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Make plumbing your business The YourPlumber Conversion Franchise Guide Make YourPlumber your business Take the next step in business by converting to a YourPlumber franchise

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Information about converting your current plumbing and heating business into a Your Plumber franchise to enjoy access to the Big Brand Benefits that will help you to grow and expand your business.

Transcript of Your Plumber Conversion Programme

Page 1: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

Make plumbing your business

The YourPlumber Conversion Franchise Guide

Make YourPlumberyour business

Take the next step in business by converting

to a YourPlumber franchise

Page 2: Your Plumber Conversion Programme
Page 3: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

Introduction from Dan Morris, CEOThank you for enquiring about converting your current business into a YourPlumber business. I hope this brochure gives you a good understanding of how our franchise works and how we can help you take your business to the next level with an established brand name, reputation, management systems and passionate support.

YourPlumber is being developed with an unwavering focus – to be the UK’s plumber of choice; known for quality workmanship and outstanding service. For years the plumbing industry has been poorly serviced and although this is slowly improving, the demand for a dependable, professional local plumbing service is as strong as ever.

We will achieve our objectives for two reasons. Firstly, YourPlumber subscribes to highly professional service standards that differentiate us in the market and command the respect and loyalty of customers. Secondly, we are committed to franchising; we believe in the passion and determination of local business owners and share our proven systems with enterprising partners to build successful businesses that deliver the same consistent quality that YourPlumber customers have come to expect. It’s dynamic, rewarding and very exciting.

We take the partnership we form with our franchisees very seriously; it is the foundation of our success. Our commitment to our franchisees remains constant; to provide the tools andsupport they need to be successful.

YourPlumber is positioned to do great things and offers a dynamic and exciting franchise opportunity. We have a successful business formula that effectively serves buoyant customer demand. If having read this brochure you would like to find out more, we would be delighted to welcome you to one of our Discovery Days.

Dan Morris, CEO YourPlumber

Make plumbing your business

Page 4: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

YourPlumber is making a big splash in the plumbing market. We’re passionate about outstanding service and ethical standards, which is a primary reason why we franchise. Our belief in the drive and determination of local business owners is central to fulfilling our ambition; to be the UK’s first choice plumbing service.

YourPlumber provides professional plumbing and heating services, offering a broad range of repair, maintenance and installation services to a mix of local homes and businesses. Service visits range from small reactive repairs and routine servicing to larger installation projects and boiler replacements.

YourPlumber is about providing market leading service to customers who prefer the trustand reliability of using a brand they recognise rather than unreliable and unprofessionalindependent sole traders. This refreshing commitment to outstanding service in a fragmented and poorly serviced market enables franchisees to develop highly successful and profitable businesses known for quality workmanship and outstanding service.

YourPlumber’s market leading service is managed and provided under franchise. We’recommitted to franchising and believe in supporting and trusting local business owners tocontinue providing the same great service YourPlumber customers have come to expect.

The YourPlumber business

We’re passionate about

outstanding service and ethical standards

Page 5: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

Franchising is where the owner of a successful business (‘the franchisor’) licenses the use of its operating systems, brand and other intellectual property, provides initial training and gives ongoing support to enable another (‘the franchisee’) to set up and operate an identical business elsewhere. In return the franchisee pays the owner an initial fee and an ongoing management fee.

Franchising is the ideal way to start a new business and continues to grow as a proven and recognised method of operating businesses in the UK. Latest research shows there to be more than 900 franchise systems in the UK, contributing £13.4 billion a year to the UK economy. The success rate of franchises is much higher than that of independent start-ups without the support and know-how of a franchisor.

Further research on public opinion reveals the general public prefer to buy goods and services from franchised businesses rather than non-franchised businesses. 45% of those asked said they would first try a franchise over a non-franchise, whilst just 23% prefer to use a non-franchised brand.

• 64% of people feel service is more likely to be provided at an agreed and consistent standard

• 69% feel they benefit from a local business backed by a national brand

• 66% prefer that they know exactly what they will be getting

• 53% feel they receive better service from dealing with the owner

Franchising. It makes good business sense.

outstanding service and ethical standards

69% of customers feel they benefit from a

local business backed by a national brand

Page 6: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

The YourPlumber conversion programme is about working together to build on the

foundations you’ve created with your current business. By using the YourPlumber brand

and support systems, we are able to provide you with the tools you need to take your

business to the next level and make it the recognised market leader in your local area.

Running an independent plumbing and heating business can be challenging. There are so many

different tasks that need doing it can be difficult to focus your time and efforts into growing

and driving the business. Operating your business as part of the YourPlumber network will

improve its performance, will give it the benefit of a powerful brand and access to valuable and

experienced business support.

Operating as a YourPlumber business gives you access to powerful marketing programmes

to generate new business, an industry leading IT management system to make your daily

operations easy and efficient, access to credit facilities to make it easier for customers to buy

from you, preferential buying terms from suppliers plus much more.

The aim of our conversion programme will be to improve your current business to create higher

profitability, better customer satisfaction, increased reputation, faster growth, better work-life

balance and ultimately, a more valuable and saleable asset for you.

The YourPlumber conversion programme

Converting to a YourPlumber franchise

will help you take the next step with your business

Page 7: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

Since we started out our franchisees have managed tens of thousands of plumbing

jobs. As a result we have tens of thousands of satisfied customers, and the numbers

are growing literally every day. Our focus on providing service excellence has proven

that considerable demand exists for a professional and reliable service in what is a

robust and sizeable industry.

The UK plumbing and heating market is estimated to be worth £9bn a year. However, the

industry is highly fragmented, comprising more than 19,000 providers of plumbing and heating

services, most being sole traders and independent operators like you. So, there’s a lot of

competition and it can therefore be difficult to stand out and get the volume of enquiries you


Consumer anxiety about the challenge of appointing a reliable plumber means customers

are increasingly demanding the reliability and reassurance of using a credible and recognised

brand. The YourPlumber concept is focused on capitalising on this opportunity by providing

a truly customer driven service conforming to the YourPlumber standards of service. It’s a

winning strategy that sees our franchisees consistently win new customers whilst retaining the

trust and loyalty of existing clients.

Stand out from the crowd

The UK plumbing and heating market is

estimated to be worth £9bn a year, with nearly

every residential and commercial property having some form of

plumbing and heating

Page 8: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

Converting your business into a YourPlumber franchise means you’ll still be responsible for running and managing your own business, providing a professional plumbing service to the local market. Just as they are now, all day-to-day decisions concerning your business will be yours.

However, there will be some dynamic differences:

• Your van(s) and stationery will change to the YourPlumber stye

• You’ll use a software programme that will make job booking, scheduling, invoicing, marketing and administration much more efficient

• You’ll have scope to increase your charges. Brands command premium prices.

• You’ll be able to choose from a range of proven local marketing campaigns that

are easy to organise

• You’ll be able to offer your clients a range of finance options to improve sales

• You’ll have access to our support team and help line service to help with all aspects of running and growing your business

We’ll provide the training and tools to effectively handle all aspects of running the business. We’ve been doing this for a number of years and so can you exactly how to run and develop your business more effectively.

Running a YourPlumber franchise

Running a YourPlumber franchise is varied

fast paced and challenging

Page 9: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

Owning a YourPlumber franchise gives access to a wealth of knowledge and experience and the technology and tools to run an efficient and profitable business. We have a winning business formula that works; we’ll teach you this during a comprehensive initial training programme.

Our initial training course will expand upon your existing industry knowledge to provide business training to ensure you’re fully equipped to take full advantage of the business support on offer and to get the most out of your YourPlumber franchise.

Business Management

Topics covered during the programme include:

• Hiring, training and effectively managing employees

• Handling customer calls, booking and scheduling jobs using the bespoke YourPlumber IT system

• Pricing and estimating work using the YourPlumber system

• Managing finances using the bespoke YourPlumber system

• Supplier management

• Effective customer service techniques

• How to build your business by making the most of our marketing programmes.

Training doesn’t stop there. On a regular basis you’ll be invited to attend further courses designed to help improve the performance of your business.

fast paced and challenging

TrainingAll you need to know about running a YourPlumber business

Page 10: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

Good service management is essential in successfully running a YourPlumber

franchise. Quickly getting to grips with managing the business is made easy by our

bespoke IT management system.

The business management IT system enables franchisees to:

• Organise and schedule the daily activities of you and your staff

• Maintain customer data including details of historical jobs and invoices to ensure you can provide a personal service

• Access a suite of reports that provide key management information – analysis of sales, evaluate marketing performance, identify the most profitable customers and assess profitability.

• Manage finances – accurately record sales, expenditure, calculate profit and loss and ensure disciplined credit control

• Analyse staff performance and productivity

• Provide interactive training sessions for you and your staff

• Access a whole library of business ‘tools’ such as mailing letters, advertisement templates, health & safety procedures and human resources documentation

• Stay in touch with other franchisees via a forum

Our industry leading IT management system is bespoke to YourPlumber and operates as the hub of a franchisee’s business. It provides instant access to resources and information and helps maintain efficient control and optimise performance and time management. It ensures our franchisees gain a sharp edge over the competition.

Industry leading technology

Our franchisees gain a sharp edge

over the competition

Page 11: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

YourPlumber’s success comes

as a result of our franchisees’


Running a YourPlumber franchise maintains the benefits of running your own business, but with the support of an experienced support team with the same interests in your success.

Our success comes as a result of our franchisees’ success, which means our management and support team is constantly available to provide advice and support to franchisees. We actively encourage franchisees to tap into our knowledge and experience to help with day to day issues and on-going key decisions and action planning.


Our team will be available on a continual basis, via telephone, email and one-to-one meetings. We’re available to provide assistance with any issues, from IT and accounting problems to HR, marketing or sales concerns.

Business performance reviews make up a critical part of our on-going support in helping franchisees analyse and plan for the future.

Asides from interpersonal mentoring and support, our on-going programme of support also includes:

• Management of the YourPlumber website

• Negotiation of preferential rates with key suppliers

• Regular review of processes and procedures to ensure franchisees stay compliant with legislation

• Periodic meetings and conferences

• Access to our intranet to enable franchisees to access resources and share ideas

It’s a dynamic and powerful business relationship in which both parties benefit from the success of the other.

Support. With YourPlumber you’re never short on support

Our franchisees gain a sharp edge

Page 12: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

YourPlumber’s marketing programme aims to support franchisees on two levels;

firstly by building national awareness of the service, secondly by providing marketing

‘tools’ to help franchisees generate local enquiries.

Print ads, direct mail letters, radio jingles, leaflets and branded vehicles all make up part of the marketing toolbox.

Our corporate website is one our most important marketing tools and attracts new customers 24/7. It’s been designed using the best practices in web design to make it both easy to find and easy to use. Franchisees each have specific and personalised presence within our main site that can be customised with local information and special offers. The site has become one of our key marketing tools and is responsible for providing franchisees with on average more than £100,000 each in banked revenue every year.

We’ve carried out extensive research to establish customer preferences and have tested a wide range of promotional activities to identify those that produce the best results. Finding new clients is one of the most important requirements of new businesses and we share our experience to help franchisees invest in marketing activity with confidence and predictability.

Marketing support

Finding new clients is one of the most important

requirements of any business

Page 13: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

When people hear the name YourPlumber, see our adverts, visit our website or even

see our vehicles, they think: established, professional and reliable. A strong, credible

brand that people associate with trust and reliability is one of our franchisees’ most

valuable assets.

As our franchisees find every day, delivering a service to the YourPlumber standards earns the

trust that is a key feature of all successful businesses. More importantly it justifies a premium

price. Our franchisees are able to charge much higher prices than ‘typical’ or ‘standard’ industry

rates. We win customers’ trust by operating a fair price policy. Every customer is given a fair and

fixed price before any work is started, with no hidden extras.

A brand people believe in

As our franchisees find every day, delivering

a service to the YourPlumber standards

earns the trust that is a key feature of all

successful businesses

Page 14: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

What it takes to succeed

The YourPlumber quality of service is critical

to building a profitable business

YourPlumber is seeking owners of plumbing and heating businesses that are motivated by

the opportunity to grow and improve their current business.

Suitable candidates are those that:

• Share our customer service values

• Have a sound reputation for honest and reliable service

• Have eagerness and ambition to develop and improve

• Can demonstrate a satisfactory trading history

It is important franchisees share our service values. Being fully focused on following the system by delivering the YourPlumber quality of service is critical to building a profitable business. However, the most vital ingredients for success are the need for sheer hard work and determination driven by passion and commitment. As the saying goes, ‘the more you put in,

the more you get out’.

Page 15: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

Reasons to convert to a YourPlumber business

YourPlumber will help you build your business,

which in turn will provide you with the financial

freedom you desire

If you are looking to achieve more from your plumbing and heating business then a YourPlumber franchise could be the ideal route for you to take. It will provide you with the assistance and direction that’s essential to taking your business to the next stage.

The benefits of owning a YourPlumber franchise mean you will:

1. Have the additional support of a powerful brand name and striking corporate identity2. Generate more new customers from our marketing programmes3. Have access to our bespoke management IT system making it easier to manage and evaluate the business4. Be able to liaise with other YourPlumber franchise owners and tap into their experience and ideas5. Be able to increase pricing and charge a premium price6. Have access to our range of credit packages to offer clients7. Have sales training to improve your ability to convert enquiries into paying customers8. Have a business mentor available at all times to help ensure the right business development decisions are made at all times9. Own a business that rewards you financially and with lifestyle benefits10. Create a substantial business that has a long term retirement plan and exit strategy

Page 16: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

Questions & Answers

Everything you need to know.

Your questions answered

1. Will I have to change my business name?

Yes. You will trade as YourPlumber, which will become one of your greatest assets.

2. Are all training costs included in my franchise package?

Yes. The franchise fee includes the full business training programme.

3. Will I have a specific territory?

An exclusive territory will be mapped, which is where you would be licensed to promote the

YourPlumber service for new clients. This does not affect your ability to service existing clients

your business may have.

4. How much could I expect to earn?

We can’t say for certain because this will be directly dependent on how much effort you apply

to maximising your businesses potential and will depend also on where your current business

is. A detailed bespoke plan will be created as part of the awarding process.

Page 17: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

5. Will I need employees?

Depending what your ambitions are, as we work to improve your current business, there will be increased demand that will enable you to expand and take on staff to increase the sales and profitability of your business. We provide assistance in recruiting the right staff.

6. What facilities do I need to manage my business?

It depends what stage your current business is at. To being with, smaller YourPlumber businesses can be operated from home offices, however as the business grows, at some point in the future you will probably want and need to relocate to commercial premises.

7. Will I be able to talk to existing franchisees?

Yes we would recommend that you talk to our operating franchisees. They’ll give you a clear picture of what you’re buying into.

8. Can in continue with my job while the franchise gets going?

No. To give your business the best possible start, you will need to commit yourself to a full time basis. Your YourPlumber franchise is not suited to a part-time franchise operation.

9. Do I have to live in the area I am considering for the franchise?

We would normally recommend you do. However, if you choose and area within short commuting distance from your home this is of course possible.

10. How much of this total funding will I have to provide and how much could I borrow?

Depending on your status, funding can be arranged either directly with your bank or through our scheme, which has already been agreed with our bankers. 50-70% should normally be available, subject to status.

11. Do I need to be computer literate?

All of our systems have been designed for ease of use and will be trained thoroughly during your training programme. You should however be reasonably comfortable with using a computer and standard programs such as email and Microsoft Office.

12. Are my staff employed or self-employed? I’ve never been in charge of employees and am concerned about rules and regulations

All staff must be fully employed by you. Recruitment, contracts, documentation and how to manage your staff will be dealt with on your training course. Guidance on all personnel issues is available.

13. Can you help me draw up a business plan?

Yes. We will provide you with all the information you need to formulate your business plan.

14. When can I start a YourPlumber business?

A new franchise can be launched anytime of the year, we have training courses starting at regular intervals and we will book you on to the course most appropriate to your circumstances. The selection and training process normally takes at least two months.

Page 18: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

If you’re interested to find out more about a YourPlumber franchise, please arrange to attend one of our regular Discovery Days. These are informal but informative days where you can come along, with no obligation to find out more about the YourPlumber opportunity.

Details can be found on our website or by calling 01202 230070

The Next Steps

We look forward to welcoming you to

the YouPlumber family

Make plumbing your business

Build a lucrative plumbing and heating business - and the profits will flow!

Page 19: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

YourPlumber provides a comprehensive package to make an immediate effect to your current business and its performance.

The initial franchise package includes:

• A five year renewable franchise agreement with license and trademark rights

• An exclusive territory in which the business currently operates

• An initial business training programme

• A bespoke business management IT system

• Access to the YourPlumber franchisee intranet and shared resources

• Operations manuals

• Promotional stationery and marketing literature

• Personalised website and email address

• Branded workwear and corporate uniforms

• Gas Safe application and registration (if applicable)

• Market launch programme

The total cost of this package is £9,500 (plus VAT)

Raising financeUp to 70% of this total investment amount can be borrowed from the bank (subject to the normal terms and conditions), so you will need the other 30% as liquid capital.

On-going fees

Management Service Fee, or royalty 10%

Brand awareness and advertising contributions 1%

A detailed list of all operational expenses are provided with the business plan template.

Investment requirement and on-going fees

Make plumbing your business

t. 01202 230070 e. [email protected]

Page 20: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

The YourPlumber conversion programme is about taking your current business to the next stage, building upon what you’ve already achieved and turning it into a bigger and more profitable business to meet your own expectations and aspirations.

If operated in accordance with the prescribed system and with a proactive approach to marketing, converting to a YourPlumber franchise has the potential to attract more clients and improve your current business at a considerable rate.

However, it should be understood that no guarantees can be offered as the rewards generated will depend entirely on the effort and endeavour of each individual franchisee, and on compliance with the YourPlumber business management system.

An illustrative profit and loss account for the next three years of trading , detailing revenue, indirect and direct costs and profit by month, will be supplied to franchise applicant separately. The effect of converting to a YourPlumber business will also depend largely on what stage your current business is at and its current trading conditions.

All of these factors are discussed during a meeting, where we can assist in preparing the plan and in discussing how we see the business developing with our support.

It is important to recognise that the business is an asset, which should appreciate in value as it develops. The business may be sold at any time, to a buyer that meets with YourPlumber’s approval. It should be expected that the price obtained will reflect the business’ record of turnover growth and profitability.

Financial Rewards

Make plumbing your business

t. 01202 230070 e. [email protected]

Page 21: Your Plumber Conversion Programme

Make plumbing your business

e. [email protected]

Find out more today

t. 01202 230070

Be your own bossBuild a lucrative

plumbing and heating business - and the profits will flow!