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    ( Larry Dean Proctor Born: August 27, 1943 Age: 28 Married to: Patricia Chaney Proctor Children: Linda Ellen - 3 years old

    Dean Chaney - 9 months old (6/23/68) (2/7/71)

    I was born in Cleveland Memorial Hospital in Shelby, North Carolina but moved to Columbia, South Carolina when I was small and lived most of my life there. After I married, I lived in Salisbury, North Carolina, my wife's hometown ..

    I was saved in October, 1962 and was licensed to preach from Westside Baptist Church, West Columbia, South Carolina in 1965. I didn't commit my all to Christ until February of 1969. This happened at a Laymen's Witness at Gardner-Webb College. F~om that day on I have put the Lord first in everything I do.

    My schooling: Brookland-Cayce High School, Cayce, South Carolina. Gardner-Webb College, Boiling Springs, North Carolina (I am now back at Gardner-Webb. Before I was not really school, but now I feel I have matured spiritually and am to do my best.)

    Graduated, 1962. 1962-1965

    serious about really determined

    ( From 1965 - 1971 I was in sales work, mostly in Salisbury, North Carolina. I worked in insurance, r-e t a i.L business, plant work. I went through quite a number- of jobs in 5 years, but the Lord was working in me trying to get. me to see that I am called to preach. All of these jobs contributed to my finding God's will for my life, and they helped me really get experience in dealing with all types of people and their problems.

    Through the Holy Spirit leading, I helped form an evangelistic team called the Soul Seekers. Giving Christ Jesus all the glory, there have been over 600 souls saved in the revivals the team has held. I have dealt with all types of problems from marital to drug addictions. I also served as interim pastor for Yadkin Baptist Church in Salisbury for two_and one-half months this past summer.

    Due to much prayer anq meditation my family and I have felt God moving us into the area of pastorial ministry. My ministry is evangelistic, which means the church I pastor and I, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, will strive toge~her to reach every portion of the Church Community·through these five emphases: (1) worship (2) witness (3) ministry (4) education (5) application As you s~e, this calls for fulltime ministry. I am willing to do this.· I am willing to relocate anywhere.

    References: Rev._Vernon McDaniel - Stallings Baptist Church, Salisbury, N.C. (Home church) Rev. E. H. Sessom - Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Shelby, N.C. Rev. H. C. Clinard - Polkville Methodist Church, Polkville, N.C. Rev. Hayden Cartner - Beulah Baptist Church, Statesville, N.C. Rev. Joe Newton - Pinnacle Baptist Church, Pinnacle, N.C .

    . Rev. Willie Cromer - West Side Baptist Church, West Columbia, S. C.

  • Ordination Prayer Rev. Dan Sipes

    Orrlination Service Order of Service

    for Organist Mrs. Carolyn Hudson

    L. DEAN PROCTOR Hymn No. 331 "Wherever He Leads I' 11 Go11

    to the Gospel Ministry Scripture and Prayer Rev. Luther I, Caldwell

    Report of Examining Council Rev. E. C, Crouch WEST SIDE BAPTIST CHGRCH

    Charge to Candidate Rev. Arthur Collum Saturdayj April 1, 1972, 7 P. M.

    Charge to Church Rev. Ralph Lail

    Special Music

    Ordination Sermon Rev. Willies. Cromer

    Presentation of Bible Rev. Harry E. Chalk

    Laying on of Hands The Cherokee Falls Baptist Church of

    Cherokee Falls, S, C. has called Bro~h0r Dean Proctor as pastor and has requested that West Side Baptist Church o rda+n hi,u.

    Fellowship of All

    Benediction Rev. Hubert Clinearci

  • 0 AINED tJ L rr Dean- Proctor, formerly of Spencer,' was ordained a Baptist minister Saturday at West· Side Baptist Church, West Columbia, S.C. Conducting the service was his former pastor, the Rev. W.S. Cromer,· assisted by ·the Rev. Arthur Collum, the Rev. Ralph Lail, the Rev. Harry Chalk, the· Rev. Dan Sipes and the Rev .

    . Hubert Clineard. For a short time, the Rev. Mr. Proctor was interim pastor of Yadkin Baptist Church, Rowan Assoclatton. He recently accepted the pastorate of Cherokee Falls Baptist Church, Cherokee Falls, S.C. Mr. Proctor is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Kirkland of West ' Columbia.. S.C: His wife is the former Pat Chaney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Chaney of Rt' .

    . 1, Salisbury, The Proctors hav~-:\ two children, Linda and Dean. •.,t


    No. 2994

    Ta ken from the black and white original by Albrecht Durer ( 1471-1528) Germany's greatest artist. Original in Albertina Museum, Vienna.

  • TRUTH- L----~~.......,.,..,c:r;'..,..,.,..~ ...... \:

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    . ,.: . .. · ' ~ - _· ... -.'; "=:·

    .': : .. -· ~ -~ ... ·

    -rv , .: i; tL:::::.-{;·.'.:'·.,/~~:~i-':.-_~:. :: .. •1; ',. '11 • •••

    Dean Proctor--Evangelist· .~ ' Pat Pr-o ct.or-c-o-Pd.ano Player \ '1 . Roby (Rocky) Linebarger--Ev•ngelist Beiil Linebarger--Secret;iry · Doug Williams~·-Ev~ngelist

    ; I ~ •

    TEAM THEME §.QllQ.~~"Set My Soul Afire" f ·"We've Come ~This F•~ By F•ith" I

    !fil:l:l THEI,rn--! •• to set churches .on fire for J~sus · Christ ~nd to s~pk lo~t souls. j

    RETIRING l•lEMB~;;.-;Jl,o_dney _&.,_S_y_l via_ Bciutwell.::,cJ1us~~

  • ':G,he ~oul Seekers Fvahgel.istiC 'T'ea11 from .c::a1 is bury, :{. C. tv.ri. 1 J be leading· the s Lng Lng , · te st imony 5 cur ing, the veek-end services. These young men Proctor, 11Rocky11 Linebarger, and Doug l·.'ilJial'l'!s have dedi- cated their lives to: Jesus Christ.-for this kind of evangelistic uork. 'Doug is a student at Campbell College and Dean will re-enter Gardner-1Jebb Col 1 ege next Fall.. They -ff.i_ll be· working with the young-peo nLe of: the church. ,community Friday- through Sunday even.ingvBub there is so'Tlethin;; for all age s; The revival will con.tinue Honday through Friday with.. singing,._.:personal testimony, praise,,'.; and 1preaclling. \)e want this to be a genuine spiritual for all the.:neople of cur-. commurii.ty; : So make ;)l,:m.~t'JJto come and wo't-ship·.: GOd 1-lith: ua., If you- are- a ::e'."lbeJ;, of our church who. hasnrt, been active; -:1et:..God' s =-toly :_~piri t speak. to.:·yo~>hea;:~t/;and · re-

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    . ~-; '.

  • J.ead your netrspaper-s and magazines, young people and adul.t.s the world are turning on with drugs and other forms of immorality. - -c.

    Fellow Christian,

    Because there seems to be no real meaning in life. People are for something, but havent t, realized trat it is someone they need.

    The world. is sayang "Peace , Man, Peace ,!' but peace doesn't come from xLs and marches. The peace the world is searching for isntt nan-made ..

    The real need is the peace that Jesus promised in~ 14::27 '":". -". ur am ing you with a gift-peace of mind and heart 1 And the peace I give isntt J. like the peace the world gives. So dontt, be' troubled or afraid.11

    are coming to the realization that Jesus is the way, the t.ruth, and are proclaim; ng his promise.

    He, the young people at Zion are being turned on by Christ. We wantt to you join us ,in a 11Hap;eening for Christ,11 June ll and ending June 1.3.

    llany young people will be participating i'.I1 the services:

    ~J"' ~~- ~·:_-:::~:~=-· , · ~

    11The Sou'L-Seeker-s" Dean Pr .. ctor Ro by LL.De bar ger

    ass_isting: also: ..

    Eddie Kirkland and Ernie Davis Susan Wilson and Janet Gold and many others coming to take part.


    and bring someone with you.

    Yours in Christ,

    Young People of Zion Baptist Church

    -._ - ... _.·: ::· ~ ,.. .. .. ... . :

    . "I.~ ..... ~ ... ··:> :

  • . _ .... , :i . ·. ~ . ~:.:s...: i:,_



    ~ 1 I '



    1. June 71 1970--Row•n Frison Ch•psl--Dean pr~ach~d--l sav~d. 2. July 5, 1970--Rowan Prison Chapel--Rocky preached. 3. July 5, 1970--Row•n ~lills B~ptist Church--Doug preached A.M. and

    Rocky preached P.f•'i. 4. July 12, 1970-Rowan Prision Chapel--Doug preach~d--2 red8dic-tions. 5. July 19, 1970-Row;;in Prision Chap~l--D~an.-preachsd A.M .• and Doug .

    preach•d F;M..--1 rededic~tion. 6. August 2, 1970-Woodlawn .. Bap , "Church-Conov~r,. N.C.--Rocky pr eached-:

    10 rededications. · · ,~ 7. August 3-7, 197IT-Rowan -l·i•thodist Chur-ch=-Dean & Doug ·t.aught an adUlt~

    . Bible- Schdhl Class .. , · . . . · 8. August 9, 1970-Rowan Metpodist Church--D~an proach~d....;.12 rededications~ 9. August 11, 1970-0n th$ r?adsids Doan & Rodney helped Lindy Sifford

    find Jesu3~-l sav•d. · · 10. August 2J, 1970-North Nswton Bd.p. Church, Newton, N .. C.--Doug preachsd-

    A.M.--!r_ r~dsdic•tions ••• Rocky pr~•ched P.M.--!t red~dic•- tions~ . ·· ·

    Ii.· August JO, 1970-Visited Row-n Prision Ch,psl--colored preacher "s~ng · · l1i s sermon". "Amen n ~"

    12. Sapt ember' 13, 1970-Row.-.n .Mills Bap , "'Church:..-De-.n pr ea ched 13 •. September 20, 1970-Row•n Mills Bap , Church--Rocky preached-•2 rededicd.

    tions. 14. September 27 > 1970-Comrnunity Bap , Chur-ch-v-Dean pr-e ach ed P.M.--G~orge

    . shout~d, "Glory" • . 15. Oct.obe.r 6, 1970-Ya1.akin Bap , Church--(Broth~rhood).~.D~•n pr-e ached on

    "soul-winning". 16~ O~tob~r 11, 1970-East Sp~ncor B~p.--Deari 17 •.. October 18, 1970..;Row~n Prision--Rocky preached--2 red~dic•tions •.

    Oct. 18, 1970--BeUlah B•p.~Church-~Doug pr~•ch~d-1 · · __ , . tr~nsfer of l9tter-..:__ -,

    - Oct. 18, 1970--Rowan. Mills ·B-.p.--Dean pr-eached , 18. Oct.obe.r 25, 1970:-Rowan .Mills Bap , 'Church--Doug pr-sa ched-o-],£. &

    2- r~dedic•tions. , · · Oct. 25, 1970--Y~_dkin~ Baptist Church--Rocky pro;lch9d.

    19. October 28, 1970-Yadkin,_ Baptist Church--Wed. Pr-yer M~ttting--D9-.n. 20. November 1, 1970-Row•m Mills--D~~n pre•ched~~First timo testimonies

    . . ca Ll.ed for from church memb sr s ;_ •• Bill got ha ppy I - · - 2I~ - Ifovember 8,, 1970--Woodlawn Bap.- Church--Doug p~eached.- . _ 22. November 15 ,, 1970-Row&Jl· lvlills B91.ptist--Dean pneached-o-Rodney & Sylvi"1

    felt led to move- th•ir church msmb~rship to Y;akin. • ... · 'Rodney sang his first: .• solo with the .teiilm.

    23. December 1970-Columbia, South Carolina--D!!•n's hom~ church---Rodn~y & Sylvi~'s 1-st trip-with us as te•m m~mbers ••• Dean pro•c 50-60 commi, tments to soul-·winning. ·. 1 · ·

    24. March 1971-~--Hell•rd Memorial Baptist Church--High Point, N.C.--Firs 3-D-.y Youth Revival--First~·time visitation •nd rscrsati added---Wonderful psople--Young & adults are working together for th• Lord---Many rededic•tions> manv sav~d~ Most mem•rable r.evival--"Jesus S-.ves" · . •

    25. April 6-8, 1971-North Newton Baptist Chunch, Conover,. N.C.--M.any red• tion:;,--Wonderfu1Jr~spon.:s8--Wa.rm and friendly people-- · Rev. __ B_obby Hell.i.rd~:· ' , . '

  • ·· Dea:ra Precter ( t 6 1965 ·ekr _cenf '.) . ' Getters graliltei t• . - ,. )

    Mrs Larry Dean (Pat Chaney . Beiling Spri:p.g~' N .• c •

    Congratulations are in order for Mr. & Hrs. Dean Proctor who are the proud parents of a baby boy born this past Sunday night at Rowan ·Memoriai:i - His name is Dean Chaney and··- he· weighed 9 lbs. 4 oz. if.66- //~/ ~-;7/

    '.:..i . ~ ~ -~.; .. ,' . ~

    Precter ·' t~ c .,Beilini. Springs Baptist ~~ --~t:.r:· -, •~. • ~I • #· ..,. ...

    ··~ .. ,.] J ~ ~ ~ • .

    Gil,;;~~· , .. ~... .";l,.JJ

    Dec. 26, 1971 Church Bulletin Various students will be sharing with the congregation tonight in a varied program. Youth will be singing and Dean Proctor will deliver a message. Plan to be here on this last Sunday night of the year.


    ( \

    ORDlNA TION- SA TURD A y ·11 be ordained

    Mr Dean Proctoi; "fl. t this Satur- into the Christian }ph~is a7 the Westside

    · at 7 :00 • • · S C day evening W st Columbia, · • Baptist Church, e all effective Ma~ch Dean has accep~ed ~h~rokee Falls Bapt~st 22 as pastor o{ · s. c. Dean will Church, Cherokee.Fa~ls, his studies at also be cont:nuing Our prayers and Gardner-Webb Dean in this work . h .,.0 wit best wis es e f God «.:

    · dom o • 1 ·"J... for the King . 'n· f'lf'_. i'. f,__ .1 !'-

  • ) (

    ;..:- ----- - - - .. Put cin your- old grey bonnet; and str~w hat was: the idea Sunda{ a~ It c~uld be Che~kee County'; early settlers. Ready for the picnic is the :::herokee Falls. Baptist Churc~ as the con~g~tion held an old-time~ E'red Durham family as they enter the Re~eation Building of the .bservance dunng church services and t1le picruc lun~h th_at foll?wed.:· Cherokee Falls Baptist Church at the. Old-time _Day Sunday. Left, to- Ilre Rev. Dean Proctor, pastor of the church, poses with ~ts fa~Jy- for-, right: Tina, Mary· Ann, BartrMarkr- Maxine and Fred purham. ·heir portrait. Jn front is Dean Jr., P,at ~~-~-a~ Lm~a. __ ;_,_:,,L·.1'. ,\ _: ~:!S.. -~A .... Ll.·} {. ,;k.

    1.; ' , ..-.{:.,; '.kvv· :' • - - ·

    TRIBUNE;WEDNESDAY'; MJ\Y- 23,:-i97?,-PAGE 7 . ' ' ... - .. ~ - -- ,_