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TIENS ANTI-OXIDANT CAPSULE(Tiens Grape ExtractCapsules)

Made in USA base

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Over 17 million people died of Cardiovascular& cerebrovascular diseases

in the world early!This takes 1/3 of the world total death!

Cardiovascular&cerebrovascular diseases—a major Killer of people

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3 Most Harmful Lipids in Blood:Triglycerides

total cholesterol

low-density fatty protein

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The daily increasing of these 3 lipids in the body due to unhealthy diet and other factors ,is the key reason for the common cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular diseases!

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The lipid causes: Blood viscosity increaseArteriosclerosis Less blood supply to the heart, high blood pressureCoronary heart attack &hypertensive heart diseaseMyocardial infarction brain hemorrhage ,etc.

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The key factor to preventing cardiovascular & cerebrovascular diseases is to reduce the amount of harmful lipids in th

e blood!

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“ The French Paradox”?

---Frenchman makes&consumes the most wine in the world.

Resultantly, French-man has the

Lowest rate of heart attacks in the world

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1. Regulate the blood fat, prevent the atherosclrosis .2. Improve the microcirculation.

3. Anti-oxidize, delay aged.

4. Regulates the immunity

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Who should use the Tiens Anti-Oxidant?

•People over forty years old.•People with High levels of blood fats•People who eat high fatty&fried food often•People with high blood pressure•People who have problems with blood supply to the heart

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RESVERATROLIs the high-density active element Anti-Oxidant

contains .An abstract from grape Vines with modern biotechnology

To burn lipid&cholesterol

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The amount of Resveratrol in one Anti-Oxidant capsule is more than that in one bottle of red

wine !Alcohol


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Join TIENS to enjoy Join TIENS to enjoy a a healthier&wealthier healthier&wealthier lifelife

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