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Microsoft PowerPoint - 20210203_HPD_Webinar_v3Wednesday, 3 February 2021, 14:00 CET
Moderator: Ramon Ortega-Montes – ITTF Head of Education
Werner Thury • International Referee Advanced (2014)
• ITTF URC Deputy Chair in charge of Referees
• Summer Olympic Games (Tokyo – JPN, 2021)
• World I. Table Tennis Championships (Düsseldorf – GER, 2017)
• World I. Table Tennis Championships (Rotterdam – NED, 2011)
• World Team Cup (Tokyo – JPN, 2019)
• World  Team Cup (Dubai – UAE, 2015)
• World Cup Men (Düsseldorf – GER, 2014)
• European Championships, Top16 (SUI, HUN, AUT – 201820162013) 
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John Murphy • Professional coach from 2008 with the qualified coaching certificate from 
Ireland in level 1, 2 and 3.
• Player: 5 times Irish National Senior champion.
Playing professionally in Sweden, Germany, France, Norway and Great  Britain.
• Coach: 
• Leading AUS to gain qualification to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
• High Performance Coach for Northern Ireland (2012 – 2018).
• Head National Coach of Ireland (2013 – 2018).
• Head National Coach of Australia (2018 – present).
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Match Officials:  • Fair Play • Management of a tournament/match in accordance with regulations • Best conditions for both players
Coaches:  • Fair Play • Best conditions for their player • Support of their player • Their player shall win the match
Main objectives
Referee:  • Management of a tournament in accordance with regulations • Rule Interpretation • Supervising umpires
Umpire: • Management of the match • Decide the result of each rally • Final decisions on all questions of fact
General Information
Appeals (3.3.3)
• Interpretation of rules by an umpire • APPEAL to the referee
• Interpretation of rules by a referee • NO Appeal possible
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Appeals (3.3.3)
• Decision of the referee on a question of  tournament or match conduct not covered by the  Laws or Regulations
• Appeal to the competition management committee • Decision of the management committee shall be final
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• Individual event: • appeal may be made only by the player 
• Team event: • appeal may be made only by the captain of a team
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Advice (3.5.1)
• Individual event: • Only one person designated beforehand to the umpire • Exception: double with players from different  associations (treated as a unit) 
• Team event: • Anyone authorized to be at the playing area
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Advice (3.5.1)
• at any time  • except during rallies  • provided play is not thereby delayed
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Advice (3.5.1)
Illegal advice • Unauthorised person – red card
• Authorised person (team bench is a unit) • Yellow card • Red card
• Red card = not allowed to return to the  bench and can not be replaced
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Scenarios Legal Advice Illegal Advice Misbe haviour Warning / Penalise to 
1 Advice during a rally X Coach
2 Advice between end of practice and start of a match X Coach
3 Advice during suspension of play and between games X
4 Advice between rallies, no interruption of continuity X
5 Player obviously make a detour to go to coach (for advice) when going to pick the ball X Player
6 Player moves very slowly to pick up ball / return to table while coach is giving advice X Player (time wasting)
7 A goes to Coach for advice when X retrieving ball Ready to play when X returns to court X
8 A goes to Coach for advice when X retrieving ball from outside court Do not go back to table immediately when X returns to court X Player (time wasting)
10 After retrieving ball from outside court, player goes to coach for advice instead of going straight to table to start play X Player (time wasting)
11 Advice when player is ready to serve (ball on palm) X Coach
12 Advice before service (playing bouncing ball on table) X
13 Advice during toweling X
14 Player looks to Coach before serving X
15 Player moves slightly to coach side for advice between rallies X
16 Player goes to coach for advice between rallies X Player (time wasting)
Procedures Call Area • Draw for team events – 45 minutes before the  match
• If Team Captain is not present within 5 minutes (or  as specified by the Referee)
• opposing Team has the right to choose AB/XY,  • bench side at the playing area and  • decide the colour of shirts they will play in. 
• If a team does not submit its composition on time • the referee applies the sequence of the players as  nominated by the association before the tournament
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