Zimbabwe - Inflation

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2. One 200,000 dollar note equals less than US $0.10 cents. 3. December 22 nd2007, a new note of 500,000 dollars introduced to the market! 4. Next - 750,000 dollars. 5. January 2008 a new note of 10 million dollars. 6. This US $10 dollarnote is 10 times worth more than the 10 milliondollars Zimbabwe note. 7. This guy is going to a supermarket. The exchange rate is 25 millionZimbabwe dollars for 1 US dollar. 8. This mountain of cash is worth 100 US Dollars. 9. The 50 Million dollar note is then introduced! 10. Next is the 250 million dollar note ! 11. Sorry, how much is this t-shirt?- Its cheap, only about 3 billion dollars! 12. May 2008 - a note of 500 million dollars is introduced! 13. June2008 - notes worth 25 and 50 billiondollars are printed. 14. And finally a 100 billion dollar note!What can you buy for it? Well, 3 eggs for example. 15. Paying the bill in a restaurant! 16. In August, the government devaluedthe Zimbabwe dollar by removing 10 zeros from notes. 17. However, inflation keptgoing up and inSeptember2008 for this amount of cashyou could only buy4 tomatoes. 18. And for this -a loaf of bread. 19. And then it started all over again: a 20,000 dollar note in September, 2008 20. Thencame a 50,000 Dollar note.The 500,000 and 1,000,000 (new currency) noteshave been released 11 November 2008 courtesywww.zimbabwesituation.com The country's currency plunged to a new record low, trading at an average Z$28,4 quadrillion to the US dollar and triggering massive price increases. The hyperinflation is now estimated at over a quintillion percent, although no onereally knows. 21. All of which explains this notice in the toilets. 22. THE END You Can Keep Listening To The Music Or Press Esc To Exit