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  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    Department of Youth Ser!"e#an$ Sport# %

    Karnata&a 'nana Aa(o)a

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    ForewordAugust 7, 2012

    Mr. Girish Patel

    Chairman, Steering Committee,

     Youth Polic !ice Chairman, S"orts

    Authorit o# $arnata%a

     &he Go'ernment o# $arnata%a has ta%en this uni(ue initiati'e o# dra#ting a Youth

    Polic in'ol'ing wide "u)lic consultation. As the Chairman o# the Steering

    Committee o# the $arnata%a Youth Polic, it was indeed a "leasure to wor% with a

    team o# e*"erts in the Steering and +ra#ting Committees, to "re"are this +ra#t

    e"ort. &he interactions that we had with a cross-section o# "eo"le including outh

    #rom across the state, "ro'ided us the right "ers"ecti'e and direction. &he net

    result o# all the hard wor% o# a num)er o# "eo"le is seen in the +ra#t Youth Polic


    would li%e to than% the Steering Committee and +ra#ting Committee mem)ers #or

    the time, e/ort and energ that the ha'e in'ested in creating the +ra#t e"ort.

    Mr. M.$. alade'a%rishna, the +irector o# the +e"artment o# Youth Ser'ices and

    S"orts and his entire team at the +e"artment did a commenda)le o) in hel"ing

    create this e"ort. +r.M.$.Sridhar, the *ecuti'e +irector and Mem)er Secretar o# 

    the $arnata%a 3naana Aoga and his dedicated team has "ut in a lot o# e/ort to

    gi'e a direction to the dra#t Youth Polic. than% them #or their e/orts.

    would li%e to than% the $arnata%a Go'ernment #or ha'ing gi'en me the onerous

    tas% o# chairing the team that has wor%ed on creating the +ra#t Youth Polic.

    would li%e to than% the 4on5)le Chie# Minister and the Minister #or Youth Ser'ices

    and S"orts #or their su""ort and encouragement.

    do ho"e this +ra#t e"ort will generate an e*tensi'e dialogue across the state,

    es"eciall among oung "eo"le. &his dra#t outh "olic is a)out the #uture o# the

    oung "eo"le in the state. am sure their acti'e in'ol'ement and "artici"ation in

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    the discussions on the +ra#t Polic will hel" us create a 6nal "olic document which

    will re"resent the true as"irations o# the outh o# our State.

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


     &a)le o#Contents PAG =>S.

    !.S.>=, M.SS.>= ? >32C&.!2S

    AG2 S2GM2=&S

     &42 C>=&[email protected]&8A FAM2B>$ 

    !>CS >F Y>8&4

     Y>8&4 P>CY A M8&DP>=G+APP>AC4

    SGM=&S &AG&

    G>8PS F>C8S


    P>CY =A!AA&=AS

    .MP2M2=&A&.>= SC42M2

    P>CSS +>C8M=&



    2 E


    E H


    H D10


    11 E I0

    I1 E I


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    2. Age Segments

    Youth refers to young people in the age group of 49%36 years 7he Policytakes cogniance of the fact that those aspirations and needs of those

    below 49 needs to be budgeted into the policy fra/ework *lso" the

    e$perience and e$pectations of those who have crossed thirty" need to be

    taken into cogniance when fra/ing the youth policy 7hey are divided

    into three sub%groups

    a.49%54; b.55%5hile

    /any young people have accessed the benefits of education and learning"

          $    a    r    n    a     t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t


          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t

          2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    day 8youth-driven8 0t ai/s at an inclusive and participatory fra/ework"

    which allows young people to take ownership 8for 8 and 8of 8 the state

    7he conte$t of the youth policy is the aspirations and e$pectations of theyouth as articulated and outlined in the following pathways

    1. Providing an inter generational connect  

    5 1acilitating youth to be socially responsible in /ore effective andi/aginative ways

    3. *lign youth to global realities and yet be sensitive to localnecessities

    . 1acilitate the process of helping the/ /aintain their individualautonomy and yet /aintain their group identity 

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    7he Youth Policy focuses on a five%phased strategy [email protected] youth in


    7he principal ai/ of the policy is to !each out to the youth in the state 7his

    inclusive approach creates a fra/ework to 8engage "ith8 each youth and

    helps realie the concept of 8engage among8 youth 7his creative and

    energiing process of engage/ent would as a natural corollary em&o"e!

    youth to take ownership for their future and the collective wellbeing of thesociety" nation and the world they are part of 7his 8energy of involve/ent

    and participation8" would pave the way for unleashing their potential and

    help youth cont!ibute to the fullest possible all round develo&/ent of the


    7he agenda is all inclusive as our drea/s represent the powerful aspirations

    of an enthusiastic and energetic new generation of young people in

    Karnataka      $    a    r    n    a

         t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t      2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    '. Voices o$ the (outh

    >ith the decision to for/ulate a Youth Policy" the 'epart/ent of Youth

    Services and Sports +'YSS. decided to provide an opportunity for young

    people to articulate their e$pectations fro/ the state 'etails of the sa/e

    are carried in the anne$ure 7he /ain focus of the youth was in the

    following areas

    ). (outh *olic+ A Multi-&!onged A&&!oach

    7he goal of the youth policy is to ensure /eaningful 8take%aways8 for each

    and every youth in the state 0f this vision is to be realied" the approach

    needs to be inherently /ultitrack Youth in the state are fro/ diverse

    socio%econo/ic and cultural backgrounds 7hey have varied e$periences"

    live and have grown in diverse environ/ents 7his has shaped their

    attitudes" e$pectations and world views So/e aspire for =uality education"

    so/e look to the state for relief and support to tide over challenges" so/e

    others seek a healthy and nurturing environ/ent to e$cel" yet others

    would hope to e=uip the/selves for the professional world of work and

    each one would drea/ of achieve/ents in their [email protected] professional

    lives 7he approach of the youth policy is to allow every youth to take

    ownership for the said policy by being able to identify a key ele/ent in the

          $    a    r    n    a     t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t

          2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    said policy as reflecting their vision and world

    Keeping this in /ind a holistic vision" the youth policy had chosen four

    distinct approach pathways: a. relief; b. welfare; c. develop/ent and d.

    e/power/ent 7he policy fra/ework provides for a co/bination of theabove keeping in /ind the diverse needs and e$pectations of young people

    in the state

    7he 8!elie$ approach recognies the fact that for /any di/ensions of 

    youth aspirations" the state and its different instru/ents are /eans to

    provide support and sustenance to young people 1or /any young people"

    the state represents the only hope for providing those opportunities and

    /eans in the present" for realiing their drea/s of a bright to/orrow filled

    with hope" -oy and achieve/ent 7he youth policy underscores the 8relief8role that it is e$pected to fulfill

    7he "el$a!e aspect of the youth policy ai/s at securing for young

    people those conditions that /ake it possible for the/ to realie their full

    potential #ach seg/ent of the youth population re=uires sche/es"

    progra//es and an orientation that would provide the right environ/ent for

    the/ to develop their latent talent 7he welfare focus ai/s at securing that

    conte$t which /akes it possible for the/ to realise their aspirations

    7he develo&ment di/ension of the youth policy focuses on providing

    opportunities for the all round" holistic develop/ent of the personality of 

    each and every young person in the state 'evelop/ent is about visualiing

    and creating a better to/orrow 7his 8hope8 of a better to/orrow that

    should fill the life of every youth /akes the/ negotiate the challenges of a

    today 7he youth policy ai/s at helping the youth in addressing the issues of 

    today in that search of the 8visioned8 to/orrow

    7he 8em&o"e!ment scope of the youth policy" hopes that youth can take

    ownership for their lives and how they wish to shape their future

    #/power/ent is about partnering" participating and preparing for shaping

    the course of society" our nation and being effective global citiens 0t is

    about facilitating the process of every young person participating in

    develop/ent and realising that collective vision for peace" progress"

    prosperity and global har/ony

          $    a    r    n    a

         t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t      2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    ele/ent through the fa/ily and other social connections of friends" teachers

    and /entors" providing supportive ho/e" school and co//unity


    Communit+ o! Sta#eholde!s 4ngagement 2 0nvolving the 0ndustry"Media" Dniversity" School Syste/ and E)F sector in the govern/ent’s

    initiatives of youth develop/ent" seeking the involve/ent of local self %

    governing institutions and the co//unity in youth develop/ent initiatives

    8nclusion o$ (outh *e!s&ectives and enabling (outh *a!tici&ation 2

    1acilitating structures that would listen and docu/ent youth views on youth

    policy" incorporating such perspectives into policy" not /erely stopping with

    consulting youth on policy issues but enabling their active involve/ent in all

    phases of policy and progra//e develop/ent" i/ple/entation and/onitoring

    Technolog+ and 8nnovation 7he policy would assess strategies for the

    /ost effective use of /odern technology to serve the best interests of the

    youth 0t would also focus on ways and /eans of providing a legiti/ate

    space for innovation and creativity

    4vidence-based a&&!oach:&hiloso&h+: 7he policy encourages shapinginterventions and progra//es on analysis fro/ research and studies"

    establishing syste/s for robust data collection" both to de/onstrate the

    effectiveness of youth policies and to suggest revisions

    ;. Segments

    *ll sections of youth ensuring inclusiveness and accounting for all the distinct

    groups who fall within the a/bit of youth


    5 7hose fro/ socially /arginalied section

          $    a    r    n    a     t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t      2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    3 7hose fro/ econo/ically disadvantaged groups

    G 'alits and 7ribals

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    >. *olic+ 7ava!atnas

    7he following 87ava!atnas8 as policy rubrics have been identified:

          $    a

        r    n    a     t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t      2      0      1


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    $arnata%a Youth Polic +ra#t 201212

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    $arnata%a Youth Polic +ra#t 20121I

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    $arnata%a Youth Polic +ra#t 2012



  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    $arnata%a Youth Polic +ra#t 20121F

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    1. (outh as the 4ngine o$ /o&e, Achievement, *eace, *!os&e!it+

    and (ea!ning $o! 8nnovation ?/A**(@

    0f Karnataka is to reap the benefits of the 8de/ographic dividend8" the

    youth [email protected] the state need to be recognied as a uni=ue seg/ent of the

    state’s population 7hey are the 8change /akers8 of today and the 8heart%

    beat8 of to/orrow 7his policy underscores the vital need to recognie the

    8youth seg/ent8 of the population as a powerful engine of hope"

    achieve/ent" peace" prosperity and yearning for innovation

    44 Youth as a distinct seg/ent of the state population will be

    the focus 7his policy recognies the need to target youth

    sche/es and progra//es that cater to 8youth8 as a

    collective entity 7hese sche/es and progra//es can be

    accessed by any young person in the age group of 49 to


    45 Youth as a 8clear%cut8 seg/ent would be provided a special spaceas

    8stake%holders8 at /ultiple levels 8(ivekananda Youth 1oru/s8

    +(ivekananda Yuva Mandalis. will be created" consulted" involved

    and strengthened at the village" taluka" district and state levels to

    give voice to the aspirations and perspectives of youth on different


    43 7he State endorses the fact that youth icons +*darsha

    Yuva-ana. need to be recognied" felicitated and further

    encouraged 7hey would be role /odels for their peers and

    would be 8icons8 not /erely on account of their

    achieve/ent in a particular field but as shining e$a/ples

    for other youth to e/ulate

          $    a    r    n    a     t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h      P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t

          2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    4G 8Youth (ision8 will be reflected in a 8Youth Portal8created

    for and by the youth 7his would be single platfor/ for

    youth in the state to

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    articulate their perspectives" suggest initiatives" participate in

    progra//es" reflect on develop/ents and contribute to the dialogue

    on different socio%econo/ic" cultural and political issues that i/pact on

    the life of people

    4< )overn/ent sche/es and progra//es will focus on the vision of 

    the youth * /a-or challenge that so/e a/ong the youth face is

    8li/ited access8 % access to infor/ation" access to resources and

    benefits" access to opportunities for participation and involve/ent

    7he youth policy would strive for such access to be available for

    young people )overn/ent offices at all levels and govern/ent

    officials in i/portant decision /aking and i/ple/entation positions

    would be further sensitied on the need to provide /eaningful8access8 to youth in their visioning" planning and i/ple/entation

    of policies" progra//es and sche/es

    49 Peace and security in a nation is often the by%product of peace and

    security in every locality 7he 8(ivekananda Youth 1oru/s8

    +(ivekananda Yuva Mandalis. that are for/ed +or already in

    e$istence. at the village" taluka" district and state levels will have"

    an an i/portant action agenda % the pro/otion of peace" solidarity"co//unity partnership and hu/an oneness in their region ?ocal

    Peace Co//ittees will coordinate their actions with the

    8(ivekananda Youth 1oru/s8 +(ivekananda Yuva Mandalis.

    4 7he youth policy co//its itself to the physical" /oral and /ental

    well% being of all youth 7he state will encourage youth to 8partner8

    in ensuring the prosperity of not /erely individuals but the larger

    co//unity of youth and all citiens More specifically" the healthneeds of young people would be specifically focused on at pri/ary

    health centres +PHC. and govern/ent hospitals 7he e$isting

    awareness ca/paign on health issues related to young people

    would be reinvigorated and dovetailed to the specific challenges

    that young people face today

          $    a    r    n    a     t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t      2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    4B 7he policies and progra//es for youth will be aligned to

    the larger vision and goals of the State 7he youth policy

    will be in consonance with the larger policy of the state


    4I 0n all societies" youth are the sy/bols of innovation and

    creativity 7he policy recognies and e/phatically endorses

    this fact 7his policy co//its itself to leveraging the

    creative potential a/ong the youth and harness the sa/e

    for the welfare" wellbeing and develop/ent of society

    2. 0evelo&ing /a!nessing (outh *otential, Talent Ca&acit+

    7his Policy une=uivocally co//its itself to providing the conte$t for

    developing and harnessing the /ulti%faceted potential" talent and

    capacities of the youth of the state 7his policy ai/s at ensuring that every

    potential resource a/ong the youth has an opportunity to fully develop and

    contribute to society

    54 7his policy co//its itself to the ,ight to #ducation *ct andthe provisions enshrined in the sa/e 0t would ai/ at

    further e$panding the scope of ensuring access" e=uity and

     -ustice to all those young people who seek to e=uip

    the/selves with capacities by being part of different levels

    of for/al education

    55 7his policy recognies the i/portance of education in the

    shaping of the destinies of young people #ducationalinstitutions need to be spaces of learning filled with -oy

    where young people are e$cited to spend ti/e >hile the

    8content8 of education is critical" the environ/ental

    8conte$t8 in which learning happens is e=ually vital 7his

    policy is deter/ined to ensure that such an environ/ent

    beco/es a reality

          $    a    r    n    a     t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h      P

        o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t

          2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    53 0n conte/porary ti/es" the 8classroo/8 as an i/portant site of 

    education has been dra/atically transfor/ed 7his policy asserts

    the need to /ake every classroo/ a 8space for learning8 rather

    than a

    8roo/ for teaching8 7his re=uires not /erely a change in the tools

    and techni=ues of learning and how they are deployed but seeks a

    /ore basic change in attitudes and approaches adopted by every stake


    5G 7oday’s youth aspire for a learning space that is learner centered

    rather than faculty centred 7his policy suggests the creation

    of a

    87ask 1orce on ?earner Centred #ducation8 that could create a

    fra/ework for activity%based learning /ethodologies

    5< >ith the fast pace of change and access to technology" there are

    today /ultiple sources of knowledge and instru/ents and processes

    of learning 7he Youth policy co//its itself to helping the youth

    gain" conserve" create" distribute and use knowledge fro/ these/ultiple sources Fpen sources of data and infor/ation would be

    encouraged by the state and young learners would be ensured

    access to the sa/e

    59 Public libraries across the state are i/portant potential resources

    for learning 7hese are today no longer physical store%houses of 

    infor/ation located at a particular place 7he concept of /obile

    libraries already in place would be strengthened and /ore widelynetworked ,eading needs to beco/e a social activity * /obile

    learning service" with one or /ore buses fitted out as a s/all public

    library" for the rural" se/i%urban and urban co//unity with a

    regular pre%deter/ined and well publicied schedule needs to be

    strengthened Public libraries /ust create a Jlive environ/ent

    alongside the Jrecorded one 0t should beco/e different spaces to

    suit different users: a hangout space for teenagers and also a

    co//unity /eeting roo/ for youth 0t can connect with the

    co//unities by providing free services to encourage early literacy"

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    =uiet study @work areas for all" book clubs to encourage

    appreciation of literature in

          $    a    r    n    a     t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t      2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    adults" language learning" ho/ework help" after%school progra/s"

    free lectures and cultural perfor/ances" author visits" childrenLs story

    ti/e" adult hobby classes and e$hibitions and thus Jenter training 

    people 7he internet or C's with *udio%visual training on healthcare

    or agriculture" the basics of fertiliers" or the entire vaccinationprogra/ can overco/e the hurdle of illiteracy and further e/power

    the youth

    5 7he policy co//its itself to /aking the youthof  the state

    8functionally literate8 7his i/plies not /erely e=uipping the/ with

    the skills of 8reading and writing8" but the capacities to develop and

    showcase one’s full potential

    5B 7his policy /akes a co//it/ent to ensure appropriate skill

    develop/ent and training for youth 7his will be based on a

    /apping of re=uire/ents and would focus on diverse needs

    2 those who seek technical skills" those fro/ non%technical

    do/ains" those aspiring for /anagerial roles" those ai/ing

    at non%/anagerial -obs and the like

    5I 7his policy will ensure entrepreneurial develop/ent

    opportunities a/ong young people to provide the/ a

    platfor/ to hone their skills" talents and latent

    entrepreneurial capacities

    546 )iven the fact that young people across the state aspire for

    govern/ent -obs" 7raining Centres to coach young peopleto co/pete for govern/ent -obs at different levels need to

    be [email protected] strengthened at the 7aluka level 7hese

    training centres /ust be e=uipped with the latest resources

    and local hu/an resources need to be tapped for providing

    inputs and infor/ation to young people aspiring for

    govern/ent -obs   $    a    r    n    a     t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t

          2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    544 7he policy recognies that we are in an age of /ulti%

    tasking 7he youth would be encouraged to e/power

    the/selves with varied skill sets to be able to beco/e

    effective 8/ulti%taskers8 7he 7aluka level

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    7raining Centres could facilitate this process

    3. amil+ as the *!ima!+ 8nstitution o$ SocialiBation

    0ndian tradition deeply values the 8fa/ily8 7he fa/ily is the pri/ary site of 

    socialiation for young people 7his institution continues to have a sustained

    influence on the shaping of values and attitudes a/ong the youth 7his

    policy celebrates the place and i/portance of the fa/ily in shaping the

    future of the youth

    34 7he fa/ily is verily the 8conveyor belt8 fro/ 8birth8 to 8being8

    1ro/ the ti/e children are born and till the ti/e they beco/e

    individuals with a clear identity" the fa/ily is the 8cradle of 

    growth8 7he focus on the fa/ily is an i/portant building block of 

    the youth policy

    35 Studies that preceded this policy visibly de/onstrated that /ost

    young people 2 irrespective of gender" place of residence or socio%econo/ic status" categorically endorsed the i/portance of the

    fa/ily 7his /akes it i/perative for the policy to privilege the role of 

    the fa/ily

    33 *s the fa/ily continues to be an i/portant institution in the lives of 

    young people" this policy would drive at targeting progra//es and

    sche/es which ai/ at 8fa/ily welfare8 rather than /ere

    8individual well%being8 * co/prehensive 81a/ily 1irst and 1a/ily*lways8 sche/e +Kutu/ba Pratha/a Kutu/ba Sadaa Yo-ane. will

    be designed for the sa/e

    3G Young people today face a variety of challenges >hile they do

    atte/pt to cope with the sa/e" /any are seen losing out in the

    battle against different challenges 7his policy recognies the

    i/portance of the fa/ily in helping young people to /eet

    challenges and transfor/ the sa/e into capacities 7his policy

          $    a    r    n    a     t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t      2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    would ensure that 81a/ily 1irst 1a/ily *lways8 sche/e +Kutu/ba

    Pratha/a Kutu/ba Sadaa Yo-ane.

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    22G3 7here is a pressing need to review the infrastructure need for

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    sports 0n this conte$t" the policy e/phasies the need for

    a. Providing *de=uate Play 1ields appropriate to the youth

    population at all the locations 2 ,ural" Se/i%Drban" Drban andMetro

    b. #nsuring access to Play 1ields Fwned &y *pe$ Sporting &odies"Corporations" Dniversities and all the #ducational 0nstitutions"where the land is granted by the )overn/ent @ *ided by)overn/ent

    GG 7he hu/an resource /apping for sports is a crucial ele/ent of thispolicy

    a. #nsuring the appoint/ent of ualified Coaches in Proportion tothe Youth Population

    b. *ppoint/ent of ualified Physical #ducation 1aculty at#ducational 0nstitutions

    G< 7he services and e$pertise of outstanding" knowledgeable N 

    e$perienced" 0nternational Sports Persons in their specific sporting

    discipline needs to be /ade in all the relevant Co//ittees

    constituted for the purpose of pro/otion of sports

    G9 7his policy believes that there is need for a /ore concerted effort to

    pro/ote and create awareness about sports in the society 7his can

    be done by partnering with clubs" acade/ies and other reputed

    sports organiations Se/inars" debates and interactions with

    people fro/ all walks of life need to be organied

    G * set of welfare /easures for sports persons needs to be put in

    place to recognie and reward sports achievers      $    a    r    n    a     t    a      %


          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t      2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    ). *a!tne!ing $o! *a!tici&ation

    0n these ti/es of interconnectedness" it beco/es a challenge for people to

    operate in silos and in splendid isolation 7his policy will provide a thread tobond: per/it young people to bond with one another; facilitate young

    people to bond with others in society; create opportunities for young

    people to bond with their local co//unity" society and the state

    (ivekananda Youth 1oru/s + (ivekananda Yuva Kendras. at the village"

    taluka" district and state level will be critical for the sa/e

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    and the role that the younger generation could play in

    a/eliorating the sa/e

    95 )iven the rapid strides that young wo/en in the state aretaking they today rightfully clai/ their legiti/ate place on

    the table of e=uality 0n spite of this progress" there

    continue to be glaring e$a/ples of in-ustice being

    perpetrated on wo/en 7he ?ife Skills Progra//e

    proposed" 8?earning for ?ife" 7raining for

    ?iving88+Kaliyuvudu !eevanakaagi" 7arabethi

    !eevanopaayakkagi. would help sensitie a younger

    generation to gender issues (oluntary youth groups

    +Ea//a Yuvaka Sangha. envisaged as part of this policycould also play a /a-or role in enhancing and spreading

    awareness through street plays" discussions" debates and

    road shows on the need for gender sensitivity Such a

    /easure would help the younger generation understand

    gender issues fro/ a proper perspective and instill in the/

    an attitude of treating the opposite gender with e/pathy"

    fairness and e=uality

    93 7he differently%abled a/ong the youth need to be provided

    appropriate opportunities to showcase their capacities and

    develop their full potential 7he ?ife Skills Progra//e

    proposed" 8?earning for ?ife" 7raining for ?iving8" could

    spread awareness about the differently%abled and the

    1unctional ?iteracy 'rive could help the differently%abled

    further hone their skills (oluntary youth groups +Ea//a

    Yuvaka Sangha. could also provide a platfor/ for

    differently%abled youth Sensitivity to the special needs of the differently%abled to allow the/ access to public places

    needs to be developed across the state

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    Youth with self%confidence" youth who are positive about their capacities

    and potential" youth who take pride in their fa/ily" society" local area"

    state and nation would be a youth that would be a priceless resource in

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    any society 7his youth policy ai/s at creating space for youth to grow"

    develop and realie their full potential

    4 7oday’s youth live in a world of /ultiple challenges" diverse sourcesof stress" heightened e$pectations and pressure to achieve *

    support syste/ to help the/ develop resilience is often absent

    7his" /any a ti/e results in youth going astray or taking rash

    decisions with disastrous conse=uences 7his policy" affir/s its

    resolve to help youth develop resilience by /aking available

    /ultiple support syste/s #=uipping fa/ilies to help youth face

    challenges" a 5G%hour helpline" fully functional counseling centres in

    talukas" counselling centres in educational institutions would be

    so/e of the initiatives

    5 7he /ultiple capacities of youth often do not find an avenue for

    e$pression >hile they would like to contribute to society" their

    state and the nation" they are often constrained by lack of an

    appropriate and viable platfor/ 7his policy proposes to link young

    people to their local co//unity" broader society" their state and the

    nation * dyna/ic process of /utual support and sustenance would

    allow young people to not -ust access benefits fro/ the society and

    the state but contribute back to those institutions and processes

    which nurtured the/

    3 7oday’s youth are often caught between their individual autono/y

    and group identity *ppropriate life skills progra//e to help young

    people cope with pressures is visualied in this policy 8?earning for

    ?ife" 7raining for ?iving8+Kaliyuvudu !eevanakaagi" 7arabethi

    !eevanopaayakkagi. would be a sche/e that ai/s at appropriate

    life skills /odules for the youth

    G 0t is heartening to note that the survey on youth in Karnataka

    found that young people in the state were proud of their Kannadiga

    identity 7hey were e=ually proud to call the/selves 0ndians 7his

    pride in our nation" state" culture and sy/bols needs to be further

          $    a    r    n    a

         t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t      2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    strengthened and sustained 7here needs to be visible

    opportunities for e$pression of this sense of belonging as it often

    re/ains latent and une$pressed

    =. ith and 9e+ond ove!nment To"a!ds !eate! *ublic


    7oday" there continues to be a significant dependence on the state and its

    attendant institutions when it co/es to support for different sections of 

    society 7he sa/e is true for the youth 0n this age of globaliation" when

    the state continues to be the provider it is also increasingly beco/ing a

    facilitator *s a facilitator it partners with non%govern/ent agencies tocoordinate policy and i/ple/ent progra//es 7his policy recognies the

    i/portance of this e/erging partnership involving the govern/ent and

    non%govern/ental agencies

    B4 7he future of the youth is about the youth 7his however

    depends on all stakeholders * youth policy needs to focus

    on the /ultiple stakeholders and cater to their

    perspectives" aspirations and e$pectations also 7his

    includes the youth too 7here is a need to ensure that all

    stakeholders partner to assure realiation of goals 7he

    State Youth #/power/ent Corporation +SY#C. could be an

    u/brella agency that bring together different stakeholders

    ,ight fro/ the local level" if consultative bodies involve the

    youth and youth representatives" it would per/it the

    authentic voice of the youth to be effectively heard 7hey

    would then have a greater stake in taking ownership for

    the different progra//es and sche/es

    B5 Public Private Partnership +PPP. is today increasingly the

    preferred /odel for develop/ent and growth 0t is a vehicle

    to allow /ultiple stakeholders to participate *s part of 

    their Corporate Social ,esponsibility +CS,." the private

    sector could be encouraged to partner /ore in

    progra//es for youth

          $    a    r    n    a     t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t

          2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    e/power/ent and develop/ent 7heir engage/ent could be

    specifically dovetailed to their future re=uire/ents as industry"

    business and service providers

    B3 *s /ore and /ore youth aspire for higher education opportunities"

    an 8earn 2 while 2 you%learn8 sche/e needs to be popularied and

    given wide publicity 7his allows youth to take ownership for their

    learning and lives 0t instills in the/ a heightened sense of 

    responsibility Such a sche/e could be linked to the CS, plans of 

    the private sector and an 0nternship progra//e with the


    >. 4nsu!ing a ell Coo!dinated 4$$o!t

    7o facilitate the process of the society" state and govern/ent to function as a

    well%coordinated unit" it would be necessary to devise strategies for a /ore

    effective and practical coordination /echanis/

    I4 7here is a need for a clearly defined and well%orchestrated youth

    progra//e fra/ework 7oday" several agencies in the state are

    working for the better/ent of the youth Most of the/ have well

    designed progra//es which are i/ple/ented with sincerity

    However" there is often a duplication of tasks and agencies often

    unconsciously work at cross purposes 0t /ay be useful to

    synchronie all youth related activities of the state 7his would

    ensure that there is no duplication of tasks" thus avoiding a waste

    of energy and resources * focused policy and 8ob-ectives%driven8approach to issues would beco/e possible 7here needs to be a

    coordination of the activities of different depart/ents of 

    govern/ent linked to youth issues Many a ti/e the coordination is

    also needed within a depart/ent * three%fold strategy of 

    Cooperation" Coordination" and Consolidation would be vital 7he

    creation of a State Youth #/power/ent Corporation +SY#C. as a

    body that /onitors and evaluates the i/ple/entation of different

          $    a    r    n    a     t    a

          %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t      2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    youth related progra//es see/s to be in order 7his would

    provide for a Single >indow Monitoring 1ra/ework +S>M1.

    H.2 * =uarterly review of i/ple/entation of youth relatedprogra//es involving all agencies needs to be pursued

    with renewed vigour 7his review should be clearly

    focused on what has been i/ple/ented and a ti/e

    fra/e for corrective actions that need to be taken Such

    a review could be undertaken by an *pe$ level Youth

    Policy ,eview Co//ittee +YP,C.

          $    a    r    n    a     t    a      %    a

          Y    o    u     t      h

          P    o      l      i    c        C      +    r    a      #     t

          2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    10* Imp+ementat!on S"heme


    Objective: AC4

    Imp+ementat!on Durat!on 0-I Months


    Description Expected Outcome Strategy Target Appr  oximate




    • >n go'ernment

    "rogrammesand schemesrelating toouth-crosssectors andcrossde"artments.

    • >n acti'ities-)-

    #or-o# outh #romacross countrand glo)e.

    • >n education

    "rogrammeso/ered ) state-national andinternationalorganisations.:8= s"ecialisedagencies;

    • Act as a

    PA&F>M #or

    • ncreases awareness

    • +i'ersi6es lin%ages

    • ncourages


    • n the long run will

    reduce the digitaldi'ide

    • &rac%ing the traLcacti'it o# 

    the "ortal will "ro'idesigni6cant in#ormationon the region-wise"artici"ation o# theouth. n the long runthis will ena)le thestate to ma%ea""ro"riate "olicinter'ention toem"ower outh.

    • Creating a "ortal with social media ena)led

    • Portal to ha'e h"erlin%s to other %e sta%eholders.

    • All the +YSS Centres to ha'e * num)er o# com"uters

    with internet connecti'it and a #acilitator to hel" 6rsttime learners


    =etwor%ing amongdi/erent outhsegments

    • egion-wise-

    within thestate, nationalandinternational

    • etween students


    • Creates o""ortunit #or

    our ouths tounderstand the li#e o#their "eers in other"arts o# the state,nation and elsewhere.

    • n#uses a sense o#

    em"ath leading to

    • denti# organisations and grou"s

    • nitiate and institutionalise networ%ing

    • n'ol'e local )odies in the "rocess

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    • Also ena)les to

    understand the socio-economic and culturalheritage o# societ towhich the outh)elongs to

    • =etwor% o# outh can

     Youth4el"lineFree 2J7


    • Pro'ides

    answers tomulti-sector

    multi- le'el(ueries

    • Bill "re'ent outh

    #rom ta%ing drastic-li#e ending decision

    • Creates awareness ando""ortunities-ena)les in#ormeddecision ma%ing

    • Feeling o# N)eing

    hel"ed5 in#usescon6dence and

    • Partner with tele-ser'ice "ro'iders

    •  &ie u" with 'oluntar social wor%ers and counsellors

    •  &ie u" with go'ernment de"artments, =G>s and

    educational institutions

    Colla)oration withSta%eholders

    Constant interaction

    and close

    colla)oration with

    %e sta%eholders is

    essential to ha'e an

    integrated a""roach

    towards outh


    • Bill ena)le state and

    educationalinstitutions to e'ol'eholistic"rogrammesschemes #or outh

    • Pre'ents du"lication

    • Streamlinesim"lementation

    • ndustr colla)oration

    will ha'e mutual)ene6t- man"owersu""l to industriesand o)s to outh

    • sta)lishing Youth Bings in e'er maor Go't

    +e"artments- Go'ernment de"artments and

    go'ernment constituents-+PS, +e"artment o#

    Planning, +e"artment o# 4ealth and Famil Bel#are,

    a)our +e"artment, $arnata%a !ocational &raining

    and S%ill +e'elo"ment Cor"oration :$!&S+C;,

    +e"artment o# Commerce and ndustr, +e"artment

    o# Social Bel#are and other dealing with outh

    related "rogrammes-schemes

    •  &ie u"s with educational and training institutes and

    industries-C, FCC, =ASSC>M etc.,

    • A""oint-coordinators liaison oLcers to


    Com"lements the"ortal )

    • Sharing in#ormation

    • Connecting to

    outh todi/erent

    • &wo wa in#ormation

    dissemination-outhto the go't and go'tto outh

    • Acts as a means #or

    reaching out to outh

    • +e"t. to #acilitate #ormation o# a 'oluntar grou" o# 

     ournalist and writers to )ring out the newsletter:!oluntar 3ournalist #or Youth m"owerment;

    • +e"artment liaison oLcer :Pu)lic elation

    >Lcer-Youth m"owerment >Lcer; to )e

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    institutions-mediaand to otherouth grou"s

    other outh grou"swithin and outsidethe state



    g o#



    • enaming




    #or Youth



    •  &rainingorienti

    ng the e*isting

    man"ower :at

    all le'els; to

    ta%en on the

    newer role o#

    the +e"t.

    • Creating new


    :#or "ortal,

    coordinatin-liaison amon

    • Gi'es new image and

    identit to thede"artment

    • Man"ower ca"acit

    )uilding strengthensthe de"artmentscollecti'e a)ilit to

    e/ecti'el im"lementthe renewedres"onsi)ilitiesinitiati'es

    • =ew "osts will hel"


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    #or i'ing design details o# the scheme

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    Phase-Objective: =GAGImplementation Duration 0-1 YearInitiatives Description Expected Outcome Strategy Target Group Approxim




    m"arting s%ills through

    training• !ocationalo)


    • i#e s%ills

    • ntre"reneurshi" s%ills

    • Facilitate s%ill


    • denti6es innate talent-

    natural a)ilit• Addresses the s%ill ga"s

    • n#uses con6dence

    • Produces new )reed o# 


    • S%ills certi6cation will

    • +e'elo" a"titude tools to identi#

    natural com"etencies• Partner with state de"artments

    ha'ing s%ill de'elo"ment asmandate :+e"t. o# a)our-$!&S+C,S%ill Commission;

    • &ie u" with educational and

    training institutes

    and industr

    • in% u" with certi6cation and

    egulator odies-State and

    • Students

    • =on-students• Marginalis

    ed class•  Young women

    • 8nem"lo

    ed outh


    •  &wo wa "eriodical

    outh e*change"rogramme within thestate, national anda)road

    • Gi'es e*"osure to and

    creates o""ortunit #orgreater learning leading toa""reciation o# di'ersit

    • nteractions ma ins"ire

    and moti'ate to li#echanging acts

    • Set criteria to select the

    grou" #or e*change"rogramme

    • 'ol'e guideline #or interaction

    • &rain the grou" to o)ser'e,

    learn and share thee*"eriences gained throughe*change "rogramme

    • *"lore go't-to-go't "rogrammes

    Colla)orate with worldwide

    • Students

    • =on-students

    • ntre"reneurs

    • Young women

    • ural outh

    • Marginalised

     Youth con Award   • ecognising and

    rewarding @ num)er o#

    outh. &he "rocess o#

    selection should )e

    through a trans"arent,

    accounta)le and

    rigorous mechanism

    that allows #or "u)lic

    con6dence. &hese

    • Gi'es 'isi)ilit to oung


    • Moti'ates outh to

    • +e"artment to e'ol'e

    trans"arent and accounta)leguideline to select Youth cons

    • An e*"ert "anel to "rocess andselect

    •  &ie u" with media #or "re

    and "ost :e'ent;"ro"aganda

    • Student


    • Youth

    engaged inother selectsectors-industr,agriculture

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


     &as% Force onearnerCenteredducation

    Constitution o# the &as%

    Force ) the


    • Strategies #or

    trans#orming classroomsas s"aces o# learningrather than rooms o#teaching


    •  &as% Force wor%s with

    ducational nstitutions onCreating earner CentredClassrooms

    Pu)ic i)raries Mo)ile earning Ser'ices   • eading as a social acti'it

    • Create a "lat#orm #or

    in#ormation dissemination


    Creation o# new and

    Strengthening o#

    *isting S%ill

    +e'elo"ment Centres

    • Pre"are outh #or


    • nhance the s%ill set o# outh

    • Set u" e*"ertise #or

    training in com"etiti'ee*aminations

    •  &rain outh in s"eci6c s%ills that

    Famil FirstFamil AlwasScheme -$utum)aPrathama

    aunch o# the scheme   • m"etus to #amil wel#are   • 4el" outh de'elo"ing co"ings%ills to #ace challenges andde'elo" greater resilience

    earning #ori#e, &raining#or i'ing

    Committee to su)mit

    re"ort on scheme

    • Age a""ro"riate i#e S%ills

     &raining #or outh

    • aunch o# scheme at select


    =amma Yu'a%aSangha

    Formation o# Sanghas   • ncourage !olunteerism

    • >""ortunities #or

    Communit Ser'ice #or

    • aunch Sanghas in select areas


    +YSS #orms Committee to

    #orge Pu)lic Pri'ate


    • n'ol'e Multi"le Sta%e

    holders in "artnering #orthe outh

    • Committee dialogues on PPP and

    su)mits action "lan

    S"orts +YSS #orms

    Committee o# minent

    S"orts"ersons and

    • Philli" to all games

    es"eciall indigenousgames

    • Committee su)mits action "lan

    #or encouraging all s"orts with as"ecial #ocus on indigenouss"orts. &he same is im"lemented

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    Objective MP>B

    Imp+ementat!on Durat!on- 0-I YearsInitiatives


    Description Expected Outcome Strategies Target Group Approxi  mat e




    >ne o# the "rere(uisite o# the%nowledge societ is li#e longlearning. earning )eond the

    sti"ulated age limit must )emade "ossi)le through li#elong learning.

    • na)les u"gradation o#

    %nowledge and s%ills throughcontinuous learning

    • (ui"s outh #or smoothtransition #rom one to o) toanother

    • na)les state to )uild andsustain

    %nowledge societ

    • Create an

    institutional#ramewor% #or li#e

    long learning• Partner with

    uni'ersities,communitcolleges, 'ocationaleducation andtraining institutesto design andim"art rele'antcourses

      &as% Force onearnerCenteredducation




    s its


    • Strategies #or trans#ormingclassrooms ass"aces o# learning rather thanrooms o# teaching

    • +e'elo"ing learner centeredclassroom

    • m"lementation o# recommendations o# &as%Force

    •  &as% Force wor%s withducationalnstitutions onCreating earnerCentred Classrooms

     Youth:+e'elo"ment; nde*

    Creating demogra"hic "ro6leo# outh which includes-gender, age, religion,education, occu"ation,disa)ilit, region and class.

     &his would hel" state to

    • +emogra"hic in#ormation

    ena)les state to de'icea""ro"riate "rogrammesand "olicies #or outh

    • nde* can )e used to ma%e

    trends and 

    • Youth census

    or sur'e o# outh"o"ulation

    • Pro"osed +YC can

    collect the data

    All the outh withinthe age grou"

    .#ta/+!#hment of Youth .mpoerment Corporat!on of Karnata&a

    R.ACH,.N3A3.,.4PO5.R +ea$# to D.6.LOP4.NT of the #e+f an$ #tate*

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    Annexu!e 8

    *!ocess 0ocumentKarnataka Youth Policy 5645

        a      t    a       %    a

           Y    o    u      t      h

           P    o       l       i    c         C      +    r    a       #      t

          2      0

          1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    Sta!ting (outh *olic+ o!# in %a!nata#a

    %a!nata#a 6nana Aa+oga Stud+ on *e!ce&tions, As&i!ations,

    4x&ectations and Attitudes o$ (outh o$ %a!nata#a

    7he Karnataka Knowledge Co//ission conducted a study on JPerceptions"

    *spirations" #$pectations and *ttitudes of the Youth of Karnataka" which

    throws light on how youth perceive fa/ily" society" econo/y and


    7his was the first study of its kind by a govern/ent on youth and conducted

    syste/atically on such a large scale +I666 sa/ple youth.

    7he /ain outco/e of the study was that young people in the state share the

    vision for Karnataka to be in the forefront of creating a Jknowledge society

    Fne of the /ain reco//endations of the study was to co/e out with a

    youth policy for the state of Karnataka

    (outh 9udget to (outh *olic+

    )overn/ent of Karnataka organied a /ega Eational event 2 4th


    Youth 1estival at Mangalore fro/ 45th

    2 49th

    !anuary 5645 7his event

    beca/e a platfor/ for youth to showcase their vibrant talent" pro/pting the

    then Hon’ble Chief Minister ShriSadanada )owda to announce in his speech

    about bringing out a youth budget

    0n his speech" then Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka" ShriSadananda

    )owda referred to the study Karnataka !nana *ayoga had conducted and the

    need for focusing on youth of the state by brining in new /easures and

    initiatives for e/powering the youth

    7he 'epart/ent of Youth Services and Sports +'YSS. and Karnataka !nana

    *ayoga +K!*. -ointly worked a youth budget proposal and presented it to the

    then Hon’ble Chief Minister" ShriSadananda )owda 0n the /eeting" Hon’ble


          t    a       %    a

           Y    o    u      t      h

           P    o       l       i    c         C      +    r    a       #      t

          2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    Chief Minister directed both 'YSS and K!* to evolve a holistic policy

    fra/ework for youth 2 Karnataka State Youth Policy

    7ational (outh *olic+ 4x&osu!e 0!a$t 2D12

    *s per the e$pectation and e$a/ple set by the Ministry of Youth *ffairs

    and Sports at the Centre" )overn/ent of Karnataka initiated a process of 

    evolving youth policy 7he added advantage for Karnataka was the fact

    that Karnataka !nana *ayoga had already conducted a survey that had

    opened a channel of co//unication between the youth and the


    7he Eational Youth Policy #$posure 'raft unveiled by Shri *-ay Maken set

    a conte/porary fra/ework for e/powering youth and setting the tone for

    creating policies that can i/pact both short and long%ter/ changes

        a      t    a       %    a

           Y    o    u      t      h

           P    o       l       i    c         C      +    r    a       #      t

          2      0

          1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    >e have received about 46666 responses fro/ youth fro/ all over

    Karnataka 7he profile of respondents is shared at the end of this


    7o /otivate the youth and society to contribute to youth policy" a direct

    /essage fro/ the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka" a sound byte was

    played on /obiles 2 0(, 2 had a great i/pact on the 5< lakh people who

    received this phone call

    Constituting Committees

    7o oversee" guide and /anage the entire process of evolving the policy" a

    )FEo Yu Se # 4

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    7he 'raft Youth Policy was sub/itted to the Steering Co//ittee on *ugust

    6" 5645 7he Steering Co//ittee sub/itted the final 'raft Youth Policy

    docu/ent to the )overn/ent in the presence of the Hon’able Chief Minister

    of Karnataka

    esea!ch on (outh *olicies and *!og!ams

    0n order to create a uni=ue policy that responds to the conte$t of current

    youth" e$tensive research was done on e$isting youth policies and

    progra/s of 0ndian States" Eations" #uropean Dnion and other

    0nternational Frganiations like DE" Co//onwealth Youth 1oru/ etc to

    e$pand understanding on current trends and conte/porary global and

    national thoughts

    7he e$isting sche/es and progra/s of )overn/ent of 0ndia as well as

    various depart/ents of )overn/ent of Karnataka that were relevant to

    youth were studied and /apped 7his helped the drafting co//ittee

    reco//end holistic i/ple/entation /echanis/ to coordinate the efforts of 

    various depart/ents and bring synergy

        a      t    a       %    a

           Y    o    u      t      h

           P    o       l       i    c         C      +    r    a       #      t

          2      0

          1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    *!og!ams *!o$ile o$ es&ondents

    7otal 1or/s ,eceived: 46666

    7otal 1or/s Collated as of *ug Gth: I

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    2es&ondent *!o$ile 1 ac!oss 4ducational Euali$ication ende!

    2es&ondent *!o$ile 1 ac!oss ende!, Age Euali$ication

        a      t    a       %    a

           Y    o    u      t      h

           P    o       l       i    c         C      +    r    a       #      t

          2      0

          1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    2es&ondent *!o$ile 1 ac!oss ende!, Age Occu&ation

    2es&ondent *!o$ile 1 ac!oss ende!, Age Caste

        a      t    a       %    a

           Y    o    u      t      h

           P    o       l       i    c         C      +    r    a       #      t

          2      0

          1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    2es&ondent &!o$ile- ac!oss ende!, Age, Focalit+

    2es&ondent choices o$ to& 3 $ocus a!eas

    2102ta (OGT/ CFASS88CAT8O7:S44M47TS 2OM AMO7 TO* 3# r+ *244247C4S O 24S*O7047TS

    ciloPhtuo Ya%atanra$ 

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    $arnata%a Youth Polic +ra#t 2012J

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    Fist o$ Committee Membe!s

    Stee!ing Committee

    1. Sri )irish Patel" (ice%Chair/an

    Sports *uthority of Karnataka" &angalore


    2. Prof MK Sridhar" Me/ber Secretary

    Karnataka !nana *ayoga


    3. 'r Sandeep Shastri" Pro%(ice Chancellor

    !ain Dniversity" &angalore

    '. Sri Michael (etha Siro/ony" 0*S" 'irector"

    ,a-iv )andhi Eational 0nstitute of Youth

    'evelop/ent" Sri Peru/budur" 7a/il Eadu

    ). 'r H Maheshappa"

    (ice%Chancellor" (isvesvaraya 7echnological

    Dniversity" &elgau/

    ;. Prof S* &ari" (ice%Chancellor"

    Kuve/pu Dniversity" Shi/oga

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    0!a$ting Committee

    1. 'r Sandeep Shastri" Pro%(ice Chancellor

    !ain Dniversity" &angalore


    2. Sri ,a/eshappa" Special Ffficer"

    'epart/ent of Youth Services and Sports"

    )overn/ent of Karnataka

    3. 'r *shok Ku/ar" ,egistrar"

    ,a-iv )andhi Dniversity of Health Sciences

    '. 'r Henry ,o:ario" Professor"

    Sacred Hearts College" 7a/il Eadu

    ). Prof ,aghu *k/anchi"




    Hubli Me/ber

    ;. 'r &S Pad/avathi"

    Senior ,esearch *ssociate" Karnataka !nana


  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft



    Fist o$ !e$e!!ed documents

    (outh *olicies and *!og!ams

    Eational Youth Policy #$posure 'raft 5645

    Maharashtra State Youth Policy 'raft

    !harkand State Youth Policy

    Kerala State Youth Policy

    Meghalaya Youth Policy

    Haryana Sports Policy

    Pun-ab Sports Policy

    Meghalaya Sports Policy

    South *frica Eational Youth Policy 566B 2 43

    Pun-ab +Pakistan. Youth Policy

    &angladesh Youth Policy 'raft

    *ustralian Youth 0nitiatives and Progra/s

    Council of #urope" Youth in *ction progra/

    #uropean Dnion" Youth policy 1ra/ework 5646 2 4B

    0nternational Youth Council" youth progra/s

    Eairobi *ction Plan +Co//on wealth youth progra/.

    */erican Youth Policy 1oru/" working with /arginali:ed youth

    Othe! 2elevant 0ocuments

    Karnataka (ision 5656

    Millenniu/ 'evelop/ent )oals

    Census 5664 and 5644

    Eational Cri/e ,ecords &ureau ,eport of 566I


          t    a       %    a

           Y    o    u      t      h

           P    o       l       i    c         C      +    r    a       #      t

          2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft


    Timeline o$ (outh *olic+ o!#

    • !an 45th

    2 Hon’ble Chief Minister announces Youth specific budget at Eational

    Youth 1estival

    • !an 56th

    2 36th

    2 Karnataka !nana *ayoga +K!*. has /eetings with

    'epart/ent of Youth Services and Sports +'YSS. regarding the progra/

    fra/ework for a youth%specific budget

    • 1eb 5nd

    to 9th

    2 Consultation /eetings with various stakeholders 2 youth and

    student organi:ations" sportspersons and sports associations

    • 1eb 9th

    2 Public Survey uestionnaire advertised in the papers" public

    response collated in the youth budget progra/s

    • 1eb 4<th

    2 Presented the initial proposal for youth budget to the Hon’ble

    Chief Minister and his cabinet• March 49

    th2 Eote on youth Policy for budget 5645%43

    • *pril Gth

    2 56th

    Frientation and guidance to 'YSS officers conducting

    consultation /eetings with youth and e$perts working with youth at all the


    • *pril 2 May 2 Frientation and guidance to 'YSS officers conducting

    consultation /eetings with youth and e$perts working with youth at all the


    • May 34 2 Meeting to propose a steering and drafting co//ittee to the


    • !une 5nd 2 )overn/ent Frder establishing the people in Steering and

    'rafting Co//ittee

    • !une Bth

    2 1irst Steering and 'rafting Co//ittee -oint co//ittee /eeting

    • !une 45th

    21irst 'rafting co//ittee /eeting

    • !une 5<th

    2 Karnataka Youth Policy >ebsite ?aunch

    • !une 5<th

    2 'rafting Co//ittee Meeting

    • !une 5<th

    2 Consultation Meeting with Youth *wardees

    • !une 59th

    % 'rafting Co//ittee Meeting

    • !uly 3rd

    % 'rafting Co//ittee Meeting

    • !uly 45th % 'rafting Co//ittee Meeting

    • !uly 4th

    2 Second Steering Co//ittee /eeting scheduled

    • !uly 4Ith

    % 'rafting Co//ittee Meeting

    • !uly 53rd

    2 Consultation Meeting with Sports Persons

    • !uly 59th

    2 Consultation Meetings with ?egislators

    • *ugust 4st

    % 'rafting Co//ittee Meeting

    • *ugust Gth

    2 Consultation Meeting with Sports Persons

    • *ugust 9th

    2 'rafting Co//ittee Meeting



    2 Steering Co//ittee Meeting• *ugust I

    th2 Presenting the Karnataka State Youth Policy 'raft to Hon’ble

    Chief Minister

        a      t    a       %    a

           Y    o    u      t      h

           P    o       l       i    c         C      +    r    a       #      t

          2      0      1      2

  • 8/17/2019 Youth Policy Draft