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  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


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    SoftLayer Fundamentals

    Connecting to the Cloud SoftLayer !et"or#ing$ %art 1

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


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    Meet your spea#ers 

    &ody Cefola is the SoftLayer Channels Integration leader focused onpartner ena'lement from IBM( &ody had 10 years in channel de)elopmentand e*ecution "or#ing "ith all types of partners and internationale*perience "ith channel e*ecution in +urope and ,sia %acific(

    Ste)en -( Schiffer is an ad)isory architect for the IBM .lo'al /echnologySer)ices ./S .lo'al Cloud +cosystem team( Ste)en has more than fi)eyears of e*perience "ith IBM cloud architecture 'oth pri)ate and pu'licinfrastructures( e holds a Masters of Science in I/ Management from the

    3ni)ersity of /e*as at allas and a 'achelor5s degree in Computer Sciencefrom the 3ni)ersity of !orth /e*as(

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


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    7our cloud strategy is your 'usiness strategy

    %acesetters use cloud to surface insights from data( /hey reimagine 'usinessmodels$ ma#e 'etter decisions and ser)e customers in ne" "ays to create "inning

    'usiness outcomes( 

    -ith so much at sta#e$ you don8t "ant 9ust any


    Source; IBM Center for ,pplied Insights Under cloud cover: How leaders are accelerating competitive differentiation that sur)eyed

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


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    /ap into SoftLayer( Le)erage significant in)estment to 'uilds#ills starting "ith SoftLayer Fundamentals


    Revenue growth for Business Partners who have embraced

    cloud 2   6



    of CIO’s who are reengineering IT plan to look for outside

    help new skills! tools and capabilites"  66%

    Sources; 1( Forrester =esearch$ Cloud Channel /rends$ 2016 to 2014$ Fe'ruary 2016$ 2( IDC: Worldwide channel and alliances 2013 top 10 predictions !anuar" 20133# I$% CI&

    stud" 2011


    value for service channel partners has become technical

    training #  6


  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


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    SoftLayer Fundamentals is a series of technical "e'inars topro)ide #no"ledge on the capa'ilities to help 'uild solutions


    Topic # Topic

    Fe'ruary 2> 1 Changing the landscape$ not the definition ? SoftLayer o)er)ie"

    Fe'ruary 2@ 2 Ane sie does not fit all efining the SoftLayer cloud architecture

    March 4 6 Connecting to the cloud SoftLayer net"or# options$ part 1

    March 4 Connecting to the cloud SoftLayer net"or# options$ part 2

    March 11 > Deep safe Securing your )irtual instances

    March 16 Storing your data 3nderstanding SoftLayer storage options

    March 1< @ Fle*i'le and on demand 3nderstanding SoftLayer managed ser)ices

    March 20 < 7ou can5t manage "hat you don5t monitor SoftLayer management andmonitoring

    March 2> E +)aluating cloud pro)iders ? Le)eraging SoftLayer differentiators

    For general SoftLayer overview presentations

    Lance Crosby, SoftLayer CEO, main tent at IBM PWLC !ttp""www#yo$t$be#com"watc!%v&t'!(c)wc*v+

    row yo$r clo$- b$siness . leveraging t!e IBM ac/$isition of SoftLayer


  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


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    3pon completion of this "e'inar$ you should 'e a'le to;

    escri'e SoftLayer5s o)erall net"or# strategy

    efine and descri'e pu'lic and pri)atenet"or#s

    Autline the differences 'et"een pu'lic andpri)ate net"or#s

    iscuss the different net"or# tools 3nderstand the G%! connections

    3se SoftLayer5s C!

    Connecting to the cloud – SoftLayer Netor!ing "art

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

    7/32© 2014 IBM Corporation@

    /he SoftLayer glo'al net"or# seamlessly integrates three distinct and redundant

    net"or# architectures pri)ate$ pu'lic$ and management ? into a !et"or#?"ithin?a?!et"or# topology for ma*imum accessi'ility$ security$ and control(

    Netor!ing o$er$ie

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

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    From a SoftLayer computing resource point of )ie"$

    +ach ser)er is complimented "ith a fi)e physical !IC configuration( /"o pu'lic adaptors red$ one management adaptor green$ and t"o pri)ate facingadaptors 'lue( ,ll adaptors are 1 .'(

    $ote:  'll dedicated infrastructure follows the same routing and rules however thenum(er of adaptors differs (" chosen configuration# 

    Netor!ing o$er$ie %cont.&

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

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    /he follo"ing outlines SoftLayer5s SL,s for ser)ice and po"er for its net"or#s;

    "ublic netor!' SoftLayer "ill use reasona'le efforts to pro)ide a ser)ice le)el of100H for the pu'lic net"or#(

    "ri$ate netor!; SoftLayer "ill use reasona'le efforts to meet the ser)ice le)el of100H for the pri)ate net"or#(

    Cu(to)er "ortal' SoftLayer "ill use reasona'le efforts to meet the ser)ice le)el of100H for access to the Customer %ortal(

    *edundant infra(tructure' SoftLayer "ill use reasona'le efforts to meet the ser)icele)el of 100H for access to the po"er and G,C ser)ices pro)ided to customers(

     ,dditionally$ as descri'ed in Lesson 1$ SoftLayer8s geographically di)erse %o%spro)ide seamless$ direct$ pri)ate$ and high speed access to our 'ac#'one net"or#$'ringing connecti)ity closer to the end user( 7ou may choose the SoftLayer %o%

    location closest to your office or end users( igh?speed metro?-,! ser)ices andcross connects from pro)iders including +uini* and /el* are also a)aila'le(

    Netor!ing o$er$ie %cont.&

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

    10/32© 2014 IBM Corporation10

    In this topic$ you "ill learn a'out

    %u'lic net"or# definitionSoftLayer net"or# carriers and features

    Learning about public netor!(

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

    11/32© 2014 IBM Corporation11

    Learning about public netor!(

    /he SoftLayer net"or# pro)ides all customers "itho)er 2$000 .'ps of connecti)ity 'et"een the datacenters and %o%s(

    /he core pu'lic net"or# handles pu'lic traffic tohosted "e'sites or online resources( SoftLayer5spu'lic net"or# features multi?homed connecti)ity"ith 'and"idth from independent carriers$ com'iningmore than 20 * 10 .'ps connections to create one ofthe industry5s fastest net"or#s(

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

    12/32© 2014 IBM Corporation12

    Learning about public netor!( %cont.&

    Carrier( and capabilitie(

    Le)el6 transit!//,merica transit%acnet transit%CC- transit

    /elstra transit/eliaSonera transit

    Comcast transit ,MSIJ peering ,ny2L,J peering+CIJ peering

    +uini*IJ peeringDIJ peering

    &%!,% peeringLI!J peering!L?IJ peering!A/, peering

    !7IIJ peering=MIJ peering

    SIJ peeringStarhu' peering/elefKnica peering/I+ peering

    /ime-arner peering

    &uniper and Cisco 10 . net"or#

    Cisco .uard oS protection

     ,r'or %ea#flo" traffic analysis

    ,r'or /MS oS protection

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

    13/32© 2014 IBM Corporation16

    +ey differentiator( in the SoftLayerpublic netor!

     ,llo"s on?the?fly addition of ser)ers toe*isting GL,!s

    ,llo"s on?the?fly addition of ser)ices toe*isting ser)ers

    Supports dedicated$ )irtual dis# ser)iceGS$ and grid technologies

     ,utomated I% routing and management

    Indi)idual secure pri)ate GL,! per

    customer .iga'it speed from ser)er to Internet

    !ati)e I%) ready

    ,nder(tanding the pri)ary feature(

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

    14/32© 2014 IBM Corporation14

    ,nder(tanding bandidth

    3nlimited in'ound 'and"idth

    Metered and unmetered out'ound 'and"idth a)aila'le Aptional 'and"idth pooling

    -utbound bandidth option(

    +ach )irtual instance comes "ith 1 /B of out'ound 'and"idth per month

    +ach edicated Ser)er comes "ith > /B of out'ound 'and"idth per month

    %re?purchase additional 1 /B of 'and"idth for >0 per month

    10 M'ps unmetered pu'lic 'and"idth for 100 per month

    100 Mp's unmetered pu'lic 'and"idth for 2$000 per month

    A)erages are metered at 0(10 per .B

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

    15/32© 2014 IBM Corporation1>

    In this topic$ you "ill learn a'out

    %ri)ate net"or# definitionSoftLayer net"or# carriers and features

    Learning about pri$ate netor!(

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

    16/32© 2014 IBM Corporation1

    Learning about pri$ate netor!(

    /he SoftLayer pri)ate net"or# pro)idesan unparalleled ad)antage in security$accessi'ility$ and 'and"idth efficiencyo)er any cloud pro)ider 'y pro)iding;

    3nlimited 'and"idth on the pri)atenet"or#

    Indi)idual$ secure pri)ate GL,!s percustomer that may 'e spannedacross data centers

    .iga'it ser)er?to?ser)er speeds

    Multiple 10 .'ps fi'er 'ac#'one "ithautomatic fail?o)er for data center?to?data center connections

    Secure out?of?'and managemento)er SSL$ %%/%$ or I%S+C G%!gate"ays

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

    17/32© 2014 IBM Corporation1@

    Learning about pri$ate netor!( %cont.&


    %ri)ate AS update$ reload$ and changeser)ers

    .eographically redundant !S resol)ers

    SoftLayer soft"are repository

    Centralied !et"or# ,ttached Storageand 'ac#up

    Centralied Storage ,rea !et"or#

    Mc,fee security update ser)er 

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

    18/32© 2014 IBM Corporation1<

    In this topic$ you "ill learn a'out

    Connecting to SoftLayer for administrati)etas#s

    Connecting a pu'lic net"or# to production?le)el G%!

    edicated direct connection

    Managing VPN connections to SoftLayer

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

    19/32© 2014 IBM Corporation1E

    /here are three o)erall types of G%! ordirect connections to SoftLayer$ G%! System

     ,dministration Management$ G%!%roduction ,ccess and Customer +thernetcircuit handoff(

    G%! System ,dministration Management

    1 .' lin# for G%! access for customers to

    perform administrati)e tas#s on the pri)atenet"or#(

     ,dditional tunnels can 'e reuested through

    the Customer %ortal EE retail per tunnel(

    SSL G%!$ %%/% G%!$ and I%Sec G%!

    connections a)aila'le through the Customer


    Managing VPN connections to SoftLayer

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

    20/32© 2014 IBM Corporation20

    Managing VPN connections to SoftLayer (cont.)G%! %roduction ,ccess

    /he recommended solutions for any customer reuired production G%! access to the

    SoftLayer net"or# is either Forti.ate security appliance or Gyatta gate"ay appliance(

    More information on these ser)ices and appliances is a)aila'le in the managed or semi?

    managed fire"all section of this document(

    Customer +thernet circuit handoff 

     , customer is pro)ided "ith a direct +thernet interface to the SoftLayer pri)ate net"or#(

    Customer5s /elco pro)ider 'rings an +thernet circuits to one of the SoftLayer %o%around the "orld(

    Customer or their /elco contracts "ith the %o%5s location pro)ider for any space$po"er$ and cross connect charges to 'ring their circuit and any customer premiseeuipment C%+ to that %o%(

    Customer contacts SoftLayer to accept an +thernet handoff connection to SoftLayereuipment at the %o%(

    SoftLayer +thernet cross?connections are a)aila'le in 1 .'ps or 10 .'ps sies( SoftLayer charges a 'ase rate for the port speed 1 . is 2>0 per month and 10 . is

    1$>00 per month(

    SoftLayer also passes along all charges incurred for the +thernet cross connect "ithinthe data center facility$ "hich )aries 'y location and ranges from 2>0 to 2$000 permonth(

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2

    21/32© 2014 IBM Corporation21

    Managing VPN connections to SoftLayer (cont.)

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


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    In this topic$ you "ill learn a'out

    Loo#ing .lassAther net"or# tools

    *e$ieing SoftLayer netor! tooling

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


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     SoftLayer Loo#ing .lass is an interacti)e resource that can 'e used to test latency'et"een SoftLayer data centers$ and 'et"een a router location and target address$su'net$ or hostname(

     Latency tests 'et"een a location and its target are conducted using a )ariety ofmethods$ including ping and traceroute commands( 3sers can also test net"or# latencythrough a )ariety of test do"nloads 'ased on sie and data center location( 3sersoperate Loo#ing .lass under the premise that only manual ueries "ill 'e made(

     3se the steps 'elo" to run a traceroute on a "e'site(

    1(+nter http;NNlg(softlayer(comN in your 'ro"ser "indo"(

    2(=ead the terms and conditions and clic# the / agree lin#( !ote that clic#ing the lin#signifies that you understand that commands and I%s might 'e logged(

    ,(ing SoftLayer Loo!ing 0la((1 SoftLayer( /" bac!bone

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


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    6( 3nder Co))and$ clic# the Traceroute radio 'utton(

    4( Select your data center using the Select Location and *outer  drop?do"n menu(>( +nter a "e'site in the Target 3ddre((4Subnet or o(tna)e field and clic# the6xecute 'utton( 

    ,(ing SoftLayer Loo!ing 0la((1 SoftLayer( /" bac!bone %cont.&

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


    © 2014 IBM Corporation2>

    ( , Loo#ing .lass =esults "indo" "ill appear to display your traceroute results(

    ,(ing the SoftLayer Loo!ing 0la((1 SoftLayer( /" bac!bone %cont.&

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


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    7ou can also test net"or# latency$ run test do"nloads$ and perform speed tests(

    Te(ting Netor! Latency

    /he !et"or# Latency ta'le lets you see the current latency 'et"een data centers and %o%s(

    o)er o)er a suare in the ta'le to see the latency 'et"een locations(

    ,(ing other netor!ing tool(

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


    © 2014 IBM Corporation2@

    Te(ting Donload(

    /est o"nloads lets you test the throughput rate for different file sies from SoftLayerdata centers( Clic# on the test that you "ant to run and do"nload the (ip file(

    ,(ing other netor!ing tool( %cont.&

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


    © 2014 IBM Corporation2<

    Te(ting Netor! Speed

    7ou can test your net"or# speed 'et"een your "or#station and a data center( /he stepsto perform a speed test are outlined 'elo"(

    Step 1; Clic# the Launch Te(t Site lin# under SoftLayer /" 7ac!bone – Speed Te(tSite(

    Step 2; Clic# on the appropriate data center icon( 7ou can ho)er o)er the icon to see thename of the data center(

    Step 6; /he do"nload and upload speed 'et"een your "or#station and selected"or#station are tested and the results displayed(

    ,(ing other netor!ing tool( %cont.&

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


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    In this topic$ you "ill learn a'out SoftLayer5sContent eli)ery !et"or#(

    ,(ing SoftLayer( Content Deli$ery Netor!

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


    © 2014 IBM Corporation60

    /he SoftLayer Content eli)ery !et"or# C! utilies +dgecast and includes ro'ust tools

    for digital rights management and content monetiation(

    ,(ing Content Deli$ery Netor!

    Caching update(  Complete net"or# cache updates are only supported( Indi)idual nodescannot 'e cleared or deleted(

    Di(tribution option(

    Arigin pull /he first time content is reuest$ it is pulled from the host ser)er tothe net"or# and stays there for other users to access it(0(12 per .B or 0(1> per .B "ith SSL

    %o% pull Customers pre?load content using a )ariety of methods( /heloaded content is pulled from the C! F/% as opposed to 'eingpulled from the customer5s origin location(0(12 per .B$ 0(1> per .B "ith SSL0(@> per .B for storage in the %o%

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


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    ,(ing Content Deli$ery Netor! %cont.&

    /he C! distri'utes content through a net"or# "ith 24 nodes throughout the cloud 11 in the

    3S$ eight in +urope$ and fi)e in ,sia$ putting customer content geographically closer to theirusers(

  • 8/19/2019 Softlayer Networking Fundaments -2


    -ho should use SoftLayer5s C!O

    SoftLayer C! is designed for customers that pro)ide ser)ices such as content caching$streaming$ and do"nloading(

    +*ample industries that utilie C! include

    Social net"or#ing


    Soft"are de)elopment


    Financial ser)ices

    ,(ing Content Deli$ery Netor! %cont.&