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  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    O R N A M E N T A N D I N S C R I P T I O N I N

    L A S I N O G O G A D E L T R N S I T O

    T O L E D O, S P A I N



    There is a primordial snake above,

    and as long as it is not spiced with the wine of joy

    it is a snake in the way.1

    Rabbi Hiyya, Zohar 1, 2!b

    1Th" #$%a&" i% 'h" (ay) i$ a $%a&" o* #'h" o'h"r $i+",) or o*sihra ahra -ro., The Wisdom of the Zohar: n nthology of Te!ts/o0."$ 1! Arra%3"+ i%'o H"br"( by -i$4h"0 La4ho("r a%+ I$aiah Ti$hby I%'ro+4'io% by I$aiah Ti$hby E%30i$h 'ra%$0a'io% byDa5i+ Go0+$'"i% Lo%+o%6 7ahi%3'o%8 Th" Li''.a% Library o* J"(i$h Ci5i0i9a'io%, 1::6 /o0 2, ; ::


  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    "n the beginning #bereshit$

    %ook at its letters and yo& will see

    song of desire #shir ta'ev$.2

    Zohar Ha+a$h, B"r"$hi',

  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    r"a+i%3 o* 'h" $y%a3o3" I+"0 "%4ora3"$ $ 'o %+"r$'a%+ a$ i%h"r"%' (i'hi% 'h" h"r."'i4 ."'ho+o0o3y o* 'h"

    ."+i"5a0 abba0i$'$ o* S;ai% a %o'io% o* #$"4r"'$,) (hi4h $ho0+ b" i.a3i%"+ 'o "i$'6 o'h"r(i$" 'h" r"$or' 'o

    "44"%'ri4 ""3"'i4a0 '"4h%iK"$, (i'ho' 'h" 'r$' 'ha' $o."'hi%3 i%h"r"%' i% 'h" '"' or i% 'h" .i%+ o* 'h" a'hor i$

    a5ai0ab0", (o0+ b" a ho00o( 3a." I (o0+ 0i&" 'o ;ro;o$" a% "'"%$io% o* I+"0=$ 'h"ory a$ a;;0i4ab0" 'o a%

    %+"r$'a%+i%3 o* 'h" 5i$a0 ;ro3ra.$ o* E0 Tr@%$i'o I% 'h" Sy%a3o3"=$ or%a."%' a%+ ";i3ra;hy, (or$hi;;"r$

    :(o0+ $"" ar4a%" $"4r"'$ a%+, 'hro3h 'h" a;;0i4a'io% o* 'h"ir 4rr"%' ""3"'i4a0 ."'ho+$ 'o 0yri4a0 i%$4ri;'io%$ o*

    P$a0.$, 'h"y (o0+ a4hi"5" "4$'a$y a%+ .y$'i4a0 (i$+o. #Co%5"%'io%a0) a;;roa4h"$ 'o 'h" or%a."%' a%+

    ";i3ra;hy o* #I$0a.i4,) or, #M+ar,) .o%."%'$ 3"' yo %o(h"r"

    Th" ."'ho+$ o* ""3"$i$ *o%+ i% 'h" (ri'i%3$ o* Sa."0 HaL"5=$ *a.i0y, 'h" Ab0a*ia$, a%+ (i'hi% 'h"

    Zohar, (ri''"%1?by hi$ *a.i0y=$ +"ar a%+ 0o5i%3 4o.;a%io%, Mo$"$ +" L"o%, (h"% a;;0i"+ 'o E0 Tr@%$i'o, %4o5"r

    'h" or%a."%' a%+ ";i3ra;hy=$ 'ra+i'io%a0 a%+ $"4r"' ."a%i%3$11 Mor"o5"r, 'h"y 40"ar0y *a00 (i'hi% a% Ib"ria%

    'ra+i'io% o* h"r."%"'i4$ 'ha' i%40+"$ 'h" (or& o* Ra.o% L00, Ib% a0Arabi, a%+ o'h"r$ 12 -ra%4i$4o Ca%'"ra

    Br3o$1! ;ay$ ;ar'i40ar a''"%'io% 'o E0 Tr@%$i'o, a%+ ;ro5i+"$ a% "'"%$i5" bib0io3ra;hy o* 'h" ar4hi'"4'ra0

    hi$'ori3ra;hy o* 'hi$ .o%."%' b"*or" 1:

  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    Ar' hi$'oria%$, J"rri0y% D Do++$ a%+ E$'h"r 7 Go0+.a% bo'h %o'" 'ha' Sa."0 HaL"5i Ab0a*ia ha+

    bi0+ a &i%+ o* #;a0a'i%" 4ha;"0) *or hi.$"0*, a 3ra%+ ;ri5a'" ora'ory o* 'h" 'y;" 'ha' Chri$'ia% &i%3$ o*'"% bi0' *or

    'h"ir ;ri5a'" (or$hi; a%+ 'ha' o* 'h"ir 4or'$, 4o%%"4'"+ by a 4o.;0" %"'(or& o* %+"r3ro%+ '%%"0$ a%+ ri'a0

    ab0'io%$, 'o hi$ o(% ;ri5a'" ;a0a4" Do++$ $"$ 'h" '"r. #M+ar) 'o 4a'"3ori9" 'h" or%a."%' i% "0 Tr@%$i'o Sh"

    a;;"ar$ 'o %+"r$'a%+ 'hi$ or%a."%' a$ a'io% o* Na$ri+ +"4ora'io% (i'h 'h" $y.bo0$ o* 'h" &i%3+o. o*

    Ca$'i0", a%+ Ka0i*i"$ 'h" 'o'a0i'y a$ a 4or' $'y0" o* i%3 P"+ro I o* Ca$'i0", a;;ro;ria'" 'o .a%i*"$' roya0 +i3%i'y a%+

    ;o("r Sh" %o'"$, ho("5"r, 'ha' i' i$ 'o+ay %+"r$'oo+ 'ha' Chri$'ia%$, M$0i.$, a%+ J"($ a0i&" (or&"+ o% 'h"

    bi0+i%3$ a%+ ob"4'$ (" 4a00 M+ar,1a%+ a''".;'$ 'o r"*'" 'h" ;rior %o'io% 'ha' 'h" (or+ M+ar r"*"r$ 0i'"ra00y

    'o a $b"4'"+ M$0i., a%+ 'o ob"4'$ ;ro+4"+ by .".b"r$ o* 'hi$ $o4ia0 40a$$ or 3ro; *or Chri$'ia% ;a'ro%$

    Do++$ a;;"ar$ 'o r""4' "ar0i"r $'+i"$= a$$.;'io% 'ha' M+ar ar'i$'$ ("r" M$0i. $0a5"$ o* Chri$'ia% .a$'"r$,

    $'r"$$i%3 'ha' 'h" "+4a'"+ J"($ o* To0"+o *"0' 'ha' I$0a.i4 40'r" (a$ 'h"ir 40'r" a$ ("00 1 Sh" %o'"$ 'ha' 'h"

    J"($ o* To0"+o ha+ $;o&"% Arabi4 *or h%+r"+$ o* y"ar$, a%+ 'h"y ha+ 0o%3 4o." 'o %+"r$'a%+ 'h" 0i'"rary a%+

    $4ho0ar0y 40'r" o* I$0a. a%+ i.;0i"$ 'ha' 'h"y 4o%$i+"r"+ i' $o."'hi%3 $har"+ Thi$ i.;0i"$ 'ha' 'h" $'y0" o*

    or%a."%' (" $"" o% 'h" (a00$ o* 'h" Tr@%$i'o (o0+ ha5" b""% *ir$' a%+ *or".o$' ;"r4"i5"+ by i'$ a+i"%4" a$ a%

    #I$0a.i4) $'y0" Thi$ a$$.;'io%, i% *a4', ;r"5ai0$ 'hro3ho' $4ho0ar$hi; o% $'r4'r"$ 4hara4'"ri9"+ a$ #M+ar)

    A0'ho3h *00 a$$"$$."%' o* 'hi$ i$$" i$ 4"r'ai%0y b"yo%+ 'h" $4o;" o* 'hi$ "$$ay, i' $ho0+ b" %o'"+ 'ha' I (i00 b"

    +i$4ar+i%3 'h" ;ri.ary a$$o4ia'io% b"'(""% 'hi$ $'y0" o* or%a."%' a%+ I$0a.

    Go0+.a%=$ "$$ay, a0b"i' ;"rha;$ i%a+5"r'"%'0y, 3i5"$ $ a' 0"a$' o%" ba$i$ *ro. (hi4h 'o K"$'io% 'hi$

    a$$.;'io% 4o%4"r%i%3 'h" r"0a'io%$hi; o* $'y0" 'o "'h%i4i'y or r"0i3io% H"r a%a0y$i$ r"0i"$ ;ri.ari0y o% Do% P"ro

    LF;"9 +" Aya0a=$ 6olecci;n las 6ronicas y +emorias de los 0eyes de 6astilla1: Aya0a, (ho$" ;ri.ary 'a$& i$ 'o

    %arra'" 'h" "5"%'$ o* 'h" r"i3%$ o* P"+ro I a%+ E%riK" II, %"5"r'h"0"$$ ;ro5i+"$ o44a$io%a0 a%+ i%'ri3i%3 30a%4"$

    'hro3h 'h" 40'ra0 0oo&i%330a$$ A.o%3 o'h"r i%'"r"$'i%3 +"'ai0$, h" %o'"$ 'ha' Sa."0 Ab0a*ia ha+ i% hi$

    ;o$$"$$io%, a' 'h" 'i." o* hi$ arr"$' i% 'h" 4o%'"' o* 'h" *ra'ri4i+a0 (ar b"'(""% P"+ro I a%+ E%riK" II Tra$'@.ara,

    ? M$0i. $0a5"$ i% To0"+o I% .y o;i%io%, 'hi$ *a4' ;rob0".a'i9"$, %o' o%0y 'h" %o'io% o* har.o%io$ convivencia

    1i% h"r 4ha;'"r, #M+"ar Tra+i'io% a%+ 'h" Sy%a3o3"$ o* M"+i"5a0 S;ai%8 C0'ra0 I+"%'i'y a%+ C0'ra0 H"3".o%y,) i%,Co%5i5"%4ia8 J"($, M$0i.$, a%+ Chri$'ia%$ i% M"+i"5a0 S;ai%,1Do++=$ '"%+"%4y 'o a$$"r' a% "i$'"%4" o* 'h" *o00o(i%3 'hr"" .o%o0i'hi4 40'r"$, #I$0a.i4,) #Chri$'ia%,) a%+ #J"(i$h) i$

    ;rob0".a'i41:Ro$"00, Cay"'a%o CrF%i4a$ +" 0o$ r"y"$ +" Ca$'i00a8 +"$+" Do% A0*o%$o "0 Sabio, ha$'a 0o$ 4a'F0i4o$ Do% -"r%a%+o y Doa I$ab"0Co0"44io% or+"%a+a ;or Do% Cay"'a%o Ro$$"00 Ma+ri+8 M Ri5a+"%"yra, 1

  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    o* J"($, M$0i.$, a%+ Chri$'ia%$ i% M"+i"5a0 S;ai%, b' a0$o 'h" ;r"5ai0i%3 a$$.;'io% a.o%3 $4ho0ar$ 'ha' I$0a.i4

    a$$o4ia'io%$ *or 'h" Tr@%$i'o=$ or%a."%' ";0ai% bo'h i'$ ;r"$'i3" a%+ i'$ ;o'"%'ia0 $i3%i*i4a%4"

    Bo'h Do++$ a%+ Go0+.a% o**"r a 4o%'"'a0 i%'"r;r"'a'io% o* 'h" .o%."%' Bo'h, ho("5"r, 4o%4"%'ra'"

    a0.o$' "40$i5"0y o% 'h" #;a0a'i%") a$;"4'$ o* 'h" $y%a3o3", a%+ 'h$ i.;0i4i'0y $b5"r' 'h" $y%a3o3"=$ a"$'h"'i4

    a%+ 4"r".o%ia0 4o%4"r%$ 'o 'h" h"3".o%y o*, o% 'h" o%" ha%+, a #0a%3a3" o* ;o("r) o$'"%$ib0y 4oi%"+ a' P"+ro I=$

    4or' a%+, o% 'h" o'h"r, o* a% %"a.i%"+ .o%o0i'hi4 4o%4";'8 #I$0a.i4 Ar') I% 'hi$ 4a$", 'h" .o$' r"0"5a%'

    .o%."%' (o0+ o* 4or$" b" Mha..a+ /=$ 4o%$'r4'io%$ a' 'h" A0ha.bra Da'i%3 i$ ;rob0".a'i4, ho("5"r, a%+

    i' (o0+ i% *a4' $"". 'ha' 'h" $y%a3o3" ;r"+a'"$ bo'h 'h" ;a0a4" a' S"5i00" a%+ 'h" 0ar3" ;ar' o* Mha..a+ /=$

    4o%$'r4'io%$ a' 'h" Na$ri+ Pa0a4", 'h$ i.;0yi%3 4o.;0"'" a"$'h"'i4 a'o%o.y o% 'h" ;ar' o* 'h" $y%a3o3"=$ ;a'ro%

    a%+ 'ho$" 4arryi%3 o' hi$ i%$'r4'io%$2?

    Th" 4o%'"' o**"r"+ by Do++$ a%+ Go0.a%, 'ho3h r"5"a0i%3, i$ o%0y ;ar'ia00y 4o.;0"'" Ea4h $'o;$ $hor'

    o* 4o%%"4'i%3 'h" $'r4'r" a%+ i'$ ;a'ro% 'o o%" o* 'h" *a.i0yQ$ .o$' i%'"%$" i%'"00"4'a0 4o%4"r%$abba0ah I%

    *a4', 'h" o%0y $4ho0ar 'o .a&" r"*"r"%4" 'o Sa."0=$ *a.i0y, 'h" Ab0a*ia$, a%+ 'h"ira'hor$hi; o* &abba0i$'i4 (or&$,

    hy.%$, a%+ ;o"'ry i$ Jo$ GF."9Mor"%o21 A$ %o'"+ abo5", "5"% r"%o(%"+ hi$'oria%$ o* J+ai4a $4h a$ Ba"r

    %"30"4' 'h" 4"%'ra0i'y o* abba0i$'i4 ."'ho+$ o* i%'"r;r"'a'io% a%+ %+"r$'a%+i%3$ *or 'ho$" (ho bi0' a%+

    (or$hi;;"+ i% 'hi$ $y%a3o3" I, ho("5"r, (i00 ar3" 'h" 4o%'rary8 'h" Ab0a*ia *a.i0y=$ &abba0i$'i4 (ri'i%3$

    "04i+a'" %iK" a%+ ;ro*o%+ r"0a'io%$hi;$ b"'(""% '"'a0 i%$4ri;'io%, or%a."%', .$i4, a%+ 'h" 4ho$"% "0i'" (ho

    (or$hi;;"+ a' E0 Tr@%$i'o

    I% 5i"( o* 'h" Ab0a*ia=$ 4o%'i%"+ hi$'ory o* 'h" i.;0i4a'io% i% 'h" ;ro+4'io% o* abba0i$'i4 0i'"ra'r", 'h"

    ;o$i'i%3 o* rari*i"+, "0i'", a%+ $"4r"' ."a%i%3$ *or 'h" or%a."%' a%+ ;ro3ra. o* E0 Tr@%$i'o b"4o." %o' o%0y

    ;o$$ib0", b' %a5oi+ab0" Th" i.;0i4a'io%$ o* 'hi$ *or .y r"a+i%3 o* 'h" Tr@%$i'o ar" &"y i% hi$ $"0"4'io% o* 'h"

    ;ar'i40ar'io% o* 5"3"'a0 a%+ ";i3ra;hi4 'h"."$ (hi4h 4hara4'"ri9" 'h" $y%a3o3"Q$ ;ro3ra. o* or%a."%',

    Sa."0 Ab0a*ia (a$ %o' ."r"0y *a00i%3 i% 0i%" (i'h a ;r"or+ai%"+ '"0"o0o3y o* $'y0i$'i4 #"5o0'io%) Ra'h"r, h" (a$

    .a&i%3 a% a"$'h"'i4 4hoi4", a%+ o%" (hi4h h" .$' ha5" 5i"("+ a$ 4o%$o%a%' (i'h hi$ 0ar3"r ;ro3ra. o* 4o%4"r%$

    *or hi$ ;ri5a'" (or$hi; $;a4" Sa."0 Ha0"5i Ab0a*ia=$ 4hoi4" i$ %o' 'o b" i%'"r;r"'"+ a$, i% Do++=$ (or+$, a%

    #a+o;'io% o* I$0a.i4 $'y0") Nor i$ i'$ ;ri.ary .o'i5" 'h" ";r"$$io% o* Ab0a*ia=$ +"$ir" *or ;o("r or a'hori'y

    2?S"" Ja% Car0o$ Ri9=$ %;b0i$h"+ ar'i40" #Si%a3o3a$ S"*ar+"$ Mo%."%'a0"$ "% "0 Co%'"'o +" 0a ArKi'"4'ra M"+i"5a0Hi$;aa)21H"y+"4&, Ja% Jo$;";h%as "nscripciones /ebreas de la inagoga Toledana de 0. em&el /a1%ev3 i%'ro+44io% +" Jo$" Go."9M"%or To0"+o To0"+o8 -"%$a0i+a, 1:

  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    Ra'h"r, i' i$, *ir$' a%+ *or".o$', a% ";r"$$io% o* hi$ +"$ir" *or "4$'a$y, a%+ i%+""+ a 'ra4i%3 o* 'h" ;a'h 'o(ar+ 'hi$

    "4$'a$y, 'hro3h 'h" $" o*, %o' P"+ro I=$, b' hi$ o(% #4or' $'y0",) a%+ 'h" 4r"a'io% o* a 5i$a0 a%+ ";i3ra;hi4

    0a%3a3" bo'h 4o%$'r4'"+ a%+ i%'"r;r"'"+ 'hro3h $;"4i*i4, $"4r"' a%+ "4$'a'i4&abba0i$'i4 ."'ho+$ o* ""3"$i$

    H"ar&"% .y bro'h"r a%+ r"4"i5" 'h" (or+$, i% Go+=$ "y" 'h"y ar" .or" ;r"4io$ 'ha% ;"ar0$Th"y ("r" ;a$$"+ *ro. o%" (i$" i%i'ia'" 'o a%o'h"r, a$ ("r" 'h" (or+$ 3i5"% o% Si%ai

    H"ar&"% 'o *ri"%+$ (ho $;"a& 'h". 'o yo, a%+ yor *ri"%+$ (i00 h"ar&"% 'o yor 5oi4"Do %o' $;r% 'h". b"4a$" yo ha5" %o' h"ar+ 'h". b"*or"

    Th"r" ar" .y$'"ri"$ a%+ 'h"r" i$ %o "%+ 'o boo&$Th"$" ar" a%4i"%' i% 'h" "y"$ o* (i$" ."%, 'h"y $"". %"( o%0y 'o 4a''0")22

    Do% To+ro$ Ab0a*ia

    I% a% "$$ay "%'i'0"+, #A Co%'".;orary Po". o% 'h" A;;"ara%4" o* 'h" Zohar,) J G 7"i$$ Ko'"$ *ro. 'h"

    Di5a% o* Do% To+ro$ Ab0a*ia 'h" arden of polog&es and aws2!$i% or+"r 'o r"*'" Ba"r=$ 40ai. 'ha' Do%

    To+ro$ Ab0a*ia=$ &%o(0"+3" o* 'h" abba0ah (a$ $;"r*i4ia0 a%+ ."r"0y 0i.i'"+ 'o 'h" %a."$ o* 'h" '"% ephirot

    7"i$$ i%'"r;r"'$ 'hi$ ;o". a$, #a 4ha.;io% o* 'h" %"( .y$'i4a0 +o4'ri%" o* abba0ah (hi4h 40ai.$ 'o ha5" 4o."

    +o(% a$ a 'ra+i'io%, a%+ r3"$ 'h" r"a+"r 'o b"ar i% .i%+ 'ha' 'h" .i0i" o* 'h" ;o"' i$ 'ha' o* 'h" Ca$'i0ia% J"(ry i%

    'h" 0a'" 'hir'""%'h 4"%'ry, 'h" 5"ry 'i." a%+ 'h" 5"ry $"''i%3 i% (hi4h 'h" Zohar (a$ ;b0i$h"+ i% i%$'a00."%'$ byMo$"$ +" L"o%)2 7"i$$, a*'"r r"a+i%3an ha1meshalim ve1hahidot, "$'ab0i$h"$ 'h" 4o%%"4'io% b"'(""% To+ro$

    b"% J+ah HaL"5i Ab0a*ia a%+ Rabbi To+ro$ haL"5i Ab0a*ia, o%" o* 'h" 0"a+i%3 abba0i$'$ o* hi$ +ay Rabbi

    To+ro$= $o%, Jo$";h Ab0a*ia, (a$ ;a$$io%a'"0y i%'"r"$'"+ i% 'h" a'hor$hi; o* 'h" Zohar, a$ 7"i$$ a0$o +"+4"$

    *ro. 'h" '"$'i.o%y o* I$aa4 o* A4r"2evamote H"

    2>Th" +"0i%"a'io% o* 'h" ;ar'i4i;a'io% o* "a4h $i3%i*i4a%' .".b"r o* 'h" Ab0a*ia i% 'h" +i**"r"%' $4hoo0$ o* abba0ah i$ i% or+"r2-ro. I$ra"0 Mo$"$ TaSh.a, ABLA-IA, MEIR i%4ncyclopaedia 2&daica, /o0 2 J"r$a0"., I$ra"08 "'"r Pb0i$hi%3 Ho$"L'+, 1:1 ; 1:?1:1 A0'ho3h I ha5" %o' y"' b""% ab0r 'o 4o%$0' I TS= *o00o(i%3 bib0io3ra;hy, &"y r"*"r"%4"$ *or 'hi$ 'o;i4 ar"8Gra"'9, G"$4h 41:??, !?!2, , 2:?6 B"%"+i&', i%8 inai, !! 1:, % !6 Go$h"%Go''$'"i%, i%8)itvei +ifal ha1+ikra, 1 1:>?, 21!16A0b"4&, i%Zion, 2< 1:?, 1, 1??, 1?>**,!:**6 TaSh".a, i%8 S, 2V>: Bib0io3ra;hy *or Haoh"% ;ro5i+"+ by ITS2S4ho0"., G"r$ho. TODROS BEN JOSEPH HA LE/I ABLA-IA II i%4ncyclopaedia 2&daica /o0 2, ;; 1:1:ahad&t, 2 1:2, 1

  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    (a$ i%$'r4'"+ i% abba0ah by Mo$"$ b So0o.o% b Si."o%, 'o (ho. h" +"+i4a'"+ haAar ha10a=imXGa'"$ a%+

    S"4r"'$X a 4o.."%'ary o% P$a0. 1: M$ +a'"+ 12:, M%i4h, 2?: 'ha' i%40+"$ Ko'a'io%$ *ro. 'h" Zohar H"

    a0$o (ro'" -=ar ha1)avodXTr"a$ry o* G0oryX, a &abba0i$'i4 i%'"r;r"'a'io% o* 'h" aggadot, 'h" ho.i0"'i4a0 ;or'io%,

    i% a %.b"r o* Ta0.+i4 'ra4'a'"$ Th"$" ("r" (ri''"% a*'"r 12?, a%+ 'h"y a0$o i%40+" Ko'a'io%$ *ro. 'h" Zohar.


    I$aa4 ib% La'i*, (ho .ay a0$o ha5" 0i5"+ i% To0"+o, +"+i4a'"+ hi$ Zeror ha1+or A B%+0" o* Myrrh 'o hi.H"

    a0$o(ro'" haAar ha1/arisahXTh" Ga'"$ o* D"$'r4'io%X Hi$ $o% Jo$";h b"4a." *ri"%+0y (i'h Mo$"$ +" L"o%,

    a%+ (a$ o%" o* 'h" *ir$' 'o r"4"i5" a 4o;y o* 'h" Zohar Jo$";h (ro'" 'r"a'i$"$ (i'h 'h" h"0; o* 'h" X(ri'i%3 %a.",X

    or a'o.a'i4 (ri'i%3!?

    Jo$";h B"% To+ro$ HaL"5i Ab0a*ia II!1(a$ bor% i% Br3o$ a%+ +i"+ i% a $.a00 'o(% ("$' o* To0"+o

    H" (a$ i%*0"%'ia0 a' 'h" 4or' o* A0*o%$o W o* Ca$'i0" Mo$"$ b Sh". To5 +" L"o%, a'hor o* 'h" Zohar, +"+i4a'"+

    'o hi. hi$ efer ha10immon #The 8ook of the (omegranate$ a%+ hekel ha1)odesh H" (a$ a% a'hori'y o% 'h"

    hem ha1)otev, o%" o* 'h" +i5i%" %a."$, 'h" &%o(0"+3" o* (hi4h "%ab0"$ hi. 'o (ri'" by +i5i%" i%$;ira'io% or

    #a'o.a'i4a00y) No%" o* hi$ (or&$ ha5" b""% ;r"$"r5"+ Th" "'r"."0y i%'i.a'" a%+ $;r"."0y &abba0i$'i4

    r"0a'io%$hi; b"'(""% Mo$"$ +" L"F% a%+ Jo$";h Ab0a*ia i%$r"+ 'h" 'ra%$.i$$io% o* 'h" *or."rQ$ Zohari4

    h"r."%"'i4$ a%+ ""3"$i$ 'o 'h" Ab0a*ia% *a.i0yQ$ *"4%+ &abba0i$'i4 i%'"00"4'a0i$. 'o r"4r"a'" ho( .o$' 0"ar%"+

    &abba0i$'$ ("r" 'o (or$hi; 'o 'h" ;r"$"%' 'i."

    To+ro$ b"% Y"h+@ Ab0a*ia!20i5"+ i% To0"+o *ro. 121!?> H" (a$ a 4or'i"r 'o 'h" i%3$ A0*o%$o W

    a%+ Sa%4ho I/, a%+ a 4i5i0 $"r5a%' o* 'h" Ha4i"%+a R"a0 H" (ro'" an ha1+eshalim ve1ha1/idot$"" abo5" 'ha'

    4o%'ai%$ .or" 'ha% 1,??? ;o".$, .o$' r"4"%'0y ;b0i$h"+ i% 'hr"" 5o0."$ by D Y"00i% 1:! ! !! To+ro$ (a$

    a.o%3 'h" J"($ o* Ca$'i0" arr"$'"+ by roya0 or+"r i% Ja%ary 121 *or #0iai$o%$) (i'h %o%J"(i$h (o."% Th"

    a%a0y$i$ o* .a%y "a.;0"$ o* 'h" ;ra4'i4" o* o5"r' a%+ ;o$$ib0y %or'ho+o $"a0 a4'$ by 'h" Ab0a*ia$ $;;or'"+

    2:A0'ho3h %o' +"*i%i'i5" o% 'h" .a''"r, Y"h+a Li"b"$ $33"$'$ 'h" ;o$$ibi0i'y 'ha' 'h" ;"r$o%a3" o* R, Si."o% b Yohai i% 'h" Zohari$ i% *a4' 'h" abba0i$' To+ro$ B"% Jo$";h HaL"5i Ab0a*ia, $"" Li"b"$t&dies in the Zohar A0ba%y8 S'a'" %i5"r$i'y o* N"( Yor&Pr"$$, 1::!, ; 1!:

  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    by 'h" 4r"a'io% a%+ r"4r"a'io% o* 'h"ir o(% ."'ho+$ o* i%'"r;r"'i%3 $4ri;'r", a4'$ 'ha' .ay ha5" b""% $;;or'"+ by

    'h" Zohar, *or "a.;0", (hi0" b"yo%+ 'h" $4o;" o* 'hi$ ;a;"r, 4o0+ 4"r'ai%0y i00.i%a'" i.;or'a%' ar4hi'"4'ra0

    i%'"00"4'a0.y$'i4a0;$y4ho$"%$a0 r"0a'io%$hi;$ i% 0a'" ."+i"5a0 S;ai%

    Abraha. B"% Sa."0 Ab0a*ia (a$ bor% i% Zara3o9a i% 12? H" 3r"( ; i% To0"+o, a%+ h" +i"+ a*'"r

    12:1 i% 'h" Ma0'"$" I$0a%+$ I% 12! h" 0"*' S;ai% *or I'a0y, Si4i0y, a%+ Gr""4", (h"r" h" (ro'" et ha1hemota%+

    itrei Toraha 4o.."%'ary o% Mai.o%i+"$= &ide to the (erple!ed(hi4h G S4ho0". +"$4rib"$ a$, #$'ra%3") I%

    12: h" 0i5"+ i% Pa'ra$, Gr""4" a%+ (ro'" ifrei Dev&'ah #Pro;h"'i4 Boo&$) $i3%"+ (i'h a ;$"+o%y. 'ha'

    4orr"$;o%+$ 'o 'h" %."ri4a0 5a0" o* hi$ %a." I% 12? h" ("%' 'o Ro." r3"+ by a% #i%%"r 5oi4") Th" Po;"

    4o%+".%"+ hi. 'o +"a'h by br%i%36 'h" ;o%'i**, ho("5"r, +i"+ b"*or" 'hi$ $"%'"%4" (a$ 4arri"+ o' H" $;"%' o%"

    .o%'h i% Ro." i% ;ri$o% by 'h" Mi%ori'"$ H" 0"*' *or Si4i0y 0a'"r i% 12? I% M"$$i%a h" (ro'", a.o%3 o'h"r

    (or&$, -r ha1ekhel (hi4h 4o%'ai%"+ a'obio3ra;hi4a0 %o'"$ a%+ +i$4or$" 4o%4"r%i%3 'h" .y$'"ri"$ o* 'h"

    T"'ra3ra..a'o%!8 -=ar 4den an&= Th"r" h" a0$o a%%o%4"+ 'h" o%$"' o* 'h" ."$$ia%i4 "ra i% 'h" y"ar

  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    "0"."%'$ ori3i%a'i%3 i% .y$'i4a0 '"4h%iK"$ o'$i+" o* J+ai$., i%40+i%3 S*i$.!, Gr""&Or'ho+o h"$y4ha$.

    Ki"'i$., a%+ I%+ia% Yo3a! O'h"r (ri'i%3$ o* Abraha. Ab0a*ia i%40+", efer /ayyei ha1-lam ha18a, a0$o

    &%o(% a$ efer ha1hem, (hi4h 4o%'ai%$ ";0a%a'io%$ o* 'h" 20"''"r %a." o* Go+, ;ar'0y i00$'ra'"+ by 4ir40ar

    *i3r"$, (i'h "a4' i%$'r4'io%$ *or .y$'i4a0 ."+i'a'io% Abraha. Ab0a*ia +i$a3r""+ (i'h .o$' o* 'h"o$o;hi4

    abba0ah, a0'ho3h hi$ +i$4i;0", Jo$";h Gi&a'i00a, (a$ a 0"a+i%3 .".b"r o* 'h" Zohar 4ir40"

    Jo$";h B"% Abraha. Gi&a'i00a!:(a$ bor% i% M"+i%a4"0i, Ca$'i0", a%+ h" +i"+ i% 1!21 H"

    bi0' 'h" $y%a3o3" i% To0"+o, 0a'"r 'h" Chr4h o* E0 Tr@%$i'o H" (a$ $'"(ar+ o* 'h" "$'a'"$ o* 'h" &i%3=$ ''or Do%

    !I% 'h" *'r" I (o0+ 0i&" 'o ";0or" Ib% UArab[=$ Shajarat al-Kawn = LArbre du Monde, i%'ro, 'ra%$ a%+ %o'"$, Mari4" G0o'o%Pari$8 L"$ D" O4a%$, 1:: i% 'hi$ 4o%'"' S"" Cy%'hia Robi%$o%=$ *or'h4o.i%3 ar'i40", #M+ar R"5i$i'"+8 A Pro0o3o."%a 'o'h" R"4o%$'r4'io% o* P"r4";'io%, D"5o'io% a%+ E;"ri"%4" a' 'h" M+ar Co%5"%' o* C0ari$a$, Tor+"$i00a$, S;ai% 1'hC"%'ryAD)!

    I+"0, The +ystical 4!perience in braham b&lafia, 'ra%$0a'"+ *ro. 'h" H"br"( by Jo%a'ha% Chi;.a% A0ba%y 8 S'a'" %i5"r$i'y o*N"( Yor& Pr"$$, 41:!:S4ho0"., G JOSEPH BEN ABRAHAM GIATILLA ChiKa'i00a i% E%4y40o;a"+ia J+ai4a, /o0 ;

  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    Ja% A0*o%$o +" A0bK"rK", a%+ 'h"%, Tr"a$r"r a%+ A+5i$or 'o P"+ro I o* Ca$'i0" I% 1!>?, P"+ro, i% 'h" 4o%'"'

    o* a 4i5i0 (ar (hi4h (o0+ "%+ i% 'h" i%*a.o$ *ra'ri4i+" 4o..i''"+ by E%riK" hi.$"0* a' Mo%'i"0, 2 or+"r"+

    Ab0a*ia=$ arr"$', (h"r";o% h" (a$ bro3h' 'o S"5i00" a%+ 'h"r" 'or'r"+ 'o +"a'h Hi$ "%or.o$ *or'%" (a$

    4o%*i$4a'"+, a$ ("00 a$ 'ha' o* hi$ r"0a'i5"$ 7i'h hi., a%+ ha5i%3 4o%$i+"r"+ 'h" $or' o* &%o(0"+3" a%+ 4o%4"r%$

    'ra+i'io%a0!i% hi$ *a.i0y a%+ (hi4h h" i$ 0i&"0y 'o ha5" bro3h' 'o b"ar o% 'h" 4r"a'io% o* hi$ #Pa0a'i%" Cha;"0,) ("

    .ay r"'r% 'o 'h" a%a0y$i$ o* 'hi$ $'r4'r" a%+ i'$ ";i3ra;hi4 a%+ or%a."%'a0 ;ro3ra.

    - sing to the %ord a new songN sing to the %ord, all the to the %ord, bless his nameO%et the field e!&lt, and everything in it.

    Then shall all the trees of the forest sing for joy before the %ord, for he is coming,P$a0. :> 12121!

    Th" P$a0'"r i$ 'h" hy.%a0 o* a%4i"%' I$ra"0, 4o.;i0"+ *ro. o0+"r 4o00"4'io%$ o* 0yri4$ *or $" i% 'h" '".;0"

    o* Z"rbbab"0 Mo$' o* 'h"$" ;$a0.$ ("r" +"$i3%"+ 'o a44o.;a%y (or$hi; Th" ;$a0.$ *r"K"%'0y i%40+" .$i4a0

    +ir"4'io%$, $4h a$ 'ho$" *o%+ i% 'h" i%$4ri;'io%$ o* E0 Tr@%$i'o, *or "a.;0" 'h" i%$4rib"+ ;$a0. +ir"4'io% #To 'h"

    4hoir.a$'"r8 (i'h $'ri%3"+ i%$'r."%'$)

  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    0a( I% E0 Tr@%$i'o, H"+"4& %o'"$ 'ha' 'hi$ r"5"r"%4" a%+ ;o("r 3i5"% 'o Go+ by Da5i+ i$ "'"%+"+ by a%a0o3y 'o

    i%3 P"+ro I, Sa."0 HaL"5, a%+ Rabbi M"ir H"y+"4&=$ ar3."%' 4o%4"r%i%3 'h" i%$4ri;'io%$= ;ri.ary ;r;o$"

    o* "'"%+i%3 ;o("r r"$o%a'"$ (i'h Do++$= ar3."%'$ +i$4$$"+ abo5" a%+ +o"$ %o' a4&%o(0"+3" 'h" .o%."%'Q$

    *%4'io% a$ a ;0a4" o* (or$hi;

    Th" *o00o(i%3 ;a$$a3"$ *ro. Abraha. Ab0a*iaQ$ (ri'i%3$ a%+ *ro. 'h" Zohar, 'o b" +i$4$$"+ b"0o(

    r"5"a0 (ay$ i% (hi4h 'ho$" (ho a''"%+"+ $"r5i4"$ a' E0 Tra%$i'o sawi'$ '"'8 7i'hi% 'h" .y$'i4a0 .i0i" o* 'ho$"

    (ho 4o..i$$io%"+ La Si%a3o3a +" E0 Tr@%$i'o, 'h" *o00o(i%3 Ko'a'io% *ro. Abraha. Ab0a*ia=$ 4o.."%'ary o%

    'h"efer >e=irah, an Da'&l$33"$'$ 'ha' 'h" 0"''"r$ o* 'h" H"br"( a0;hab"' 'h".$"05"$, o% 'h" o%" ha%+, ("r"

    %+"r$'oo+ 5i$a00y by 'h"ir a+i"%4", a%+, o% 'h" o'h"r, ("r" a$$."+ by 'hi$ $a." a+i"%4" 'o 4o%'ai% #$"4r"')

    ."a%i%3$ Thi$ ;a$$a3" r"5"a0$ 'h" .a%%"r i% (hi4h a% i%+i5i+a0 *ro. a.o%3 'h" Sy%a3o3"= "40$i5"

    .".b"r$hi; (o0+ 4o.;r"h"%+ i'$ i%$4ri;'io%$ -r'h"r.or", i'$ r"*"r"%4" 'o .$i4 (i00 ai+ $ i% %+"r$'a%+i%3 'h"

    %a%4"$ o* ;"r4";'io% i%5o05"+ i% 'h" r"4";'io% o* 'h" ."0o+i4 ;$a0.$ (i'hi% 'h" 5i$a0, $;a'ia0, a%+ 0i'r3i4a0

    4o%'"' o* 'h" Sy%a3o3" Th" a%a0o3i"$ .a+" b"'(""% .$i4 a%+ 'h" a0;hab"' by Abraha. Ab0a*ia (i'hi% 'h"

    +i$4or$" o* 'h" abba0ah, 4o%'rib'" 'o "5"% .or" $o;hi$'i4a'"+ %+"r$'a%+i%3$ o* 'h" ;$a0.$ 'ha', (h"% $%3 a%+

    r"a+ *ro. 'h" $y%a3o3"Q$ i%$4ri;'io%$, $ha;"+ 'h" ."+i'a'i5", +"5o'io%a0, a%+ "4$'a'i4 ";"ri"%4" o* 'ho$" (ho

    a''"%+"+ $"r5i4"$ a' E0 Tr@%$i'o8

    %o( 'ha' 0"''"r'io% i$ 0i&" 'h" h"ari%3 o* 'h" "ar$, *or 'h" "ar h"ar$ a%+ 'h"$o%+$ ar""+ a44or+i%3 'o 'h" *or. o* 'h" '%" a%+ 'h" $o%+"%%4ia'io% 7i'%"$$ 'h"

    $'ri%3"+ i%$'r."%'$ kinnPra%+ nevel6 'h"ir $o%+$ ar""+ a%+ (i'h 'h"'io% o* 'h"$o%+$ 'h" "ar$ h"ar 5aria'io% a%+ "4ha%3" i% 'h" ;a%3$ o* 0o5"Joy i$ r"%"("+ 'hro3h 'h"

    ;0"a$r" o* 'h" 5aria'io% o* 'h" '%"$, (hi4h 4a% o%0y b" r"%"("+ by 'h" *or. o* 'h"'io%$Tha' i$, 'h" ;0ay"r ;04&$ 'h" *ir$' $'ri%3, (hi4h i$ a%a0o3o$ 'o 'h" 0"''"r alef

    Mo$h" I+"0 +i$4o5"r$ ;ara00"0$ b"'(""% .$i4 a%+ 0"''"r'io% i% Abraha. Ab0a*ia=$ an Da'&li%

    'hr"" ar"a$8 1 M$i4.a&i%3 a%+ 0"''"'io% o;"ra'" by ."a%$ o* 'h" har.o%y (hi4h i$ ;ro+4"+ by 'h"

    4o%oi%i%3 o* '(o +i**"r"%' ;ri%4i;0"$, '(o +i**"r"%' i%$'r."%'$ kinnPr a%+ neve0, '(o +i**"r"%' 'o%"$ *ro. 'h"

    $a." .$i4a0 i%$'r."%', or 'h" oi%i%3 o* '(o +i**"r"%' 0"''"r$ i% 'h" ;ro4"$$ o*'io% 2 L"''"r'io%, 0i&" .$i4, 30a++"%$ 'h" h"ar'6 i' +o"$ $o by ."a%$ o* 'h" #hi++"% 'hi%3$ (hi4h ar" *o%+ i% 'h"

    'ra%$;o$i'io% o* 'h" 0"''"r$,) (h"r"i% 'h" oy 4o."$ *ro. %4o5"ri%3 'h" $"4r"'$ ! Li&" .$i4, 0"''"'io%

    S4ho0". +"$4rib"$ ho( 'hi$ a;;"ar$ (i'ho' 'h" 'i'0" or 'h" a'hor=$ %a." i% efer ha1(eli1ahor"'$, 1,

  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    *or'y'(o 0"''"r$, (i'h (hi4h 'h" (or0+$ ("r" 4r"a'"+, a%+ (hi4h ("r" ".b"++"+ i% i' #Th"T..i.) ar" 'h" .y$'"ry o* 'h"$" 0"''"r$ (h"% 'h"y ar" 4o%'ai%"+ i% 'h" ;0a4" o* 'h" .irror 'ha'+o"$ %o' $hi%", a%+ i' i$ 3i+"+ by 'h" $"5"%'y'(o "%3ra5"+ 0"''"r$ (hi4h ar" 'h" .y$'"ry o* 'h"

    ho0y %a." A%+ 'h"y ar" a00 'o3"'h"r 4a00"+ #ri. a%+ T..i.)

    Th"$" ;a$$a3"$ r"0i$h a%+ "a0' 'h" .y$'"rio$ %a'r" o* 'h" a0;hab"' Th"y a''rib'" 'o .".b"r$ o* 'h" a0;hab"' a

    $i3%i*i4a%' ;r"$"%4" i% 4r"a'io% Th" 0a'"r ;a$$a3"$ ;ro%o%4"$ a 4"r'ai% $";ara'io% or +a0i$. 4o.;ri$"+ o* hi3h"r

    a%+ 0o("r (or0+$, 'ha' 4orr"$;o%+$ 'o a r"4i;ro4a0 4o"i$'"%4" o* 'h" Tr"" o* Li*" a%+ 'h" Tr"" o* %o(0"+3",

    +"$4rib"+ b"0o( i% 'hi$ ;ro"4'Q$ +i$4$$io% o* '"'i0" +"$i3%

    I% a++i'io% 'o 'h"ir .y$'"rio$, 4r"a'io%ori"%'"+, a%+ +a0i$'i4 %a'r", 0"''"r$ o* 'h" a0;hab"' ar" a0$o

    ;"r$o%i*i"+ i% 'h" Zohar, 'h$ 4a00i%3 i%'o K"$'io% 'h" 'ra+i'io%a0 ;"r4";'io% o* J+ai$.=$ a%'i;a'hy 'o(ar+ i.a3"$

    'hi$ o* 4or$" +";"%+$ o% o%"=$ +"*i%i'io% o* a% #i.a3") Th" 0"''"r$ ha5" 5oi4", *or "a.;0" 'h" H"br"( 0"''"r

    t=adde$ay$, #May i' b" yor (i00, Ma$'"r o* 'h" (or0+$, 'o 4r"a'" 'h" (or0+ 'hro3h .") ? B"4a$" "a4h 0"''"r ha$ $4h a +i$'i%4' a%+ ;o("r*0 ;"r$o%a, i' i$ %o $r;ri$" 'ha' 'h" 0"''"r$ a' 'h" $a." 'i."

    ;o$$"$$ a 4"r'ai% a'o%o.y a%+ *r""+o. 'o r"ara%3" a%+ *or. +i**"%"%' (or+$ a%+ (or0+$ o* 4r"a'i5" ."a%i%3$ a%+

    i%'"r;r"'a'io%$ *or 'h" abba0i$'$ o* E0 Tr@%$i'o 'hro3h $a4r"+ a%+ $"4r"' ."'ho+$ o* ""3"$i$ 0i&"gematria

    ematria4o%$i$'$ o* ";0ai%i%3 a (or+ or 3ro; o* (or+$ a44or+i%3 'o 'h" %."ri4a0 5a0" o* 'h" 0"''"r$, or

    o* $b$'i''i%3 o'h"r 0"''"r$ o* 'h" a0;hab"' *or 'h". i% a44or+a%4" (i'h a $"' $y$'". >1 -or "a.;0", M"$$iah,

    $;"00"+, MShICh %.b"r$ !terot)>!Abraha.

    Ab0a*ia r"4o.."%+"+ 'h" $y$'". o* +"5"0o;i%3 'h" ;o("r o* a$$o4ia'io% i% 3".a'ria i% or+"r 'o +i$4o5"r %"(

    'r'h$, a%+ 'h"$" ."'ho+$ ("r" +"5"0o;"+ by 'ho$" (ho $44""+"+ hi. > Th"r"*or", %o' o%0y ar" 'h" i%$4ri;'io%$

    'h".$"05"$ 4arri"r$ o* ."a%i%3 b' (h"% ob$"r5"+ 'hro3h 'h" i%'"r;r"'i5" $'ra'"3i"$ o* Abraha. Ab0a*ia a%+ hi$

    Ti$hby, ;; 1>!S4ho0"., G #GEMATRIAH) E%4y40o;a"+ia J+ai4a , ; !1>ibi+, ; !2


  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    4o%'".;orari"$, 'h"y $"r5" 'o 4r"a'" %"( a%+ +i**"r"%' 0"5"0$ o* ."a%i%3 Po;0ar ""3"'i4a0 ."'ho+$ a.o%3 'h"

    Ab0a*ia$, $4h a$gematria, a$$r"+ a% i.a3i%a'i5" *0"ibi0i'y a%+ *0 o* ."a%i%3 i% ho( 'h"$" '"'a0 i%$4ri;'io%$

    ("r" r"a+.LF

    S;a%i$h abba0i$'i4 'ho3h' a''".;'$ a .y$'i4a0, a00"3ori4a0, a%+ a%a3o3i4 i%'"r;r"'a'io% o* 'h" O0+

    T"$'a."%' S'+yi%3 "a4h ;hra$", (or+ a%+ 0"''"r, i' '"a4h"$ 'h" 4o%%"4'io% b"'(""% 0"''"r$ a%+ %.b"r$ a%+ 'h"

    .o+"$ o* 'h"ir i%'"rr"0a'io%, 'h" *or.a'io% a%+ $"$ o* +i5i%" a%+ a%3"0i4 %a."$ a$ A.0"'$, a%+ 'h" *or.a'io% o*

    .a3i4 $Kar"$, a00 o* (hi4h $b$"K"%'0y *or."+ 'h" ba$i$ o* ."+i"5a0 .a3i4>> Pri.ari0y i' i$ a 4"r'ai% ;"r$o%i*i"+

    (i00 o* "a4h 0"''"r o* 'h" a0;hab"' 4o%'ai%"+ i% 'h" $y%a3o3"=$ i%$4ri;'io%$,"+ (i'h o;"%"%+"+ i%'"r;r"'i5"

    ."'ho+$ $4h a$gematria, 'ha' $"". 'o i%+i4a'" 'h" .0'i5a0"%' %a'r" o* 'h" i%$4ri;'io%=$ ."a%i%3$ A' 'h" $a."

    'i.", 'h" ;r"$"%4" o* $o%+Va0;hab"' a%a0o3i"$ *r'h"r "%ha%4"$ 'h" ";i3ra;hy=$ .0'i5a0"%4" Th" (or$hi;;"r i%

    'h" $y%a3o3" a0$o i$ ";"4'"+ 'o 4r"a'" hi$ or her>o(% ."a%i%3 o* 'h" i%$4ri;'io%$, ba$"+ o% a% i%+i5i+a0 a%+

    4r"a'i5" $" o* 'h" 4rr"%' ""3"'i4a0 ."'ho+$, ar3ab0y 4o%$i$'"%' (i'h 'h" 4rr"%', 0yri4a0, abba0i$'i4 .oo+ >

    Th" La( i$ 'h" Tr"" o* Li*">:

    H" ;r";ar"+ i% 'h" +";'h o* i' *0a&"$ o* *ir" a%+ br%i%3 4oa0$ *or 'h" (i4&"+, *or 'h"ir ;%i$h."%'*or"5"r i% 'h" (or0+ 'o 4o.", (ho ha5" %o' &";' 'h" 4o..a%+."%' o* 'h" 0a( i% 'hi$ (or0+ -or 'h"0a( i$ 'h" 'r"" o* 0i*"6 (ho"5"r &"";"'h i' i% 'hi$ 0i*" 0i5"'h a%+ $b$i$'"'h a$ 'h" 'r"" o* 0i*" Th" 0a(

    i$ 3oo+ 'o &""; i% 'hi$ (or0+, a$ 'h" *ri' o* 'h" 'r"" o* 0i*" i% 'h" (or0+ 'ha' 4o."'h?

    Jo%a'ha% B"% 99i"0


  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    Th" +i$4or$" 4o%4"r%i%3 ."a%i%3 i% %o%*i3ra0 or%a."%' ha$ "$$"%'ia00y o44rr"+ i% 'h" 4o%'"' o*

    I$0a.i4 ar' hi$'ory, a$ (" $"". 'o b" 'h" o%0y o%"$ 'a0&i%3 abo' i' A0'ho3h I +o %o' b"0i"5" .y .o%."%' 'o b"

    a+o;'i%3 a% I$0a.i4 a"$'h"'i4per se, 'h" o%0y .o+"0$ *or 'h" 'y;"$ o* a%a0y$i$ I a. ;"r*or.i%3 4o." *ro. (i'hi% 'h"

    +i$4or$" o* I$0a.i4 ar' hi$'ory6 'h$, ."'ho+o0o3i"$ ;ro;o$"+ by $4ho0ar$ o* I$0a.i4 5i$a0 40'r" (i00 ;ro5i+" 'h"

    ba$i$ *or 'h" *o00o(i%3 +i$4$$io%

    Th" (o."%=$ 3a00"ry o* 0a Si%a3o3a +"0 Tr@%$i'o i$ a% ar"a i%'"%+"+ *or $" by 'h" (o."% (ho a''"%+"+

    (or$hi; or .""'i%3$ i% 'h" $y%a3o3" a%+ ("r" $";ara'"+ *ro. 'h" ."% i00$ 2 < I% 'h" $o'h (a00 'h"r" (a$ a

    +oor(ay (hi4h (o0+ ha5" .a+" i' ;o$$ib0" *or 'h" (o."% 'o "%'"r 'h" $y%a3o3" 'hro3h a% "%'ra%4" +i**"r"%'

    *ro. 'ha' $"+ by 'h" .a0"$ Th"yeser3as,or 4ar5"+ $'44o(or&, (hi4h or%a."%' 'h" ;;"r 'hir+ or $o o* 'h" (a00$

    o* 'h" 3a00"ry i% a 4o%'i%o$ ba%+, 4o%'ai% a ;ro3ra. o* 4o.;0" or%a."%'a0 'r""$ (ho$" +"$i3%$ $"". 'o

    4orr"$;o%+ 'o $y.bo0i4 y"' ;"r;"'a00y a.bi3o$ a%+ 'h"r"*or" .y$'"rio$ +ia3ra.$ 'ha' ";r"$$ bib0i4a0,

    &abba0i$'i4, 'a0.+i4, L000ia% Chri$'ia% abba0i$'i4, a%+ S*i %+"r$'a%+i%3$ o* 4o%'".;0a'i5" a$4"%$io%

    A0'ho3h ob5io$0y $'y0i9"+, r"+4'i5", a%+ ;"rha;$ ab$'ra4'"+, 'h" 4ar5"+ $'44o or%a."%' o* 'h" (o."%=$

    3a00"ry i.."+ia'"0y 4a% b" r"a+ a$ 'r""$ 'ha' ;o$$"$$ a% %4a%%y %.b"r o* $y.."'ri"$ Ea4h 'r"" "i$'$ o% a

    ;i4'r" ;0a%" $;"ri.;o$"+ o% a% "'r"."0y 0$h a%+ +"%$" ba4&3ro%+ *or"$'.a'ri o* $o0i+ 0"a5"$ Bra%4h"$ o*

    'h"$" 'r"" &%o' (i'h o%" a%o'h"r, a%+ "a4h $;ira0$ i%'o a $i%30" ;ro%o%4"+ 0"a* 'ha' 4o%'ai%$ $.a00"r $y.."'ri4a0

    bra%4h"$ o* 5"i%$ I% 'hi$ $'44o ;a%"0 'h" %.b"r o* 'r""$ i$ ;"r;"'a00y a.bi3o$ i00

  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    Bahir8 #A00 'h" +i5i%" ;o("r$ o* 'h" Ho0y O%", b0"$$"+ b" H", r"$' o%" ;o% 'h" o'h"r, a%+ ar" 0i&" a 'r"") >

    A44or+i%3 'o S4ho0"., #b"3i%%i%3 i% 'h" 1!'h4"%'ry, 'h" &abba0i$'$ 'ri"+ 'o .a&" ;i4'oria0 r";r"$"%'a'io%$ o* 'h"

    $'r4'r" o* 4r"a'io% a$ i' ;ro3r"$$"+ *ro.4in1ofi%*i%i'" +o(%(ar+ S4h +ia3ra.$ ("r" 3"%"ra00y 4a00"+ ilanot

    #'r""$), a%+ 'h" ob5io$ +i**"r"%4"$ b"'(""% 'h". r"*0"4' +i5"r3"%4"$ a.o%3 'h" 5ario$ +o4'ri%"$ a%+ $4h"."$ o*


    Robi%$o% $"$ 'h" H"br"( ;"r$o%i*i4a'io% o* 7i$+o. i% 'h" Pro5"rb$ 'o 0i%& 'h" ;ro3ra.$ o* or%a."%'

    bo'h i% Tor+"$i00a$= #Pa'io M+ar) a%+ 'h" 3"%"ra0 ;ro3ra. o* or%a."%' i% E0 Tr@%$i'o Thi$ 0i%& $r"0y "i$'$,

    a%+ i' i$ o%" o* .a%y Th" 'r"" o* 0i*" i$ %o' o%0y a$$o4ia'"+ (i'h 7i$+o. i% 'h" Pro5"rb$, or i% &abba0i$'i4 $"*iro'i4

    $y.bo0i$. a$ khokmah, b' a0$o (i'h 'h" S"*irah >esod -o%+a'io%, a%+ Tiferet B"a'y A' 'h" $a." 'i." i%

    abba0i$'i4 'ho3h' 'h" Tr"" o* %o(0"+3" i$ o*'"% a $y.bo0 o* 'h" S"*irah+alkh&ti%3+o. Robi%$o% 4orr"4'0y

    +i$4$$"$ Ra.o% L000=$ ;"r$o%i*i4a'io% o*"ntelligence, a$ $;ri%3i%3 *ro. 'h" $or4" o*)eter 4lyonS;r"."

    Cro(% 'ha' i$ 0i%&"+ 'o Ei% So* Th"r" ar", ho("5"r, $i.0'a%"o$, .0'i;0" ;a'h$ o* ".a%a'io% -or "a.;0"

    )hokmah#7i$+o.) 4a% a$4"%+ 'o 'h" S;r"." Cro(% )eter 4lyon by ".a%a'i%3 *ir$' 'hro3h Bi%ah

    #I%'"00i3"%4"), a% "Ka00y 5iab0" ;a'h o* a$4"%$io% Th"$" $y.bo0o3i"$ a%+ ;"r$o%i*i4a'io%$ 4orr"$;o%+ 'o

    $y.."'ri4a0 a%+ hi"rar4hi4 ;a'h$ o* a$4"%$io% /aryi%3 ro'"$ a$$r" .0'i;0" ;a'h$ ; Th" $'a4&"+, a$4"%+i%3

    5"r'i4a00y, bra%4h"$ o* 'h" arbor"a0 or%a."%' i% 'h" 7o.a%=$ 3a00"ry a' E0 Tra%$i'o .i.i4$ 'h"$" &abba0i$'i4

    4o%'".;0a'i5" ;a'h$, a%+ 'h" +ia3ra..a'i4 ilanot$"+ 'o ";ai%V5i$a0i9" 'h". 7i$+o. i% 'h" $y.bo0o3y o* 'h"

    Pro5"rb abo5" ;"r$o%i*i"$ The Tree of %ife B' i% 'h" S"*iro'i4 'r"" $y$'". i' i$ .or" a%a0o3o$ 'o a 0"a* 4o%%"4'"+

    by bra%4h"$ 'ha' r";r"$"%' ;a'h$ o* a$4"%$io% A$ (" $"" i% 'h"yeser3as, 'h" 'r""$ +o %o' o%0y 4o%'ai% $y.."'ri4a0

    bra%4h"$, b' 'h" 0"a5"$ a0$o 4o%'ai% .i4ro4o$.i4 $y.."'ri4a0 bra%4h"+ 5"i%$, or ;a'h$ H"%4" 'h" or%a."%' i% 'h"

    (o."%=$ 3a00"ry $i.0'a%"o$0y r";r"$"%'$ 7i$+o. a$ bo'h Tr"" a%+ L"a* I%+""+, 'h" 0yri4a0 +i$4or$" i% 'h"

    +idrash ha1De'elam o* 'h"Zohar;"r*"4'0y +"$4rib"$ 'h" 4o.;0" %"'(or&$ o* $y.bo0i4, ;"r$o%i*i"+, a%+

    .y$'"rio$ ."a%i%3$ o* 'r""$, bra%4h"$, a%+ 0"a5"$ *or 'h" (or$hi;;"r$ i% E0 Tr@%$i'o8

    The trees thro&gh which wisdom is revealed, for e!ample, the carob, the palm, the pistachio, and so

    on, have all been constr&cted according to a single combination. ll those that bear fr&it, apart

    from apples, are a single mystery, b&t the paths are separate.S

    >S4ho0".)abbalah.; 1?>S4ho0".)abbalah.; 11:Ti$hby, ;; >12


  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    Ti$hby ";0ai%$ 'ha' 'h" +i**"r"%4"$ a.o%3 'h" 'r""$ ar" 4a$"+ by 'h" +i**"r"%' 4ha%%"0$ 'ha' bri%3 'h" +i5i%"

    i%*0"%4" 'o 'h".: Th"$" +i**"r"%' 4ha%%"0$ 4orr"$;o%+ 'o 5aryi%3 ;a'h$ o* a$4"%$io%

    Da5i+ Robr3h, i% hi$ $'+y o* a0b. ;r"*a4"$ i% $i'""%'h 4"%'ry Ira%, "$'ab0i$h"$ ho(, a$ i% o'h"r$ o* 40'ra0 ;ra4'i4", ;r"*a4" (ri'"r$ ("r" i%'i.a'"0y a(ar" o* 'h" "**or'$ o* 'h"ir ;""r$?Robr3h ";0ai%$

    'h" 4o%'i%i'y a4ro$$ 'h" "'a%' ;r"*a4"$ 'hro3h 'h"ir ;ro+4'io% by a 4ir4.$4rib"+ 3ro; o* a'hor$ 1 I% a

    .a%%"r $i.i0ar 'o 'h" 4o%'"' r"4o%$'r4'"+ by Robr3h, 'h" Ab0a*ia% abba0i$'i4 a'hor$, *i%a%4i"r$, a%+ ;a'ro%$,

    o* 0a'" ."+i"5a0 S;ai%, i%40+i%3 Mo$"$ +" L"F%, r";r"$"%' a 4ir4.$4rib"+ 3ro; o* 4r"a'i5" i%'"00"4'a0$, (ho

    ("r" bo'h 4r"a'or$ o* i%'"r;r"'i5" ;ra4'i4" a%+ ;a'ro%$ o* ar4hi'"4'r"2Co%'i%i'i"$ o44r b"'(""%, o% 'h" o%"

    ha%+, 'h" or%a."%' a%+ i%$4ri;'io%$ o* E0 Tr@%$i'o, a%+ o% 'h" o'h"r ha%+, 4o%'".;ora%"o$ Zohari4 i%'"r;r"'a'io%$

    o* ;$a0.$, ora'io%$, a%+ 'h" ong of ongs P"rha;$ %o' ;ara00"0, b' 4"r'ai%0y i%'"r;"%"'ra'i%3, %"'(or&$ o* 4r"a'i5"

    ;ro4"$$"$ "i$'8 'h" 4o%$'r4'io% o* 'h" ar4hi'"4'ra0 ;ro3ra. a' E0 Tr@%$i'o, a%+ 'h" (ri'i%3 o* abba0i$'i4 'h"ori"$

    a%+ 'h"ir $" i% 'h" ;ra4'i4" ""3"$i$ A% i%'"r$"4'io% o% 'hi$ 0"a*y .a'ri (o0+ b", *or "a.;0", P$a0. Ko'a'io%$

    O0"3 Grabar +";ar'$ *ro. 'h" "%4y40o;a"+i4 'ra+i'io% o* or%a."%'a0 'ao%o.y by %o' b"i%3 $o .4h

    i%'"r"$'"+ i% "4"r;'i%3 a .o'i* a%+ "a.i%i%3 i'$ 5aria%'$, a$ h" i$ i%'"r"$'"+ i% &%o(i%3 (ha' a% "i$'i%3 or%a."%'

    ba$"+ o% 5"3"'a'io% ha$ +o%" 'o i'$ 4arri"r, 'h" "y"$ o* 'h" 5i"("r! Grabar +"$4rib"$ a 0o( 4har3" o* ."a%i%3 i%

    5"3"'a0 or%a."%' A44or+i%3 'o Grabar, 'h" or%a."%' i$$"+ *ro. %a'r" i$ ;"rha;$ a 'r" +".o% i% 'h" $;"4ia0

    $"%$" o* a4'i5" a%+ "$"%'ia0 i%'"r."+iary 3i5"% 'o 'h" (or+ daimonby P0a'o -or or%a."%' *ro. %a'r", ho("5"r

    a%+ (h"r"5"r i' i$ ;"r4"i5"+, a0(ay$ 0"a+$ "0$"(h"r" 'ha% 'o(ar+ i'$"0*, i' ."+ia'"$ b"'(""% 'h" 5i"("r a%+ 'h" (or&

    o* ar', or "0$" b"'(""% 'h" $"r a%+ 'h" a4'io%$ h" or $h" .ay %+"r'a&" I, ho("5"r, a. ar3i%3 $o."'hi%3 a bi'

    +i**"r"%' 'h" or%a."%' bo'h 4arri"$ .0'i;0" a%+ $;"4i*i4 ."a%i%3$ as $"r5"$ a$ a ."+ia'or

    G0r_ N"`i;o30_ o**"r$ a .o+"0 *or 'h" i%'"r;r"'a'io% o* 'h" or%a."%' i'$"0* Sh" ;ro;o$"$ 'ha' 'h"

    M='a9i0a 'h"ory o* 'h" a'o.i$'i4 %i5"r$" 4o0+ ha5" i%*or."+ 'h" Sa.arra% b"5"0"+ a"$'h"'i4

  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    (i00*00y ob$4r" a"$'h"'i4 a$ a 5i$a0 4o.."%'ary o% 'h" i.;"r.a%"%4" o* .a''"r I% 'h" 4a$" o* E0 Tr@%$i'o=$

    or%a."%' a%+ i%$4ri;'io% ;ro3ra., I b"0i"5" 'ha' i$ 'h" "ar0i"$' o* 'h" #%a'ra0i$'i4a00y 5"3"'a0) ;ro3ra.$ o* or%a."%'

    i% Ib"ria6 0i&" 'h" Sa.arra% b"5"0"+ $'y0", i' r";r"$"%'$ a ra+i4a0 4ha%3" i% 'h" or%a."%'a0 a"$'h"'i4 o* a 'i." a%+

    ;0a4" a%+ (o0+ $"". 'o r"Kir" a% ";0a%a'io% b"yo%+ 'h" ."r"0y *or.a0 I ha5" *o00o("+ N"`i;o30_Q$ "a.;0"

    a%+ $o3h' 'o 0o4a'" a% i%'"00"4'a0V+"5o'io%a0 +"5"0o;."%' o* (hi4h 'h" or%a."%' 4o0+ b" r"a+ a$ a #5i$a0

    4o.."%'ary) A$ I "04i+a'"+ i% 'h" ;r"4"+i%3 $"4'io%, i% E0 Tr@%$i'o 'h" a4'a0 $" o* i%$4ri;'"+ ;$a0.$ a%+

    5"3"'a0 or%a."%' ";r"$$"$ $;"4i*i4 'a$'"$ a%+ r"$;o%+$ 'o ;ar'i40ar ."'ho+o0o3i"$ *or 'h" 4r"a'io% o* a%+

    i%'"r;r"'a'io% o* ."a%i%3 Th"$" 4o%r" imageso* $o%3$, 0o5", +"5o'io%, 'h" 4or', a%+ ;"rha;$ abba0i$'i4

    $";hiro'i4 $y.bo0i$. To *o00o($ N"`i;o30_=$ a;;roa4h, ;"rha;$ 'h" or%a."%' o* E0 Tr@%$i'o 3r"( o' o*

    abba0i$'i4 'h"ori"$ B' a' 'h" $a." 'i." abba0i$'i4 5i$a0$;iri'a0 'h"ory 4o0+ 4o%'i%" 'o r"$ha;" ho( 'h"

    or%a."%' i$ ;"r4"i5"+ abba0i$'i4 'h"ori"$ ;ro5i+" ."'ho+o0o3i"$, $4h a$ gematria,'ha' 4o%4"i5ab0y a00o( a

    ;"r;"'a0 r"4r"a'io% o* E0 Tr@%$i'o=$ or%a."%' a%+ i%$4ri;'io%$ N"`i;o30_ *air0y 4ri'i4i9"$ $'+i"$ 'ha' ".;ha$i9"

    'h" r"0i3io$;iri'a0 a%+ 4o$.o0o3i4a0 +i."%$io% o* I$0a.i4 ar' *or 'h"ir $("";i%3 3"%"ra0i9a'io%$ %$b$'a%'ia'"+ by

    4o%4r"'" +a'a Sh" r3"$, i%$'"a+, i%'"r;r"'a'io%$ o* or%a."%' 'ha' $" .y$'i4a0 a%+ 'h"o0o3i4a0 +o4'ri%"$ (i'h

    +".o%$'rab0" r"0"5a%4" 'o $;"4i*i4 hi$'ori4 4o%'"'$> B"4a$" .o$' o* 'h" (ri'i%3$ o* 'h" M='a9i0a $4hoo0 ha5"

    +i$a;;"ar"+, N"`i;o30_ 4o0+ %o' ha5" ;r"$"%'"+ $;"4i*i4 4o%'"'a0 '"'$ o* 'h" M='a9i0a $4hoo0 i% 4orr"$;o%+"%4"

    (i'h "a.;0"$ o* 'h" Sa.arra% b"5"0"+ a"$'h"'i4 N"i'h"r 4o0+ Ya$$"r Taabaa, (h"% h" +"$4rib"$ a $i.i0ar

    a;;0i4a'io%$ o* M='a9i0a 'h"ory 'o(ar+$ a%+ %+"r$'a%+i%3 o* .Kar%a$ Th" 4a$" o* E0 Tr@%$i'o, ho("5"r, i$ a

    i%'"r"$'i%3 o%", i% 'ha' .a%y o* 'h" (ri'i%3$ o* 'h" Ab0a*ia=$ o* S;ai% (ho bi0' a%+ (or$hi;;"+ i% 'h" $y%a3o3"

    ha5" $r5i5"+, a%+ 'h" 4orr"$;o%+"%4"$ b"'(""% 'h" (ri'i%3 4ir40a'i%3 a.o%3 'h" Ab0a*ia$ a%+ 4o%'".;orary

    abba0i$'$, a%+ 'h" $y%a3o3", +o %4o5"r i%'"r"$'i%3 5i$a0 r"0a'io%$hi;$ My (or& 'h"r"*or" $"r5"$ 'o 5a0i+a'"

    'h"$" $4ho0ar$= ."'ho+o0o3i"$

    Tho.a$ Hb&a +"$4rib"$ a 40o$" r"0a'io%$hi; (hi4h .ay "i$' b"'(""% 'h" Zohar, a%+ 'h" G(o9+9i"4

    $y%a3o3", bi0' 4ir4a 1!1 I% 'h" Zohar, Hb&a 0o4a'"$ ;ra3.a'i4 ar4hi'"4'ra0 a+5i4" o% 'h" +"$i3% a%+

    4o%$'r4'io% o* 'h" $y%a3o3" -or 'h" $Kar" ;0a% or3a%i9a'io%, '("05" (i%+o($ i% 'h" ;ray"r ha00, $i $'";$

    0"a+i%3 'o 'h" ar&, a%+ 'h" $;"4ia0 0a''i4" (i%+o(, Hb&a +i$4o5"r$ o%"'oo%" 4orr"$;o%+"%4"$ b"'(""% 'h" Zohari4

    >N"`i;o3_, ; ?Tho.a$ Hb&a,0esplendent ynagog&e, Ha%o5"r NH8 Bra%+"i$ %i5"r$i'y Pr"$$, ;b0i$h"+ by 'h" %i5"r$i'y Pr"$$ o* N"(E%30a%+, 42??!, ; 1?


  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    '"' a%+ G(o9+9i"4=$ $;"4i*i4a'io%$ Hb&a 4hara4'"ri9"$ 'h" Zohar a$ a 4a%o%i4a0, $a4r"+ '"' i% Ear0y Mo+"r%

    Po0a%+, %o'i%3 'ha', 0i&"(i$", i' (a$ i%$;ira'io%a0 'o 'h" +"5"0o;."%' o* A$h&"%a9i 0i'r3y a%+ ;o;0ar 40'r" i% 'h"

    Po0i$h 4o..%i'y Co%4"r%i%3 'h" 'ra%$.i$$io% o* ar4hi'"4'o%i4 "0"."%'$ o* +"$i3%, *ro. 'h" Zohar i%'o 1 'h

    4"%'ry Po0i$h ;ra4'i4", +"$;i'" 'h" a''ra4'i5"%"$$ o* a 'h"ory o* +ir"4' 'ra%$*"r, %.b"r a%+ $i.;0" 3"o."'ri4

    4orr"$;o%+"%4"$, i% .y o;i%io%, ar" %o' $**i4i"%' *o%+a'io%$ *or i'$ "$'ab0i$h."%' (i'h a hi$'ori4a0 +i$4or$"

    Hb&a r"4o3%i9"$ 'h" Zohar=$ *0i+ $y$'". o* i.a3"ry i% (hi4h 'h" r"a0 a%+ 'h" i+"a0 ar" i%'"r(o5"% i% a 5ibra%'

    $;a'ia0 'a;"$'ry %i'i%3 ;;"r a%+ 0o("r $'r4'r"$ I *i%+ 'hi$ a$;"4' o* Hb&a=$ ar3."%' ;ar'ia00y 4o%5i%4i%36

    $i.i0ar 4orr"$;o%+"%4"$ ho("5"r 4a% b" *o%+ i% o'h"r J+ai4 $y$'".$ o* 'ho3h' A0'ho3h I a00o( *or 'h"

    ;o$$ibi0i'y o* a% a;;ro;ria'io% o* 5ario$ ar4hi'"4'ra0 "0"."%'$ *ro. 'h", N.b"r a%+ $i.;0" 3"o."'ri4

    4orr"$;o%+"%4"$, i% .y o;i%io%, $ho0+ %o' ;0ay a *o%+a'io%a0 ro0" i% a hi$'ori4a0 +i$4or$" Hb&a r"4o3%i9"$ 'h"

    Zohar=$ *0i+ i.a3"ry (h"r" 'h" r"a0 a%+ 'h" i+"a0 ar" i%'"r(o5"% i% a 5ibra%' $;a'ia0 'a;"$'ry %i'i%3 ;;"r a%+

    0o("r $'r4'r"$ I *i%+ 'hi$ a$;"4' o* Hb&a=$ ar3."%' ;ar'ia00y 4o%5i%4i%3, ho("5"r $i.i0ar 4orr"$;o%+"%4" 4a%

    b" *o%+ i% o'h"r J+ai4 $'r"a.$ o* 'ho3h' A0'ho3h I a00o( *or 'h" ;o$$ibi0i'y o* a% a;;ro;ria'io% o* 5ario$

    ar4hi'"4'ra0 "0"."%'$ *ro. 'h" +i$4or$" o* 'h" Zohar or o'h"r r"5"r"+ '"'a0 'ra+i'io%$, .y a;;roa4h i% 'hi$ "$$ay

    $""&$ 'o hi3h0i3h' a%+ "%3a3", ra'h"r 'ha% "$'ab0i$h o%"'oo%" 4orr"$;o%+"%4"$, i% a .or" *0i+ +ia0o3" b"'(""%

    (ri''"% $or4"$ a%+ 'h" bi0' 0i'r3i4a0 "%5iro%."%', r"0yi%3 o% a 5ari"'y o* $;ira0i%3 a$$o4ia'io%$ a%+ a;;ro;ria'io%$

    n esthetics of the -ther ide

    A %or.a0 4or$" o* a;;roa4h i% a% ar' hi$'ori4a0 a%a0y$i$ $'ar'$ (i'h 'h" *or.a0 4o%'".;0a'io% o* a% ar' ob"4',

    a ro4& 'hro(% i%'o a ;o%+, a%+ 4o%'i%"$ (i'h a 4o%'".;0a'io% o* 4o%4"%'ri4 4ir40"$ aro%+ 'hi$ ar' ob"4', 4o.;ri$"+

    o* a;;ro;ria'" 4o%'"'a0 i%*or.a'io%, "a4h r"0a'i%3 i% a 0i%"ar .a%%"r 'o 'h" 4"%'ra0 ob"4', 0i&" ri;;0"$ i% a ;o%+

    'ha' $rro%+ 'h" 4a$' ro4& I r"a+ Mo$"$ +" L"o%=$Zohar, a '"' *i00"+ (i'h i.a3"$, y"' %o' 4o%$i+"r"+ a% ar' ob"4'

    Hb&a, ; 1

  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    b"4a$" i' i$ (ri''"%, b"*or" I 'oo& a ;ro0o%3"+ 0oo& a' 'h" $i0& A%'";"%+i.,:or #7i'4h"$ Pa00i.,:?%o( i% 'h"

    M$" E;i$4o;a0 +" /i4, Bar4"0o%a i00$ > My r"a+i%3 o* 'h" Zohar 4"r'ai%0y i%*0"%4"$ .y %+"r$'a%+i%3 o*

    'hi$ '"'i0", b"4a$" 'h" boo& a%+ 'h" '"'i0" $har" 5"ry %$a0 $y.bo0$ A' ;r"$"%', I &%o( o* %o 4o%4r"'" ;roo*

    (i'h (hi4h 'o $b$'a%'ia'" 'h" i%'"r;r"'a'io% I (i00 o**"r P"rha;$ 'h" *o00o(i%3 4o.;ari$o% i$ 'h" r"$0' $i.;0y o* a

    $'ri&i%3 4oi%4i+"%4" I ho;" 'o +"5o'" .or" 'i." 'o 'h" i%5"$'i3a'io% o* 'h"$" $i.i0ari'i"$ a%+ 4oi%4i+"%4"$ i% a

    *'r" $'+y Th"ir i%40$io% h"r", ho("5"r, (i00 $"r5" a$ 'h" ba$i$ 'o $33"$' a$y"' %";0or"+ r"0a'io%$hi;$

    b"'(""% abba0i$'i4 ;ro+4'io% a%+ i%'"r;r"'a'io% a%+ a $i'a'io% .o$' 4o..o%0y +"$4rib"+ i% ar' hi$'ori4a0

    0i'"ra'r" a$ a% #a;;ro;ria'io% o* a% I$0a.i4 a"$'h"'i4) by Chri$'ia% ;a'ro%$, .o$' o*'"% roya0'y or "440"$ia$'i4$ I'

    a0$o a00o($ $ 'o $33"$' 'ha' 'h" i%'"r;r"'a'io% o* 'h" $y%a3o3" o**"r"+ i% 'h" ;r"4"+i%3 ;a3"$ *or. ;ar' o*, i%

    "$$"%4", a 'ra+i'io%

    Th"r" ha$ b""% .4h +i$4$$io% o* 'h" #I$0a.i4 0ry) ar'$ o* a0A%+a0$ $i%4" 'h" $".i%a0 ;b0i4a'io%$ a%+

    .$". "hibi'io%$ (hi4h .ar&"+ 'h" 4"%'"%%ia0 y"ar o* 1::2 A0A%+a0$ ha$ b""% ;"r4"i5"+ a$ a $i'" *or 'h"

    'ra%$*"r o* #I$0a.i4) #a"$'h"'i4$,) #'a$'"$,) #.o'i*$,) "'4, 'o #7"$'"r% Chri$'ia%i'y) Mo$' o* 'hi$ a%a0y$i$ ha$

    r".ai%"+ (i'hi% 'h" r"a0. o* 'h" ;r"0y *or.a0, b' i' i$ %o%"'h"0"$$ a ;ro.i$i%3 +ir"4'io% *or i%Kiry J"(i$h

    40'r" o44;i"$ $o."'hi%3 o* a 4rio$ ;o$i'io% i% 'hi$ "Ka'io% I' ha$ b""% %+"r$'oo+ a$ .i.i4&i%3 I$0a., b'

    %"5"r 3"%"ra'i%3 i'$ o(% i.a3"$ I h.b0y $33"$' 'ha' 'h" i.a3"ry i% 'h" $i0& A%'";"%+i. .ay ha5" b""%

    ;ro+4"+ a%+ or $"+ %"ar Giro%a, a%+ .ay ha5" b""% 'a&"% *ro. J"(i$h abba0i$'i4 i.a3"$, 'h" 5"ry i.a3"$ 'ha' a'

    $o." ;oi%', ;"rha;$ 0a'"r, ("r" $y%'h"$i9"+ i% 'h" (ri'i%3 o* 'h"Zoharby Mo$"$ +" L"o% S4ho0". a%+ o'h"r$ ha5"

    $33"$'"+ 'ha' .4h o* Mo$"$ b"% L"o%=$Zohar(a$ a +ir"4' 4o.;i0a'io% o* i+"a$ 'ha' 4ir40a'"+ a 4"%'ry b"*or" i%

    Giro%a P"rha;$ i' (a$ 'h" "ar0i"r abba0i$'$ o* Giro%a (ho ori3i%a00y 4o..i$$io%"+ (ha' i$ %o( 4a00"+, #Th"

    7i'4h"$ Pa00i.) Th" r"a$o%$ *or i'$ b"i%3 $""."+ a;;ro;ria'" *or $" i% a Chri$'ia% .o%a$'"ry, a0'ho3h 'h"y

    4"r'ai%0y r"Kir" i%5"$'i3a'io%, a%+ ar" b"yo%+ 'h" $4o;" o* 'h" ;r"$"%' $'+y

    Th" '"'i0" r";r"$"%'$ a hi3h0y a44o.;0i$h"+ .o."%' i% 'h" hi$'ory o* 0a'"r ."+i"5a0 %a'r" i.a3"ry, a%+

    $ho($ a ;o$$ib0" +"5"0o;."%' o* a 5i$a0 'ra+i'io% a0o%3$i+" 'h" +"5"0o;."%' o* a 4or;$ o* '"'$ 4o%%"4'"+ 'o 'h"

    abba0ah Par' o* a 0ar3"r a%+ 4o.;0" ;i4'ora0 *i4'io%, i' .ay ";0i4a'" 'h" r"0a'io% o* Bib0i4a0 %a'r"i.a3"ry 'o

    'h" 1'h 4"%'ry J"(i$h ""3"$i$ a%+ h"r."%"'i4$ i% S;ai% Th" i.a3"$ i% 'hi$ '"'i0" a;;"ar 'o *%4'io% 0i&"

    :A 5"i0 or 4o5"ri%3 *or 'h" *ro%' o* 'h" a0'ar, $"+ i% Ro.a% Ca'ho0i4 a%+ $o." A%30i4a% 4hr4h"$6 $o."'i."$ i+"%'i*i"+ (i'h a*ro%'a0, (hi4h .ay b" a% or%a."%'a0 ;a%"0:?Th" La'i% %a." *or 'h" 0ar3" r"4'a%30ar 40oa& or .a%'0" (or% by ."%, 4hi"*0y a.o%3 'h" Gr""&$6 "$; by ;hi0o$o;h"r$, a%+ bya$4"'i4$ a%+ o'h"r$ i% 'h" "ar0y Chri$'ia% Chr4h


  • 8/13/2019 Ornament and Inscription


    ."+i"5a0 H"br"( ""3"$i$, a%+ $;"a& (i'h 'h" $a." &i%+ o* "0oK"%4" a$ abba0i$'i4 '"'$ $4h a$ 'h" Zohar, or 'h"

    abba0i$'i4 '"'$ 'ha' 4ir40a'"+ i% a%+ aro%+ Giro%a a 4"%'ry b"*or":1

    Cri$'i%a Par'"arroyo, a'hor o* 'h" "$$ay o% '"'i0"$ i% 'h" a0A%+a0$ 4a'a0o3", +"$4rib"$ 'h" '"'i0" i% 'h"

    *o00o(i%3 .a%%"r8 i% 'h" 0o("r a%+ ;;"r *ri"9" (" *i%+ ;air$ o* 4o%*ro%'"+ ;"a4o4&$, a%+ b"'(""% "a4h ;air o*

    'h"$" bir+$, $h" $""$ a $'y0i9"+ ;a0."''" r";r"$"%'i%3 'h" hom, or 'r"" o* 0i*":2 Ho("5"r, 'h"$" bir+$ +o %o' $"". 'o

    ;o$$"$$ 'h" "0"3a%' a%+ 4or'0y b"a'y o* %or.a0 ;"a4o4&$ I% *a4', 'h" bir+$ a;;"ar .or" %"3a'i5", .o%$'ro$, "5"%

    .i$"rab0",:!a$ +o 'h"ir a44o.;a%yi%3 4a'h"a+"+ $%a&"$ 'ha' a0$o $rro%+ 'h" 'r""$ i% 'h" '"'i0" Th" +o(%4a$',

    .o%$'ro$ Ka0i'i"$ o* 'h" b"a$'$ $33"$' 'ha' (" ar" %o' b"ho0+i%3 a Tr"" o* Li*", b' i%$'"a+, a$ +"$4rib"+ i% 'h"

    Zohar, i% a r"5"r$" 4o%'ra+i$'i%4'io%, r";"a'i%3 Tr""$ o* 'h" %o(0"+3" o* Goo+ a%+ E5i0 Th" *o00o(i%3 Zohari4

    '"' r"5"a0$ 'hi$ +i**"r"%4" b"'(""% 'h" Tree of %ifea%+ 'h" Tree of the )nowledge of ood and 4vil *or J"($ i% 0a'"

    ."+i"5a0 S;ai%

    Yo ha5" $ai+ ("00, (i'ho' a +ob', b' (" .$' 0oo& a' 'h" .a''"r a3ai% A' *ir$' (" ha5" #H" (or&$,) a%+a*'"r 'hi$ #A%+ haE0ohi. (or&"+) 7ha' i$ 'h" +i**"r"%4" b"'(""% 'h".\ #H" (or&$) ."a%$, 'o b" $r", 'ha'H" ;r";ar"$ 'hi$ 'r"", (ho$" (a'"r$ %"5"r *ai0 B' a*'"r 'hi$ #H" (or&"+) 7ha' +o"$ #H" (or&"+) ."a%\ I'

    ."a%$ 'ha' haE0ohi. .a+" a%o'h"r 'r"":b"0o( i', a%+ i' +o"$ %o' $ay o* 'hi$ #H" (or&$) b"4a$" H" .a+" 'hi$0o("r 'r"" a%+ ;r";ar"+ i', $o 'ha' (ho"5"r "%'"r$ i%'o 'h" ;;"r 'r"" $ho0+ %o' +o $o (i'ho' ;"r.i$$io%, b'(o0+ *i%+ 'h" 0o("r 'r"" i% hi$ (ay, a%+ 'h"% h" (o0+ b" a*rai+ 'o "%'"r %0"$$ h" ("r" *ir$' *o%+ 'o b"

    (or'hy "%o3h:ork the +etropolitan +&se&m of rt, EBB?, p. ??B.

    : Li%i%3 o* 'h" R"0iKary o* Sa% Mi00@%, D"'ai0

    from l1ndal&s: The rt of "slamic pain. 4dited by 2errilyn . odds, Dew >ork the +etropolitan +&se&m of rt, EBB?, p. ??.

    1? Th" Pi00o( Co5"r o* A0*o%$o +" 0a C"r+a, 7oo0

    from l1ndal&s: The rt of "slamic pain. 4dited by 2errilyn . odds, Dew >ork the +etropolitan +&se&m of rt, EBB?, p. GGQ.