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RU4Real? is an attention getting activity; it helps to get students interested in career planning, and could be a great way to begin a lesson on careers. Pass out and explain student bank ledgers (with family makeup, career, and income). FYI All the careers came from one of the Career Cluster Guides. Pass out calculators. Make the first deposit into the checking account: paycheck.1

4 Bedroom/3 Bath $14003 Bedroom/2 Bath $8002 Bedroom/1 Bath $500FOR SALE

2 Bedroom/1 Bath Home $5502 Bedroom/1 BathApartment $5001 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartment $4003 Bedroom/2 Bath Home $850FOR RENT

Be sure to remind the students:To choose a reasonable size home for their family size (no 4 person family living in 1 bedroom)That this is a house PAYMENT that would be due monthlyHome owners or renters insurance is included in the price above2


Ford F-150 Super Cab$811Honda Accord Coupe$610

Chevy Equinox$738

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee$543

2005 Toyota Camry$416

2008 Kia Sorento$473SALEall prices include fuel & liability insurance for full coverage add $503

Child Outfit$50Adult Outfit$90Child Shoes$60Adult Shoes$80

Child Shoes$30Adult Shoes$45Child Outfit$30Adult Outfit$45

Purchase 1 outfit & 1 Pair of Shoes for 1 family member

Remind the studentsThey are only REQUIRED to purchase one outfit & one pair of shoes for ONE family memberEncourage them to consider the realistic choices they would make (ex: if they buy clothes a lot, maybe they should purchase more than one outfit)4

4 Real Donations

This is the ONLY optional slide. Students may choose to donate or not. They choose the organization that they donate to, and the amount.5

$30 Single$60 FamilySingle - $400 - Employer pays $380, you pay $20Family - $1000 - Employer pays $850, you pay $150$30 Single (25K coverage)

$120 Family (25K coverage)4 Real Insurance*required*optional*optionalThis slide usually takes some explaining about what the different types of insurance are for. The only one that is required is Health Insurance and the others are optional. Be sure to explain to the students what an added bonus that it is to have the employer pay the majority of the health insurance. Not all the careers represented in the classroom would have that coverage realistically.6


Water&Garbage$40Electricity $200

Cable - $50Internet - $20Satellite$70

Home Phone$554 Real

Cell Phone - $50Data Package - $30Pet- $50

Students must pay for:Electricity, Water & Garbage (its easiest to tell them to make that entry first $240)One type of phoneEverything else is optional, but encourage them to be realistic7

College FootballGame$100Weekend Beach Trip$500Massage$60Manicure and Pedicure$40Concert TicketsSingle - $15Couple - $30Family - $45Movie TicketsSingle - $8Couple - $16Family - $24Six FlagsSingle $50Family $150FUN!4 Real

This slide is REQUIRED. Realistically, everyone spends their money on something for fun each month even if its an $8 movie ticket to attend the movies alone. The students can add their own item for fun. Just tell them to make a realistic estimate for price (ex: new video game - $50)8

MonthlyPayments0 -2 Years of age: $400 per month3 -5 Years of age: $360 per month4 Real DaycareThe only way that you do not have to pay daycare is if you have a non-working spouse everyone else (with kids) must pay daycare.If you are the pre-school teacher, you can get a 50% discount on daycare.9??????Your best friend is getting married! Tux/Dress Pay $100.

OoopsYou went over on your text messages this month. Pay $20Yay!!! You found $20 in your coat pocket.Uh-OhYou got aflat tire!Pay $50High Waters at homeyour toilet breaks!!! Pay $75The need for speed is going to cost you! Speeding Ticket Pay $65We call this slide Thats Life 4 Real and these are the unexpected things that pop up without any warning. Each student should have a color at the top of their ledger, and that color corresponds with their unexpected item for the month.10

Dining Out1 to 2 people - $5003 to 4 people - $600

Eating At Home1 to 2 people - $3003 to 4 people - $400Baby Plan1 year old or younger$150 per childCombo Plan(Dining Out + Eating At Home)1 to 2 people - $4003 to 4 people - $500Mention the baby plan first. If anyone has a baby 1 year old or younger, they must purchase the baby plan each month. Then, count the REMAINING family members to determine the size of the food plan you will need.Choose one from: Eating at home, Combo Plan or Dining Out11

What was your balance at the end of the month?

What were some expenses that were not included in the slides?

Did you save any money?

If you ran out of money, how would you make it up? Would you run out of money again next month?