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Addison Green - Master Plumber Addison Green is a Master

Plumber who lives and works in Detroit, Michigan. He is the owner of Green Plumbing, former Green and Sons, a plumbing business he inherited from his father after he retired and moved to Florida. He says that as a single man with no kids he decided to drop the "and Son" from the business name, and that it is just coincidental that this occurred around the time the environment and green issues began to get popular.

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Addison Green - Green PlumbingAddison Green received

his certification as a journeyman plumber when he was twenty-two years old. By then he had been around the plumbing business for most of his life. He apprenticed as a plumber through his father's business, Green and Son, when he was still in high school. He took over the business after his father retired and moved to Florida, and changed the name to Green Plumbing.

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Addison Green - Energy Efficient PlumbingAddison Green says that it was a lucky coincidence that he changed the name of the family business from "Green and Son" to "Green Plumbing," right around the time that environmental and ecological issues were becoming serious public issues.

While the name helps, he has gone out of his way to train in the energy efficient technologies that more and more consumers are demanding. Addison Green grew up in and around Detroit, Michigan, and loves the Motor City. He says that he could never live anywhere else.

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Addison Green - Identifying the ToolsAddison Green - Identifying the Tools

Addison Green learned the plumbing trade primarily from his father. He used to help him out on jobs when he was small, and could identify all of the tools of the trade before he was ten years old. He later apprenticed to him and worked for him. He took over the business after his father retired. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business from Eastern Michigan University.

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