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Brand. Influence. HireHow to Use Glassdoor toRecruit Great TalentLunch & Learn | May 15, 2015Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-20151AgendaWhat We Know About Candidates The Impact of Your Employer Brand How to conduct an Employer Branding Audit

2Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015What We Know About Candidates The Impact of Your Employer Brand on your recruiting effortsHow to conduct an Employer Branding Audit to


What We Know About Todays CandidatesSource: Corporate Executive Board, 2014 Employment Branding Effectiveness SurveyAlmost two-thirds of job applicants (61%)said they are more skeptical of claims made by employers now than they were in 2011.

That figure rises to 65% for millennials. 3Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-20153What We Know About Todays CandidatesSource: Career Builder 2013 Candidate Behavior Study462% check you out on social media to make sure what youre selling them online is true.THEY HAVE EXPECTATIONS:


Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Social media has transformed the way consume information, introducing new channels and accelerating the speed at which we share data, info, and stories. 70% of consumers trust reviews and ratings as a source of brand information (Source: Nielsens Global Trust in Advertising Report, Oct 2012

Todays candidates are highly influenced by peer reviews and ratingsTheres been an explosion of information transparency that candidates have now come to expect when researching jobs and companies95% employees say reviews from those on the inside are influential when deciding where to work (Source: Glassdoor Site Survey, October 2013)

So its not surprising that todays candidates seek that same kind of transparency and authenticity in their job searchYour employees are already going to sites like Glassdoor to write what they think about what its like to work at your company.


What We Know About Todays CandidatesSource: Bloomberg Human Resources Report, Nov 3, 2014594%are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand (e.g., responds to reviews, updates their profile, shares updates on the culture and work environment.Source: Glassdoor Member Survey, October 2014Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015As consumers have been trained to look at these reviews, we have found that 94% of them are more likely to apply to a job if an employer actively manages its employer brand5Why? Candidates Decision Making Process Has Changed6+


HiringManagerRecruiterCareerPageTodayYesterdayEmployersPerspectiveEmployersPerspectiveCandidates rely on bothPeers & Employer InsightCandidates rely onEmployers Insight OnlyConfidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Script-------So why do two thirds of your candidates visit Glassdoor? The simple answer is that the way candidates make decisions has fundamentally changed.

In the past, the only insight candidates could get was from corporate career pages, recruiters and hiring managers.

Today, information and insight is more accessible from peer reviews and social networks. This is no different to booking a hotel using trip advisor, or buying a TV on, reviews and ratings is how consumers make decisions.

For job seekers, its no exception. Theyre able to research what its actually like to work for an employer before they apply for a job.

An employer brand today is therefore a combination of the employers perspective, and the perspective of peers who are researching companies every day on places like Glassdoor.

Q. Which of these social media channels do you use for Employer Branding?

Objective of Slide-------------------- Prove to employers that the way job seekers make decisions has fundamentally changed.

6Your Candidates Are Already Here7

61% of candidates who apply to your jobsuse Glassdoor during their job search.Source: Glassdoor Labs, Feb 2015Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Script-------The reality is that nearly two thirds of your candidates already visit Glassdoor during their job application and search.

Glassdoor labs (Data Science team) recently conducted research across 110 Glassdoor clients, and found that on average, 61% of their candidates who applied at their company visited Glassdoor during their job search.

Pause, Question: Does this percentage number surprise you? Does Glassdoor come up in conversation with your candidates today?

Objective of Slide-------------------- Prove to employers that Glassdoors influence and relevance to their recruiting strategy is significant7Why Glassdoor?861%job seekers in USuse Glassdoor when searching for jobsProsGood opportunity to learn a lotWork-life balance can be toughConsCompany BenefitsStock & HealthExceptional benefits package. Great stock and health options

Interview QuestionsSales RepresentativeMake sure to research companies growth strategySalarySoftware Dev Engineer107k (1,448 Salaries)Amazon.com3.5k Reviews

80% Approve

Reviews3.3Opportunity like nowhere else

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Script-------Lets review why they are coming here. 61% of job seekers in the US use Glassdoor when searching for a new job. Why are candidates coming here?Pretend I am a software engineer. I can come to Glassdoor and find out how much I am expected to make, what the employee sentiment is with the reviews, what questions I will be asked in my interview and find out more about benefits. I now have a 360 degree view of what its like to work here.

They research company culture, salaries, benefits, interview questions, business outlook and CEO ratings. The fastest growing area of content on Glassdoor is the jobs section where we allow employers to reach job seekers at a pivotal point in the job seeking process. We serve up targeted ads to job seekers based on their research behavior which makes these ads highly effective compared to standard job boards.

8Todays Candidates Decision Process9

These candidates really want to work for you!Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Script-------Lets walk though a typical candidate decision process, and highlight at every step where Glassdoor influences your candidates.

At the top of the funnel is Awareness, where the majority of employers invest in channels like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster and Head Hunters. Glassdoor also provides Job Advertising to increase candidate flow in this area.

Once a candidate is made aware of a job, the next question they ask is Do I want to work at that company? This where Glassdoors unique business value starts for the employer.

Glassdoor is the only vendor that is able to influence the candidate at every step as they consider, interview and reviews their offer from the employer.

Glassdoor does this thru infusing all employers reviews, interviews, salaries, benefits and ratings with the employers brand so that the candidate can make smart decisions.

For example, a candidate can prepare for an interview at the employer by reading interview reviews from previous candidates. They can also review their offer and compare salary & benefits information to make sure the offer is right for them.

Every time a candidate comes back to Glassdoor the employer has an opportunity to influence candidates with their brand, story, content and transparency. This is ultimately what converts candidates to want to work at the employer.

Objective of Slide-------------------- Demonstrate how Glassdoor influences candidates at every step of their recruiting funnel.


Our Audience Is Diverse and Informed1027,000,000+Years ExperienceNo CollegeReason for visitMembers50%50%MaleFemaleCollegeGrad School52%22%26%

52%job search44%researching companies4%otherConfidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Script-------We have over 27 million members visiting the site from all over the world. Our audience is highly diverse, educated and informed. Although most employers think job seekers use Glassdoor to research companies, in fact Job search has become the number and fastest growing page on Glassdoor.


Objective of Slide-------------------- Help employers understand that Glassdoors audience is large, diverse and informed.

10Fastest Growing Career Site in 2014Job Clicks176%



Mobile Users127%

US Traffic Growth11Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Script-------Glassdoor in 2014 was the fastest growing career site in the world, eclipsing even LinkedIn for traffic growth. This rapid growth reflects the behavior of job seekers world-wide who are actively researching jobs and companies on Glassdoor.

In addition to our traffic growth - our job clicks, visits, mobile users and content collection is growing significantly. In fact, a review is left every 7 seconds on Glassdoor.


Objective of Slide-------------------- Show that were the fastest growing recruitment site in the world

11Recent Traffic Outpaces 12

Monthly Unique Users (Millions)

US Monthly Web Users (Desktop + Mobile)Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Script-------In addition to our traffic growth, we actually passed CareerBuilder towards the end of 2014 in terms of US job seeker traffic across both desktop and mobile.

We expect to also pass Monster at some point in 2015 as our growth continues on its trajectory.

Objective of Slide-------------------- Prove to employers that Glassdoor is a relevant and credible recruiting channel1213Source: Employer Branding Global Study Report22% reducedrecruitmentfeesCompanies with astrong employer brandsee an average of$Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015

Proven Results Across All Industries

Company SizeTechFinanceRetailConsultingManufacturing+-

Top 5 Source of Hire22 Engineering Hires @$700 CPH

Reduced Time-To-Hire by 50%

14Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015While we love that we have these key clients, whats more important is what weve learned from them.

Objective of Slide-------------------- Show variety and number of great companies who are GD clients


Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Script-------

Typically these clients are all dealing with similar challenges, no matter the size or industry. Here are some of the things we hear most often.

15How Glassdoor Delivers Applicant Quality16

CandidatesSelf-SelectBefore ApplyingYourEmployerBrand

QuantityQualityConfidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Script-------What weve found is that our clients dont need MORE applications, they need quality applications. Glassdoor is now where they come to qualify themselves before applying.

Objective of Slide-------------------- Explain why applicants coming through GD are higher quality


17is associated with astrong employer brandSource: LinkedIn50%savings in cost-per-hire Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-201518If you dont create your brand,someone else will.Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Conducting an Employer Brand Audit

Using Glassdoor Analytics to Measure191What is my brand awarenesswith job seekers? Is it growing?2What is my brand reputation?3How does my awareness and reputation compare with my competition?4Who am I attracting with my brand message and is it the right audience?Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Conducting an Employer Brand AuditBrand Awareness With Job Seekers

20Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-201520

Conducting an Employer Brand AuditReputation vs Talent Competitors

21Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-201521

Conducting an Employer Brand AuditJob Seeker Demographics

22Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-201522Conducting an Employer Brand Audit

Reviews & Ratings Trends Over Time

23Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015First, use Glassdoor to find out what people are saying about your company

Reviews from current and former employeesRatings by category, over time

78% of job seekers say employee ratings and reviews influence their decision on where to work (Glassdoor Site Survey, Oct 2013)

Job seekers spend more than five time as on a site when they interact with bad reviews. They want complete information. They notice when there are no bad reviews and can become suspicious. They will assume that you are censoring feedback. Think about this you are not losing job seekers by showing bad reviews youre steering them toward jobs and companies that wont disappoint them.

You also only need bad reviews in moderation or risk damaging your brand.

Reevoo Insight Research 2013

23Conducting an Employer Brand Audit

Track Employee Sentiment

24Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-201524New to FEA25Company UpdatesCommunicate with job seekers who are researching or following your company on Glassdoor.

Featured ReviewCherry pick any review to appear first on your Glassdoor profile

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-201525New to Enhanced Profile 26Competitor TargetingReview & Interview AnalyticsAdvertise your brand and jobs on competitor non-client profiles for free.Filter and report your employee sentiment and candidate interview reviews by office location, job title and department.

Homepage HighlightAdvertise your office and culture on the Glassdoor Homepage. Homepage Highlight gets between 4-5x impressions compared to industry average.

Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015262015 Employer Branding Summit


Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Add graphic 27

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Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Our Solutions

Job Slots

Enhanced Profile

Display Advertising

Increase Brand AwarenessTarget Candidates Researching Competitor ProfilesDiversity & Inclusion CampaignsIncrease Brand AwarenessInfluence CandidatesUnique Candidate Insight & AnalyticsSource Quality ApplicantsDemographic TargetingDesktop, Mobile & Email29Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015Script-------Glassdoor has three products that allow employers to brand, influence and hire:

1. First is our display advertising campaigns that allow employers to build brand awareness, and target job seekers with diverse backgrounds as well as candidates researching your competitors profiles2. Second is our enhanced profile which helps companies amplify their employer brand and influence candidates as they research and make career decisions. This product also includes unique analytics and deep candidate insight so you can see who exactly is researching your company.3. And finally job slots, which places YOUR jobsin frontof candidates on Glassdoor across desktop, mobile and email who might not be aware of your company.


Instructions----------------Move to LIVE DEMO directly after

Objective of Slide-------------------- Show a high level overview of our products

29Confidential and Proprietary Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2015