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Make your own Interactive Video Presentations

Liesbeth Pyfers (NL)

[email protected]

LINQ 2013 Rome, 16th & 17th May 2013

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• A LLP project (KA3 – ICT, number 511588)

• 30 months: January 2011 - June 3013

• 6 partners, 6 countries

• Main target group: deaf sign language users

• Main output: Online BiBiKit Editor

– To make interactive slides with text, pictures, videos.

– Special feature: you can link text and pictures to sections in the video. Click on the text or the picture to make the video play – from the starting point to the ending point that you selected.

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• The Communication Centre for The

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (IS)

• Department of Education and Social

Science, University of Central

Lancashire (UK)

• Statped (NO)

• Pragma (NL)

• Hochschule Magdeburg –Stendal


• Siena School for Liberal Arts (IT)

BiBiKit Consortium

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Our main objective:

To develop an Online Editor, that can be used to quickly & easily create ‘bilingual bimodal’ (BiBi) presentations for sign language users of all ages:

• Stories for children: text and sign language

• Dictionaries for sign language learners

• Study books in text and sign language

• Students’ homework, essays, projects in sign language

• and more…

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What we made: • An easy-to-use online Editor,

that can be used by anyone who wants to make video ‘interactive’ and/or easy to navigate, that outputs interactive presentations that can be viewed online and offline, on PCs and (Android) Tablets. Not just for sign language users / sign language videos!

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Some Examples:

Page 7: Linq 2013 session_green_3_bi_bikit An interactive cooking video: click on ‘remove the bone’, and watch that section of the video.

Page 8: Linq 2013 session_green_3_bi_bikit An interactive sign language book for young deaf children. Click on a picture, and watch the sign.

Page 9: Linq 2013 session_green_3_bi_bikit An interactive story book for hearing children. Click on a sentence, listen to the reader and watch the animation.

Page 10: Linq 2013 session_green_3_bi_bikit A multilingual sign language dictionary: click on a flag and watch the translation in British, Dutch, or German Sign Language.

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How it works: 1. Upload video

2. Upload images

3. Add text

4. Format the slide

5. Add the video-links:

select text (a word, phrase, sentence, paragraph) or a picture on your slide, select a video (multiple videos per slide possible), set the starting point, set the ending point, save.

No programming required! Just drag, drop & click.

No Flash, all HTML5. No special software required, but it works best with Google Chrome.

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BiBiKit Editor

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Set the starting and ending points of the video: frame-perfect!

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Use it to create personal, educational, and/or professional interactive presentations for:

1. Language learning

2. Story telling

3. Literacy training

4. All instructional videos

5. Your projects?

More information:

Or send an email to Liesbeth Pyfers [email protected]