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YOU CAN IMPACT THE FUTURE OF SELF-SERVICE METROPOLITAN COLLEGE OF NEW YORK Adrian Smith Director of Administrative and Enrollment Systems
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Transcript of YOU CAN IMPACT THE FUTURE OF SELF-SERVICE · IDEA-11808-Self Service Unofficial Transcript does not...


    M E T R O P O L I TA N C O L L E G E O F N E W Y O R K

    Adrian Smith Director of Administrative and Enrollment Systems


    • Web based

    • 24x7 access

    • Self-Service is the intersection of Students, Faculty and Staff


    • Formerly titled Request for Product Enhancement, Ideas are submitted through the Ellucian Support Center

    • Intended to gauge client feedback and provide additional points of view


    • June 2010 – Commons Vote


    • July 2010 – Winner Announced


    • Feb 2011 – Commons Post Excerpt

    Renee Pacini


    • Silence….


    • Active Discussion

    • Evaluation based on student, faculty and staff needs at your institution

    • Understanding that our efforts will only be useful as we stand together

  • IDEA

    IDEA-27390-section meeting information available to students

    We sometimes have sections that meet at irregular intervals. We can adjust the

    section meeting information in PowerCAMPUS to reflect these changes - however

    - the information is not available to students and faculty in self service.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-13761-Allow 1098T forms to be published online

    Currently PowerCampus only allows 1098T forms to be printed and mailed to students. There is a table in the database with the historical 1098T information for each individual form that has been printed. Similarly to how statements are "published" online, 1098T forms should be able to be viewed, recalled and printed by students online thru Selfservice. Suggested Resolution: Once 1098T forms have been printed and reviewed for accuracy, enable, as in statements, the ability to "publish" the forms online to selfservice. In the "Finance" section of selfservice, add a "Tax Forms" navigation that would lead to a page where there would be a list of tax years that have been processed for the student. When the year is clicked on, the form displays and then there is also an option to print the form. This could be adopted for international use if there are any similar forms that an institution needs to provide to a student on a regular basis.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-14097-1098-Ts on Self Service

    We are unable to put the 1098-Ts on Self Service.

    Suggested Resolution: Having the ability to publish the form on self service would

    allow the students to get it on their own.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-26726-1098T delivery system

    Our Bursar is trying to inquire if the PowerCampus portal supports a 1098T delivery

    system. I learned from the ActionLine that none of the products/solutions

    currently support that. That is a tool that will be extremely helpful if implemented

    in future upgrades.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-27693-1098T on Self Service Portal

    We would like the 1098Ts to be able to be published to the portal for students to

    retrieve themselves.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-21126-Grade submission notification

    Our faculty are requesting an on screen or email notification that grades have been

    submitted. They are never sure if they went through because there is no


    Suggested Resolution: Our faculty are requesting an on screen or email

    notification that grades have been submitted. They are never sure if they went

    through because there is no notification.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-25401-Grade submittal - pop up to verify

    If possible, for a confirm message when submitting final grades. Currently, it has 2

    buttons close together that say ‘Save’ and ‘Submit’. I just hit Submit by accident

    on one of my

    classes (wanted to hit Save). Now I need to put in a change of grade request to

    get grades updated correctly.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-26935-Eliminating Canceled Courses from appearing in Self-Service 'Find Cou

    Currently, canceled sections in PowerCampus still appear in Self-Service under 'Find

    Courses' when students. We find that confusing as they are technically canceled

    and should not be shown as listed courses. That has misled a lot of students and

    allowed them to ask us questions as to why they got canceled and such. We wish

    to see that this is an option for us to control on what courses to publish in

    PowerCampus, status wise in future versions or patches.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-20013-When Faculty enter grades and submit them there is no notification of

    When Faculty enter grades and submit them there is no notification of any kind they

    were received, in IQWEB they received a "Receipt" that grades have been

    successfully submitted. there isn't even an on screen prompt after the button is

    pushed now.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-18552-Hide Cancelled Courses from Search Results

    Sections that are cancelled are returned in section search results.

    Suggested Resolution: Have ability to either not show cancelled courses in

    searches or allow for individual courses to be checked/unchecked in

    PowerCAMPUS so that they do not show up in searches. We have certain course

    IDs that are active courses that we'd also like to hide (this is on another RPE) so

    this would solve both RPEs if this approach was taken.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-27925-Save Unofficial Transcript to PDF

    It would be helpful for students to be able to save their unofficial transcript to a PDF

    out of self service.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-28502-Visual indicator on Statement tab that Statement has been Published

    When viewing the Statement tab in People Billing; it would be wonderful to have a

    visual indicator of some kind that shows if a statement has been Published.

    This allows a typical user who does not have access to Billing Processing >

    'Statement Publishing' to then search for a statement, etc. (which is a pain itself)

    Maybe an asterisk or a 'P' in an additional column for "StmtPub"

    This would also be a quick visual for a typical user who needs to let a student or

    parent know a statement is available for viewing in Self Service.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-27114-Self-Service Allowed Languages

    Starting in release 8.2, multiple languages were included by default in Self-Service installations. As a result of this product change, users interacting with the Self-Service are now in control of the language that is rendered based on their device language settings. Institutions are not able to ensure that each visitor receives the correct instructions as they interact with our registration, billing, financial aid and academic departments without the added expense of contracting with a third party to correctly edit each language file. This importance of this problem is underscored by numerous references in the Self-Service Administrator Guide relating to the editing of .resx files. The following are a subset of locations in the Administrator Guide that refer to editing the .resx files in the normal use and administration of Self-Service: - Editing the Sharing Disclosure Statement - Editing the Directory Privacy Statement - Customizing the Ethnicity and Race Page Instructions - Customizing the Site Map - Changing the Name of a Tab, Menu Item, or Option - Changing Display Messages or Field Names - Customizing the FERPA Rights and Policy Notice - Customizing Page Instructions - Editing the Sharing Disclosure Statement None of these locations indicate that all languages must be edited to ensure consistency. As a result, over 51% of PowerCampus institutions could be incorrectly communicating with their constituents (March 6, 2014 Self-Service Survey Data). Many institutions have upgraded without being aware of the miscommunication that may be occurring. I propose that a feature be added to Self-Service Administration, Web Site Setup, Site Settings that would enable institutions to specify the allowable languages for visitors. Alternatively, the Self-Service installation procedure could prompt the installer to select the desired language files needed at that institution.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-23332-Add Class Level to MyAdvisees Screen

    Need Class Level on MyAdvisees Screen

  • IDEA

    IDEA-25551-Advisee List in SS

    The Advisee list shows students from our schools that are in EnrollApp and Withdrawn

    (we have several) statuses that should not be visible. In our institution students

    that are EnrollApp are not enrolled students and should not show up to our

    Advisors until they are enrolled. Also, we have several Withdrawn statuses to help

    with our reporting to our Accrediting body and these students show in the Advisee

    list for advisors. Can a filter be added to SS to allow the Advisor to select which

    students they would like to see in the list or allow campuses to have more options

    of who can show as an Advisee to the advisor?

    This is a huge issue for our schools that really needs to get corrected.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-27104-Add advisor to department head's list, add advisor to class list, add

    I constantly get requests from frustrated faculty not able to determine who a student's advisor is. I have seen many threads in the commons and even a few change requests about adding advisor to the class list or dossier but nothing has been changed. As a department head, the faculty member can see all students belonging to their department's major(s). Many times, for whatever reason, the department head needs to find the advisor of a student. Additionally, school policy dictates a faculty member should contact a student's advisor if they are not showing up for class or doing poorly. However, the class list does not show a student's advisor, and the dossier does not show their advisor either. I know this is a common request. There is even a workaround for it in the commons: I would implement this but rather have a supported version that I won't have to mess with at every upgrade.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-12878-Allow "Absent" Attendance Status to be modified

    The "Absent" code value in the Attendance Status code table is hard-coded and the

    properties of the code value cannot be changed. Specifically "Active/Inactive" and

    "Category". We do not allow excused absenses at NYCDA. All absenses are

    unexcused. There is no way to disable this code value so that faculty do not

    accidentally enter it when updating their attendance.

    Suggested Resolution: Allow the properties of the "Absent" code value to be


  • IDEA

    IDEA-11808-Self Service Unofficial Transcript does not show accurate dates

    Please see SR 1-2242658371 if you need further explanation. Go to Self Service and

    view Unofficial Transcript. The end date for the Year/Term is not accurate. The

    start date of the semester reflects that start date of the session they are in this is

    good. However, the end date reflects the greatest end date that is in academic

    calendar for the Year/Term. It should be the greatest end date of the sessions

    they are in.

    Suggested Resolution: End date should reflect greatest end date of the sessions

    they are taking. If there is no desire to fix this then maybe the dates should be


  • IDEA

    IDEA-25635-Repeated Course Prompt

    During the registration process, warn student that a course in their shopping cart is a

    repeat - have student click 'ok' to confirm they want to repeat the course.

  • IDEA

    IDEA-20106-Student Name on Class Schedule

    Go to classes tab and then click schedule, and finally student schedule. Student

    name and address is not listed.

    Suggested Resolution: add the student's name and address printed on class


  • IDEA

    IDEA-26936-Allow Instructors to see what students are on the waitlist in Self-Service

    We are proposing that Self-Service should have ability for instructors (faculty) to see

    what students are pending on their classes' waitlist. It appears, we can only

    check that in PowerCampus which is inconvenient for instructors to track their


  • IDEA

    IDEA-26288-In-application navigation

    Currently, there is no code developed for allowing applicants to navigate within the

    online application and they must use their browser's navigation (back and forward

    buttons). This causes multiple applications to be submitted unintentionally for the

    same applicant.

    Please add code for in-application navigation!

  • IDEA

    IDEA-18891-Department Head -Manage Courses view

    Currently, when I click on 'Manage Courses' and select to view by year, I get a page

    that has all courses offered for various terms and sessions. Sometimes, this gets

    too big and difficult to look for a course that was offered on a particular term and

    session. Is it possible to add filters on that page for term,session and college so

    we can view easily any courses that was offered in that department for that

    year/term /session



    • Document the top three IDEAS

    • Send to the Product Manager and request inclusion within the Product Roadmap