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People drive profits March 2012


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Anurag Shrivastava Over 15 years as HR and functional Heads in various

organizations of repute - UB Group, Digital Equipment, Aditi Technologies , Talisma and Prudential ICICI

Experience in handing complex projects in Compensation and rewards OD interventions Job description and competencies Employee satisfaction surveys Hiring experience – entry level to CEO Building HR function and teams

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Education 1985-90 – IIT Kharagpur, 1992 XLRI Jamshedpur

UB Group 1992-1995 Factory industrial relations head ;North Bihar and UP;

successfully negotiated union agreements Corporate HR as Head HR for sales

Digital Equipment 1996-1998 Developed and implemented C&B and rewards strategy Employee Satisfaction survey Recruitment of high end engineers for engineering


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Aditi Technologies 1998-2000 Crafted the employee hiring strategy to enable company to become a

key vendor to Microsoft Ensured growth from 180 people to 1000 people within 2 years Ensured company becomes a top 10% brand in IITs

Talisma Corporation 2000-2004 Part of start up management; enabled smooth transition as

independent company; set up HR function Built recruitment brand from scratch in campuses and for experienced

hires ensured Talisma had the highest quality of engineers and professional services staff in the industry

Ensured continued high level of employee engagement along with two layoffs

Devised and implemented HR practices which served as model for industry

Several OD initiatives to manage change One of the Best Employers as per Hewitt Survey of 2001

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Prudential ICICI AMC Dec 2004 – August 2006 Anchored the first comprehensive competency

evaluation and JD exercise in AMC industry Employee satisfaction survey and action items

Actions resulted in reduction of attrition rate from 15% to 4.8% in less than one year

Improvement in engagement level on all parameters Developed the rewards and bonus strategy Streamlined of recruitment process

HRNEXT August 2006 onwards Executive search for top MNCs Coach and mentor for HR professionals

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Our value proposition

Fill the gaps in execution of HR plans and activities

HR staff more involved in routine activities Understaffed HR staff High cost of experienced HR professionals

on full time basis High quality and sustainable practices Network to draw upon best resources from

market on need basis Pick and chose initiatives that will have

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Specialized Services

Compensation restructuring Leadership development Employee Satisfaction survey Job description and competency Staffing and employer branding Develop competency based HR practices

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Staffing management

Conducting senior and middle management hiring interviews

Develop campus hiring strategy and relationships

Employer branding Internal – job postings process, employee referrals External – website content , advertising

Streamline recruitment process Job description Hiring process

Exit interviews Conducting the same and summarizing for

management actions

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Executive Hiring

Focused on high potential leaders Deep functional expertise and research Enduring client relationships Strong pre-existing network at senior

levels Unique & creative search methodologies Non-negotiable ethics & trust Contingency payment ( except for

retainer initially to begin process ) , competitive terms

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Rewards management

Structuring compensation Ongoing

Performance management process ; Merit pay strategy; compensation survey data analysis and

recommendations Incentive and bonus plans Retention bonus Long term retention plans Fitment of new employees Relocation

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Employee engagement

Temperature check/ Employee Satisfaction Surveys Organizational diagnostics Action planning

Morale programs Workplace design Coaching select managers

Help managers transition through different passages of leadership

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HR and Org Development

HR Function Advise on HR Structure ; processes Evaluate HR team competencies and

suggest possible structure / staff Move

Organizational development Job description and competencies Leadership ; succession planning Team building and bonding programs Career growth paths and ladders

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Engagement model

Two distinct or hybrid Retention model

Typically accountable for a function or set of functions such as compensation , PMS , recruitment which have measureable outcomes based on time spent

Guiding and managing internal staff to deliver on above

Contingency Outcome based ; completion of project

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Typical engagement

Offsite and Onsite support ; 50% each ; total engagement time min 6 to max 10 staggered working days monthly for any single client

Rates depend on market cost for similar experienced professional with minor mark up

Engagement will be as deep as that of an inhouse senior management ; without attendant downsides.

Overview with company HR Head; finalization of commercials

Understanding the business and organisation Interviews with key individuals Promotional and internal materials

Understand HR priorities from management team Policies Practices

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