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OpenStack Online Meetup: What is Trove, the Database as a Service on OpenStack? October 14, 2014

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Traditional IT §  Provisioning by DBA’s §  Database management by

specialists §  Waterfall development §  Few large machines / bare metal §  Oracle enterprise licenses

§  Captive audience

Cloud §  Self-service provisioning §  Developers manage their own

databases §  Agile development §  Many small machines /

virtualization §  Many data management

technologies §  Competition with AWS


Transformation of Cloud Data Management

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§  Database as a Service for OpenStack §  Self service database provisioning §  Full database lifecycle management §  Multi-database support §  Both Relational and NoSQL

What is OpenStack Trove

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What’s OpenStack Trove? Mission statement:

“To  provide  scalable  and  reliable  Cloud  Database  as  a  Service  provisioning  func8onality  for  both  rela8onal  and  non-­‐rela8onal  database  engines,  and  to  con8nue  to  improve  its  fully-­‐featured  and  extensible  open  source  framework.”    

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§  Designed to run entirely on OpenStack §  Quickly and easily use relational or non-relational database §  Without the burden of complex administrative tasks §  Manage multiple database instances §  Automates admin deployment, configuration, patching,

backups, restores, and monitoring

OpenStack Trove Highlights

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 Cinder  Volume  


 Cinder  Volume  


 Cinder  Volume  




eutron  trove-­‐api  



 Compute  Instance  


Guest  Agent   SQL/NoSQL  



Backup  DB  Backup  


Backup  Backup  Guest  Image  

Data  Data  





Message  Bus  


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Trove Multi-Datastore Architecture All datastore specific code isolated to Guest Agents

Message  Bus  

Trove  Controller  

Guest  Agent   Guest  Agent  

Guest  Agent  

Guest  Agent  

Guest  Agent  Trove  

Dashboard  (Horizon)  

Guest  Agent  

Guest  Agent  

Datastore agnostic code in Trove Controller & Dashboard

Guest  Agent  

Guest  Agent  

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Tuning •  Automatically tune my.cnf

•  Buffer Pool Size •  Log file size •  max_connections

•  Sane defaults •  InnoDB only •  Disable load data infile •  Disable select into outfile

•  New API to programmatically set configuration groups  

Managing Trove

Security §  Security groups §  Turn off SSH §  Remove anonymous user §  Remove non-localhost users §  Remove local file access §  Mangle root user password §  Apply security patches


Management •  Create database / schema •  Create users •  Grant permissions to a User

to a Schema •  Enable root user •  Resize flavor •  Resize volume •  Full and incremental backups

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§  eBay Private Cloud §  Began mid 2013 §  Multiple Databases §  MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

Cassandra, Couchbase §  Multi-region + HA §  Working on Clustering

§  Public Cloud §  HP Cloud Relational

Database §  Launched May 2012

§  Rackspace Cloud Databases

§  Launched August 2012

Trove Production Deployments

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§  Key Use Cases §  Development & test §  Web application hosting §  On-demand analytics

§  Critical Capabilities §  Self-service provisioning &

management §  Fleet wide configuration §  Multi-datastore architecture


Common Use Cases and Capabilities

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What does Trove support?

10/8/2014 OpenStack  Meetup:  an  update  on  Trove  

§  Incubated in Havana, integrated in Icehouse §  Supported single instance MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Couchbase

and Redis §  Basic Backup & Restore for MySQL, instance resizing §  Launch instance from backup

§  New in Juno §  Replication (MySQL), Clustering (MongoDB) §  First iteration of PostgreSQL support §  Support for Neutron

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The Future of Trove §  Planned for Kilo

§  Additional replication and clustering capabilities §  Support for additional databases

§  Looking ahead §  Transitioning from basic infrastructure to a platform §  Enterprise needs: Security, monitoring, metering/billing §  More database support: Oracle, Vertica

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§  Databases are different §  Different management skillsets §  Requires significant administration §  Each DB with own “personality” §  Many don’t like the cloud §  Rely on other basic systems

§  Trove is different §  Each DB needs own guest agent §  Consistent management across instances §  Images need tuning and customization §  Guest agents more than just drivers §  Trove leverages Nova, Cinder …

What’s Unique About Database as a Service?

Tesora  is  addressing  these  differences  

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Tesora: The Trove Company §  Enterprise DBaaS Platform

§  Based on Trove §  #1 contributor to Trove project

§  Ten developers on project §  One on Trove core

Trove  Contributors  (Sept  2014)  

Diverse community, but other major contributors are cloud service operators,

not database product specialists

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Tesora DBaaS Platform                        

OpenStack  Nova,  Cinder,  SwiD,  Heat,  Glance,  Keystone,  Neutron,  Horizon  

Tesora  DBaaS  PlaBorm    Community  EdiFon    

Trove  with  simplified  installa8on  and  management  


Tesora  DBaaS  PlaBorm    Enterprise  EdiFon    Adds  enterprise  features,  robustness  and  support  

Trove  OpenStack  DBaaS  Project  

CerFfied  Guest  Images  

Preconfigured  database  images    


•  OpOmized  Trove  datastore  images  for  supported  technologies  

•  Tested  for  a  wide  range  of  databases  

•  Works  on  Enterprise  or  Community  EdiOon  

•  Enterprise  features  exposing  capabiliOes  of  underlying  DBs  

•  AutomaOon  for  replicaOon  and  clustering  

•  24/7  Support  with  enterprise  SLAs  

•  Simplified  installaOon  and  configuraOon  

•  Extensive  tesOng  •  Maintenance  and  bug  


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Tesora  Enterprise  Tesora  Community  plus…  


• Specialized  features,  high  value  for  some  enterprise  requirements  

Tesora  Community  Trove  plus…  


• BeZer  out  of  the  box  experience,  ease  to  implement  DBaas  

Trove  Core  DBaaS  


• Upstream  first  development  for  major  new  funcOonality  

Development Lifecycle

ContribuFons  back  to  the  community  

Early  access    to  new  funcFonality  

Specialized    enhancements  

Advanced  features    going  mainstream  

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Edition Differences OpenStack  Trove   Tesora  DBaaS  PlaBorm  

Community  EdiFon    Tesora  DBaaS  PlaBorm    Enterprise  EdiFon  V1.1    

InstallaFon  and    ConfiguraFon       Automated  installaFon  and  

opFmized  DB  configuraFons  Automated  installaOon  and    opOmized  DB  configuraOons  

Tested  DistribuFons   Devstack   RDO,  RHOS,  Ubuntu   RDO,  RHOS,  Ubuntu  

Enterprise  DBaaS  FuncFonality  

DB  provisioning,  resize,  backup-­‐restore,  user  management    

DB  provisioning,  resize,  backup-­‐restore,  user  management    

DB  provisioning,  resize,    backup-­‐restore,  user  

management,  replicaFon      

Web-­‐based  Management   DB  provisioning,  backup/restore   DB  provisioning,  backup/restore,    mulF-­‐datastore  

DB  provisioning,  mulO-­‐datastore,  resize,  full  and  incremental  


Technical  Support   Community  forums     Community  forums,  email,      bug  fixes/patches  

24/7  support  with  enterprise  SLAs  ,  bug  fixes/patches  

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OpenStack Distributions Database Vendors

Tesora OpenStack Database Certification Program

Page 19: OpenStack Online Meetup

Database Certification Levels Basic   Intermediate   Advanced  

Guest  images   ✓ ✓ ✓

Instance  provisioning   ✓ ✓ ✓

Instance  resizing   ✓ ✓ ✓

Full  backup       ✓ ✓

Incremental  backup           ✓

ConfiguraOon  groups           ✓

ReplicaOon           ✓

Database/schema  mgmt           ✓

User/permission  mgmt           ✓

Clustering           Juno  

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Why Tesora? §  Databases are different §  Trove is different §  Tesora makes Trove easy, robust and interoperable

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More about Trove

10/8/2014 OpenStack  Meetup:  an  update  on  Trove  

§  Trove Wiki §

§  On IRC §  #openstack-trove

§  Trove Day § §

§  LinkedIn §  OpenStack Trove Group

Contact  informaFon  

Contact  Tesora  [email protected]  @tesoracorp  

Contact  Ken  [email protected]  @kenrugg