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    Moths & Moonlight [2]

    Moths & Moonlight 

    Jennifer Amabilé 

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [3]


    Chapter One: Ashes to AshesAshes to Ashes

    Driving Down Dance Street

    ListenShe’s Far Away 

    I’m Just Fine 


    Chapter Two: Chasing RainbowsChasing Rainbows

    Blue Sky

    AddictionAs You… 

    Heart of Stone

    Hold On

    Chapter Three: Sour GrapesSour Grapes

    The Moon & ISweetest LiesFairy Tales

    Take It All

    King Lear


    Chapter Four: ReflectionReflection

    Pieces of MyselfDon’t Pull Your Foot Away

    I’ll Shut the Blinds

    Walking Contradiction

    I’m A Hamster  

    Chapter Five: Inside the Chrysalis

    Inside the Chrysalis

    Silly BitchBoob

    Beauty in This



    Chapter Six: Once Upon A TimeOnce Upon A Time

    I Am a WriterSandcastles

    So Smile

    I’m Happy 


  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [4]

    Chapter One 

    Ashes to Ashes

    a spontaneous disastersparking quick, burning fasterup in flames, down in dust

    forever's fury

    in a fucking rushLet it be, let it go

    ‘cause we all know… 

    ashes to asheseternal detour

    lightning bolt to the soul

    shot straight to the coreflickering ember

    lying, dying on this floor

    sweep it up, toss it out

    what was it good for?

    Casualty times two

    scarred to the pit of youcold cinder, wasted light

    can't fuel a fire

    once you give up

    the fightmake it stop

    stomp it dead

    cause, in your head ...

    ashes to ashes

    that's for surelightning bolt to the soul

    shot straight to the core

    flickering ember

    lying, dying on this floorlet it be, set it free

    what was it good for?

    nothing......and nothing more

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [5]

    Driving Down Dance Street 

    If I put it in reverse

    will it take us back

    to that fork in the roadwhere we could conversewithout a single curse

    and stand

    each other’s company? I want to see that smile

    that faded into the wind

    around the 9th mile;

    Where the road splitwith no signs to guide us.

    Driving down Dance StreetI have to trust my feet -

    fast or slow, when to go;

    which turn to make… 

    for my own damn sake.

    And, if I put it in reverse

    will it take us backto a happier place

    in love

    where we put each other first

    in our bubble of a universe?Or, will we run out of gas?

    I want to hit the brakes

    and let you out the doorwith a bag of mistakes

    to burn for heat, or keep

    as a memory ofour trip.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [6]


    Listen, don't speak.

    My words must be where I’m weak. 

    I didn’t say how I felt loud enough?

    I’ve fallen, alright. 

    I used to fall with you in sight,

     but you didn’t see my heart breaking. 

    Call me a quitter, but

    we both know I tried.

    Call me cold-hearted, butwe both know I’ve cried. 

    Call me. Call me, but

    don't torture yourselfin denial.

    I’m strong; tough. 

    My strength is knowing what I want.You didn’t want to believe my tears. 

    I love you, I do.Quitters just know how to lose.

    I lost this battle a long time gone.

    Call me a quitter, butwe both know I tried.

    Call me cold-hearted, but

    we both know I’ve cried Call me. Call me 'cause

    your call will never

     be denied.

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    Moths & Moonlight [7]

    She's Far Away 

    she's far away

    he pulls her close

     but in her eyesthe distance growsshe doesn't feel

    she's far away

    he holds her tight but she won't stay

    she gave up hope

    it's over now

    she's far awaythe air is stale

    he kisses her

    she starts to crythe time is now

    to say goodbye

    he won't let go

    she won't stayhe doesn't care

    she's far away

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [8]

    I'm Just Fine 

    It's the sidewalk

     beneath me.

    I can’t breathe. 

    I’m just fine. 

    It's the sidewalk beneath me.

    It's cracking

    under my feet.

    Can I walk

    on your side?

    Don’t leave me 


    I’m slipping through the cracks

    in the sidewalk

     beneath me.

    I can't breathe.

    I’m just fine. 

    I haven't yet

    lost my mind.

    Lost my balance.

    Lost my way.

    I’m just fine. 

    I’m okay. 

    The sidewalkis cracking

    and I am slipping


  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [9]


    He’s hung -

    up on a girl

    who tossed him aside like an old winter coat.

    She lost the extra weight for the Summertime.

    So many guyswant nothing more

    than to see what it's like

     between her thighs -

    When all he wants is to be in her heart.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [10]

    Chapter Two 

    Chasing Rainbows 

    intoxicatingartistry for the eyenature lets fall a tear -

    then a sigh


    rarity amongst the rain

    sun-kissed droplet -

     perfect stain


    strictly to be admiredfond illusion of the mind -

    ideal desire

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [11]

    Blue Sky 

    I want the guy with the see-through eyes

    a soul with nothin’ to hide 

    I want the man with talent and viea pen in his hand to get byI want the boy with a beautiful mind

    an intellectual stimuli

    I want the moon locked in Julya chance to be his blue-sky

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [12]


    His one touch she desires

    His two lips on her skin

    She craves him to hold herJust to breathe him in

    His absence is painful

    She aches for his voiceThis man she's in love with

    Her only drug of choice

     No hope for this addictWho waits for her fix

     No fix for this addict

    Who waits for his kissShe holds tightly her pillow

    As she silently weeps

    Sleep holds onto her

    As she drifts into sleep

    He's blind to her addiction

    He knows nothing at allSo she secretly suffers

    An addict’s withdrawal 

    She needs him to functionHer mind cannot rest

    He flows through her veins

    As he beats in her chest

     No hope for this addict

    Who waits for her fix No fix for this addict

    Who waits for his kiss

    She holds tightly her pillow

    As she silently weepsSleep holds onto her

    As she drifts into sleep

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [13]

    As You… 

    As you hold her hand, I can feel your hand

    envelope my own as it once did before.

    As you kiss her, I can feel the warmth ofyour lips upon my own where they belong.

    As you stand behind her and whisper in herear, I can hear your words and feel your breath.

    As you hold her, I can feel your arms around me

    as I listen contently to the beating of your heart.

    As you go on day by day oblivious to my love, I can

    feel the constant pain I've come to know

    ...but not accept.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [14]

    Heart of Stone 

    you think you're over it

    no feelings left

     but regretfloods your chestwhen you lock eyes

    for the first time

    in a long time

    tunnel vision fades

    as the full image

    comes into viewand she's smiling

    holding hands

    with a guywho isn't you

    your stomach twists

    must have hadone too many drinks

     but it's early yet

    and you're stillignoring the truth

    you've only had a few

    and like a train-wreckyou watch her - happy

    with the guy

    who isn't you

    and they laugh,

    they hug, they kissit's as if you

    don't exist

    the liquor isn't workingto numb the ache

    in your chest

    shot after shot

    you try to ingest

    you're drunk and

    your body is numball you can hear

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [15]

    is the deafening

    sound of a beating


    your so-called heart

    of stoneis the only thingstill working

    you’ve never felt

    so alone

    she walks out the door

    with the guy

    who isn't youit's better that way

    you tell yourself

    it's easier that way

    lying to yourself

    is the easiest way

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [16]

    Hold On 

    Is it whining time

    so soon, again?

    Whoa is you, come cry to me. 

    I’ll waste my breath

    to stubborn ears

    and hope...

    Hold on!

    Let me grab my violin

    and that box of KleenexI keep on hand.

     And, the cycle goes. Where it ends, nobody knows! 

    Well, I do.

    Shh, take a moment.

    Collect your lies...

    Hold on!

    Let me grab my violinand that box of Kleenex

    wearing thin.

     DJ play my tune. Can you please sing

    a different song?

    This shit's on loop, and

    my ears are beginning to bleed.

     Dammit, pass the tissues. 

    Hold on!

    Let me grab my violin

    and smash it over   your fuckin’ head! 

    Oh dear, here it comes.

    the list of self-created problems. Life sucks, whoa is you. 

    Demonic possessions

    don't got shit on you.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [17]

    Hold on!

    Let me grab my common sense

    and squeeze it backinto my brain.

    Oh, Satan called. He said he has moreimportant things to do with his timethan bother with you.

    Says he's got a few suicide bombers

    to inspire; a few hospitals to implode;a few thousand cities to infect

    with the plague.

    I took the message.

    I figured you were too busy crying aboutsomething important like...

    an empty box of cereal. Because,

     your life sucks. 

    Hold on!

    Let me walk away.

    Stopping me would be too much effort.Yeah, keep the violin. 

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [18]

    Chapter Three 

    Sour Grapes 

    Clean slate, like an empty plateI’ve had my fill of mind games And what’s-his-names

    I’ll drink my sour grapes 

    In a wine glassWith a half-assed smile

    Until I’m nice and numb 

    To the core

    When I’m ready for more 

    I’ll get out my little black book

    I’ve kept for years Take a trip down memory lane

    I’ll pick the name 

    With the most smeared pen stains

    We’ll have a real good time 

    Share a few bad lies

    And fake smilesHe’ll call me in a week  

    Three AM

    On a Saturday night

    And if he mood strikesI just might take his call

    He can be my new downfallHe’ll pick me up in his truck

    We’ll go back to his place 

    Play a little kissy-faceMaybe even fuck

    But there’s no time 

    For pillow talk

    We’ll both be too drunk  

    I’ll sneak out 

    Before the sun comes up

    My heart’s too dark  To let any light inside

    I don’t need to say goodbye 

    I won’t pretend I careEven if I do

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [19]

    If he calls again

    We’ll be through But, I know this one

    Won’t call 

    And after a month I’ll fall Completely in loveWith his lack of


    So I’ll drink my sour grapes 

    In a wine glass

    With a half-assed smile

    Until I’m nice and numbTo the core

    Until I’m ready for more 

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [20]

    The Moon and I 

    Half the world is asleep finding comfort in their dreams

    while a full moon hides behind scattered clouds drifting by.

    I look over at you lying in my bedI wonder what types of thoughts are alive in your head

    as you rest.

    At my very best, I’d never fall for you.

    I know too well what bad decisions lead to

    in the end.

    I respect myself, but you never can.

    I completely understand the misconceptions people hold

    on what it is to be man.

    Where do you go in your dreams?

    I wonder if there is more to you than what it seems.

    I’m not sure I’ll ever know. 

    Moments like these make me wonder

    if I can handle the choices I make, in the end.I respect myself, but you never can.

    I laid in your arms upon your request.

    Listened to the beating in your chestuntil your breath

     became faint.

    The window by the bed keeps me awake.

    But, when the morning comes, I will return to my

     previous restraint.

    This time I spend questioning our fate is in vain.

    I respect myself, but you never can,

    in the end.

    One last glance at the moon completes the night

    I take my place in bed, while thoughts of you and I fill my head.

    It’s moments like these I’ll keep inside… 

    except when, in the middle of night,

    it's just us - the moon and I

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [21]

    Sweetest Lies 

    the sweetest lies

    are the ones

    we tell ourselveswhen we know the truth but sit it on a shelf

    collecting dust passing time

    feigning trust

    shutting eyes

    the sharpest knife

    cuts straight to the bone

    when we try overlookingwhat we damn-well know

    with rose colored glasses

    and a heart full of hopea victim of yourself

    a self-deceiving dope

    the sweetest lies

    are draped in desire

    and buried in the dark.

    there is no instinct

    like that of the heart

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [22]

    Fairy Tales 

    There's no such thing as Fairytales. Put the Cinderella down and raise your little girls on truth.

    We grow up wishing to be rescued - let down after let down. We grow cold instead of strong.

    Sleeping Beauty's got the message all wrong.

    Raise your little girls on strength. They aren't Damsels in Distress. Don't lead them down a road

    of pain and hurt. True strength is knowing their own worth; What she stands for and what she

    won't stand. Teach her to love herself and she'll know she can - without the delusion of beingrescued by a man.

    There's no such thing as Mr. Right. Frogs don't turn into princes; three thousand kisses and that

    asshole's still a frog. No woman can change a man - no man will save her from her path. We areall the victims of a fate molded by our own hands.

    Lock yourself in a tower high above the ground - you'll die of old age before your Savior comesaround. Bricks bonded in fear; Hair longer than hell. Waiting for the Miracle Man to climb into

    your cell - but they don't tell you that he really doesn't exist. He's never coming - tell your

    daughters this.

    There's no such thing as Happily Ever After - no Prince Charming; Knight in Shining Armor.

    There’s no Fairytale-endings, only heartbreak; No such thing as falling in love for love's sake;

     No such thing as soul-mates - no matter what the stars say; Even if your soul aches when theywalk away; Even if your eyes meet and you see inside - it's all a lie.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [23]

    Take It All 

    Take two of these.

    You won’t feel better

    in the morning, but you'll feel just fine tonight.Take two of these.

    Take four. Fuck it.

    Fuck it. What's one more?

    Once more you fall.

    Maybe this time you'll...

    Maybe it's time to lose it all.Every last breathing shred

    of hope -suffocate it!

    Suffocating desire to be;

    desire to believe.

    Believing this is

    the only waystay awhile - please stay!

    Denial is your best friend.Swallow it.

    (swallow them) 

    Swallowing your soul.Your blank stare says it all

    Can you see through?

    (you're see through) The mirror on the wall

    knows you!

    take two of these

    (take more) 

    Take four of these

    (take more) Take six of these

    (take more) 

    Rip your soul out

     by its rotting core.

    Once more you fall.

     No safety net.Just regret.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [24]

    Drown in your mess.

    Breathe in your disease.

    Take two of these.Wake up in a fog.

    Don’t mind the mess. 

    Let it collect.Sucking in more wasted time.

    Wasting time.

    (killing time) Murder-suicide.

    Walking the line of death.

    Dead inside.

    Physically alive… Until the body joins the soul.

    (and dies) 

    Take two of these!

    (take more) 

    Take it all!

    Take everything!Suck the life from everything!

    Kill the beauty inside!

    Make it ugly!Make it rot!

    Make it suffer!

    Suffering by choice.Choosing to feed

    the hunger… 

    the monster… that resides in us all.

    Take my tears!Take my blood!

    Take it all!

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [25]

    King Lear

    "We came crying hither; Thou knows't, the first time that we smell the air, we wail and cry." –   King Lear  

    They say one can no longer write a proper tragedy. Perhaps not on paper, but it is only humannature to be blinded; misguided by self-absorption - each mind-fucking experience requiring a

     brain-cell abortion. The damage is only visible on those who are easily marred - each scar a

    memoir. Kissing harder, loving stronger. Try all you want - it won't make it last anylonger. Some people suffer in pairs; some go it alone. It's easier breaking a heart to save your

    own. Every fall makes it harder to heal; nothing left to hurt, nothing more to feel. Awake - with

    a sleeping soul. That's what keeps the tragedy whole - one crushed spirit, one throbbing sole.

    Kiss me harder, make it hurt. Keep me dirty, I am dirt.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [26]


    Can you see the little girl

    inside the woman,

     jaded?Torn from the blissof her


    Can you see the sparkle behind her eyes,


    She keeps a small emberof hope burning -

    Insisting on destiny

    to keep the worldturning.

    Can you see the woman

    inside the whore,tired?

    The one whose worth

    you expired.Can you see through her eyes,

     behind the wall

     built to protect

    her soulfrom one more trip

    or fall?

    She made herself easy

     because being difficult

    causes the same pain.A broken spirit

    kills her name.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [27]

    Chapter Four 


    left alone in a small roomwith the one person Itruly despise

    I pace back and forthfor a few minutes

     before patience

    runs low and I got to go

    door's locked I begin

    to break a sweat

    stuck in this small roomstaring at Regret

    there's a window but

    that's sealed shut.I can't stay here.

    I got to break freethere's only so much

    I can take

    of Misery

    I toss the only chair

    at the fake-me-out

    window-pane broken wood falls

    to the floor

    I feel faint

    leaning against

    the stone wall

    I fallslide down to the floor

    I'm really stuck

    in this small roomwith this fuckin' Whore.

    well what the hellis she staring at

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [28]

    oh she thinks I'm fat

    she disapproves of my clothes

    she isn't happy with

    the size of my nose

    or, more importantlythe size of my chest

    I'm stuck in a small room

    no way outthis slut thinks she knows

    all about me

    I'm not fond of this bitchReflection

    and I'm pretty sure she's not

    so fond of me

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [29]

    Pieces of Myself  

    You only think you know me.

    Pieces of myself

    spread all over the place.You look right through me.Invisible.

    My superpowers include:

    genuine sincerity -honestly. I lie

    in bed at night

    dreaming. Hopes anddesires that are more

    than subconscious.

    When I wake upand remember

     pieces of myself

    in a journal, I

    set my goals outmy dreams; blue prints

    for what is to come.

    I’ve come to you 

    for help; opinions; support… 

    and your reply

    directs me in a completelydifferent direction,

    at every intersection.

    You will no longer bea source of my inspiration.

    I don't need your support -

    lack of concern

    for my well being

    or success.

    My heart guides me bestand I don't need

    a different beat;

    you try to makemy struggle harder; make

    my wounds deeper.

    Scars keep me alive;Show me I can, in fact, bleed.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [30]

    And, that

    is the only thing

    I can ever needfrom you.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [31]

    Don’t Pull Your Foot Away 

    when I trip

    and fall down hard

    don't pull your foot away

    my misery and failure

    might make you smile

    my heartache and strugglemay brighten your day

     but my soul

    my passion for lifeis deeper and stronger

    than any words could ever say

    show yourself for what you are

    don't pull your foot away

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [32]

    I’ll Shut The Blinds 

    I'll shut the blinds

    to fall asleep,

    unable to keep my eyes awake.They're tiredand want to escape,

    the endless tears

    that blur their vision.They fall for it every time,

    shutting out the pain

    hiding from the light,

    until the sun pries them open.

    It must be morning.

    I’ll shut the blinds. 

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [33]

    Walking Contradiction 

    a walking contradiction

    anti-religion with

    a deep-rooted belief systemfree-spirited slaveto her own indecision

    a wealth of wisdom

    lacking faith in her own intuition

    an idol inconsistency

    concrete wall

     protects her heart’s cadency hollow places

    allow entry for injury

    despite the scarsshe loves unconditionally

    a flawed transcendence

    defective dollrecalled for conformance

    sick society

    crucified her innocencevintage views

    cause too much turbulence

    a tranquil derangementsoft-spoken words

    needing a pen’s empowerment 

    issues in lifefrom logic to sentiment

    written in volumes

     both lavish and strident

    an indiscriminate design

    visible goals

    requiring much effort and timedependent desire

    subjected to stupefied minds

    dropped the book

    to fit in with the times

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [34]

    I’m A Hamster 

    Sometimes I find myself

    feeling lost with no drive;

    no ambition or willto survive.

    Sometimes I ask myself

    what my purpose is -hoping to figure out why

    I’m alive. 

    My idealistic sidetries to conjure up

    a comfortable philosophy on life.

    But, cynicism strikes.

    Sometimes reality isn’t real. 

    The things we think we know

    or feelrust like tarnished steel.

    Sometimes I imagine

    I am just one of many foolsspinning on my little wheel.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [35]

    Chapter Five 

    Inside the Chrysalis 

     broken down natural coursewe're all the same in the beginninginsects


     barrenhoping to emerge

    with wings

    dis-assembled andcompletely re-modeled

    inside the chrysalis

    we control the outcome

    wrapped in cocoons

    self-made protection

    claiming false desiresaspirations of greatness

    only to emerge

    uglier than before.

    dissected and

    completely re-constructed

    inside the chrysalisalone and undone

    nature supplies the waywe find the will

    one chance to live a beautiful life

    inside the chrysalismost become moths

    all learn to fly

    we control the outcome

    with the beautyinside

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [36]

    Silly Bitch 

    A few thousand dollars

    and a school bag;

    a train rideheading for happiness.Can I get a ticket?

     No, no. Silly bitch.

    They dug you a hole. Now, sit in their ditch...

    and die.

    Appreciate their efforts.They went to such lengths

    to make it deep enough

    to bury the cloudyou keep

    your dreams stuffed inside.

    You’re strong enough to climb, but they smoothed the edges

    of your soon-to-be tomb,

    and hung your failuresaround the height that meets

    your eye.

    They only want your soul broken, molded.

    Silly bitch,

    you should have just sold it.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [37]


    your strength relies on the weakness of other's lies

    envy and doubt

     judgmental minds can't functionwithout the free-spirit you possessyour desire to digress

    and leave the crowd behind

    you've found what they can't findambition


    and drive

    watching you fall keeps them aliveyour beauty radiates from within

    no need for powdered skin

    crayoned lipsor blush

    true beauty is in no rush to mask itself

    you're persistence at life is unparalleled

    their insults fade into the airunnoticed

     past the shield of strength you've built

    you have too much free willto be a photo-copied

    cut and glued


    generic boob

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [38]

    Beauty in This 

    a little girl

    searches for scissors

    in the junk drawer -doll in hand - blonde strands

    soon fall all over

    the kitchen floor.a present from

    her grand-pop,

    she quickly cuts

    the faux satinknee length dress

    into a crop top;

    turns a pieceof duct tape

    into a mini skirt.

    she runs upstairs:one black marker

    makes a black skirt;

    a purple one dyesthe hair;

    a blue bic

    used for eyeliner;a red one

    for the lips...

    and amongst

    all the others

    same makeupsame pose

    same hair

    same clothes...

    she finds beauty

    in this.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [39]


    Sometimes you have to follow your heart,

    swallow your pride,

    & hope you don't choke.You can't ever give up on the things you need the most.Everyone makes mistakes,

    And, if you don't take risks,

    how will you ever know the answers to the what if's?

    You have to listen to what your heart wants,

    even if your mind says its wrong.

    Sometimes the road to realization is long,and maybe it hurts,

     but you must put your happiness first.

    Some have been thought brave

     because they were afraid

    to run away[1],

     but that doesn't make it okay to stay.When your heart aches for a different path

    than your feet have found,

    sometimes you have to turn around,find the right ground,

    and follow the beat in your chest.

    Your mind doesn't always know best.

    Some desire is necessary to keep life in motion[2],

    and there is no magic potion to erase your deepest yen.

    You must let your heart over-speak your head to succeed.You can't ever give up on the things you need.

    Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake[3],no matter what is at stake.

    There is no wrong risk to take

    when it's a decision you let your heart make.

    Sometimes you have to let things go,

    or else you may never know if it was meant to be.

    even if it seems that your every hope and dream falls to shit,

    you will always succeed in knowing the what if.

    [1] Thomas Fuller[2] Samuel Johnson

    [3] Henry David Thoreau

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [40]


    the skeletons in your closet

    are crowding up the room

    one by one emergingsinging their signature tune

    fucking up your presentdwelling on the past

    ensuring that your happiness

    won't last

    you could join the pity party

    you could shut out the light

    you could stuff them back in there

    until another night

     but there's always the window

    you keep shut so tight

    could open it for them

    and wish them farewell

    could send all your demonsright back to hell

    the future is halted when the past remains nearthe present's a gift only ruined by fear  

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [41]

    Chapter Six 

    Once Upon A Time 

    I tried to write a storyand found no ink in my pen.I grabbed a pencil later.

    and tried it again.

    The point broke offthree words in.

    I pressed too hard -

    the story begins

    "once upon a..."-then ends.

    The following dayI made another attempt

    to write a poem of sorts

    that starts off where I left.

    "once upon a... timeI had a pen with no ink;

    a pencil that broke;

    a mind that couldn't think"Then the Cat in the Hat

    came strolling my way -

    kept saying the Doctor

    would roll in his grave.He ripped up the poem -

    only left me one line

    and with that I began

    Once upon a time...

    there lived a girl with such skill

    she could write a million poems

    that'd give the Devil a chill.

    But, the old village Witchcast a spell on the Scribe,

    crippling her talent -

    that which kept her alive.

    The girl didn't knowthe source of her block,

    and as time ticked away

     by the hands of the clockshe questioned her craft;

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [42]

    doubted her art… 

    as the emptiness inside

    sunk deep in her heart.She visited the Healer

    in search of a cure

     but he never heardof her disease before.After days of confusion

    weeks of disbelief

    months of afflictionshe needed relief.

    So, she tried to write a story

    and found no ink in her pen.She grabbed a pencil later,

    and tried it again.

    The point broke offthree words in.

    She pressed too hard -

    the story begins

    "once upon a..."-then ends.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [43]

    I am a Writer

    This ink provides you with

    the clarity you desire.

    Because I am a writer.

    I connect

    the feelings inside

    with the words you couldn’t find to describe them in your

    own time.

    Language is my lifeline.

    When I strum

    the strings of your soulto the rhythm inside your chest

    you feel the beat… 

    meter, rhyme

    and verse.

    My music lives inside you first.

    When I feel inspired

    it’s like a spark of fire

    that is fueled by my own desire

    to further inspireyou.

    Brilliance is what I aspire to.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [44]


    a sandcastle with various

    sea shells adorning

    it's delicatelycrafted columnsrefuses to surrender

    to the sunset

    as the sun dips

    down into the water

     past the horizon

    the wind strengthensitself for battle

    with the innocent

    each moment passing

    is unavoidable doom

    and as I watch

    a coral colored shellfalls into the sand below

    grains of dustare carried away slowly

    with each passing breeze

    yet half remains

    the castle refuses to go

    it grows late

    and much time passesas I watch layers

    of what was once

    a royal inventionenter extinction


    children will build castlesin the sand

    and at night

    you can find meon the beach

    with a pen in my hand.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    Moths & Moonlight [45]

    So Smile 

    Is it possible?

    Is it real?

    I’m still capable? I can feel? Numb to the core, but

    the times I’ve cried… 

    I put it all aside.For the first time

    in a long time

    I feel alive.

    You can't hidewhat's behind your eyes.

    Beautiful soul inside… 

    keep me alivewith your smile.

    Just a little piece of heaven

    makes a trip through hellworthwhile.

    For just a little piece of heaven

    I’ll walk the shadows for miles and miles.

    I find a little piece of heaven

    every time you smile.

    So, smile.

  • 8/21/2019 Moths & Moonlight


    I’m Happy 

    I’m happy 

    ‘cause I feel

    how I’ve wanted to feel for the longest time.You hold me

    and I feel

    the way I’ve wished to feel with you

     by my side.

    You kiss me

    and I feelthe way I’ve dreamed to feel 

    knowing you are mine.

    I’m happy ‘cause I feel

    what I’ve found in you 

    is so hard to find.