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    COCO mmonmmon BBusinessusiness- -OO rientedriented LLanguageanguage

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    CobolCobol- it is one of the earliest andoldest high-level programminglanguage.

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    * COBOL was developed in 1959 by a group of computer professionals called the Conference onData Systems Languages (CODASYL). Since 1959 ithas undergone several modifications and


    * In an attempt to overcome the problem of incompatibility between different versions of COBOL,

    the American National StandardsInstitute (ANS

    I)developed a standard form of the language in 1968.

    This version was known as American NationalStandard (ANS) COBOL.

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    In 1974, ANS I published a revised version of (ANS) COBOL, containing a number of featuresthat were not in the 1968 version.

    * In 1985, ANS I published still another revised

    version that had new features not in the 1974standard.

    most notably structured language constructs("scope terminators") , including

    END- IF , END-PER F ORM , END-READ , etc.

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    * Object-oriented COBOL is a subset of COBOL 97, which is the fourth edition in thecontinuing evolution of ANS I/I SO standardCOBOL. COBOL 97 includes conventional

    improvements as well as object-orientedfeatures. Like the C++ programming

    language, object-oriented COBOLcompilers are available even as the

    language moves toward standardization.

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    The language continues to evolve today. In the early1990s it was decided to add object-orientation in the nextfull revision of COBOL. The initial estimate was to have thisrevision completed by 1997 and an ISO CD (CommitteeDraft) was available by 1997. Some implementers(including Micro F ocus , F ujitsu , Veryant , and IBM)introduced object-oriented syntax based on the 1997 or other drafts of the full revision. The final approved ISOStandard (adopted as an ANS I standard by INC ITS) was

    approved and made available in 2002.

    Like the C++ and Java programming languages, object-oriented COBOL compilers are available even as thelanguage moves toward standardization. F ujitsu and MicroF ocus currently support object-oriented COBOL compilers

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    The 2002 (4th revision) of COBOL includedmany other features beyond object-orientation.

    These included (but are not limited to):National Language support (including but not

    limited to Unicode support)Locale-based processing

    User-defined functionsCALL (and function) prototypes (for compile-time

    parameter checking)Pointers and syntax for getting and freeing storage

    Calling conventions to and from non-COBOLlanguages such as C

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    The language that automated businessAllows names to be truly connotative -

    permits both long names (up to 30characters) and word-connector characters

    (dashes)Every variable is defined in detail - this

    includes number of decimal digits and the

    location of the implied decimal point

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    F ile records are also described withgreat detail, as are lines to be output to aprinter - ideal for printing accounting

    reportsOffers object, visual programmingenvironmentsClass Libraries

    Rapid Application CapabilitiesIntegration with the World Wide Web

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    COBOL, long associated with greenscreens, core dumps, and traditionalmainframe connections, may at first

    glance seem at odds with objecttechnology, push-button graphical

    interfaces, and interactive developmentenvironments. This perceived

    incongruity, however, is more areflection of the mainframes ability to

    keep pace with the innovations of desktop and client-server computingthan a flaw in the COBOL language

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    Sample Program


    This program demonstrates the text output function of the COBOLprogramming language by displaying the message "Hello world!.

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