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Transcript of Your window to smart WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT - GlobalTech · PDF file GlobalTech introduces DEPOT...

  • Your window to smart WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT Complete control over your Warehouse, wherever you are.


    Manage & Control


  • WHY DEPOT WMS™? A typical warehouse faces critical challenges on a daily basis: : inefficient use of space, lack of traceability, picking errors and even inventory problems. To overcome all these barriers GlobalTech introduces DEPOT WMS™.

    DEPOT WMS ™ is a Warehouse Management Software designed by logistics experts. It automates your warehouse's processes, generating operational traceability and controlling "freethinkers" within your warehouse staff, generally responsible for most errors. It is compatible, from its core, with radiofrequency devices that allow it in order to generate a greater impact on your operation.

    Using DEPOT WMS™ operations your KPI’s will improve; on average 20% improvement in space usage and a 35% reduction in picking and shipping times. Our software increases your productivity, allowing your warehouse to add more customers and reduce unnecessary costs generated by errors during product reception or picking operations.

    DEPOT WMS™ allows a friendly integration with ERP systems. This enables the logistics area to structurally automate their operation without having to relegate their needs because of other system’s limitations.

    Depot WMS ™ is the ideal solution to elevate your warehouse operation and stock management to the next level.



    Your window to smart WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT Complete control over your Warehouse, wherever you are.

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    RELEASE YOUR WAREHOUSE’S POTENTIAL DEPOT WMS™ lets you control everything that happens in your warehouse, from the time goods are received up to the moment when they are shipped out. It covers a wide range of processes, including reception controls (with and without pre-alerts); space optimization; inventories; picking (employing multiple criteria, consolidated or individual) and clearance processes to pre-load the truck, among many others.

    Reception Under Control Warehouse reception is a key component: a mistake here generates a chain reaction throughout the entire process. DEPOT WMS™ validates goods you were planning to receive against the goods actually received; alerting the user of any discrepancies and taking note of them in the system, without interrupting reception flow.

    Intelligent Location DEPOT WMS™ is an intelligent automatic locations manager. It selects the best location to store goods based on operational parameters such as routes and priorities; along with available positions and product characteristics and restrictions. It optimizes your storage space and reduces internal fragmentation within your Warehouse.

    Optimized Delivery of Goods The delivery area is where operational pressure reaches its peak. DEPOT WMS™ optimizes this process, allowing picking tasks in waves or individually; allocating priorities to different orders and assigning users to the different operations. By supporting the use of Radio Frequency, the system guides your warehouse staff, instructing them on what products to pick, in which order and where to find them.

    Online Reports See stock levels, movements, Warehouse occupation and more info Online 24/7.

    Our Marketing team implements a Custom Look and Feel according to your companies brand.

    Any type of Layout Our software lets you manage both warehouses without layout (reflecting lung areas) and warehouses with layouts including multiple positions, selective racks, shelves, and drive-in racks.

    Smart inventory The inventory module enables cyclical position counts, using criteria such as layout or product id. The module guides the user to perform blind counts, without requiring warehouse block out.


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    IT GROWS WITH YOUR BUSINESS DEPOT WMS™ was designed to meet the needs of complex logistics operations, which are generally faced by 3PLs. However, its versatility also allows it to be used by companies that manage their own inventory.

    Industries with requirements such as high traceability (i.e.: laboratories, food & beverage); high volume (i.e. Retail); fast reaction time and adaptability (i.e.: auto parts, dealers or tech companies); industries the demand the inclusion of production processes and transformation of raw materials, and logistics operators in general are examples of the many sectors that benefit from incorporating DEPOT WMS™.

    DEPOT WMS™ is designed to support the growth of your business without requiring additional investment. Your ROI increases as the volume of your business increases, whether it is through starting additional warehousing operations or by incorporating more customers. Its multi-warehouse and multi-client design allows for great scalability.

    Designed from Logistics Expertise Our team has over 15 years of experience in the logistics sector, working in large companies at an international level. Thanks to this first hand expertise, we focus on the sector’s specific needs without losing sight of the level of optimization that an operational system requires.

    Linkable your ERP, MRP and External Systems DEPOT WMS™ is designed to operate in a work friendly environment with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Material Resource Planning (MRP) and any other external management system.

    Online reports and Access to information DEPOT WMS™ has a Web Viewer: a set of reports accessible via Internet that allow you to view real-time information regarding movements, stock levels, traceability, available warhouse capacity, etc. By controlled access via user profiles, this module solves the demand for information that our customers face (especially 3PLs); both those that come from their own internal as well as external customers.

    Thanks to our Marketing department, we can give out Web Viewer a customized Look & Feel, adapted to your companie’s brand.

    International Quality DEPOT WMS™ is currently optimizing warehousing operations in the United States, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.


    Integration Support for: + Electronic Scales + RFID + Voice Picking + Pick to Light.

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    Designed for operational excellence DEPOT WMS™ is a tool specifically built to meet the needs of a logistics operation. Use the right tool for warehouse management.

    A Flexible and Highly Efficient system Running various operations in companies of all sizes and all over the globe, our software performs and demonstrates that it can meet the needs of multiple industries.

    Optimize your Warehousing Our software generates a series of specific improvements, such as reduction of processing times, it eliminates errors caused by manual activities, increases your staff’s productivity and greatly improves your warehouse’s occupancy rates.

    Standardize your operating circuits Implementing this solution implies an improvement in operating circuits, ensuring that once defined in the system, tasks are maintained consistently.

    100% integratable with External Systems (ERP, MRP, etc.) Integration with external systems allows your warehouse to act as a key component of your companies’ “big picture”, without losing functionality in your daily activity.






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