Download - 2012 16th IEEE Mediterranean ; 1 · 2012. 6. 21. · 201216thIEEEMediterranean ElectrotechnicalConference (MELECON2012) YasmineHammamet,Tunisia 25-28March2012 Pages1-621 IEEE IEEECatalogNumber:

  • 2012 16th IEEE Mediterranean

    Electrotechnical Conference

    (MELECON 2012)

    Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia

    25 - 28 March 2012

    Pages 1-621

    IEEE IEEE Catalog Number:ISBN:CFP12MEL-PRT



  • Melecon 2012 Table of Contents

    A1L-A Nonlinear Control

    Time: Monday, March 26, 10:30 - 12:00Location: Cesar 1

    Chair: Anis Sellami, ESSTT- University of Tunis, Tunisia

    A1L-A1 A Novel Nonlinear Stabilizing Control Scheme for a Class of Underactuated

    Systems N/A

    Martin Micallef

    University of Malta, Malta

    A1L-A2 Identification of Wiener-Hammerstein Model with Multisegment Piecewise-

    Linear Characteristic 5

    Sami Hafsi, Kaouther Laabidi, Moufida Ksouri-Lahmari£co/e Nationale d'lngenieur de Tunis, Tunisia

    A1L-A3 Apaptative High Gain Observer Based a Sensorless Output FeedbackController for IMs with Time-Varying Load Torque and Rotor Resistance 11

    Hanen Chehimi2, Salim Hadj Said2, Faouzi M'Sahli11Ecole Nationale d'lngSnieurs de Monastir, Tunisia; 2Reseau National Universitaire,Tunisia

    A1L-A4 Sliding Mode Control of Saturated Systems with Norm Bounded Uncertainty.... 15

    Borhen Torchani1, Anis Sellami1, Germain Garcia21Ecole Sup&rieure des Sciences et Techniques de Tunis, Tunisia; 2Universit& de

    Toulouse, France

  • A1L-B Multimedia Transmission

    Time: Monday, March 26,10:30 -12:00

    Location: Cesar 2

    Chair: Noureddine Hamdi, INSAT- University of Carthage, Tunisia

    A1L-B1 An IC Card Interface Using Embedded Technology with Universal Remote

    Controller for Living Support System 19

    Masashi Nakayama1, Yusuke Amino1, Mitsuaki Abe1, Junichi Inamura21Kagawa National College of Technology, Japan; 2Koyama System Inc., Japan

    A1L-B2 Handover Evaluation for Mobile Video Streaming in Heterogeneous Wireless

    Networks 23

    Saleh Abdallah-Saleh, Qi Wang, Christos Grecos, Duncan Thomson

    University of the West of Scotland, United Kingdom

    A1L-B3 Multiple Description Coding for Cognitive Radio Networks Under SecondaryCollision Errors 27

    Abdelaali Chaoub1, Elhassane Ibn-Elhaj21Mohammed V-Agdal University, Morocco; 2National Institute of Posts andTelecommunications, Morocco

    A1L-B4 A QoS Oriented Analytical Model for BGP Multihomed Networks 31

    Yahya Z. Mohasseb, Mohamed T. Moubarak

    Military Technical College, Egypt

    A1L-B5 PodBoard: Podcasting Braced Blended Learning Environment 35

    Hossam Fahmy, Salma A. Ghoneim

    Ain Shams University, Egypt

  • A1L-C Antenna

    Time: Monday, March 26,10:30 - 12:00Location: Cesar 3

    Chair: Carl James Debono, University of Malta, Malta

    A1L-C1 On the Interference Rejection Capabilities of Triangular Antenna Array for

    Cellular Base Stations 39

    Rachad Atat, Muhammad Shakir, Mohamed-Slim Alouini

    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

    A1L-C2 Four Element Antenna Array Working at 2.4/5.2 GHz for Wireless USB DongleApplications 43Zain Abidin3, Raed Abd-Alhameed3, C See3, Nazar Ali2, P. S. Excell11Glyndwr University, United Kingdom;2Khalifa University, U.A.E.;3University ofBradford, United Kingdom

    A1L-C3 48 GHz Zeroth Order Resonance Metamaterial Antenna on Alumina Substrate .. 46

    Gheorghe loan Sajin1, Florea Craciunoiu1, Adrian Dinescu1, lulia Andreea Mocanu211MT Bucharest, Romania;2Politechnica University Bucharest, Romania

    A1L-C4 Efficient and Accurate Technique to Evaluate Moment's Matrix Integrals forthe Analysis of Microstrip Antenna N/A

    Nabil Ghannay, Abdelaziz Samet

    Carthage University, Tunisia

  • A1L-D Wind Energy ITime: Monday, March 26, 10:30 -12:00

    Location: Cesar 4

    Chair: Jamel Belhadj, ESSTT - University of Tunis, Tunisia

    A1L-D1 Offshore Wind Turbines: Simulation of Multibody Drive Train, Interaction with

    Fractional-Order Control and Full-Power Converter 54

    R. Melicio2, Joao P.S. Catalao2, V.M.F. Mendes11lnstituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, Portugal; zUniversidade da Beira

    Interior, Portugal

    A1L-D2 Using Energy Storage in Grid-Connected Wind Farms for ImprovingEconomical Aspects of Wind Farm Utilization 58

    Mohammad Reza Aghaebrahimi, Vali Amani-Shandiz

    University of Birjand, Iran

    A1L-D3 Impact of Wind Power in Isolated Power Systems 63

    Agurtzane Etxegarai, Pablo Eguia, Esther Torres, Elvira Fernandez

    University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Spain

    A1L-D4 Impact of Wind Power Integration on Operating Reserves 67

    Lotfi Bouzidi, Najiba Bellaaj Mrabet, Mohamed El Euch

    University of Tunis, Tunisia

  • A1L-E Advances in Nanoscale Devices and Circuits

    Time: Monday, March 26, 10:30 - 12:00Location: AmphitheaterChair: Spirps Nikolaidis, Aristotle University of Thessalonik, Greece

    Abdoul Rjoub, Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan

    A1L-E1 Analytical Compact Modeling of Nanoscale Triple-Gate FinFETs 72

    N. Fasarakis, Andreas Tsormpatzoglou, D. H. Tassis, llias Pappas, K.

    Papathanasiou, C. A. DimitriadisAristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

    A1L-E2 Pass Transistor Driving RC Loads in Nanoscale Technologies 76

    Dimitrios Tzagkas1, Christina Varnavidou1, llias Pappas1, Liberis Voudouris1,Spyridon Nikolaidis1, Abdoul Rjoub21Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece;2Jordan University of Science and

    Technology, Jordan

    A1L-E3 Graph Modeling for Static Timing Analysis at Transistor Level in Nano-ScaleCMOS Circuits 80

    Abdoul Rjoub2, Almotasem Bellah Alajlouni11Albalqa Applied University, Jordan;2Jordan University of Science andTechnology, Jordan

    A1L-E4 A Fast Input Vector Control Approach for Sub-Threshold Leakage PowerReduction 84

    Abdoul Rjoub2, Almotasem Bellah Alajlouni1, Hassan Almanasrah21Albalqa Applied University, Jordan; Jordan University of Science andTechnology, Jordan

    A1L-E5 Productivity and Scalability Challenges in Nano-Scale Technology 88

    Mohammad Malkawi

    Jadara University, Jordan

    A1L-E6 On the Performance of Job Scheduling for Noncontiguous Allocation in 2D

    Mesh-Connected Multicomputers 92

    Saad Bani-Mohammad

    Al al-Bayt University, Jordan

  • A1L-F General Circuits

    Time: Monday, March 26, 10:30 -12:00

    Location: Cesar 6

    Chair: Carlos Lopez-Barrio, DIE - UPM-Madrid, Spain

    A1L-F1 Temperature Dependence of Silicon and Silicon Carbide Power Devices: an

    Experimental Analysis 97

    Mahbouba Amairi2, Sameh Mtimet2, Tarek Ben Salah2, Herve Morel11AMPERE, France; 2University of Tunis El Manar, LSE, Tunisia

    A1L-F2 An FPGA-Based Implementation of HW/SW Architecture for ACCA-ODV

    CFAR Radar Target Detector N/A

    Ridha Djemal, Walid Kaaniche, Kais Belwafi, Saleh A. Alshebeili

    King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

    A1L-F3 Implementation of Sorting Algorithms in Reconfigurable Hardware.... 107

    louliia Skliarova2, Valery Sklyarov2, Dmitri Mihhailov1, Alexander Sudnitson11Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia;2Universidade deAveiro, Portugal

    A1L-F4 Applying Reusability in Remote Labs 111

    Salaheddin Odeh1, Mahasen Anabtawi1, Ala Ayesh21AI-Quds University, Palestine; 2ASAL Technologies, Palestine

    A1L-F5 Increasing Resistance to Differential Power Analysis Attacks in

    Reconfigurable Systems 115

    Konstantinos Papadopoulos, Andreas Brokalakis, loannis PapaefstathiouTechnical University of Crete, Greece

  • A1L-G Image ProcessingTime: Monday, March 26,10:30 -12:00Location: Cesar 7

    Chair: Gerald Schaefer, Loughborough University, United Kingdom

    A1L-G1 Low-Cost Infrared Interaction Device Based on Motion Tracking 121

    Salaheddin Odeh1, Mahasen Anabtawi1, Sari El-Alem21AI-Quds University, Palestine; 2Jaffa.Net, Palestine

    A1L-G2 Phase Correlation in Fourier Mellin Space; Application to Image Mosaicing 125

    Malek Sellami2, Faouzi Ghorbel11Manouba University, Tunisia; 2Universite de la Manouba, Tunisia

    A1L-G3 On the Choice of Filters Bank for Phase Congruency Computing in NoisyImages 129

    Ahmed Zaafouri, Mounir Sayadi, Farhat FnaiechEcole SupSrieure des Sciences et Techniques de Tunis, Tunisia

    A1L-G4 Anthropocentric Descriptors and Description Schemes for Multi-View Video

    Content 133

    loannis Tsingalis, Nicholas Vretos, Nikolaos Nikolaidis, loannis PitasAristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

    A1L-G5 Performance Analysis of Inter-Layer Prediction for H264/SVC 137

    Amina Kessentini1, Amine Samet2, Mohamed Ali Ben Ayed3, Nouri Masmoudi21Electronics and Information Technology Laboratory, Tunisia; 2University of Sfax,Tunisia; 3University of Sfax, LETI, Tunisia

  • KEYNOTE: Mobile Image BrowsingTime: Monday, March 26, 13:30 - 14:15

    Location: AmphitheaterChair: Mehmet Emin Yuksel, Erciyes University, Turkey

    Keynote Mobile Image Browsing 141

    Gerald Schaefer

    Loughborough University, United Kingdom

  • A2P-H Industrial / ControlTime: Monday, March 26, 14:15 -15:45Location: Poster Area 1

    Chair: AH El Mousa, University of Jordan- Amman, Jordan

    A2P-H1 Radioisotpe Measurement of Two-Phase Flow in Pipeline Using Conditional

    Averaging of Signal 144Robert Hanus2, Anna Szlachta2, Adam Kowalczyk2, Leszek Petryka1, Marcin Zych11AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland; 2Rzeszow University of

    Technology, Poland

    A2P-H2 Correction of Position Error in Internet-Based Teleoperation 148Edin Mujcic, Alma OracevicTehnicki fakultet, Bosnia

    A2P-H3 High-Performance Distributed SCADA System Architecture 152

    Mihaly Sagi, Branislav Atlagic, Dejan Milinkov, Bojan Bogovac, Stanko CulajaUniversity of Novi Sad, Serbia

    A2P-H4 Practical Implementation of a Robust Sliding Mode Control for an InductionMotor N/A

    Kais Jamoussi1, Larbi Chrifi-Alaoui2, Hadda Benderradji3, Ahmed El Hajjaji2,Mohamed Ouali11Ecole Nationale d'lngenieurs de Sfax, Tunisia; 2Picardie University, France;3University Med Boudiaf M'sila, Algeria

    A2P-H5 The Command of a Wheelchair Using Thoughts and Gaze 161Hachem Amine Lamti1, Mohamed Moncef Ben Khelifa2, Philippe Gorce3, MohamedAdel Alimi11Ecole Nationale d'lngenieurs de Sfax, Tunisia; 2South University Toulon-Var,France; 3Universite du Sud Toulon Var, France

    A2P-H6 Design and Implementation of Computer Controlled Aircraft (CCA) Prototype ..N/AJohn Oladosu1, Samuel Ajiboye1, Matthew Adigun21Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria;2University of Zululand, SouthAfrica

  • A2P-J Micro-electronics

    Time: Monday, March 26,14:15 -15:45Location: Poster Area 2

    Chair: Daniel Pasquet, ENSEA, CERGY, France

    A2P-J1 Cost Estimation of Nanoscale Partial Defect Tolerant Arrays 171

    Vladimir Simic, Vladimir Ciric, Ivan Milentijevic

    University of Nis, Serbia

    A2P-J2 Control of CNT Motion in Distilled Water and IPA Under DielectrophoresisForce 175

    Reza Khazaei, Alireza Kashaninia, Reza Sabbaghi-NadooshanIslamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Iran

    A2P-J3 Au/Win5Ge3/N-Ge(111) Schottky Barrier Characteristics from l-V-T and C-V-T

    Data 179

    Azzouz Seilai3, Vinh Le Thanh1, Matthieu Petit1, Lisa Michez1, Zahir Ouennoughi2,Abdelmadjid Mesli1

    1Aix-Marseille, France; 2Setif University, Algeria;3Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

    A2P-J4 A Novel Design and Successful Simulation of QCA-Based Multiplexer 183Moein Kianpour, Reza Sabbaghi-NadooshanIslamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Iran

    A2P-J5 Temperature Scaling of CMOS Analog Design Parameters 187Nikos Makris, Matthias Bucher

    Technical University of Crete, Greece

    A2P-J6 FPGA Implementation of Predictive Control 191Emna Aridhi2, Mehdi Abbes2, Abdetkader Mami11Ecole Nationale d'lngenieur de Tunis, Tunisia; 2Universite de Tunis El Manar,FST, Tunisia

    A2P-J7 On Electronic Design of the Piecewise Linear Characteristic of the Chua'sDiode: Application to Chaos Synchronization 197Hanene Mkaouar, Olfa BoubakerInstitut National des Sciences Appliquees et de Technologie, Tunisia

    A2P-J8 The Transient Regime in the Electric Circuit of an Electro Hydraulic Valve 201Constantin Blaj, Dumitru Toader, Daniela VesaUniversitatea Politehnica Timisoara, Romania

  • A2P-K Wireless / MEMSTime: Monday, March 26, 14:15 -15:45Location: Poster Area 3

    Chair: Adrian Muscat, University of Malta, Malta

    A2P-K1 Fixed Imporved Narrow Band Filter with Steerable RF MEMS Tuning and

    Packaging Interconnections Comparison 205Mahmoud Abou-Gabal

    Semiconductor Technology Package Consulting, U.A.E.

    A2P-K2 Design and Simulation of New Micro-Electromechanical Pressure Sensor for

    Measuring Intraocular Pressure . 208Mannaneh Shahiri-Tabarestani2, Bahram Ganji1, Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan21Babol University Technology, Iran;2Islamic Azad University, Central TehranBranch, Iran

    A2P-K3 Cellular Automata for Topology Control in Wireless Sensor Networks 212Stavros Athanassopoulos2, Christos Kaklamanis2, Panagiota Katsikouli1, EviPapaioannou21University ofPatras, Greece; 2University ofPatras and CTI Diophantus, Greece

    A2P-K4 Implementation of Wireless Network Using Location FingerprintingTechnique for Indoor Positioning 216

    Moustapha El Hassan2, Bachar El Hassan1, Lina Nachabe11Lebanese university, Lebanon;2University of Balamand, Lebanon

    A2P-K5 ZigBee Standard in the Creation of Wireless Networks for Advanced MeteringInfrastructures 220

    N.C. Batista, R. Melfcio, J.C.O. Matias, Joao P.S. Catalao

    Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal

    A2P-K7 Optimizing of Power Allocation for Two-Hop DF Relaying Systems 224

    Raya Hajji , Noureddine Hamdi11Ecole Nationale d'lngenieur de Tunis, Tunisia; 2Universite de Tunis El Manar,Tunisia

    A2P-K8 Performance Impact of Offset Filtered 40Gb/s Rz-DPSK-Tight Optical FilteringConsiderations N/A

    Olugbenga Olubodun, Nick DoranSwansea University, United Kingdom

    A2P-K9 Impact of Random K Factor on Ricean Fading Wireless System Performance.. 233Maja Ilic-Delibasic, Milica Pejanovic-DjurisicUniversity of Montenegro, Montenegro

  • A2P-L Power Grid MonitoringTime: Monday, March 26, 14:15-15:45

    Location: Poster Area 4

    Chair: Mohamed Eleuch, ENIT - University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia

    A2P-L1 System for Ampacity Monitoring and Low Sag Overhead ConductorEvaluation 237

    Elvira Fernandez, Igor Albizu, Miren T. Bedialauneta, Susana de Arriba, AngelJavier Mazon

    University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Spain

    A2P-L2 Coordinated Control of Phase Shifters in Multiarea Power System to ImproveLoad-Frequency Dynamic Performance 241Daniele Menniti, Anna Pinnarelli, Nicola SorrentinoUniversita delta Calabria, Italy

    A2P-L3 Monitoring the Tension and the Temperature in an Overhead Line 245

    Miren T. Bedialauneta, Igor Albizu, Elvira Fernandez, Angel Javier Mazon, Susana

    de Arriba

    University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Spain

    A2P-L4 Price-Maker Strategies of a Hydro Producer in a Day-Ahead Electricity Market 249

    H.M.I. Pousinho3, Joao P.S. Catalao2, J. Contreras11 Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain; 2Universidade da Beira Interior,

    Portugal; 3Universidade da Beira Interior and CIEEE-IST, Portugal

    A2P-L5 The Impact of New Standards and New Technological Solutions on Process

    Information Modelling 253

    Vibor Belasic2, Juraj Simunic1, Aleksandra Kalinic21Faculty of Engineering Rijeka, Croatia;2University ofRijeka, Croatia

    A2P-L7 Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Evolutionary Approach for Short-Term Wind Power

    Forecasting 257

    G.J. Os6rio1, J.C.O. Matias1, H.M.I. Pousinho2, Joao P.S. Catalao11Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal; 2Universidade da Beira Interior and

    CIEEE-IST, Portugal

    A2P-L8 Towards Dynamic on-Line State Estimator Based on IEC 61850-9-2 ProcessBus 261

    Ahmed Abdolkhalig, Rastko Zivanovic

    University ofAdelaide, Australia

    A2P-L9 Comparison of Transmission Cost Allocation Methods Case Study: DET

    WEST Power System 265

    Oana Pop, Stefan Kilyeni, Constantin Barbulescu, Doru PaunescuUniversitatea Politehnica Timisoara, Romania

  • A2P-M Renewable Energy / Motors 2Time: Monday, March 26,14:15 - 15:45Location: Poster Area 5

    Chair: Tarek Ben Salah, ESTI - University of Carthage, Tunisia

    A2P-M1 Modeling and Analysis of Double Stator Induction Machine Supplied by aMulti Level Inverter 269

    Marwa Ben Slimene3, Mohamed Larbi Khlaifi2, Mouldi Ben Fredj1, HabibRehaoulia21Ecole Superieure des Sciences et Techniques de Tunis, Tunisia; 2lnstitute ofSciences and Technology of Tunis, Tunisia;3 University of Tunisia, Tunisia

    A2P-M2 BFO Control Tuning of a PMSM High Speed Drive 273Flah Aymen, Sbita LassaadUniversity de Gabes, Tunisia

    A2P-M3 AC Motors for Application in a Commercial Electric Vehicle: DesigningAspects 277Nuno Grilo2, Duarte Sousa2, Antonio Roque11Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Setubal, Portugal; 2Universidade Tecnica deLisboa, Portugal

    A2P-M4 Sliding Mode Controller for Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter in PV Grid-Connected System 281

    Rym Marouani, Kamel Echaieb, Abdelkader MamiEcole Nationale d'lng^nieur de Tunis, Tunisia

    A2P-M5 The Potential of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Arrays in Zimbabwe 285Emanuel Rashayi2, Edward Chikuni11University ofKwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa; 2University of Zimbabwe, South Africa

    A2P-M7 High Performance of Fuzzy Direct Power Control for PWM Converters 289Bechir Bouaziz1, Faouzi Bacha1, Moncef Gasmi21Ecole Superieure des Sciences et Techniques de Tunis, Tunisia; 2lnstitut Nationaldes Sciences Appliquees et de Technologie, Tunisia

    A2P-M8 Current Control for Inverter-Interfaced Grid-Connected Photovoltaic

    Generator 296

    Nejib Hamrouni, M. Jraidi, S. Younsi, A. Cherif

    Republic of Tunisia Minstry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Tunisia

    A2P-M9 Influence of the Blades and the Shaft Rigidity of a Wind Turbine on the

    Stability of the System Under Voltage Dips 300

    Kamel Jemli, Biiel Touaiti, Mohamed Jemli

    Ecole Superieure des Sciences et Techniques de Tunis, Tunisia

  • A2P-N Biomedical / Power ElectronicsTime: Monday, March 26,14:15 -15:45

    Location: Poster Area 6

    Chair: Mahieddine Emziane, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, UAE

    A2P-N1 Self-Oscillating Half Bridge Series Resonant Converterat High Efficiency 306

    Hamed Belloumi, Ferid Kourda

    Eco/e Nationale d'lng6nieur de Tunis, Tunisia

    A2P-N2 Power Quality Enhancement Using Universal Compensator: UPQCN/A

    Chellali Benachaiba, Mahmoud Habab, Othmane Abdelkhalek, Cherif Benoudjafer

    Bechar University, Algeria

    A2P-N3 Fault Tolerant NPC Converter Control for Isolated PV Sytems:Appiication for

    an Isolated Telecommunication Center 319

    Hafedh Ben Abdelghani2, Afef Bennani Benabdelghani3, llhem Slama-Belkhodja2,Daniel Montesinos-Miracle11Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain; 2Universit6 de Tunis El Manar,

    Tunisia; 3University Of Tunis Carthage, Tunisia

    A2P-N4 Library of EMC Models for Passive Components and Printed Circuit Board 325Jaleleddine Ben Hadj Slama1, Walid Labiedh21National Engineering School ofSousse, Tunisia; 2National Engineering School of

    Sousse, SAGE, Tunisia

    A2P-N5 Classification of Multichannel Uterine EMG Signals by Using a Weighted

    Majority Voting Decision Fusion Rule 331

    Bassam Moslem4, Mohamad Khalil2, Mohamad Diab1, Catherine Marque31Hariri Canadian University, Lebanon; 2Lebanese University, Lebanon; 3Universitede Technologie de Compiegne, France; "University de Technologie de

    Compi&gne/Lebanese University, France

    A2P-N6 Classification of Uterine EMG Signals by Using Normalized Wavelet Packet

    Energy 335

    Mohamad Diab1, Bassam Moslem4, Mohamad Khalil2, Catherine Marque31Hariri Canadian University, Lebanon; 2Lebanese University, Lebanon; 3Universitede Technologie de Compiegne, France; "University de Technologie de

    Compiegne/Lebanese University, France

    A2P-N7 Lung Sound Extraction from Mixed Lung and Heart Sounds FASTICA

    Algorithm 339Fatma Ayari1, Mekki Ksouri1, AN Alouani21Ecole Nationale d'lngGnieur de Tunis, Tunisia; 2Tennessee Tech University,United States

    A2P-N8 Realization of a Cardiac Monitoring System and Aid in Decision-Making forCardiologists N/ACherif Meddour, M TighidetUniversity of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria

    A2P-N9 On the Role of the Wiring Parasitic Inductance for Optimum EfficientConverter 347Sofiane Khachroumi2, Aymen Ammouri2, Tarek Ben Salah3, Herve Morel11AMPERE, France; University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia; ^University of Tunis ElManar, LSE, Tunisia

  • A2P-P Techniques for Image ProcessingTime: Monday, March 26, 14:15 -15:45Location: Poster Area 7

    Chair: Mehmet Emin Yuksel, Erciyes University, Turkey

    A2P-P1 Image Processing Algorithms to Extract Swimming Tumble Turn Signaturesin Real-Time 352Nandini Chakravorti, Sian E. Slawson, Jodi Cossor, Paul P. Conway, Andrew A.West

    Loughborough University, United Kingdom

    A2P-P2 Grammar-Based Image Segmentation and Automatic Area Estimation 356Salah Hamdi, Asma Ben Abdallah, Mohamed Hedi BedouiFaculte de Medecine de Monastir, LTIM, Tunisia

    A2P-P3 An Improved Image Compression Approach with Combined Wavelet and Self

    Organizing Maps 360Imen Chaabouni, Wiem Fourati, Med Salim BouhlelSciences and Technologies of Image and Telecommunications High Institute of

    Biotechnology, Tunisia

    A2P-P4 Image Processing of Microscopy Cellular Samples 366Paulina AguirreDelft University of Technology, Ecuador

    A2P-P6 Isotropic and Anisotropic Filtering Techniques for Image Denoising: aComparative Study with Classification 370Rafika Harrabi2, Ezzeddine Ben Braiek11Ecole Superieure des Sciences et Techniques de Tunis, Tunisia; zUniversite deTunis, Tunisia

    A2P-P7 Watermarking Mobile Phone Colour Images with Reed Solomon ErrorCorrection Code 375

    Jeedella Jeedella, Hussain Al Ahmad, Obaid Al Shehhi

    Khalifa University, U.A.E.

    A2P-P9 A Robust Image Watermarking Scheme Invariant to Rotation, Scaling andTranslation Attacks 379

    Felix Owalla, Elijah MwangiUniversity of Nairobi, Kenya

    A2P-P10 Graph Representations Using Adjacency Matrix Transforms for Clustering 383Nikolaos Tsapanos, loannis Pitas, Nikolaos NikolaidisAristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

  • A3L-B Intelligent ControlTime: Monday, March 26, 16:00 - 17:30Location: Cesar 2

    Chair: Faycal Benhmida, ESSTT- University of Tunis, Tunisia

    A3L-B1 Discrete Second Order Sliding Mode Control for Nonlinear Multivariable

    Systems 387

    Khadija Dehri, Majda Ltaief, Ahmed Said NouriNational Engineering School of Gabes, Tunisia

    A3L-B2 Autonomous Flight Control for an RC Helicopter 391Michael Camilleri, Kenneth Scerri, Saviour Zammit

    University of Malta, Malta

    A3L-B3 Principal Component Analysis for 3D-Manipulator Robot Control System 395Moussa Hamadache, Jaehoon Kim, Dongik Lee

    Kyungpook National University, Korea, South

    A3L-B4 Speaker Identification on compactRIO 399J. Farjo, M. Hamouche, J. Aoun, Mustapha Hamad, Abdallah KassemNotre Dame University, Lebanon, Lebanon

  • A3L-C Electromagnetic Modelling TechniquesTime: Monday, March 26, 16:00 -17:30Location: Cesar 3

    Chair: Daniel Pasquet, ENSEA, CERGY, France

    A3L-C1 Enhanced Delay Alignment Method for Behavioral Modeling of Power

    Amplifiers Exhibiting Memory Effects 404Oualid Hammi

    King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

    A3L-C2 Effects of the Bottom Ground Plate on CPW Bound Modes 408

    Safae El Amrani1, Raul Rodriguez Berral1, Francisco Mesa1, MohammedBoussouis21Universidad de Sevilla, Spain; 2universite Abdelmalek Essaadi, Morocco

    A3L-C3 The PZMI and Artificel Neural Network to Identify the ElectromagneticRadiation Sources 412

    Sofiene Saidi2, Jaleleddine Ben Hadj Slama11National Engineering School of Sousse, Tunisia; 2National Engineering School ofSousse, SAGE, Tunisia

    A3L-C4 Pole Splitting Algorithm for UWB Breast Cancer Imaging 417Ahmed Maher Abed Shaheen, Kaydar QuboaUniversity of Mosul, Iraq

  • A3L-D Wind Energy IITime: Monday, March 26, 16:00 - 17:30

    Location: Cesar 4

    Chair: Joao P.S. Catalao, Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal

    A3L-D1 Fundamental Aspects Concerning Wind Power System Operation. Part 2.

    Case Study 421

    Marius Babescu, loan Borlea, Dan Jigoria-OpreaUniversitatea Politehnica Timisoara, Romania

    A3L-D2 Synthesis of a Compact Wind Profile Using Evolutionary Algorithms for Wind

    Turbine System with Storage 425

    Malek Belouda3, Jamel Belhadj1, Bruno Sareni2, Xavier Roboam2, Amine Jaafar21Ecole Superieure des Sciences et Techniques de Tunis, Tunisia; 2Universite' deToulouse, France; 3University of Tunis, Tunisia

    A3L-D3 Using Semantics to Facilitate Data Integration of Offshore Wind Farms 430Trinh Hoang Nguyen, Andreas PrinzUniversitetet i Agder, Norway

    A3L-D4 A DTC-lnduction-Generator Drive Scheme for an Isolated Wind Turbine

    System 434Samah Hammadi1, Noureddine Hidouri3, Lassaad Sbita21Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Gafsa, Tunisia; 2National EngineeringSchool of Gabes, Tunisia; 3Preparatory Engineering Institute of Gafsa, Tunisia

  • A3L-E Mechatrontc SystemsTime: Monday, March 26, 16:00 - 17:30Location: AmphitheaterChair: Farhat Fnaiech, ESSTT- University of Tunis, Tunisia

    A3L-E1 An Hybrid Bond Graph Approach Using Petri Net 438Bouhalouane Mokhtar1, Haffaf Hafid21University of Mustapha Stambouli Mascara, Algeria;2University of Oran, Algeria

    A3L-E2 Autonomous Electric Vehicle: Steering and Path-Following Control Systems.. 442Marco Jose Silva, Luis Garrote, Fernando Moita, Mauro Martins, Urbano NunesUniversidade de Coimbra, Portugal

    A3L-E3 Embedded Systems Course for Multiple Disciplines 446Ali El-Mousa, Ashraf Al-SuyyaghUniversity ofJordan, Jordan

    A3L-E4 Robust Sensor Fault Detection and Isolation for a Steer-by-Wire SystemBased on Sliding Mode Observer 450Slim Dhahri2, Anis Sellami1, Faycal Ben Hmida11Ecole Supdrieure des Sciences et Techniques de Tunis, Tunisia; 2University ofTunis, Tunisia

  • A3L-F Sensors

    Time: Monday, March 26,16:00 - 17:30Location: Cesar 6

    Chair: Zoran Veljovic, University of Montenegro, Montenegro

    A3L-F1 A Modulated Interface for a Low-Cost Current Sensor in Comparison with its

    Simulated Model 455

    Abdoulkarim Bouabana, Constantinos Sourkounis

    Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

    A3L-F2 A Low-Cost Three Phase Current Sensor Module with a Novel Modulated

    Interface 459

    Abdoulkarim Bouabana, Constantinos Sourkounis

    Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

    A3L-F3 The Simple Microcontroller Based Capacitive Sensor with Screen 464

    Nedjeljko Lekic, Zoran Mijanovic, Radovan StojanovicUniversity of Montenegro, Montenegro

    A3L-F4 WECO: a Wireless Platform for Monitoring Recycling Point Spots 468

    Tiago Gomes, Nuno Brito, Jose Mendes, Jorge Cabral, Adriano TavaresUniversidade do Minho, Portugal

  • A3L-G Image SegmentationTime: Monday, March 26,16:00 - 17:30Location: Cesar 7

    Chair: Faouzi Ghorbel, ENSI, University of Mannouba, Tunisia

    A3L-G1 Automatic Segmentation of Lumen in Intravascular Ultrasound Images UsingFuzzy Clustering and Active Contours N/AHassen Lazrag, Med Saber NaceurEcole Nationale d'lngenieur de Tunis, Tunisia

    A3L-G2 Segmentation of MRI Brain with a Bootstrapped Version of the HMRF-EM

    Algorithm 478Sabra Mabrouk2, Slim Mhiri2, Faouzi Ghorbel11Manouba University, Tunisia; 2National School of Computer Sciences, Tunisia

    A3L-G3 Feature Extraction on Vineyard by Gustafson Kessel FCM and K-Means 481Christian Correa2, Constantino Valero2, Pilar Barreiro2, Maria-Paz Diago1, JavierTardaguila11Universidad de La Rioja Complejo, Spain; 2Universidad Politecnica de Madrid,ETSIA, Spain

    A3L-G4 Cell Extraction from Sputum Images for Early Lung Cancer Detection 485Christian Donner2, Naoufel Werghi1, Fatma Taher1, Hussain Ai-Ahmad11Khalifa University, U.A.E.; 2UniversitSt Osnabruck, Germany

  • B1L-A Mobile Communiations

    Time: Tuesday, March 27, 10:00 -12:00Location: Cesar 1

    Chair: George Paunovic, IEEE R8 SPC 2012 Coordinator

    B1L-A1 A Service-Oriented Framework for Mobility and Multihoming Support 489Amine Dhraief, Issam Mabrouki, Abdelfettah BelghithUniversite de la Manouba, Tunisia

    B1L-A2 An Adaptive Sub-Channels Allocation Policy with QoS Support in a Multi-Cell

    System Configuration for IEEE 802.16m Standard N/AWafa Ben Hassen2, Meriem Afif11Higher School of Communication of Tunis (Sup'com), Tunisia;2Higher School ofCommunication of Tunis (Sup'com)/Mediatron, Tunisia

    B1L-A3 An Energy Efficiency and Delay Guarantee Service Selection Protocol inMANET 498

    Jihen Drira Rekik, Leila Baccouche, Henda Ben Ghezala

    Manouba University, Tunisia

    B1L-A4 Flexible Sigma Delta ADC for Mobile WiMAX Applications 502Jihene Mallek1, Hassene Mnif2, Mourad Loulou11Ecole Nationale d'lng6nieurs de Sfax, Tunisia;2University of Sfax, Tunisia

    B1L-A5 An Energy Efficient Routing Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks 506

    Yahya Z. Mohasseb, Farouk A, Kamil

    Military Technical College, Egypt

    B1L-A6 Mobility Management in Wireless Sensor Networks 511Abdelwahed Berguiga, Habib Youssef

    University of Sousse, Tunisia

  • B1L-B Neuro-control

    Time: Tuesday, March 27, 10:00 - 12:00Location: Cesar 2

    Chair: Andrzej Pacut, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

    B1L-B1 Implementations Approches of Neural Networks Lane Following System 515Afef Benjemmaa, Imen Klabi, Mohamed Slim Masmoudi, Jihed El Ouni, MohamedMasmoudi

    Ecole Nationale d'lngenieurs de Sfax, Tunisia

    B1L-B2 Adaptive Control of Nonlinear System Using Neuro-Fuzzy Learning by PSO

    Algorithm 519Mourad Turki2, Sana Bouzaida2, Anis Sakly1, Faouzi M'sahli11Ecole Nationale d'lngenieurs de Monastir, Tunisia; 2Etude des SystemesIndustriels et Energies Renouvelables, ENIM, Tunisia

    B1L-B3 Neural Network Data-Driven Engine Torque and Air-Fuel Ratio Control 524

    Dmitry Gerasimov, Evgenia PshenichnikovaSaint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and

    Optics, Russia

    B1L-B4 Fuzzy-Neural Networks for a Piloted Quality Management System 528

    Hajer Ben Mahmoud Dammak3, Raouf Ketata,Taieb Ben Romdhane1, Samir Ben


    1lnstitut National des Sciences Appliquees et de Technologie, Tunisia; 2MOSIC,Tunisia; 3National Institute ofApplied Science and Technology & MOSIC, Tunisia

    B1L-B5 Advanced Growing Neural Network Approach for the Fault Diagnosis of

    Large Scale Industrial Plants 532

    Mustapha Barakat1, Mohamad Khalil3, Dimitri Lefebvre2, Fabrice Druaux21Centre Universitaire Roannais, France; 2Le Havre University, France; 3lebanese

    University, Lebanon

  • B1L-C Power Distribution

    Time: Tuesday, March 27, 10:00 - 12:00

    Location: Cesar 3

    Chair: Nicola Sorrentino, University of Calabria DEIS, Italy

    B1L-C1 Information Exchange Needs for New Fault Location Applications in T&D

    Systems 536

    Mladen Kezunovic, Yimai DongTexas A&M University, United States

    B1L-C2 Optimal Intentional Islanding of Distribution Systems with DG Using CLPSO... 540

    Amany El-Zonkoly, Mostafa Saad, Reem KhalilArab Academy for Science & Technology, Egypt

    B1L-C3 Peak Load Evaluation Based on the Accumulated Annual Energy 544Nabeel Tawalbeh2, Reyad El-Khazali11Khalifa University, U.A.E.; 2University of Jordan, Jordan

    B1L-C4 Optimal Design of Grading Ring of Surge Arresters Due to Electric FieldDistribution 548

    Mohammad Reza Aghaebrahimi, Reza Shariatinasab, Morteza GhayediUniversity of Birjand, Iran

    B1L-C5 Unit Commitment by Biogeography Based Optimization Method 551

    Zakaryia Mohammed, Jawad TalaqUniversity of Bahrain, Bahrain

    B1L-C6 Online Detection and Estimation of Grid impedance Variation for Distributed

    Power Generation 555

    Manel Jebali-Ben Ghorbal2, Walid Ghzaiel2, llhem Slama-Belkhodja2, Josep M.Guerrero1

    ^alborg University, Denmark; 2UniversM de Tunis El Manar, Tunisia

  • B1L-D Renewable Resources

    Time: Tuesday, March 27,10:00 - 12:00Location: Cesar 4

    Chair: llhem Belkhodja-Slama, ENIT- University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia

    B1L-D1 Methodology for Accurate Energy Production Estimation of PhotovoltaicPower Generation Station 561

    Habib Cherif1, Jamel Belhadj21Ecole Nationale d'lngenieur de Tunis, Tunisia; 2Ecole Superieure des Sciences et

    Techniques de Tunis, Tunisia

    B1L-D2 MPPT Algorithm and Photovoltaic Array Emulator Using DC/DC Converters.... 567Houda Abidi2, Afef Bennani Ben Abdelghani3, Daniel Montesinos-Miracle11Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Sweden; 2Universite de Tunis El Manar,Tunisia; 3University Of Tunis Carthage, Tunisia

    B1L-D3 Efficient Autonomous Heliostat System 573Nazar Ali1, Kahtan Mezher1, Ahmed Al Qayed1, Neil McEwan2, Abdul Muhsin M.AITimimi31Khalifa University, U.A.E.; 2University of Bradford, United Kingdom; 3University ofTechnology, Iraq

    B1L-D4 Object-Oriented Simulation Model of Thermoelectric Devices for EnergySystem Design 577Felix Feigner, Georg FreySaarland University, Germany

    B1L-D5 Fossil Fuel and Biomass Fed Distributed Generation and Utility Plants:

    Analysis of Energy and Environmental Performance Indicators 581Norma Anglani, Giovanni Petrecca

    Universita di Pavia, Italy

    B1L-D6 Virtual Metering for Virtual PHEV Aggregation 587Slobodan Lukovic1, Igor Kaitovic1, Srdjan Vukmirovic2, Aleksandar Erdeljan21Universita di Lugano, Switzerland;2University ofNovi Sad, Serbia

  • B1L-E Power Electronics

    Time: Tuesday, March 27, 10:00 - 12:00Location: AmphitheaterChair: Marko Delimar, University of Zagreb, Croatia

    B1L-E1 Maximum Constant Boost Control of the Switched Inductor (SL) Z-Source

    Inverter with Third Harmonic Injection N/A

    Mohamed Ismeil3, Abdallah Kouzou1, Ralph Kennel3, Abdalla Ibrahim2, MohamedOrabi2, Mahrous Ahmed2

    1Djelfa University & Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany; zSouth ValleyUniversity, Egypt; 3Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany

    B1L-E2 Novel Hybrid Active Power Filter Structure to Compensate HarmonicCurrents and Reactive Power 597

    Samet Biricik2, OzgurCemal Ozerdem2, Soydan Redif1, Mohammed Kmail21European University ofLefke, Cyprus;2Near East University, Cyprus

    B1L-E3 A Novel Modeling System of Nonlinear Controller for STATCOM with

    Presence of Filter N/A

    Farid Khazaeli Moghaddam, Naeem Farokhnia, Hossein Askarian AbyanehAmirkabir University of Technology, Iran

    B1L-E4 Effect of the MOSFET Choice on Conducted EMI in Power Converter Circuits.. 610

    Jaleleddine Ben Hadj Slama, Mohamed TligNational Engineering School of Sousse, Tunisia

    B1L-E5 Reliability Estimation of Sahel Tunisian Railway Drive System 614Faten Ouni, Faouzi Ben Ammar

    Institut National des Sciences Appliquees et de Technologie, Tunisia

    B1L-E6 A Low-Voltage Charge Pump Starting at 135mV for Thermal EnergyHarvesting in Body Area Networks 618Robert Kappel1, Mario Auer1, Gunter Hofer2, Wolfgang Pribyl1, Gerald Holweg21Graz University of Technology, Austria; 2lnfineon Technologies Austria AG,Austria