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  • 1. GameplayAfter the first area the games sense of balance was lost since the Link was sent into a dark cavewhere the lantern didnt light anything up, and the caves were full of small fast -moving enemies thatwere hard to spot with Link's small FOV. The story that I experienced was short lived and seemedover quickly, but despite that it was quite immersive and enjoyable. At first the text dragged on withsomeone talking to Link and once that was out of the way then finding where I next had to go waschallenging due to the lack of quest marker or directions, the place I had to go to was obscure to thepoint of stupid. After the Princess had been rescued, it gave no clues as to where you had to go nextso it wasted player time by making them search for where they had to go next.A link to SNES gameplay of Zelda a Link to the Past http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_cl7fRiu8MSoundThe music was likeable when the game first started up but after a while of listening to it I canunderstand that it could become frustrating to listen to after a few minutes. Some of thesoundtracks were more enjoyable to listen to than others. The range of sounds that the musicutilized was small but despite this the games soundtrack was quite diverse and it didnt seem as ifmusic was recycled or barely edited. The sound effects were pleasant to hear and didnt sound tooobnoxious.A link to the original OST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_ezQdpgk5wGraphicsThe graphics were pleasant to look at and suited the fantasy world, but some ofthe mob sprites were unoriginal re-colours of themselves. The general worlddesign was vibrant and uplifting when Link was in a safe place, then became darkand mysterious inside of dungeons. The character design was varied, making itenjoyable to talk to NPCs and see them around the towns. Enemies were colouredand designed looking dangerous, lending to the game by means of immersion andfun.AiThe AI was well designed for a game as old as it is but there are flaws with the AIthat ruin the feel of the game, you could walk up to an enemy, hit them andthey wouldnt react at all, then later on enemies would agro on Link from milesaway for no reason.

2. ControlThe movement was bearable when out of combat but was hard to get the hang of and frustratingwhen in combat due to Link only being able to attack in the direction he was facing.CombatThe combat itself was quite enjoyable due to how early weak points were utilized with mobs butbecame dull after acquiring the boomerang which made fighting boringly simple. The lack ofblocking despite Link having a shield was hard to deal with and left the only option as mashing theattack button which became irritating as it was hard to reposition and keep attacking enemies at thesame time.UIThe UI was simple and easy to understand since it was plainly labelled. It was enjoyable to look atwhen it was active. The map, however, was difficult to understand and left me lost and confusedmany times when trying to find a place to go or even where I was. 3. Easter EggsThe chicken Easter Egg was a shock to discover and even more terrifying when you realised it didntstop and they did significant damage. The game lagged a lot when it was triggered but this may bedue to it being played on a Rom instead of a console.