Download - Teeth Whitening

  • Should You ConsiderTeeth Whitening?

  • Who Is It Suitable For?Anyone with healthy teeth.If you have any decay, cavities or other problems get them fixed first.Also bear in mind:If you have crowns/fillings these will not change color.Whitening not permanent.

  • Visit A Dentist?Best Option.Treatment matched to your needs.Treatment may be on-site or at home.Quickest results.BUT expensive.

  • Buy At Home KitCheaper than using dentist.Most will produce results.Will take longer than using professional.Can be fiddly to use.Have to use standard sizes which will not suit everyone.If instructions followed will be safe.

  • Homemade SolutionsCheapest Option but most risky.Many ideas to be found online.Some will work.Some will damage teeth.