Download - APS1015 Class 10: Scaling Social Entrepreneurship

  • 1.APS 1015: Social Entrepreneurship Class 10: Scaling Social Enterprise Wednesday, July 10, 2013 1 Instructor: Norm Tasevski ([email protected]) Karim Harji ([email protected])

2. Norm Tasevski & Karim Harji Agenda Seizing the Scale Opportunity Managing the Scale Opportunity Break Overview of Final Presentations 2 3. Seizing the Scale Opportunity 3 4. Norm Tasevski & Karim Harji The Scale Opportunity The point in time when you have a critical choice: grow substantially larger, stay purposely small, or quit 4 5. Norm Tasevski & Karim Harji The Entrepreneurial Life Cycle 55 IDEA DEVELOPMENT PROOF OF CONCEPT START-UP SCALE REPLICATION EXIT Few/no critical decisions made about business model Pre-revenue (no product, no customers) Timing typically a few months Preliminary business model identified, but may change quickly/fundamentally Pre-revenue (product to be validated, customers to be validated) Timing typically