Download - Selling vs Creating Reasons to Buy

  • SELLING vs. CREATING REASONS TO BUY myself : email : [email protected]
  • the aspect of their product that many startups mistakenly focus on during their sales pitch :: FEATURES
  • the key aspect that makes a product worth buying :: THE VALUE PROPOSITION
  • what is value proposition ? :: TANGIBLE BENEFITS (both qualitative and quantitative) that the product offers to the customer
  • different kinds of value propositions :: ownership related benefits related cost of owning cost of maintenance status symbol cost reduction process optimization reliability, usability
  • value proposition shall be tangible and (preferably) measurable :: examples can reduce cost of operation by 8% can increase efficiency in invoice processing by 12% is 30% less costlier than the competitor product improves availability by 25%
  • provide opportunity for customer to validate the value proposition :: examples customer references verifiable case studies / testimonials third party audit reports
  • the take away :: dont sellprovide reasons to buy define verifiable, measurable value propositions highlight them consistently across all sales tools web, brochures, demos, case studies make sure customer enjoys the value at the end of the day
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