Yummiest GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Éclair Choc Éclair Weekend.

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Transcript of Yummiest GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Éclair Choc Éclair Weekend.

  • Yummiest GLUTEN FREE Chocolate clairChoc clair Weekend

  • Shopping ListEclairsGluten Free self Raising flourSaltSugar whiteUnsalted Butter Full cream milkeggsGanache2 x 250mls double cream (heavy cream)4 x 150 grams slabs chocolate dark and normalIcing sugar

  • Gluten Free Chocolate clairclair: (pre-heat oven to 200C)175 grams GLUTEN FREE self raising flour (pre mixed) see photo below1 tsp Salt1 Tablespoon Sugar70 grams Unsalted butter (woollies stock this)1 cup Full Cream Milk4 large eggs

    Weight the Flour, add salt , sugar and mix.In a pot measure and melt the butter and milk together until butter melts.When the butter mixture comes to a light simmer add the flour mixture all at once and stir continuously.The mixture mixes quickly and should form a dough , it almost forms a ball on the wooden spoon - mix for +/- 2 mins. Let it cool for another 2 minutes. In your stand mixer add the cooled dough and on a low to med speed : mix in 1 egg at a time make sure that each egg is combined well into the dough mixture. It looks odd but keep going. Keep mixing until all the eggs are used . On a pre greased baking tray pipe the choux dough into sausages or rounded forms. (you can cut the end off a Ziploc bag to size and pipe with this) N.B! Before placing in the oven dip your finger in a little water and run over each clair! Bake on 200C for 13 min and then lower temp to 180C FOR 20 25 mins ensure they are almost brown. Remove from oven and with a toothpick prick the top of each clair so the air can escape. I cut them on the side as well at this stage up to you! .

  • Gluten Free Chocolate EclairGanache:150mls heavy cream , heated to a simmer450 grams chocolate I use dark chocolate and sweet chopped1 Tbls unsalted butter (woolies)

    Method;Heat the cream until it simmers.In a heat proof glass bowl put in the chopped chocolate and pour the simmering cream over and letting it sit for a minute or 2 before stirring.GENTLY stir the mixture ensuring that the cream and choc are well mixed together.Add the butter and stir.Let the mixture cool it should still pour , but must be of a thick consistency takes about 10 - 20 mins.

    Filling;250 grams Double cream and mix in 2 tsp Icing sugar taste and if you need more add more in must not be too sweet.Pipe or spoon into the clair that you have cut lengthwise(not right through) Ganache topping;Place the filled clairs on the cooling rack with paper underneath as this is a messy part!Pour or spoon over the chocolate Ganache over each clair allow to stand and then its time toENJOY - (they do not last for long!)