Zift lead distribution examples

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Transcript of Zift lead distribution examples

  • 1. EXFO Lead Distribution

2. LEAD DISTRIBUTIONCUSTOMER STORY 3. 4. Understand Marketing ROI: 2013 Zift Solutions Vendor Challenges: Inefficient lead distribution Lack of data around partner results Slow time to market Partner Challenges: Limited analytics Did not want to change established lead flow systemsBefore Zift Syndicated Marketing Campaigns Visibility into all stages of distributor pipeline Established conversion and sales benchmarksAfter Zift Syndicated Marketing Campaigns 4. 4. Understand Marketing ROI: 2013 Zift Solutions 5. EMAIL BASED WORKFLOW 6. Leads sent in email with detail and accept/reject 2013 Zift Solutions 7. Lead Rejection Screen 2013 Zift Solutions 8. Lead Reject Thank You 2013 Zift Solutions 9. REPORTING 10. Lead Distribution Report 2013 Zift Solutions 11. Lead Distribution Detail 12. Lead Distribution Detail (Continued) 13. Zift Product Areas Zift123 Marketing Syndication Platform (for partners) ZiftMarcom Reporting and Content Management (for EXFO) 14. ConfidentialWhat Your Partners See 15. ConfidentialWhat EXFO Sees 16. Contact Information Jon Kaskey East Region Sales Manager 617-564-1810 [email protected]