z/Linux or Linux on the Mainframe

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z/Linux or Linux on the Mainframe Eric K. Dickinson Presenter

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z/Linux or Linux on the Mainframe. Eric K. Dickinson Presenter. Agenda. Biography Disclaimer The Mainframe Must Die! zLinux. What Qualifies Me to Present?. Been a nerd since 1979 Fixed computers and radars in the army AT&T Computer Systems System 5v4 1986 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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z/Linux or Linux on the Mainframe

z/LinuxorLinux on the MainframeEric K. DickinsonPresenterAgendaBiographyDisclaimerThe Mainframe Must Die!zLinuxWhat Qualifies Me to Present?Been a nerd since 1979Fixed computers and radars in the armyAT&T Computer Systems System 5v4 1986Became Richard Stallman fan 1989Became Patrick Volkerding fan in 1993Installed first z/Linux 2007Became Government production 2009PresentationNot sponsored by the GovernmentNot connected with the GovernmentNot endorsed by the GovernmentThis is purely presented as a hobbyist.The Mainframe Must Die!Perceptions of the MainframeWords HurtExpensiveHugeDinosaurzSeries ServersEnterpriseScalableVelociraptor

zSeries Server VocabularyLPARFICON and FCPDASDCryptography Acceleratorz/VM64bit OperationIFLBooksLPARHypervisorVirtualized SystemsPhysically UnconnectedHipersockets60 LPARSMemory IsolationVariable WorkloadFICON and FCP

Both4-8G1600 MBpsFiber ConnectivityMultiple ConcurrentAdditional CRCSame Cables as FCPFiber Channel ProtocolSwitched FabricSCSIDASDzLinux usesDirect Access Storage DeviceCKD Count Key DataFBA Fixed Block ArchitectureFCP SAN NASSCSICryptography AcceleratorOff-loads Cryptography Processing128 bit AESDESSHAIndependent Random Number Generatorz/VMHypervisorMonitoringTunableIsolated MemoryHipersockets

64bit Operation31 bits?64 bits?

IFLIntegrated Facility for LinuxTuned to Only Linux Processor Instructions256 Theoretical guests.BooksProcessors and Memory are in BooksHot SwappableAdd Processors HotAdd Memory Hotz/LinuxIs It Really Linux?DistributionsConfigurationsStrengths WeaknessesWell Suited ForWho uses it?How Do I do it?

Is It Really LinuxNot EmulatedComplete Native Operating SystemFormally Released 2000Linas VepstasBig-Foot, Think BlueOpen SourceGartner Reports the Future of Government and Big BusinessMakes IBM OSS friendlyDistributionsRed Hat RHEL6Novell SuSE SLES 11DebianGentoo Slackware CentOS FedoraEtcConfigurationsJust Like Real LinuxMultiple Network InterfacesLogical Volume Management (Grow on the Fly!)RPM, APT-GET, YUM, YAST and SourceLAMPOracle, DB2, MySQLPHP, Perl, JBoss, Java, Ruby (This list goes on)StrengthsCosts (Most Important)Enterprise ClassHigh AvailabilityStandard DevelopmentHigh I/OIndustry DirectionSecuritySupportUbiquityWeaknessesProcessor IntensivePackage Availabilityz/VM KnowledgeWell SuitedLAMP ApplicationsCMS (Content Management System)Wiki (Mediawiki, Twiki, Swiki..)Blogs (WordPress..)CMS (Drupal, Openpublic, Joomla, OpenPublish.)DatabasesMySQL, Oracle, DB2, Postgress EmailSendmail, Postfix.SecurityScanning (Nessus, Satan, SaraFirewall IPTablesSo Many OthersWho Uses z/Linux?CMS Center for Medicade/Medicare ServicesNIH National Institutes of HealthSSA Social Security AdministrationState FarmMany othersHow Do I Do it?There is plenty of help on the internet.Detailed instructions may be foundhttp://www.turbohercules.com/projects/zlinux/http://linuxvm.org/info/howtos/hercules.htmlSupport may be found athttp://www.turbohercules.com/services/http://www.hercules-390.org/Greening the Data CenterNo Additional PowerNo Additional CoolingNo Additional Floor SpaceUse Resources More EfficientlyQuestions?