ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH E I D Zion s Good News 2019 Zion’s Good News ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH ed. E...

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Transcript of ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH E I D Zion s Good News 2019 Zion’s Good News ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH ed. E...

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    DECEMBER 2019

    Zion’s Good News


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    “Finding Christmas Under the Sea”

    Mary was an ordinary clown fish, pledged to be married to another clown fish named Joseph in the sea of Nazareth. That changed the day Mary received a visit from an angel fish with the most wonderful news. Join us for a Christmas adventure led by the J-Team and Little Lutherans.

    December 15th - 9:00 Worship Children’s Program

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    “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”

    “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” is a poem written by one of

    America’s most popular poets, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The

    first line tells us the circumstances of the poem’s composition, but

    the key to its message lies in the year it was written—1864. On the

    day when Longfellow heard the church bells in Boston “their old

    familiar carols play,” America was deeply entangled in the Civil

    War, and Longfellow felt the ironic contrast between the Christmas

    message of “peace on earth, goodwill to men” and the horrors of

    war. But as he listened to the bells, suddenly the Christmas gospel

    felt stronger to Longfellow than the hatred and killing of the battle-


    Then pealed the bells more loud and deep: “God is not dead, nor doth he sleep; The wrong shall fail, the right prevail, With peace on earth, goodwill to men.”

    That verse has been playing in my head this week. Listening to the

    news of sisters and brothers around the world who are living

    through wars, fires, famine, and other natural disasters as well as

    those conjured up by humans, makes one wonder, “is God dead?”

    God is not dead, nor is He asleep. He is a loving God who is in-

    volved in our daily lives. We were created with purpose and our

    lives have meaning. To think there is no God and that we are simply

    here by random chance is to say there is no right or wrong and that

    life has no meaning. God sent His Son to us to show us that we mat-

    ter. He sent Him to show He cares about our struggles mentally,

    physically, and spiritually. He came to right the wrongs, to bring

    peace on earth, and goodwill to men. Thanks be to God.

    ~ Pastor Sue




    President: Brenda Castellano

    V. Pres.: Maryel Schoenfuss

    Secretary: Carmella Moon

    Treasurer: Marge Redetzke

    Evangelism: Cory Wiesman

    Faith Formation: Jackie Fischer & Isaac Thompson

    Property: Lee Spindler

    Stewardship: Amy Cournoyer

    Worship: Lois Miller

    PASTOR: Sue Eidahl Home Phone: 687-4381 E-mail: eides@zionlc.com

    Secretary: Lori Lang E-mail: office@zionlc.com



    Write us at Zion Lutheran Church, 213501 Legacy Street, Stratford, WI 54484-9632

    Phone us at 715-687-4110 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. or leave a voice mail message.

    Or email us at office@zionlc.com or directly to emails above. WEB SITE: www.zionlc.com


    PLEASE keep the office updated: • Address, Phone & Email changes • Births, Deaths, Hospitalizations

    INDEX Page 1 Finding Christmas Under the Sea /

    Children’s Christmas Program 2 Pastor Sue’s Letter 3 Sunday Advent / Wednesday Ad-

    vent / Christmas in the Park 4 Christmas Eve Music / Good Gifts

    Tree / “The Star” Movie 5 Scrip News / Christmas Worship

    Decorations / Advent & Christmas Decorating Help

    6 Building Update / Annual Report Information / Christmas Message

    7 January Serving Sign Up / Chil- dren’s Christmas Program / J-team and Little Lutherans

    8 From Our House to Yours 9 Council Minutes / Constitution

    Changes 10 Zion Cookbooks / Birthdays &

    Anniversaries 11 Church Staff & Index Pull out: December Calendar and Serving Schedule / Bishop’s Message and Summary of Amendments. NEWSLETTER DEADLINE The 21st of each month. ANNOUNCEMENT DEADLINE Wednesdays by 9:00 a.m. WEEKLY E-MAIL Goes out on Monday morning. Email office@zionlc.com to be added to the receiver list.

    Zion is on Facebook.

    You can go to our website at www.zionlc.com and click on the link to

    the Facebook page.

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    DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS 1 - Duane Schraeder 2 - Kevin Miller 3 - Tierra Waddell 4 - Karlene Beyer 6 - Barb Wrensch 7 - Anthony Gliniecki Rose Huther Zachariah McBath 9 - Emmercyn Schiller 10 - Rod Huther Jacob Dahlke Lori Lang 11 - Gary Wussow 12 – Jackson Dahlke Sally Epping

    Courtney Reno 13 - Douglas Bolen Jr.

    Brynn Wiesman 14 - Eileen Hoesly Jamie Wenzel 15 - Eddy Peterson Roland Kauffman 16 - Adam Brubaker

    Ashley Gallagher 20 - Joel Jurgensen Cinnamin Harwood 21 - Dixie Weber Karen Polege 23 - Janita Syring Cindy Wiskerchen

    24 - Gunner Mercer 25 - Travis Leick Kecia Krueger 27 - Alec Nagel 28 – James Wiesman Reid Spindler 29 - JoAnn Werner Okley Wrensch 30 - Julie Bolen Garrett Moen Mason Kauffman

    Brandon Aschenbrenner 31 - Eleanora Stotmeister Clare Thompson Sandy Andersen

    Carisa Timm Dawson Gebelein Marissa Gebelein

    DECEMBER ANNIVERSARIES 7 - Dennis & Jan Schmidt 8 - Ardell & Pat Emon 12 – Dan & Sharon Mikelson 16 - Dennis & Marge Redetzke Les & Kristi Ormond 20 – Clayton & Karey Foster 26 - Don & Wandnetta Karl 29 – Todd & Dawn Schoenherr 30- Sam & Tammy Draper 31 - Tim & Brenda Garrigan

    Zion Cookbooks The new cookbooks have arrived and

    are available for purchase.

    $12.00 each.

    All proceeds go to the elevator fund.

    Sunday Morning Advent Worship

    “Wonders of His Love” Dec.1— “Coming God” Dec. 8—“Prepare the Way” Dec. 15—“Christmas Program” Dec. 22—“What Child is This”

    O Come Emmanuel Wednesday Advent Worship 5:30 Meal—6:15 Worship “O Come Emmanuel”

    Holden Evening Prayer

    Isaiah Texts

    Christmas in the Park December 7th 3-6 pm

    Zion is in charge of the Live Nativity this year and we need you to fill the stable. It’s a great time for families to come together to portray the nativity as the horses and wagons drive by. We have the costumes and will provide hot chocolate to keep you warm. Sign up in the narthex or call Pastor Sue.

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    Good Gifts Tree A Christmas tree will be set up in the Gathering Area again this year offering you an opportunity to give a gift that makes a difference in people’s lives and around the world. Your gifts support long-term, sus- tainable solutions that ensure that these good gifts last for more than a couple of days or weeks. They keep on giving for years to come. Take an ornament or orna- ments home with you and place the envelopes in the offering plate.

    Constitution Changes The ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) meets in assem- bly every three years to do the business of the church. Zion has been a member of the ELCA since it began in 1988. Each year that the ELCA meets in Assembly, amendments to the model constitution (which all ELCA congregations follow) are forwarded to congregations for ap- proval at its regular congregational meeting, in our case the annual meeting. We are required by the constitution to submit notice to you, the congre- gation, of such amendments, following the council’s recommendation. Zion’s council received and voted to approve these amendments on No- vember 18th at the regular council meeting. A summary of this year’s amendments is included in this newsletter. The amendments will be voted on at our annual meeting on January 26, 2020.

    * A full copy of this year’s amendments is in the office.

    COUNCIL MINUTES Zion Lutheran Church Council met on Monday, November 18, 2019

    President Brenda Castellano called the meeting to order. Pastor Sue led with devotions.

    During the meeting the council:

    • Approved the Secretary’s Report.

    • Approved the Treasurer’s Report.

    • Approved the Ministry Teams’ Reports.