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The ZoomCharts team is proud to unveil the newly updated ZoomCharts software, v1.4. We’ve been listening to your feedback and working hard to make your requests a reality. The updated software includes a handful of significant improvements and impressive features, such as the introduction of a new chart type: the Geo Chart. Version 1.4 upgrade highlights include: • The new Geo Chart, which allows for visualization of map locations • Text caching, which makes for faster Net Chart rendering • A fix for Net Chart label overlapping • New zooming feature for Net Chart labels, an update from the former fixed width labels • New radial layout option for Net Charts • Major updates to documentation • Bug fixes ZoomCharts, the world’s most interactive data visualization software, allows you to create completely interactive visual representations of big data sets on all modern devices, at incredibly fast speeds. ZoomCharts product roster includes: The Pie Chart, which allows for intuitive hierarchical data exploration, giving you a quick overview of your data and, unlike a traditional pie chart, lets you click on slices to drill down further into information when needed. The Facet Chart, a modern bar chart that lets you compare data values side by side in one easy to read representation, and where you can drill down deeper when necessary. The Time Chart, which allows you explore to statistical data within various time ranges, and which supports multiple data series and value axes. The Network Chart, a completely interactive way to explore linked data sets with movable focus nodes, with features such as incremental data loading and exploration of data using dynamic filters. The newly unveiled Geo Chart, an interactive map that lets you explore geographical data, allowing you to plot data over specific locations or regions. Check out our demos that allow you to explore the fully interactive chart experience. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Software Version 1.4 New Release February 23rd, 2015 http://www.zoomcharts.com/ The worlds most interactive data visualization software