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Landscape & UrbanismCapability Statement2010

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Steven VelenigrisLandscape ArchitectWoods BagotLevel 3, Suite 313Emarat Atrium, Sheikh Zayed RoadDubai, UAETelephone +971 4321 2166Fax +971 4321 [email protected]

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Table of Contents

01 Landscape Urbanism Team Services Landscape Architecture Landscape Urbanism

02 Project Experience Residential & Mixed Use Landscape Projects

03 Team Landscape Urbanism Team

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 5

Landscape Urbanism Team Services01The Landscape & Urbanism team of Woods Bagot operates across two key areas of practice; Landscape Architecture and Landscape Urbanism.

Our Landscape Architecture practice concentrates on the design and construction of bespoke landscapes for a wide variety of projects including Residential, Resorts & Hotels, Commercial, Institutional and Mixed Use projects across the world.

Our Landscape Urbanism practice specialises in what has been variously referred to as Landscape Urbanism, Ecological Urbanism or Metabolic Urbanization. The Landscape Urbanism team concentrates it activities on activating the urban landscape as the medium of contemporary urbanism. The scale of projects vary from Regional Planning scales through to individual masterplans. The Landscape is deployed as the primary medium of the design process to lead to more responsive outcomes.

In both practices we place heavy emphasis on world-leading sustainable design standards and research to realise ecologically activated landscapes. As the majority of our work is concentrated on the Asian continent, Asian Urbanism theory is another important focus.

In order to facilitate this broad spectrum of work our Landscape Urbanism team is multi-disciplinary with strong capabilities in Landscape Archtiecture, Urban Planning, Environment and Ecology.

Above all our work is underpinned by a deep desire to make better, healthier and more sustainable environments for people.

“Landscape Urbanism describes a disciplinary realignment underway in which landscape replaces architecture as the basic building block of contemporary urbanism”

Charles Waldheim

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 6

Landscape Urbanism ServicesLandscape Urbanism

Woods Bagot brings together the best designers, planners and creative thinkers to create world-class landscape urbanism projects. Our work is about creating successful places through the articulation of physical frameworks parametrically grounded in the landscape in which they sit. Our design of the public realm and development plots is a sensible response site conditions. The quality of these spaces and their environmental suitability generate economic & social value by virtue of their livability.

Woods Bagot aims to articulate the skeleton upon which urban environments can grow – to guide the future of our urban environments. Its projects range from the city scale through to sites and specifi c buildings. It master plans urban extensions, new settlements, city centre redevelopments, town centre renewal, district and quarter strategies and mixed use redevelopment projects.

We seek to deliver urban environments that deliver high liveability value. Liveability is a critical component in making a city competitive in the global marketplace. Issues that deal with the well-being of inhabitants, the strengthening of community and the increasing of civic engagement by reshaping the built environment are critical aspects of city success.

Woods Bagot’s Landscpae urbanism services are focussed on urban projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the built environment, our communities and the world we live in.

Woods Bagot’s Landscape Urbanism services include six key areas of service:

– Landscape Urbanism, Planning and Masterplanning projects – Sustainable Urbanism & Public Realm – Infrastructural Landscapes – Ecological Planning & Environmental Engineering – Water Technologies & Wastewater – Agricultural Technology & Food – Contaminated Site Remediation & Soil Science – Bioremediation & Phytoremediation strategies

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 7

Woods Bagot have completed a large number of Urban Design projects in a diversity of locations. Following are some examples, both upcoming and completed, which demonstrate our growing body work - from residential precincts to sports and leisure complexes. For more information on other projects visit

01 Paramatta Civic Masterplan, Sydney, Australia02 Minto Urban Renewal Project, Sydney, Australia03 Chirnside Park Activity Centre Masterplan, Melbourne, Australia04 Port Coogee Masterplan, WA, Australia05 Al Ain Masterplan, Shiab Al Ashkar, Sheib at Al Watah Districts, UAE06 Dubai Maritime City, Port Rashid, Dubai07 Durrat Al-Bahrain Masterplan, Bahrain08 Bahrain City Centre, Bahrain09 Mina Zayed Masterplan, Abu Dhabi10 Kalbooh Bay Resort, Muscat, Oman11 Pafos Marina Masterplan, Cyprus12 Ducie Street Development, Manchester, UK13 Shanghai Caizhi Masterplan, China14 Foshan Masterplan, Guangzhou, China

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 8

Landscape Urbanism ServicesLandscape Architecture

Our Landscape Architecture work is about creating successful places through the articulation of private and public developments and including the design of streets, squares, parks and plazas that foster urban life and vitality.

Woods Bagot Landscape Architecture team aims to articulate the real fabric of our cities and developments through the detailed design of landscapes.

That includes the design of hard and soft landscape areas, irrigation design, planting design and the design of structures in the landscape.

We seek to deliver landscapes that deliver high amenity value and beauty. Moreover we place special emphasis on ensuring longevity and sustainability of the landscapes we design.

The international practice of landscape archtiecture needs to be cognisant of the places in which projects lie, not only for the reason of choosing the right plant material.

Ultimately if we design something that simply cant be built or effectively maintained by the local workforce the project will not be a success. As such we always design with practicality, value and sustainability in mind.

Woods Bagot’s Landscape Architecture services include six key areas of service:

– site analysis – development strategies – conceptual design – design development – construction supervision – research

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 9

Woods Bagot have completed a large number of landscape architecture projects in a diversity of locations. Following are some examples, both upcoming and completed, which demonstrate our growing body work - from residential precincts to sports and leisure complexes. For more information on other projects visit

01 Kochi Residential Development02 Abuja World Trade Center03 Kempinski Hotel, Muscat04 Jebel Hafeet Emirati Housing05 Yahsat Sattelite Tracking Station

01 02

02 03

04 05

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Project Experience02.0

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Tritvam Residential DevelopmentKochi, India

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 13

Tritvam Residential DevelopmentKochi, India

Area4 hectaresSustainabillityLEED-rated

The Tritvam Residential Development in Kochi is an exclusive waterfront development on Marine Drive - the most exclusive address in Kochi.

As a newly reclaimed site fronting onto the famed backwaters of Kerala we used the opportunity to restore areas of mangrove to the site. This included capturing, treating and retaining stormwater on site to manage the tropical conditions and create a vibrant site ecology.

The development also includes a number of sky-gardens at varying levels aimed at creating small village commons in the sky. All roofs are treated as intensive roof gardens and play a role in the rainwater treatment system.

In addition the landscape architectural proposals create an activated retain, F & B and community frontage to Marine drive. These spaces are complinmented by a number of more intimate internal streets & bioremediation fingers that provide a full range of communal spaces to residents.

The Kerala tradition of using ‘China Vala’ fishing nets was reinterpreted as a key driver of structures in the landscape and public realm areas.

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Nakheel Harbour & TowerDubai, UAE

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 15

Area270 hectaresSustainabillityLEED-rated

Nakheel Harbour & Tower will be Dubai’s new capital with a thriving harbour and vibrant social scene. As a beacon of inspiration for the region and the world, its design will reflect Islamic culture.

Encompassing more than 270 hectares, this mixed-use development will be located in the heart of New Dubai, and will include the world’s tallest building, a harbour, cultural podium and two residential districts. Nakheel Tower’s height of over one km was made possible by implementing an Islamic design that divided the Tower into four cores.

Nakheel Harbour & Tower’s grandeur will be matched only by its ambition. Nakheel Tower by itself will be a vertical city, accommodating residents in an efficient LEED-rated sustainable building. ‘Sky bridges’ will link the higher echelons with public spaces, swimming pools, gardens, offices and apartments.

The cultural podium will house an eclectic mix of cultural, retail and community facilities and will be a thriving social destination. Its amenities, 24/7 elements and mixed-use appeal will stimulate repeat visits. The districts surrounding the tower and podium will contain public facilities promoting outdoor activity.

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Qatar Science and Technology ParkQatar

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 17

Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) is a new initiative by the Qatar Foundation to attract international research firms to the ‘world’s best’ facilites as part of Education City Doha. Woods Bagot undertook the the masterplan strategy for the 120 ha site and Stage 1 of the construction comprising 115,000 m² of development.

Stage 1 consists of a ceremonial axis which intersects the hub of the campus, a bridge link, two tenanted buildings, shared facilities and Incubator Centre incorporating the administrative hub and Business Centre and the extensive landscaped podium linking these facilities.

The landscaped podium provides a high quality landscape setting which considers a number of key precinct areas. A range of flexible outdoor spaces of varying sizes accommodate a range of user group activities, by day and night. The major elements of the landscape are the Ceremonial stair to the campus axis, the plaza forecourt to the Incubator Centre and the sculptural desert gardens for viewing from within the buildings.

In order to encourage the use of theoutdoor areas the micro climate is modified by the use of the shading veil and fine misting and humidifier sprays and water features cool the air under the veil.

The soft landscape of the plaza is sculpted into structural forms with geometrically formed grassed banks, stairs and platforms shaded by a grid of trees. The Sid’r tree (Ziziphus spinachristi) was selected as as feature species due to its local significance as a valuable multipurpose resource utilised as food, fodder for livestock, timber and medicine. The tree is a symbol of knowledge and communication and the logo of the Qatar Foundation.

Qatar Science and Technology Park, UAE

AwardCompleted Project of the Year in the Middle East Architect Awards 2008

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Abuja World Trade CentreAbuja, Nigeria

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 19

Area270 hectaresSustainabillityLEED-rated

The World Trade Center in Nigeria’s new capital was designed as a thriving business environmeht and vibrant social destination. As a highly significant development within the Abuja CBD the landscape was purposely designed to embody Nigerian pride and its emergence onto the world stage.

The recreational programme is divided into 37 lateral strips, each one representing a state of Nigeria. Surrounding the development is the ‘Welcome Walk’ where traditional greetings are inscribed into the pavement in the 521 indigenous Nigerian languages.

The significance of the Niger Delta is also reinterpreted through the incorporation of a dynamic ribbon signifying the three branches of the delta. It also becomes a unifying element that aids in legibility of the site

Encompassing Offices, a Hotel, Convention Centre, Residential Aparments, a Shopping Mall and a Health Club the development promises to become a truly vibrant centre of the Abuja CBD.

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Expo PlazaDubai

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 21

ClientDubai World Trade CentreScopeLead ConsultantArchitectInterior DesignLandscape ArchitectArea700,000 m2 Approximate cost AED 4 billion

Dubai World Trade Centre is the developer for this large mixed use project comprising of; – InterContinental – Novotel – Crowne Plaza – Pullman – 2 office towers – 2 apartment towers – 20,000m2 retail and F&B

The project design was establised on key design generators: – develop a distinct identity that builds from the core business activities associated with DEC;

– integrate all of the site components with a strong public realm;

– establish a stronger sense of landmark buildings; – establish a stronger sense of memorable public spaces – active, passive, event spaces – through the design of the Expo Plaza;

– a clear address for Dubai Exhibition World with such a strong identity that the image of DEW and the image of Expo Plaza become inseparable;

– as a complete business environment, the aim is to create an exhibition ‘city’ not just an exhibition centre – a truly urban place

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Dubai Maritime CityDubai

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 23

Woods Bagot prepared a masterplan for Nakheel Properties for the AED8 billion Dubai Maritime City adjacent to Fort Rashid in the United Arab Emirates in conjunction with GHD.

The development creates an international ‘city’ for the maritime industry, attracting global tenants and investors in a purpose work environment which is planned to meet their needs for all marine related requirements.

The site is 210 ha of mixed land in several precincts including industrial, educational, retail, commercial and residential. The development centres on the harbour which will be an active city hub.

Facilities include commercial offices, ship building and maintenance warehouses, marina and dry dock, maritime academy, museum and exhibition facilities and a harbourside maritime souk combining restaurants, dive shops, maritime chandlery, board walks and entertainment.

The landscape masterplan focused on an integrated approach with the urban design to create a high quality public domain concept. Across the site a variety of public and private spaces are created adding to the cultural richness of the site tying together the built elements into a unified whole.

Area210 haApproximate cost AED 8 billionClientNakheel

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Kalbooh Bay ResortMuscat, Oman

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 25

Kalbooh Bay is a site of spectacular natural beauty with searing jagged rock faces falling dramatically to the sea.

The site is currently public space and is therefore a site of special significance to the people of Muscat. The development proposal will be sensitive to this and ensure that public access is maintained to a large degree without compromising the Hotel experience.

The development of this prime waterfront site provides the opportunity to create a new tourism precinct along the coast providing a major new international end destination in Oman.

The project consists of a 300 room 5 star hotel and spa, 100 Serviced Apartments and a 5,000 m² Souk with Rooftop Public Gardens. A private beach will be accessible via a suspended walkway around the edge of the rock face and will provide an open air day lounge and honeymoon suites. An amphitheatre will be incorporated into the development to showcase local culture.

The project is due for completion by mid 2010 in time for the Sultan of Oman’s 70th birthday celebrations.

Area128,000 m2 Approximate cost AED 630 million (2010)

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Forum ResidencesDubai

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 27

ClientForum Group DevelopmentArea90,000 m2

Woods Bagot, as Lead Consultant, delivered designs and are providing ongoing Lead Consultancy Detailed services for 3 plots on the Palm Jebel Ali. Each plot provides for 30,000 sqm of BUA development, G + 25 and the brief was to provide luxury boutique apartments.

These plots are unique in that approach Woods Bagot took, to provide each and every apartment with an equal sea view to maximise the commercial return for the client and also to ensure that each apartment would be able to sell effectively in a slowing and down turning market.

After review and development, 2 of the plots were combined to provide a 60,000 sqm boutique apartment with an offer of serviced apartments within.

The projects all LEED Gold were exceeded through intelligent design development of façade materials, and shading techniques using solar heating tubes to act as brise soliel.

Further responsibilities included full Interior Design services, the design of a Michelin Star restaurant and Marketing Material.

The buildings were finished at GF level with an integrated landscape offer that took the movement form the beach, through to the apartment as one intrinsic journey.

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TawazunAbu Dhabi, UAE

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 29

Tawazun, the investment company created by the Offset Program Bureau, was established to support economic diversification in the UAE and manage the country’s defence industry.

The new office for Tawazun occupies the top two floors and roof of the Al Mammoura Building in Abu Dhabi as well as the rooftop area. Overall the tenancy has been treated with a hospitality touch, much like a glamourous boutique hotel. This aesthetic also extends to the rooftop staff recreational area which includes reflection ponds, sunken seating, a library, a dining area and a garden. A new internal staircase between the two floors and the rooftop helps to physically link the spaces and provides direct access for staff.

Continuing the linearity of the design for the adjacent interior dining area the roof deck, materials were varied to create a barcode pattern that runs horizontally and continues vertically up the parapet wall. The wall itself includes planters sunken into and projecting from the walls to break down their mass.

The barcode strips are expressed in a recycled timber/PET composite and synthetic turf to create vivid contrasting patterns. The five large planters built up from the roof slab contain olive trees and also provide outdoor seating.

Area5,000 m2 / 53,820 sq ftApproximate ValueAED 50 million (2010)Year Completed2010

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Mazzeh HotelDamascus

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 31

Woods Bagot have been commissioned to design a major new 5 star Rotana hotel in Damascus, Syria.

The hotel represents an opportunity to create a striking, contemporary landmark that will reflect the atmosphere of the new Damascus; the ‘emerging Syria’.

The hotel will provide five star quality service and accommodation. It will also become a focal point for the fashionable Al Mazzeh West area and will be a destination hotel for all people living in the historical city of Damascus.

The design of hotel embraces the need to maximise views of the mountains, whilst creating a strong presence on the site due its prominent location. The design responds to both the busy roads and to the surrounding built context with a considered response to the orientation of the site.

The hotel will accommodate over 330 guestrooms, with a mix of standard guestrooms, executive club rooms and executive club lounge and suites and a ballroom to cater for 600 guests.

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Cathedral PlaceBrisbane

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 33

The Cathedral Place development was the focus of an attractive design concept which brings together affordable CBD housing, resort-style landscaping and dynamic retail.

Devine Limited engaged Woods Bagot to provide master planning, architectural, interior and landscape design services for this high density residential project in the heart of the Brisbane CBD on the sensitive Holy Name Cathedral site.

Central to the design is an AU $2 million resort-style landscape component including a large swimming pool, lagoons and beaches as well as streetscape development encompassing an entire CBD block. The project was particularly challenging because of all the private gardens, pools and lagoons located on the podium level over the basement car park. The complex is fully secure, allowing a safe living environment in a CBD location.

Approximate ValueAUD 60 millionArea36,000 m2

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RiverCity ApartmentsBrisbane

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 35

RiverCity Apartments respond to Brisbane’s demand for stylish and functional inner-city living. The striking tower is located on the corner of Albert and Mary Streets, capitalising on views over the Botanic Gardens and across Brisbane’s CBD.

Woods Bagot has designed the units with clean, crisp, functional areas, creating efficient internal layouts and expansive balconies from every apartment. The architectural form of the building is delineated by the unique configuration of external balconies and full height glass. Its form is accentuated by two large vertical fins extending beyond the building structure.

A residents’ amenity level atop of the podium includes a Japanese inspired garden surrounding an inviting 25m lap pool with a unique clear glass end offering glimpses through to the street below.

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Riparian Plaza Brisbane

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 37

Riparian Plaza is a new landmark commercial, retail, residential tower designed by HSA and located on the Brisbane River in the heart of the CBD.

The Woods Bagot landscape team was commissioned by Multiplex to develop a minimalist landscape design for the project that showcased indigenous feature trees in a contemporary plaza podium and tower forecourt design by Harry Seidler.

The landscape works addressed three key design elements including: – the installation of a 12m height mature feature weeping Fig tree (Ficus hilli) located on plaza podium overlooking the riverside promenade and Brisbane River;

– the development of an extensive mature palm grove adjacent to the Black Ink building; and

– the installation of new advanced street trees along Eagle Street in accordance with Brisbane City Council Centre Design Manual and requirements.

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CSL Biotherapies, 5000L Cell Culture Facility | February 2009 | 38

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 41

Landscape Urbanism Team03Supported by the global strength of Woods Bagot Urban Design Services group our Landscape Urbanism team operates as a key component. Our team members regularly work on both traditional Landscape Architecture projects and Landscape Urbanism projects.

Our team includes a range of project professionals including Landscape Architects, Urban Planners, Urban Designers, Landscape Urbanists, Horticulturalists, Architects, Environmental Planners, Environmental Engineers, Bioengineers, Forresters, Irrigation Engineers, Agricultural Engineers, Ecologists, Hydrologists and Constructed Wetland Specialists.

These capabilities can also be expanded with specialist consultants including Soil Scientists, Materials Scientists, Geologists, Biologists, Artists as and when required.

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 42

Richard is Joint Group Managing Director of Woods Bagot globally. He has over 17 years of professional experience; combining the design and delivery of buildings with the urban design and the master planning of new environments. Richard provides the design leadership and management of Woods Bagot’s multi-disciplinary teams and has worked in Australia, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, China and throughout Asia. His projects consistently communicate the contribution that effective design can make to the commercial success of projects.

Richard is an internationally recognised leader in the development of cities and urban design. Richard is an Adjunct Professor of Architecture at the University of Technology Sydney. He was Associate Professor of Urban Design and Director of Urban Design Degree Programs at the Harvard Design School. He has lectured and taught widely and is considered an expert on the urban redevelopment of waterfronts. He has authored numerous articles and three books: Emerging Urbanity – Global Urban Projects in the Asia Pacific Rim (2003), Waterfronts in Post Industrial Cities (2001), both published by Spon Press; and Designing the American City (2003), published by China Architecture and Building Press.

Richard is a registered architect, a member of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects and a member of the Planning Institute of Australia. He has served as a fellow and member of the board for the Institute of Urban Design in New York and on the executive committee of Harbour Business Forum in Hong Kong. Richard is a graduate of the University of Adelaide and Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Academic Qualifications

– BArch (Honours), University of Adelaide – MArch (Urban Design), Harvard University

Selected Projects

– Nakheel Harbour & Tower Precinct, Dubai – A masterplan for a large scale mixed use urban district surrounding the proposed Nakheel Tall Tower and corridor along the Arabian Canal

– Durrat Al Bahrain, Bahrain – Masterplan and development control plan for 200ha includes retail, offices, schools, mosques and community facilities

– Robina Town Centre, Australia – The masterplan proposes a delicately balanced mixture of residential, offices, retail and leisure activities.

– Al Oud Masterplan, Dubai – Development encompasses major residential, commercial and retail uses.

– Bahrain Water Gardens, Manama – Development of iconic and campus commercial, range of residential, 4 hotels, and leisure detail and theatre complex.

– Wharf District Parks, Central Artery Project Boston – Project involved the public realm design for the largest park in Boston.

– Lea Valley Regeneration / Olympic Masterplan, London – Develop a regeneration strategy for a socially, economically, environmentally section of London

TeamRichard MarshallGlobal Urban Design Group Director

Nakheel Harbour & Tower, Dubai

Durrat Al Bahrain, Bahrain

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 43

TeamAlfred SeelingDesign Director / Principal

Academic Qualifications

– BArch, WAIT

Selected Projects

– Qatar Science and Technology Park, Doha – Design Director on masterplan and design of major technology park in Education City, 2008.

– Nakheel Harbour & Tower – Design Director, tower and podium, on super tall tower, over 1 km. Mixed use, retail, commercial, residential, hotel.

– Expo Plaza, Dubai – Mixed use 750,000 m² development incorporating several hotels and office towers, retail and public plaza associated with the new World Trade Centre Exhibition Centre

– Saadiyat St Regis Resort, Abu Dhabi. – Hotel & resort development.

– Dubai Waterfront, Dubai – Mixed use residential, office, hotel, retail canal front tower development, 2007

– Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower, Abu Dhabi – 66 storey luxury residential development located on Reem Island.

– IMPZ Residences, Dubai, UAE – Design Director for 150 apartments. Ongoing

– Burj Dubai Residence, Dubai – Design Director on high rise residential towers & retail podium.

– Park Plaza, Dubai – Design Director on new 61 level office and residential tower on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Alf has 20 years experience as an architect both internationally and locally. He spent 10 years in Europe, UK and Japan before returning to Australia in 1996. Since 2000 Alf has been involved in projects in the Middle East region and has been resident in Dubai since 2003.

His key role and interests lie in the earliest conceptual stages of a project where the potential of a project is visualised and the brief established. He has many years of experience in detail design and on site which, together with a thorough analysis of project parameters, give a sound base to projects.

Alf in his role oversees design issues on all projects in the Middle East region. Recent projects include Burj Residences and Index Tower in Dubai, and Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower and Capital Centre in Abu Dhabi.

Nakheel Harbour & Tower, Dubai

Qatar Science & Technology Park

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 44

TeamJeff TillGlobal Leader Sustainability

Jeffrey Till brings more than twenty years of architectural and master planning experience to his roles as Design Director and Global Leader Sustainability at Woods Bagot. His focus on research informed design allows him to find innovative sustainable solutions to complex building types.

Through advanced technology, research and overarching sustainable principles, Jeffrey brings to bear added financial and ecological value to global projects. He endeavors to create progressive, eco-effective architecture in a collaborative andmulti disciplinary approach.

Jeffrey is a licensed architect, member of the American Institute of Architects, and a USGBC LEED accredited professional. His experience includes large-scale, high-rise and mixed-use urban developments, campus workplace, hospitality, andmulti-family residential projects. He has also taught sustainable architecture at Stanford University, and advised corporate leaders and business groups on green planning strategies.

Jeff has led the Zero e inititiative of Woods Bagot aimed at finding methods and models for designing zero emissions and zero carbon cities.

Zero e Initiative, China

Academic Qualifications

– CAD studies program, San Francisco State University – Architecture / Design Studies Program : DIS/University of Copenhagen, Denmark – B Env Des, Architecture, University Of Colorado, Boulder

Selected Projects

- Zero e Initiative, China, A project and model for zero carbon communities–2001 Market St San Francisco, 85 unit mixed-use multifamily condominium–1401 California St, San Francisco. 80 unit mixed-use multifamily condominium–Meridian 2 Mixed Use Tower, Sacramento, USA. Designed as a LEED certified

600,000sf office, hotel & residential tower for Sacramento’s Capitol Mall–835 Market Street, San Francisco, USA. A new high rise mixed-use hotel,

residential, entertainment, and retail center. Forest City / Westfield California–Daewoo Town Master Plan, Inchon, Korea. A mixed-use master plan

development including super high rise office, hotel, shopping, educational, and research facilities

–Taman Angrek Center II, Jakarta, Indonesia.1.5m sf mixed-use high-rise devt–Macadam Mixed Use, Portland, USA. A new multi-family residential and retail––De Kolk Mixed-Use Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands. A new retail, office and

hotel project within Amsterdam’s historic center. ABN Amro Bank–The President Park, Bangkok, Thailand. A new 2.5 million sf high rise mixed

use project, including luxury serviced apartments, condominiums, retail and structured parking. President Park LLC

- Omni Hotel / Metropolitan Mixed Use Project, San Diego, USA. Design for a 33 story urban mixed-use hotel/ residential tower, including Petco pedestrian suspension bridge design.

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WOODSBAGOT.COM Landscape & Urbanism | 2010 | Page 45

TeamSteven VelegrinisLandscape Urbanism Practice Leader

Steven grew up in Australia and pursued a career in Urban Planning & Heritage Conservation before embarking on a career in Landscape Architecture. A career that would take him into the Asian region, where he would join a substantial contingent of expatriate, landscape architects who had been practicing outside their country for a long period of time. After spending almost a decade in Singapore, working on major projects and teaching, Steven moved to the UAE in 2008.

Influenced by his multi-disciplinary background Steven’s work has attempted to promote a more instrumental role for the Landscape as an organizing medium in Urban Planning. His recent work & research seeks to promote the idea of Landscape Urbanism as the future for sustainable urban development in the Middle East and Asia. To this end he is currently completing a PhD exploring the idea of an expanded role for the Landscape in Urban Planning in the rapidly developing economies of the world.

Steven’s work exhibits a commitment to rethinking the landscape from a typically conventional standpoint in the design principles of plan, form ecology, tactility and context. Steven’s approach to landscape is discovering in each project a unique set of conditions that can be enhanced, embodied and extended through landscape architecture towards more sustainable futures. He was involved in a number of competition winning masterplans including Food City in Dubai, Airport City Doha and the UNSW Singapore Campus Masterplan.

Academic Qualifications

– BA (Urban Planning), Victoria University, Australia – BLA (Honours), Lincoln University, New Zealand – Grad Dip (Heritage Conservation), Victoria University, Australia – PhD Landscape Urbanism (In Progress), University of Western Australia

Selected Projects

– Kochi Marine Drive Residential Development, Kochi, India – Landscape Architecture for high density residential development

– Kempinski Hotel, The Wave Muscat, Oman – Landscape Architecture for new 5 star resort in Oman

– Abuja World Trade Centre Towers, Abuja, Nigeria – Landscape Architecture for major mixed use development in Nigerias capital

– Food City, Dubai, UAE – Masterplanning of a 200ha self-sustaining zero carbon city (Shortlisted in ‘Unlandscaped’ Competition)

– Clear Village Sustainable City – 1st Runner up in Clear Village open International Design Competition

– Airport City, Doha – Landscape Masterplanning of a 1300ha mixed use development (1st Place in Invited Design Competition)

– Arabian Canal, Dubai, UAE – Landscape Masterplanning of a 75klm long Canal in Dubai

– Khor Fakkhan, Kalba & Dibba Masterplan, Sharjah UAE – EIA and Masterplan for 25klm Stretch of Coast

– Al Qasba Masterplan, Sharjah, UAE – Landscape Masterplan for major redevelopment of Central Sharjah

– Palm Jumeirah Central Park, Dubai UAE – Landscape Design for 80m AED development of Central Park on Palm Jumeira

– Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield Terminal, Abu Dhabi – Landscape Architecture for 60ha site of new Airport Terminal in Abu Dhabi

Food City, Dubai

Clear Village Sustainable City

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TeamLeonardo QuevadaSenior Landscape Architect

Leonardo (Andy) has gained over 23 years professional experience in architecture and landscape. With almost 20 years experience in the Middle East as a Senior Landscape Architect, he has a wide range of experience from concept to documentation in both broad and small scale projects.

Andy is a talented perspective sketch artist and sensitive designer. Through his experience he has developed an comprehensive knowledge of hard and soft landscape elements and their appropriate use to create aesthetic, functional and site specific design solutions.

Andy is currently leading the design of the five star Kempinski Hotel Apartments, The Wave Muscat in Oman, the Abuja World Trade Centre Landscape Design, Kochi Marine Drive Residential Development in India.

Al Kaheel, Dubai

Academic Qualifications

– Bachelor of Science in Architecture, National University, Manila – Registered Landscape Architect, PALA member

Selected Projects

– Yahsat Headquarters, Abu Dhabi – Kempinski Hotel, The Wave Muscat, Oman – Andalusia Hills, Spain – Hakkasan Restaurant, Abu Dhabi – Jebel Hafeet Emirati Housing, Abu Dhabi – Rotana Hotel, Syria – Jining Resort Hotel, China – Badrah Development, Dubai

– Design and development of stages 1-4 landscape which encompasses major residential, commercial and retail uses

– Al Kaheel, Dubai – Part of a major new equine facility in Dubailand comprising a residential resort in a village setting, a hilltop hotel and some 500 mixed villa and chalet homes

– Bahrain City Centre, Bahrain – One of the largest malls in Bahrain comprising hotels & large indoor water park

– The Royal Saudi Embassy, Bahrain – The Royal Saudi Embassy, Oman – The Royal Saudi Embassy, Abu Dhabi, UAE – Prince Walid bin Talal Palaces, Riyadh, KSA

Badrah Stage 1

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TeamPatrick SorianoLandscape Architect

Patrick is an qualified architect with considerable experience on landscape projects throughout the Middle East.

Through his training Patrick has developed a keen eye for hard landscape detailing and documentation of complex urban projects. This has been greatly assisted by Patricks extensive grasp of computer software including AutoCAD, Autodesk REVIT, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

Patrick is currently leading the design for a 1klm long shopping centre in Doha, Qatar as well as numerous other projects including Yahsat Sattelite Tracking Station, Kempinski Hotel, The Wave Muscat and Kochi Drive Marine Drive Residential Development.

Academic Qualifications

- Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Far Eastern University Manila

Selected Projects

– Yahsat Headquarters, Abu Dhabi – Kempinski Hotel, Oman – Taj Halab, Aleppo, Syria – Jebel Hafeet Emirati Housing, Abu Dhabi – Hakkasan Restaurant, Abu Dhabi – Expo Plaza, Dubai – Badrah Stages 3 & 13, Dubai – Forum Residential Towers, Dubai – Mazzeh Hotel, Damascus – Lusail Development Infrastructure, Doha – Doha North Sewage Treatment Plant, Doha – Forum Residential Towers, Dubai – Sohar Hotel, Muscat – Muttrah Hotel, Muscat – Mazzeh Hotel, Damascus – West Bay Lagoon Mall, Doha – The Wall Sports Stadium, Doha – Tourist Apartment, Doha – Rievera Compound, Doha – Extension of Sheik Palace, Doha – Al-Attiya Villa, West Bay, Doha

Forum Residences Mazzeh Hotel

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TeamAtuf HamraConsultant Irrigation Engineer

Academic Qualifications

- B.Sc. Agriculture Engineering – 1976 – American University of Beirut

- M.Sc. Irrigation – 1979 – American University of Beirut

- Professional engineer & member of Irrigation Association (USA), Member

Lebanese Syndicate of Engineers (Lebanon).

Selected Projects

– Movenpick Hotel & Resorts at Yanbu Royal Commission, KSA – New Doha International Airport ( NDIA ) – Doha – Qatar – Wave Breaker Project Phase 1, Abu Dhabi – New Cornich Project, Abu Dhabi – Farms Projects / Land. & Irrig. Projects – Derby Design Consultants Al Wathba Park UAE – Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. ADNOC – Arabian Engineering Centre – Hamra Int’l Co., Agriculture & Irrigation Specialists – Saudi Green Nurseries – Kemya Plant – Saudi Arabia – Markaz Al Fanateer Altijari – Saudi Arabia – Haii Al Daffi – Saudi Arabia – Saudi Commet Co. - Saudi Arabia – Regional Agri. & Water Research Centre - Saudi Arabia – Metcalf & Eddy – JV – Khatib & Alami - – Sir Bani Yas, Abu Dhabi – GASCO Habshan, Dubai – Al Durra Towers, Dubai. – Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi – Internacional City, Dubai – Al Turath Development 2, Dubai – Sunland White Bay, Dubai – Jumeirah Village, Dubai – Crown Plaza, Abu Dhabi – Staybridge Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Atuf brings to GCLA 28 years of practical experience in the irrigation and landscaping field. Atuf has spent most of his career in the Middle East and has worked in the UAE, Syria, Lebanon, Doha, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

As a Senior Irrigation Engineer, Atuf has designed and executed many irrigation and landscaping projects up to the value of $20 M. Atuf has a broad range of capabilities and his work has included Wetland Design, Plant Nursery Supervision, Irrigation Construction Supervision and Project Management.

His managerial and administrative skills have been developed over the years and are meticulous in executing the projects that meet high standards and completion targets.Most recently Atuf was the lead Irrigation Designer for the Al Raha Beach mixed use development which will have an eventual population of 120,000 people.

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TeamGeoff SandersonConsultant Landscape Horticulturalist

As a Landscape Architect, the hallmarks of Geoff’s work include an encouraging, progressive, enquiring and regionally sensitive approach to the design and con-struction of landscapes across the world, particularly the Middle East, region. This has seen him gain extensive experience working on projects as diverse as desert reclamation zones, palaces, heritage sites and parks. In addition to this is his vast knowledge of International Project Management and Urban Planning, disciplines that have seen him involved in commissions.

Prior to working in the UAE, Geoff managed the International Business, Planning and Environment Department for Kinhill Engineers, involved with projects including the (World Bank Funded) Environmental Audit for the Steel Authority of India.

During the course of his career, Geoff has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Victoria Market Square (Civic Trust Award), China Town - Melbourne (Civic Trust Award & AILA Design Award and Cleland Zoo – South Australia, (Na-tional Tourism Award & AILA Design Award). In addition to this Geoff has also won an Australian Institute of Landscape Architect’s medal for management. Geoff is considered an authority on landscape management in the MENA region and has held a number of influential positions including the role of National President of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.

Academic Qualifications

– M.A Sci Hort - University of Melbourne (TBC) – B.A L.Arch - RMIT University/ Aust Inst L.Arch. Melbourne. – B.A Sci - Hort (Hons) - University of Melbourne, Australia

Selected Projects

– Steel Authority of India Ltd, Environmental Audit – Al Raha Beach Project - a new city for 120,000 people – Zayed University - Dubai – Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield Terminal. – Dubai Creek Extension – Arabian Canal (RTA) – Sir Baniyas - Horticulture management – Al Ain World Heritage Listing application – Al Wathba Lake Master Plan – Environment Protection Authority Thailand

Landscape Planning input to EIA for proposed Petrochemical plant. – Al Ain (UAE) Landscape Strategy Project Director – Institute of Education Administration, Geelong, Melbourne AILA – Warringah Expressway - Sydney – Gungahlin New Town - Canberra, ACT – Cleland Conservation Park and Zoo, Adelaide Hills winner AILA awards. – Royal Melbourne Zoo - Melbourne – Victorian Arts Centre - Melbourne – Lanyon Landscape Planning Strategy - Canberra ACT – City of Adelaide Plan Review – Santos Stony Point- Environment Impact Study – Sha’ab Gardens - Kuwait – Al Rawdah Palace Bahrain, – Safriya and Wasmiya Palaces Bahrain – Bahrain Tourism Directorate – Palace Project (Qatar) – Australian Garden - Nagoya, Japan

Abu Dhabi Airport

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TeamRoger TorinoEnvironmental Planner

Roger has a background in both Geography and City Planning and has more than 5 years experience in urban design, master planning and project management including public facilities, multi-functional complex projects and overall planning. He has engaged in design work in China, the United States and Japan.

Roger is a LEED AP and a registered architect, owing to his multi disciplinary background Roger has a particular strength and expertise in sustainable development, and environmental planning throughout the design process.

Roger has excellent communication skills with clients, and is a creative thinker in ensuring the client brief is fully satisfied..

Roger fluent in English, Chinese and Spanish.

Selected Projects

- Public Policy Institute of Architectural Design, University of Virginia, United States

- North Carolina State University, New Engineering Library, United States

- Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, United States

- Norwegian University of Science, 50000 square meters campus expansion, Norway Urban Design and Planning

- Buffalo, New York University Master Plan, the United States

- Transformation of the East Baltic city of Description

- Multi-purpose real estate suburb of Philadelphia, United States

- Beijing Daxing original villa villa and apartment projects

- Use qualitative and quantitative analysis of spatial data for GlaxoSmithKline R & D department to design a high work environment management

- Lianyungang Port Terminal Integrated Development Plan


- Master of Urban Planning, MIT, USA

- BA (Geography) University of California, Berkeley, USA

- LEED certification for sustainable design professionals

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TeamDuc Huy DinLandscape Planner

Duc Huy is originally from Vietnam; had been trained in Australia and has over 6 years experience in Australia and Asia with broad experience in commercial, retail and education projects.

Duc Huy has multidisciplinary skills in architectural design, landscape design, urban design, master planning and design coordination.

Duc Huy is based in Woods Bagot Hong Kong office and as such has extensive involvement in large masterplanning projects with a particular emphasis on landscape and ecologically based urbanism.


- Bachelor of Environmental Design, University of Western Australia, Australia

- Bachelor of Architecture,University of Western Australia, Australia

Selected Projects

- Xi Xi Wetlands Masterplanned Development, China

- Long Gang China Merchants Gardens, Shenzhen, China

- Mount Kellett Residential Development, Hong Kong

- Yi Zhuang New Town Residential Project, Beijing, China

- Wuxi Waterfront Mixed Use Masterplan, Wuxi, China- Waroona Town Centre, A holistic and community encompassing project comprising of the redevelopment of the town hall and its surrounds

- Bunbury Centenary Gardens, Civic garden spaces surrounding the new Civic Centre for the City of Bunbury, Western Australia

- Stephen Street Streetscape, Bunbury, Western Australia

- Waroona Town Centre, A holistic and community encompassing project comprising of the redevelopment of the town hall and its surrounds to form a cultural heart in the Shire of Waroona, Western Australia

- Nam Dan Plaza, A multistorey commercial development in the new CDB of Hanoi, Vietnam

- Challenger TAFE, Landscape design and execution for Maritime Polytechnic College in Fremantle, Western Australia

- Scotch College Landscape Masterplan, Landscape Masterplan for a prestigious all boys’ high school in Swanbourne, Western Australia

- Port Coogee Redevelopment, Port Coogee Western Australia

- Bunbury Back Beach Coastal Enhancement, Redevelopment of a deteriorated and eroded beach in Bunbury, Western Australia

- City of Dreams Casino & Entertainment Complex, First class casino and entertainment venue in Macau

- Scenic Playground and Facilities, Landscape design and execution of an ‘All Inclusive and Universally Accessible’ Playground in Wanneroo, Western Australia

- Kununurra Recreational Facility Masterplan, Masterplan for a youth centre in Kununurra, Western Australia

- Yanchep Surf Life Saving Facility and Masterplan, Development masterplan for surf club in Yanchep, Western Australia

- Acadia Residential Development, Chongqing, China

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SAHMRI, Adelaide, Australia

TeamMegan AntcliffArchitect / Horticulturalist

Megan’s project activity has been across the isciplines of urban, landscape and built form. Over the past 5 years she has largely focused on strategic planning, site master planning and campus design for tertiary and vocational education and research organisations, often managing extensive consultation processes and diverse stakeholder groups.

Megan has been involved in project delivery in a number of cultural contexts and her consultant interface and stakeholder management abilities and capacity to motivate and co-ordinate consultant teams, particularly in the briefing and concept design stages of project delivery, are important for ensuring that client expectations and project quality assurance outcomes are met.

Academic Qualifications

––Bachelor of Science, Urban Horticulture, University of Technology, Sydney

––Architect, Ecole d’Architecture de Versailles, France

––Green Star Accredited Professional

––‘Trees for Life’ Board Member, Not for Profit Organisation 2010 - present

Selected Projects

– University of Adelaide Master Plan and Strategic Facilities – University of South Australia Mawson Lakes Campus Campus Master Plan, – University of South Australia, Campus Master Plan, Magill Campus – TAFE SA Marleston Master Plan & Centre of Excellence – UTAR College, KL, Malaysia. Educational planning / campus Master Plan – Doha College of Technology, Qatar. Client interface and return brief – Al Ain University, UAE. Establishment of campus design principles – Spencer Institute of TAFE Strategic Master Plan – ‘Earth Station’ Festival Site Masterplan – ‘The Dunes’, Port Hughes, South Australia, Masteprlan – City Central Master Plan, Adelaide, Riverbank Stage II Urban Renewal project in central Adelaide – South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), Adelaide, SA. – City Central Precinct, Adelaide Hotel and luxury apartments concept – The Salvation Army development, Noarlunga. Communication, consultation, briefing and concept design – CSIRO Land and Water Laboratory facility, Waite Campus. Facilities planning, consultation, briefing – Stamford College, Berhad, Bangi, KL. Educational planning, site masterplanning and concept design.

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Nakheel Harbour & Tower, Dubai

TeamRichard BreitSenior Urban Designer

Richard is an Architect with over 8 years experience in urban design in residential and public and civic sectors.

His experience lies in large-scale urban programmes involving managing the design and building process of a prominent office building. The concept of creating a framework for architecture through the urban plan and creating an integrated system between urban plan and landscape is the basis for his design work.

Richard was a key member of the Nahkeel Harbour and Tower project - one of the world’s tallest tower projects in Dubai. Richard is currently involved in a series of masterplans in China for large scale urban developments and regeneration.

Richard is a registered Architect and a member of the Royal Dutch Institute of Architects

Academic Qualifications

Bachelors in Architecture, (RIBA I); UCL, London

Diploma in Architecture, (RIBA II), Architectural Association, London

Selected Projects

– Nakheel Harbour & Tower District, Dubai – Project coordinator for masterplan for large scale mixed use urban district surrounding the proposed Tall Tower and corridor along the Arabian Canal.

– Al Uqair Resort Community, Saudi Arabia – Planning framework for a 2500 Ha site, part of a bigger 60,000ha development zone for sustainable resort destination & community for 1 million people

– Design competition of a new CBD in Beijing, PRC – . This project consisted of a total GFA of 2.1 million sqm and 15 high rise buildings varying between 155 and 430m in height.. With a total population of over 90,000 would rely on overall public transport use of 85%. .

– Regional Development Framework for the Greater Helsinki Metropolitan Area – This 3rd Placed competition entry developed a series of development frameworks for the Helsinki region for the year 2050.

– Regeneration Project for the City of Deventer, Netherlands – The existing city squares were used to regenerate the program and the city as a whole, urban public spaces as generators for a historic centre

– Spijkenisse, Netherlands – Regeneration Project, this project is based on the concept of developing stepping stones from which new urban programs could be generated small scale 120 unit project

– Hellendoorn, Finland – Regeneration Project which used the redevelopment of existing rail infrastructure through the centre of a small town to reintroduce a landscape link into the city from its surrounding protected landscape areas. Landscape Architecture was used to regenerate the city centre

– Redesigning the City Forums, Holland – A series of forums with residents, city counsellors, investors, and business owners, to develop a redevelopment framework for inner city areas.

– Summer house in Huatulco, Mexico – The house which is placed as a platform within the undisturbed surrounding jungle, is minimal in its architecture with a strong relationship with the setting

– Barcelona beach benches – The concrete structures were to be designed as free flowing objects without any specific ergonomic hierarchy