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  • *Dunstable Town CouncilCORPORATE PLAN 2010 - 2013

    Presentation by David Ashlee Town Clerk

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  • *About me!24 years in local government21 years in principal sector10 years at corporate management team levelPrevious roles included leisure services, corporate performance, crime and disorder, community planningNew to the town and parish sector not a Clerk!

  • *About DunstableTown of approx 36,000 projected to grow to 40,000+Market townRelatively affluent but with pockets of real deprivationSuffers from congestion and A5 running through town centreMaster Plan for town centre A5 M1 road link

  • *About the Council21 MembersPrecept of 1,770,901Council tax charge of 139.65 tax base = 12,681Gross budget 2,375,000Capital budget 640,000 (230,000 general reserve)Staff establishment 58 (26 FT, 23 PT, 9 seasonal, projected 70+ by 2012)Salary bill approx 1.1million

  • *About the CouncilServicesLarge Cemetery6 Allotment sites (250 plots)12 recreation grounds, 2 town centre gardens, amenity sites, 10 play areas, 12 football pitches, closed church yardHeritage centreEvents programme 3 x community buildings with associated servicesTown centre management Christmas lightsOlder persons day careCommunity GrantsSummer play schemeAdministrative and civic functions range of buildings incl. 2 x grade 2* listed buildings

  • * Senior Management Team Structure

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  • *Council Committee Structure

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    What is A Corporate Plan?Sets out organisation visionSets out organisation prioritiesSets out key actionsSets out performance measuresNot a Town Plan (a Corporate Plan does as opposed to influences)In DTCs case, Corporate Plan will be guiding Council policy document

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    Why have a Corporate Plan?Compulsion?Informs Members, staff, residents and partners what the Council intends to doWhere discretion exists, gives clarity and focusWhy not a Town Plan?Council spends millions of public money

  • *Why a Corporate Plan now?New Council formed in June 2009 including 10 new MembersNew Senior Management Team recruited during 2009 following management restructurePosition in Growth Area Formation of new unitary authority

  • *ProcessSenior management and Member Away Day November 2009Presentation and workshop April 2010Adoption by Full Council 5 July 2010

  • *Council Priorities

    To represent residents and businesses of Dunstable on key strategic issues facing the townTo preserve and enhance the history and identity of the townTo improve and develop the provision of green and open space in the townTo improve services targeted to all community sectors in the townTo contribute to the regeneration of the town centre and development of neighbourhoodsin the town

  • *What will the plan achieve?Improved decision makingGreen Flag AwardsIn Bloom Success gold award, regional best new entryInvestors in PeopleNil reliance on reservesDemonstrable improved performanceAdditional services and organisational growthInward investmentImproved sense of place and image

  • *New Peter Newton Community Centre - 1.5million

  • *Improved Dunstable Cemetery650,000

  • *Improved Play Areas320,000

  • *Creasy Park Football Hub3million joint project with CBC