in Mexico.It has many museums and special at-tractions.

    Hot Air Balloon Tour in Mexico City

    Famous Geographical Features:

    Mexico there are several mountain ranges such as the Sierra Madres. Mexico is known for the Sonorannd the Chihuahaun desert. The Gulf of Mexico is on the eastern side of Mexico. Tourists also enjoy aeninsula known as the Yucatan peninsula.

    The climate in Mexico is mild and will vary depending on where you are located. It is warm and hot on the coastalareas, moderate in the central region and cooler in the higherelevations.

    Yucatan Peninsula

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin


    Students in Mexico

    Fun Facts!

    Not many know that Mexico is the home of the worlds smallest volcano. The Cuexcomate, in

    the city of Puebla, is only 43 feet tall!. It is considered to be inactive now, and it has a spiral stair-

    case in side, just for tourists.

    Mexico introduced chocolate to the worldyum!

    Tequila is the national drink

    Did you know that Mexico City sinks 10 inches each year?

    Mexicos main industries are food and beverages, tobacco, chemicals, iron and steel petroleum,

    mining and tourism.Thier agricultural products are rice, beans, coffee, fruit and tomatoes .

    The federal government determines what is taught in schools. The law requires six yearsof primary education for all children, followed by three years of secondary school. Quali-

    ed students may attend upper secondary schools to prepare to enter a university or to berained for technical or commercial jobs. Education at state-run schools is free from prima-y grades through the university level. There are also private and parochial schools in large

    cities. Over 92 percent of Mexicans age 15 and older can read and write

    The private schools and universities are very good. They specialize in marketing, businessand education.

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin


    Welcome to Brazil

    Meet the People of Brazil...Brazil is an awesome country full of fun and adventure. The

    main sport in Brazil is soccer. In Brazil you cant miss one soc-cer game! Brazil has won the world cup 5 times. Their favoriteplayer is Edson Arantes do Nascimento. The most popular reli-gion in Brazil is Roman Catholicism, and the of cial language isPortuguese . Brazil is fascinating there are so many people fromso many different nationalities. The population in Brazil is over200 million! Most of the people come from a mixed European,African, or American Indian background.

    W h a t t o E a t :

    F e i j o a d a i s c

    o n s i d e r e d b y m a n y

    a s t h e n a t i o n

    a l d i s h. I t c o n

    s i s t s o f s t e w

    o f p o r k , s a u s

    a g e a n d

    s m o k e d m e a

    t c o o k e d w i t

    h b l a c k b e a n s a n

    d g a r l i c, g a r n

    i s h e d w i t h s

    l i c e s o f o r a n

    g e. I t i s m o s t

    l y

    s e r v e d d u r i n

    g t h e w e e k e n

    d s.

    B a r r e a d o : t h

    i s i s a m i x t u

    r e o f m e a t a n

    d s t e w ; i t i s c o o k e d f

    o r 2 4 h o u r s a

    n d s e r v e d w i

    t h b a n a n a

    a n d f a r o f a.

    C a r a n g u e i j a

    d a : t h i s i s a w

    h o l e c o o k e d

    c r a b.

    C a r u r u : T h i s

    i s a n A f r i c a n

    d i s h t h a t i s m

    a d e f r o m l a d i

    e s n g e r s ( o k

    r a ), o n i o n s, s h r i m

    p, p e p p e r s

    a n d o i l.

    C o z i d o : A

    B r a z i l i a n s t e

    w m a d e f r o m

    p o t a t o e s, c a r

    r o t s a n d v e g e

    t a b l e s

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    Famous Sites in Brazil Iguacu Falls is one of the worlds largest

    waterfalls. There are 275 falls along 1.67miles [2.7 kilometers] of the Iguau River.The height of the longest drop is 269 feet [82meters]. That occurs at the Devils Throat[Garganta do Diablo], which marks the bor-

    der between Argentina and Brazil. Many rareand endangered species, such as the giantanteater and the giant otter, are found there.It has been a Natural World Heritage Sitesince 1986.

    Brazil has one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, the Christ Redeemer statue, located inRio De Janeiro.

    Scientists have estimated that there may beup to four million species of plants and ani-mals in Brazil.

    Famous Geographical Features:

    Brazil is a warm country. Tempera-tures are around 75 to 85 degrees yearround. The spring months are typi-cally more humid. June is rainy, butpeople hang out on the beach all year


    Sixty percent of the Amazon Rainforest is within Brazil's borders. The Amazon Rainforest is the world's largest and most biologically diverse rainforest. Most of the Amazon River is in Brazil.The Amazon River has the world's largest drainage basin. Generally it's considered the world'ssecond longest river in the world, after the Nile. But Brazilian scientists disagree. They state thatthe Amazon is 65 miles [105 kilometers] longer than the Nile. Brazil also shares Iguau Falls with Argentina.

    Amazon Rainforest

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    Students in Brazil

    Brazil has the 9th highest number of billionaires in the world Brazil is the longest country in the world, it is 2800!

    Brazil has the 2nd highest Christian population in the world. The worlds best and most delicious coffee is produced in Brazil. Brazil has the 10th highest number of vehicle owners in the world.

    Fun Facts!

    Children in Brazil must attend elementary school for at least nine years startingat age 6. The children study Brazilian history, arithmetic, science, social studies,and Portuguese. English and Spanish are mostly taught as second languages in thehigher grades. Advanced education is available at technical schools, state colleges,and national and Catholic universities. Both state and federal universities charge notuition. Admission is based on the results of a nationwide competitive examination.Students often take a year off after graduating from high school to prepare for thisentrance examination. some people enter into a military universty.

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin


    Welcome to Argentina

    W h a t t o E a t :

    T h e p e o p l e o

    f A r g e n t i n a l

    o v e b e e f. Y o u w i l

    l e a t t h e b e s t

    s t e a k s i n t h e

    w o r l d t h e r e.

    T h e m o s t

    p o p u l a r w a y

    t o e a t b e e f i s

    t h e a s a d o ( b a r b e c

    u e d b e e f r i b s

    ), w h e r e a s w

    h o l e s i d e s o f

    b e e f o r

    k i d m a y b e s p

    i t r o a s t e d f o r

    l a r g e g a t h e r

    i n g s.

    A l s o p o p u l a r

    a r e e m p a n a d

    a s w h i c h a r e

    c r e s c e n t - s h a

    p e d p i e s u s u a l l y l l e

    d w i t h m e a t o


    c o r n.

    L o c r o, a t y p

    e o f s t e w m a

    d e w i t h c o r n

    , b e a n s, p o t a

    t o e s a n d p e p p

    e r s. T h e n a t

    i o n a l d r i n k i s

    m a t e ( p r o n

    o u n c e d m a t -

    A ).

    A g r e e n t e a m a d e f r o

    m t h e l e a v e s

    o f y e r b a m

    a t e , a n a t i o n

    a l h e r b.

    Meet the People of Argentina...The ancestors of most Argentineans of today originally came from Spain and Italy, with smaller

    percentages coming from other European nations and Middle-Eastern countries. The native lan-guage is Spanish.

    Gaucho is a traditional word meaning country man of South America from Indian and Spanishdescent. Till the beginning of this century, there were gauchos in Argentina who spent their days working and riding their horses and looking after cattle that roamed the Pampas. Gauchos areoften featured as heroes in last-century poems, stories and folkloric songs. Rural workers may wearthe traditional gaucho clothing: a wide brimmed hat, a poncho, and a loose pair of trousers tuckedinto boots

    The country also has a Jewish population of about 350,000, the fth-largest in the world, and a

    similar number of Syrian Lebanese people.

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin



    Famous Sites in Argen Argentinas international skiing elds in San Cde Bariloche are situated in the province of Rio Ne-

    gro. Located at Nahuel Huapi National Park, they attract thousands of visitors each year.

    The Iguaz Falls are situated in the province of Misiones on the north-eastern tip of Argentina.They consist of 275 falls stemming from a commonsource, the Iguaz river.

    Mar del Plata is a very popular beach and touristarea for both Argentine and foreign visitors.

    The Northwest mountain region of Salta and Ju- juy provides a unique atmosphere of beautiful aridlandscapes with remnants of ancestral Inca civiliza-tion.Famous Geographical Features:

    Because Argentina is south of the Equator, the sea-sons are the reverse of Europe, North America andmuch of Asia, being similar to Australia. Summerin Buenos Aires (months of January and February)is quite hot and humid, while winter is damp andchilly. Rain falls throughout the year, from 100 cmper year (39 inches) in Buenos Aires to less than 50cm (20 inches) in Mendoza in the foothills of the An-des. Average annual temperatures range from 24C(75F) to 11C (51F) in Buenos Aires (sea level).

    Argentina stretches almost 3500km from Bolivia to the tip of South America, encompasses a widearray of geography and climates, and is almost the size of India.

    Patagonian Steppe has Argentinas highest peak andpenguins are a common sight.The waterfalls are amazing.

    he well-known Andean Range uns almost the entire length of he western border.

    Mar del Plata

    Salta and Jujuy

    Iguazu Falls

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin


    Students in Argentina

    Ninety ve percent of Argentinas population is able to read and write. School is required bylaw for all children between the ages of 6-14. At fourteen, students take examinations to en-ter secondary schools. Some of these schools prepare them to enter university. Others trainthem for a career in industry or trade.

    There are several universities in Argentina. The largest is the University of Buenos Aires.Education is free through the university level.

    The eighth largest country in the world and the second largest in South Americaafter Brazil.

    The tango is thought to have originated in Argentina. Argentina loves movies. They have one of the highest rates of movie watching in the

    world. They enjoy both local and Hollywood movies.

    Fun Facts!

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    Welcome to Italy

    W h a t t o E a t :

    M u s h r o o m P

    e s t o L a s a g n a m a d e w i

    t h f r e s h e g g p

    a s t a i n s t e a d

    o f d r i e d l a s a g

    n a n o o d l e s.

    I t a l y s F i s h S

    o u p w i t h G r

    e m o l a t a W i t h i n I t a l y

    t h e s o u p i s p

    r e p a r e d i n m

    a n y d i f f e r e n

    t w a y s i n

    d i f f e r e n t r e g i

    o n s.

    T h e C h i c k e n

    S c a r p a r i e l l o i

    s a h o t f a v o r i

    t e a m o n g s t c h

    i c k e n l o v e r s. T h e t a

    n g y d i s h f e a t

    u r e s a

    g o l d e n b r o w n

    c h i c k e n i n a

    l e m o n s a u c e

    t h a t w i l l l e a v

    e y o u l i c k i n g

    y o u r n g e r s.

    C h i c k e n M a r

    s a l a. T h e s e r

    v e d c h i c k e n

    s i t s u p o n a b

    e d o f a v o r e d

    h e r b r i c e b u

    t c a n b e s e r v e


    w i t h p o t a t o e s a s

    w e l l.

    Meet the People of Italy...Hey, now we are in Italy. The language is Italian and the most popular sport in Italy is soccer. I guess now that you have learned a lot about different countries, from that you see that soccer is a very popular sport! InItaly, Roman Catholicism is the most popular religion especially in Rome where the Vatican is. The Vaticanis a place where the pope lives the pope is the head of the Catholic Church. The people of Italy contributedheavily to the beginning of the European Renaissance. The most famous artists and various inventions havecome from that period of history. But modern Italy also has a lot to give to the world culture. Fashion, jew-elry and the arts.In Italy everyone is so polite. Anytime you say hi to a person they will walk up to you and start making con-versation. Italy is so amazing!

  • 8/3/2019 Travel Log Elizabeth Conklin



    Famous Sites in Italy Florence is the birthplace of the renaissance and

    home to the David. For art lovers and foodies,

    Florence offers an array of goodies. (Try the ge-lato!!!) Another bonus: its right in Tuscany, homeof Italys premier wine country

    Rome Whether its exploring the ancient romanforum and walking where Caesar did, seeing the Vatican, or making a wish at the Trevi Fountain,Rome is an obvious stop for anyones trip to Italy

    Venice is called the city of lovers- Hang out in St.Marks Square, stroll through tiny alleys, and take agondola ride through the canals.

    Turin is a major city in northern Italy. Turin is well-known as the home of the Shroud of Turin and hostof the 2006 Winter Olympics.

    Famous Geographical Features:

    Italy has a humid subtropical climate. although Betweennorth and south there can be a considerable difference intemperature in winter it can be -2 Celsius while it is 8 Cel-sius in Rome. Temperature differences are not that extreme.( In Fahrenheit that would 28.4 to 46.4 huge difference!)

    The are many islands in Italy such as the the island of Sicily and the island of Sar-dinia. There are mountains like the Dolomites and the Appenies. The rivers in Italy are beautiful; some of them are the Tiber river and the Arno river. The volcanoes in

    Italy are amazing such as Mount. Etna and Mount. Vesuvious.

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    Students in Italy

    Schooling is free and required by law for all Italian children from the age of 6 to 15. Citiesoffer kindergartens and day care schools for younger children and for the children of work-ing parents. Required schooling includes ve years of elementary education followed bythree years of junior high school. Once a student reaches the secondary-school level, he orshe may choose to continue in an academic institution or attend a technical or vocationalschool. Graduation from a secondary school quali es a student for admission to a univer-


    Of Italy's many universities, the oldest is the University of Bologna. Founded in 1088, itis considered the oldest university in Europe. Surrounded by the art and culture of Italy makes it a great place to study art, history and literature.

    Italy is slightly larger than Arizona.

    The thermometer is an Italian invention. The piano hails from Italy. With almost 40 million visitors, Italy is the fourth most visited country in the

    world. The average Italian consumes 26 gallons of wine a year. The typewriter is an Italian invention. Italy did not become a united country until 1861.

    Fun Facts!

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    Welcome to Russia

    Meet the People of Russia...he people of Russia are an East Slavic ethnic group native to Russia. Women make 46.9% of the em-loyed population in Russia. Everyone here speaks Russian. As you walk through the streets, you willeed to pull out your translation book. The main religion is orthodox Christianity and everywhere youook you will nd pretty churches.

    Russian culture is extremely various and unique in many aspects. It has a rich history and can boast a longadition of excellence in every aspect of arts, especially when it comes to literature and philosophy, clas-cal music and ballet, architecture and painting, cinema and animation, which all had considerable in u -nce on the world culture.

    n Russia there is a lot of soccer going on. There is not one eld that some one isnt playing soccer inne ice skating rink that doesnt have someone playing hockey.

    W h a t t o E a t :

    Z A V T R A K - B R E A K

    F A S T

    P a r e n t s a r e l i k e l y t

    o h a v e a n o p e n s a n

    d w i c h w i t h c h e e s e,

    h a m o r s a l a m i w i t

    h a c u p o f t e a. T h e c

    h i l d r e n

    t e n d t o e a t a c o o k e d m

    e a l t h a t c o n s i s t s o f a

    b o i l e d e g g, o m l e t t e

    o r k a s h a. K a s h a i s

    a n y c o o k e d g r a i n o r

    c e r e a l ( e g. b u c k w h e a t ) t h a t i s

    s e r v e d w i t h m i l k , s

    u g a r a n d b u t t e r.

    O B E D - L U N C H

    T h i s i s t h e m a i n m

    e a l o f t h e d a y. O b e

    d s t a r t s w i t h a s m a l l z a k u

    s k a ( s a l t h e r r i n g o

    r s o m e k i n g o f s a l a

    d ).

    I t i s f o l l o w e d b y s o u

    p t h a t i s m a d e f r o m

    a h o m e m a d e s t o c k

    w i t h v e g e t a b l e s, a n d i s e a t e n

    w i t h f r e s h

    v e g e t a b l e s, d r i e d p

    e a s o r b e a n s, p a t s, r

    i c e o r b a r l e y. T h e f

    a v o r i t e s o u p s a r e c a

    b b a g e s o u p, S h c h i, a n d

    U k r a i n i a n b e e t r o o t s

    o u p, B o r s h c h. F i s h

    i s a p o p u l a r f o o d a n

    d R u s s i a n s p r e f e r f r

    e s h w a t e r s h l i k e c a r p

    a n d p i k e. m a i n c o u

    r s e i s s e r v e d w i t h p

    o t a t o e s, p a s t a, c e r e

    a l, s a l t c u c u m b e r s,

    a n d a r e a l w a y s s e r

    v e d w i t h

    b r e a d. O b e d i s n i s

    h e d w i t h e i t h e r c o f f e

    e, t e a, k o m p o t ( s t e w e

    d f r u i t ) o r k i s e l ( f r u i

    t j u i c e t h i c k e n e d w

    i t h

    c o r n o u r ).

    U Z H I N - S U P P E R

    T h i s m e a l i

    s e a t e n w i t h t h e f a m

    i l y a r o u n d t h e t a b l e

    a n d n e w s i s e x c h a n

    g e d. S o u p c a n b e s e

    r v e d a g a i n

    a n d t h e m a i n c o u r s e c a n b e

    f r o m v e g e t a b l e s l i k

    e p o t a t o c a k e s w i t h

    m u s h r o o m s a u c e o

    r t v o r o g, c o t t a g e

    c h e e s e. T e a o r m i l k

    f o l l o w s.


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    Famous Sites in Russia St. Basils Cathedral, a beautiful cathedral

    you can take a tour of and it is amazing! Tertyakova Gallery you can see glorious

    painting by great Russian masters. Kremlin is Russias most historical landmark The kremlin is walled by several cathedrals

    palaces and political of ces. Bolshoi Theatre is a place were you can see

    the amazing Russian ballet and the opera!

    Famous Geographical Features:

    The enormous size of Russia andremoteness of many areas from acrosssea. Russia has a humid continetal cli-

    mate in all parts of the country exceptthe tundra and the extreme south east.

    Russia is known for its Ural Mountains, Caucasus Mountains, Yablonovy Mountains, Koly-ma Mountains, and Cherskogo Range. Most of Russia, however, is dominated by plains.

    al Mountains

    Russian Plains Caucasus Mountains

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    Students In Russia

    In Russia, if your between the ages of 6 and 17 education is mandatory anyone who is 15 or older must be able to read and write. Schooling from 1st gradethrough college is free. There are over 40 colleges, the biggest is Moscow uni- versity.

    Under the Soviet system, schools were noted for their dif cult curriculum. Stu-dents excelled in the sciences, mathematics, foreign languages, physical educa-tion, and the arts. But Communism and the collapse of the Russian economy dramatically affected education. Today schools are underfunded and sufferfrom a lack of basic materials. Often the government has dif culty paying theteachers' salaries.

    If you decide to study in Russia, you will bene t from experiencing the cultureand the high standards in science and math.

    Russia is the largest country in the world. There are over 100,000 rivers is russia and some of them are the stongest and larg-

    est in the world! Russias most famous animal species is the Siberian Tiger. It is the largest cat in the

    world! Russias money is called the Rubal

    Fun Facts!

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    Welcome to Georgia, USA

    Meet the People of Georgia...

    There are many people from different nationalities in Georgia but mostof them can still speak uent English. Everyone here loves football andpeople love to go to the football games at their highschool. A tailgateparty is usually going on before every game. Georgias pro football teamis the Falcons and you better be on the Falcons side when you come toGeorgia!The most popular religion in Georgia is Orthodox. You will nd GreekOrthodox as the most popular but there are also Russian orthodox andEastern orthodox. The people here are so fun to be around. They brag

    about their loving southern hospitality. There are also several com-munity gatherings a year for every county in which they watch a movieon a huge screen or there is a huge picnic! So yall come on down toGeorgia.

    W h a t t o E a t :

    G e o r g i a i s k n

    o w n f o r i t s p e

    a c h e s, t h a t i s w h y i

    t i s c a l l e d T

    h e P e a c h

    S t a t e . I t i s

    a l s o k n o w n f o

    r i t s p e c a n s, p

    e a n u t s a n d s w e e


    v a d a l i a o n i o

    n s.

    S o u t h e r n F r

    i e d C h i c k e n

    C h i c k e n

    a n d D u m p l i

    n g s

    F r i e d G r e e n T o m

    a t o e s

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    Famous Sites in Georgia The Chatahoochee is a river ,and it makes a splash

    and you can catch sh and there is mist and treeso realistic!

    The Georgia Museum of Art is an amazing museum where you can see beautiful art work made by art-ist from around the world. Its fascinating and fun toexplore and they also have a lovely restaurant inside

    The Varsity is the most popular and largest fast foodrestaurant in the world. It is located in down town Atlanta and has delicious variety of hot dogs burgersand fries. Gentlemen come to your car to serve you!

    World of Coke shows you the history of Coke in thecity of Coke, Atlanta

    CNN Stone Mountain,

    Famous Geographical Features:

    The climate of Georgia is a humidsubtropical climate. It has mild winterand hot summers.

    Georgia is in the southeastern United States in North America. The Golden Isles of Georgia lie off thecoast of the state. The main geographical features include mountains such as the Ridge-and-valley Appalachians in the northwest, the Blue Ridge Mountains in the northeast, the Piedmont plateau inthe central portion of the state and Coastal Plain in the south.

    Golden Isles of Georgia

    Blue Ridge Mountains

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    Students in Georgia, USA

    In georgia there were no schools till the 1950s. Thats when the public schoolstarted becoming established. Today, the state offers both regular public schoolor Georgia Cyber Academy where students can do their work at home and on-line. The Hope Scholarship program allows students who want to work hard togo to college at a greatly reduced cost.

    The state has a broad based system of higher education. There are many uni- versities including the University of Georgia, as well as Georgia Tech. There aremany junior and senior unitversites too in the state. Georgia also has many pri- vate universities. The most famous is Emory, in Atlanta.

    Georgia was the rst state to let 18 year olds and up vote. Georgia is the ninth largest state. Do you ever watch CNN well that station is located in Atlanta you can take tours of

    CNN and see how the news channels work and what peoples jobs are and so muchmore.

    78 percent of Georgians 25 years and older are high school graduates and over 24percent have a bachelors degree or higher.

    Harts eld- Jackson International Airport is one of the busiest and largest airportsthe world!

    Georgias counties were the fastest growing in the entire world between 2008-2011!

    Fun Facts!

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