Your Donkey's or Mule's New Year's Resolutions ...¢  Your Donkey's or Mule's New Year's...

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Transcript of Your Donkey's or Mule's New Year's Resolutions ...¢  Your Donkey's or Mule's New Year's...

  • Your Donkey's or Mule's New Year's Resolutions - I will only wiggle a little (just enough to stay out of his reach) when the vet comes to give me shots. - I'll reserve my chewing on the barn for times when mom and dad can't see me. Then I can surprise them! - I will only toss the best hay on the floor. Then I can more easily sort through it and find the best tasting morsels before anyone else, while leaving the rest in the manger for later. - When mommy brings out the halter I'll be the first to meet her - but only if she's coming to take one of my buddies out instead. - Clean shavings are a wonderful gift of love from my mom. So I'll do my best every time to show her how much I appreciate my freshly cleaned stall. The ultimate way to do this is by peeing right in the middle of the shavings as soon as she is finished cleaning my stall. - I will always load in the trailer when daddy asks me to, but only if he isn't in a hurry and we aren't going anywhere. Moving floors were not meant to be stood on. - Mom always says we need to be clipped for shows in the spring. Maybe I'll start working early and surprise her with my excellent barber skills on my herd buddies. It can't take too long to remove a mouthful of hair here and there, and a chew off their tails. - Humans don't like too much noise. So I will be polite and only bray when I have a good reason to. That may include feeding times, whenever I see a person that might come talk to me, when I'm bored, when mommy is training my buddy, when mommy leaves without giving me a treat, or any other time I feel like it... - And lastly, I'll be the most lovable mule or donkey in the whole wide world!

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  • As another year begins we can proudly look back at our accomplishments of 2009. It was a banner year filled with many events and activities which allowed us the opportunity to educate the public on our long eared friends. Our club welcomed many new members and interest in these amazing critters is definitely on the rise. It looks like it is going to be a busy and exciting 2010.

    2009 Reflections

    Agassiz Fall Fair

    Fort Langley Parade

    Driving Clinic

    Silent/Live Auction

    Dogwood Donkey Show Fun-filled meetings Mane Event

    Horseman's Baazar

  • A Message from our President I am hoping that everyone has taken the time to notice that the days are finally getting longer! I think the Lower Mainland has managed to escape the worst of winter and Spring should be approaching soon. I am glad to have the holiday season behind me and am happily back to my routine with my horses and donkeys. Before the shows are upon us, I always like to make sure that everyone is in good health. Some people clean up their houses and yards at this time of year, but we at Oak Stables spend more time focusing on our animals and their health! This is the time of year that we attend to deworming, vaccinations and dentistry. I like to make sure that my driving donkeys teeth are checked by my vet and floated if necessary. We also have some older jennets that tend to get sharp points on their teeth, so they get checked too. West Nile has made its appearance into this area, so I would recommend discussing vaccination with your vet, if you haven’t already done so. Farrier attention is done year round, but it is much more pleasant to be holding donkeys for their feet to be trimmed now that the weather is milder! Don’t forget to renew your membership to our club, as it is now due. If you have any ideas for clinics or guest speakers for our meetings, please let me know. Thank you to everyone who offered their homes for last year’s meetings- it was much appreciated and made the meetings warm and friendly! If anyone would like to volunteer to host meetings for 2010 please contact myself or Pat Strang.


  • When Pat Strang's new addition to the family is not visiting with Santa she can be found in the house playing with the dogs and chasing the cats!. Charla is 2 years old and is not quite sure if she is a donkey or a human. She loved her visit with Santa but Santa wasn't impressed when she decided to have a nibble of his beard, she thought it was hay.

    Cheryl & Soren Larsen graciously opened their beautiful home in Abbotsford to host our club meeting and Christmas party.  Despite the chilling weather it was a great turnout and a very fun filled day.  Members present were Bud & Virginia Allen, Trudy Leishman, Cheryl & Soren Larsen, Margaret Stewart, Marcel Sward, Pat Strang, and Helen Howell. Virginia started the meeting with everyone introducing themselves. The success stories of the Mane Event, The Fort Langley Parade, The Agassiz Parade and demos were all discussed and everyone thanked for their participation. We exchanged gifts and shared a lot of laughs. We then enjoyed a scrumptious potluck lunch.Thanks so much Cheryl & Soren for having us!!

    16th General 1st Mainland Donkey & Mule Club December 6, 2009 Minutes

    The First Mainland Donkey & Mule Club would like to welcome the following new members to our club. Sylvia Hardy, Mission, B.C. Gabriele Hau, Mission, B.C. Ronald & Denise Barry, Trail, B.C. Cindy Ling, Powell River, B.C. Lynda Vegsund, Aldergrove, B.C. Judith White, Hope, B.C.

  • JULY 31 – AUGUST 2 The Dogwood Donkey Show will be hosting it's 3rd annual show at the Agri-Fair in Abbotsford, B.C. Whether you will be participating with your long eared friend in the show or just want to enjoy a weekend of entertainment in the country, we offer something for everyone of any age to enjoy.

    MARCH 21 2010 - The Horseman's Bazaar and Country Fair will be held at Thunderbird Equestrian Show Park in Langley, B.C. The First mainland Donkey & mule Club is planning to participate with a promotional booth.

    OCTOBER 22 -OCTOBER 24 The 1st Mainland Donkey & Mule Club will be participating in the Mane Event at Heritage Park in Chilliwack B.C with a promotional booth and donkeys for the public to enjoy.

    SEPTEMBER 18th – The donkeys were a real hit at the Agassiz Parade and Fall Fair last year. We are hoping to participate in the parade and showcase our donkeys again this year.

    The  Mane  Event was held at Heritage Park in Chilliwack, B.C. The 1st Mainland Donkey & Mule Club and Dogwood Donkey Show participated with a promotional booth. Virginia & Bud Allen brought a different pair of donkeys each day for the public to enjoy. The donkeys loved all the attention and their fans enjoyed their loving nature and entertaining antics. Many donkey and mule enthusiasts visited our display where our committed volunteers answered many questions and provided hand outs on our long eared friends. Thanks so much to all the volunteers who helped make this a very successful and fun event.  A special thanks to Bud & Virginia Allen who spent endless hours transporting donkeys back and forth over the weekend and for their knowledgeable help in the booth.   

    FEBRUARY 7th – Meeting scheduled. If you are interested in hosting the meeting please contact pat 604 826-4404

  • Apple Molasses Cookies These Apple Molasses Cookies are simple and easy to make. My donkeys gave them 5 stars on the taste test. Even my gelding, who is a pretty picky eater, was begging for more! These cookies are also human edible, and are a great healthy snack. If you prefer sweeter cookies, you can add a little sugar to the dough to sweeten it to your taste.

    Apple Molasses Cookies 2 cups Rolled Oats 1 3/4 cups Diced Apple 1/2 teaspoon Salt 2 tablespoons Molasses 1 cup Hot Water Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Spoon dough onto non-stick cookie sheet. Bake for 8 minutes. Remove from cookie sheet, and put on plate or cooling rack to cool. This recipe makes approximately 24 cookies.

    Don't Forget To Renew Your 2010 Membership

    Make cheque for $12.00 payable to the 1st Mainland Donkey & Mule Club and mail to: Sue Balcom 4380 Tamboline Road Delta, B.C. V4K 3N3

  • PANJSHIR VALLEY - A lack of decent roads and its towering, craggy mountains are leading Afghanistan to turn to an age-old mode of transport to ferry ballots to remote regions ahead of Thursday's election: the donkey. About 3 100 burros have been hired to carry the poll materials, underscoring the logistical difficulties facing election officials in one of the world's poorest countries, where a violent insurgency also threatens the vote. Donkeys loaded with election materials made their way through a washed-out road winding through the towering Hindu Kush range north of Kabul on Monday. No car or truck can traverse there. The animals carried the materials in blue plastic boxes tied to their backs. Armed policemen walked alongside them. About 17 million registered voters are eligible to cast ballots on Thursday to choose Afghanistan's next president and provincial council members. Aside from a lack of infrastructure, the threat of the Taliban insurgency is rattling the vote. Authorities have been forced to abandon plans to open hundreds of polling stations because of security concerns. Of 7 000 polling centres originally planned for across the country, voting can take place at 6 600, Interior Minister Hanif Atmar said.

    COLLBRAN, COLORADO - When a female horse meets a male donkey, the pitter-patter of litt