You Can Write a Non-Fiction Book

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You Can Write a Book . . . Yes, YOU! IT’S TRUE

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Take what you already know and write a non-fiction book. If you have a passion, a hobby, or knowledge about a topic, you have what it takes to write a book.

Transcript of You Can Write a Non-Fiction Book

  • You Can Write a Book . . . Yes, YOU!
  • Write What You Know If you have a hobby, a passion, a burning interest, a business . . . You have all it takes to write a non-fiction book. If your topic is something you know more about than the next guy, you already know enough to write your non-fiction book. Writing a how-to book is as easy as putting together a to-do list, then expanding each step so that a total beginner can follow along. YOU, THE EXPERT Like this history geek (me) wrote!
  • More than you think. Myth:You need to know everything about a subject before you can write it. Truth: All you need to know is a little more than the person who knows nothing. You already have what it takes. Dont believe me? These ten examples might change your mind: What Do You Know?
  • Love Football? Write a How-To guide for someone who knows zero about the sport. Love baseball? Tell me how to manage a Little League Team
  • Know construction? Tell me how to build a back yard deck.
  • Do you collect? Tell me how to make some extra money buying and selling old stuff
  • Bird lover? Tell me what to feed birds in the winter
  • Computer geek? Tell me how to use my new tablet.
  • Road biker? Tell me how to pick my first bike.
  • Cat lady? How do I make my own cat food?
  • Gardener? Tell me how to use containers.
  • Hobbyist. How do I design a model train layout?
  • Long-time city resident? Tell me the coolest places to see in your town.