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Social media a luat locul mediilor tradiționale de marketare iar ZMOT, cunoscut și ca Zero Moment of Truth este cunoscut ca barometrul care dicteaza noile trenduri, kilometrul zero decizional.

Transcript of Zmot

  • SM Facts Traditional Vs.Now
  • Social media is part of Our Life
  • 1/3 of the Global Population is now online Source: Worldwide Social Media facts
  • Global Social Media Stats Facebook 1,11 billion active users Youtube 1 billion Twitter 500 million Google+ 343 million LinkedIn 225 million Instagram 100 million Pinterest 48,7 million Foursquare 33 million WebData: May/June 2013
  • Hours per week used on Media Consumption MEDIA EU AVERAGE ROMANIA TV 16,8 hours 15,7 hours Online 15.9 hours 4,9 hours Radio 12,7 hours 11,1 hours Newspapers 4,6 hours 4,3 hours Magazines 4 hours 3,6 hours
  • What used to work, its not a sure bet anymore Disruptive marketing practices like 30-second television commercials and print advertisements dont have the same effective vibe as 20 years ago.
  • There is a Communication Gap Traditional media is heading down
  • Source: Nielsen Report 2012 Till the present What and how much I trust? Series 1, Banner Ads, 33% Series 1, TV/Magazine Ads, 47% Series 1, Search Finds, 56% Series 1, Word of Mouth, 92%
  • Where Simultaneous Device Usage is the Norm
  • So, let's rewind
  • Consumer Behavior has Changed! Google Oct 2012
  • I believe my online friends they tell me the truth, unlike advertisement
  • Web = Pure Content
  • 95% of the Content is User Generated Content! and the size of the digital universe doubles every two years.
  • Attention Span Time Dropped from 12 mins to 5 sec! in the Last 7 years Source: Media Bistro March 2012
  • Hard to be Heard Everybody is Talking Now
  • Traditional 3 Step Mental Model of Marketing First Moment of Truth Second Moment of Truth Stimulus At shelf In-store Experience FMOT: was coined by Procter & Gamble in 2005
  • Consumer Behavior has Changed! Pre-shopping before buying has become a huge, huge part of Customer Behavior.
  • ZMOT is that moment when You Grab your Laptop, Mobile phone or some other Wired Device and Start Learning about a Product or Service -or poten al girlfriend J - youre Thinking about Trying or Buying.
  • The New Marketing Model First Moment of Truth Second Moment of Truth Stimulus Pre-shopping | In-store | In-home At shelf In-store Experience Which becomes the next persons ZMOT
  • 86% Of all Shoppers use ZMOT Sources in the path to purchase
  • You Cant Control Your Brand But You Can Control the Agenda
  • the golden social media rule: more about them, less about us
  • Its NOT about Platforms
  • Its NOT about Devices
  • BUT
  • Its About Content In the Right Context
  • Main Facebook KPIs Recruit Fans Increase Engagement Increase time spent interacting with the brandBuild Our Fan Base REACH How many fans receive our content ENGAGEMENT How many fans interact with our content
  • Steps to get more Shares10
  • HOW TO Get more Visibility/Reach Test to find out how often you should post on your Brands Social Media accounts. When you find out, keep up the rhythm so you remain Top of Mind for your fans. 01 Be Consistent
  • HOW TO Get more Visibility/Reach Best time to post depends on your Business. I.e. retailers posts work best in the mornings. 02 Time it Right!
  • HOW TO Get more Visibility/Reach And alternate visual content with text-only updates. 03 Use Eye-catching Images
  • HOW TO Get more Visibility/Reach Keep your posts between 100-150 characters these get around 60% more likes, comments & shares than longer posts. 04 Keep it Short
  • HOW TO Get more Visibility/Reach Your Content should always have your audience assured that you know who they are 05 Be Relevant
  • HOW TO Get more Visibility/Reach People are your friends and fans because they like what you do, so keep your Social Media voice true to your brand. 06 Use your authentic voice
  • HOW TO Get more Visibility/Reach Asking your fans to like, share or comment most of the times makes it more likely for them to do so. 07 Always include a Call To Action
  • HOW TO Get more Visibility/Reach Use not only Contests and promo apps, but also surveys and forms to strengthen bonds with your fans. 08 Be Creative with Apps
  • HOW TO Get more Visibility/Reach Include the latest tips & tricks, make sure your audience can see you are on top of your game every minute! 09 Have a Sense of Urgency
  • HOW TO Get more Visibility/Reach Ask yourself before posting would I, as a fan, find this post valuable for me? 10 Offer Value
  • What Do They Find?
  • Google search results for Barilla and its competitors Brand Mentions in Google Paste Baneasa 106.000 Pambac 55.300 Barilla 41.800 Monte Banato 12.200 Arnos 4520
  • Mixed messages regarding the search results: Positive MasterChef finalists and the winner of Barilla contest are leaving for Italy Neagative Barilla owner regarding the implication of gay couples in communication campaigns Neutral Richard Hutton a Romanian Barilla like investor 41.800 results
  • 55.300 results 106.000 results Better search results in Google for Pambac and Paste Baneasa
  • Barilla has more results comparing with Monte Banato and Arnos 41.800 results 4520 results
  • Keywords related with pasta Consumer Searches Mentions in Google Retete de mancare 4.840.000 Retete paste 1.990.000 Sos paste 1.490.000 Paste cu sos 1.330.000 Paste la cuptor 948.000 Paste cu sos 242.000
  • Retete mancare is one of the most searched key word combination when it comes to pasta according to Google ad words. There is no mention of Barilla, it could be opportunity to try and gain this territory 4.840.000
  • Retete paste again, a popular keyword where Barilla is not present 1.99.000
  • Sos paste no mention of Barilla 1.490.000
  • Overall trend in Google of Barilla Until 2011 it didnt appear on the Google radar
  • Barilla behavior in the last 12 months A communication flight appears between February and June
  • Baneasa and Barilla are the only 2 pasta brands that have relevant numbers in Google It seems that Baneasa has regular campaigns once a year in the same period
  • Baneasa Barilla Pambac Monte Banato
  • What Google Suggests Most Popular Searches One of the suggestions is the type of pasta Barilla 47 but the links are towards fishing sites. It seems that Barilla 47 is favorite among the fishermen because they use it as bait
  • It hasnt been a good PR year for Barilla. Negative post, about the GM controversy decision about using gay couples in advertising for Barilla. People tal