You Will Conquer Fear or Fear Will Conquer You - Ernest Angley (1992)

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Transcript of You Will Conquer Fear or Fear Will Conquer You - Ernest Angley (1992)

  • 8/8/2019 You Will Conquer Fear or Fear Will Conquer You - Ernest Angley (1992)


    November 1992

    Topics: Fear,Your Mind

    Volume 11 The Kee ping Power for the Mind

    by Ernest An gley

    Decide that you will conquer fear in this final hour, that it will

    never have dominion over you or rule your life in any way. Why

    let fear rob you of God's best, destroy God's blessings, cause

    sickness or calamity to come upon you? Job had a fear of losing

    his family, of losing the material things God had given him. The

    sad day came when he said, the thing which I greatly feare d

    is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come

    unto me (Job 3:25). The devil works through fear; God works

    through faith. The Lord delivers through faith, and the devil robs

    through fear. The Lord edifies through faith, and the devil

    destroys, destroys, destroys through fear.

    And the p eace of God, w hich passeth all und erstanding, shall keep your he arts and

    minds throu gh Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:7). Were the human race to combine all their

    understanding, they still could never comprehend the peace of God. His peace shall keep your

    heart and mind through Jesus, the Word made flesh. If your life is not directed, ruled by love, it

    will be ruled by fear, saith the Lord. You cannot allow fear to take hold.

    The Early Church conquered fear; they did not let fear conquer them. Had they not decided in

    their hearts and minds who Jesus really was, had they not recognized all the greatness of Him, fearwould have swallowed them up. All that He said was true; they knew they could trust His words

    with their very lives. Jesus was the very Son of God.

    The Early Church used Jesus' faith to destroy fear as they had seen Him do. We read of a miracle

    that happened one night out on a stormy sea. In their boat tossed by the waves, the disciples were

    in trouble. Suddenly they saw Jesus walking toward them on the waters, and they cried out in fear.

    Bu t straightway Jesus spake u nto them , saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be n ot afraid.

    And Peter an swere d him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me com e un to thee on the

    Will Conquer Fear or Fear Will Conquer You - Ernest Angley Ministries

    5 12/19/2010

  • 8/8/2019 You Will Conquer Fear or Fear Will Conquer You - Ernest Angley (1992)


    water. And he said, Come (Matthew 14:27-29). When Jesus identified Himself and said to be

    not afraid, fear was destroyed in the hearts of the disciples to the extent that Peter stepped right

    out onto the waters and started walking. But because Peter didn't continue to use the faith of

    Jesus, fear conquered and he began to sink. And immediately Jesus stretched forth his

    hand, and caught him, and said u nto him, O thou of little faith, whe refore didst thou

    doubt (verse 31)? Jesus hates fear; He despises itthe kind of fear the devil sends.

    For God hath not given u s the spirit of fear; but of pow er, and of love, and of a sound

    mind (II Timothy 1:7). The spirit of fear comes from the devil. Many experiences, many blessings

    have come to you from the Lord, but He has never given you fear. God has given you power over it:

    love. There is no fear in love; bu t perfect love casteth out fear (I John 4:18). God's perfect

    love casts out fear. The Early Church knew what it was to have fear cast out through God's perfect


    Don't be deceived about fear, thinking that if it is in the mind, it is in the soul, too. This is true only

    if the soul has not found Jesus and accepted His salvation. Fear can instantly overwhelm the mind;

    the mind is gullible, changeable. What matters is that no fear lodge there, that the perfect love of

    God is stored in the reservoir of the soul for the mind to use. As long as the mind is supplied from

    a soul filled with God's love, it will not be destroyed. As the mind yields, the Holy Spirit bridges the

    gulf between mind and soul, streaming God's love-flow into the mind.

    The love-flow of God destroys fear. When you are born again, you don't have to pray for God to

    help you with fear; you have the love of God in your soul to draw on. Without the love of God in

    your soul, you could not be saved. Peace fills your soul because Jesus is there; He is the peace, joyand love of your life.

    Many don't understand how to use the peace of God in their souls, and they think they are victims

    of fear. They are victims of fear, I say again, only if fear is in the soul rather than God's love. With

    the love of God in your soul, you can be delivered from fear, cleansed just like taking a bath when

    you are dirty. Feelings may give the impression that you are so dirty you can never be clean, but a

    good bath takes care of that. Feelings can also make you think you can never be free from fear, but

    the love-flow from the soul can cleanse the mind because there is no fear in God's love.

    Fear hath torment. The Lord did not come to torment you, but to give you peace. He that

    feareth is not made pe rfect in love (I John 4:18). If fear dominates your soul, you are not

    made perfect in God's love. Remember, fear can come to the mind, but that does not mean you are

    not saved. No one escapes fear at all times. But when Jesus is in your soul, you have the resources,

    the strength from heaven to conquer that fear.

    Your soul knows no limit in its capacity. The soul can hold the whole Godhead, all the promises of

    God, all the joy of the Lord. Coming from God, the soul is a part of God, limitless. The mind,

    however, is limited. That's the reason it can be frightened, tortured with fear. When you are

    Will Conquer Fear or Fear Will Conquer You - Ernest Angley Ministries

    5 12/19/2010

  • 8/8/2019 You Will Conquer Fear or Fear Will Conquer You - Ernest Angley (1992)


    tortured in mind, look into the soul.

    Face yourself honestly. Ask yourself what really is in your mind. What do you have there? And if

    you were asked what is in your soul, what would you say?

    Salvation. Are you really saved? Yes, I am. Are you really walking with God? Yes, I'm walking

    with God. Do you have the real Bible Holy Ghost? Yes, I have the real Bible Holy Ghost. Do you

    really believe all the Bible? Yes. Do you believe all the promises of God? Yes, I believe all the

    promises of God.

    Then all the power, all the deliverance you need is right there in your soul. You have only to yield

    to it. By yielding, you accept the Word, what God has said, the promises He has given to you. The

    only way you can yield to God is through His Word.

    Many don't know how to yield to God; they try to yield in ways that don't workthrough thoughts,

    through the human spirit. In every way they try to yield except through the Word of God. Come

    now , and let us reason together, saith the Lord (Isaiah 1:18). God never reasons outside His

    Word. If you reason with God, you reason through the Word. When you met God for your

    salvation, you met Him through the Word. Without the Word of God there would be no salvation,

    no deliverance from sin. It's all in the Word.

    The enemy tries to make you feel condemned if you have fear. Fear is normal, but never let thatfear become bondage, destroying your will to yield to what is in your soul. That bondage of fear

    cuts you off from the Holy Spirit. It takes yielding to the Holy Spirit to bridge the gulf between the

    soul and mind. The soul feeds the mind. God's love that overcomes fear in your soul feeds your

    mind through the Holy Spirit. The love of God is shed abro ad in ou r hearts by the Holy

    Ghost which is given un to us (Romans 5:5). Not only in your soul does the Holy Spirit shed

    abroad the love of God, but by your yielding, He bridges the gulf between mind and soul as a flow

    of His love bathes the mind.

    Love can heal. A child may become bruised in play, but Mother with her great love can kiss the

    pain away. When I was a child my mother healed me with love many times when I was crushed or

    in pain. But I had to yield to her, to her voice, her touch, her embrace that erased the hurt out of

    my mind. When the hurt is out of the mind, you don't feel it much in the body. Mama would say,

    "Honey, you're going to be all right." She never lied to me, so I knew I would be all right. Love

    does wonders. It can take away depression and oppressionhuman love can do thatif you yield

    Will Conquer Fear or Fear Will Conquer You - Ernest Angley Ministries

    5 12/19/2010

  • 8/8/2019 You Will Conquer Fear or Fear Will Conquer You - Ernest Angley (1992)


    to it.

    You must yield to love before it can affect you. When a Child of God blocks God's love in the soul

    by not yielding to the Holy SpiritHe who dwells withinnot letting Him flow love from the soul

    into the mind, that one has a great bondage. Bondage isn't the will of God. Follow the example of

    the Psalmist who wrote: In God have I pu t my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do

    unto me (Psalm 56:11). The real you who will live for eternity must put all trust in God.

    Peace I leave w ith you, m y peace I give unto you : not as the world giveth, give I unto

    you. Let not you r heart be troub led, neither let it be afraid (John 14:27). Jesus didn't say

    to not let your mind be troubled; He knew minds