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Digital Signage Network yless boundar real-time communication at the click of a button 24X7 3M India Limited Digital Signage Concorde Block, UB City, 24 Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore - 560 001 Tel: +91 80 3061 4791/4776, Fax: +91 2223 1450 www.3Mdigitalsignage.co.in Write to us at: [email protected]

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  • Digital Signage Network

    ylessboundarreal-time communication

    at the click of a button24X7 lick of a buttonlick of a button

    3M India LimitedDigital SignageConcorde Block, UB City, 24 Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore - 560 001Tel: +91 80 3061 4791/4776, Fax: +91 2223 1450www.3Mdigitalsignage.co.inWrite to us at: [email protected]

  • 3M Digital Signage Network puts boundaryless, 24x7 real-time communication at your disposal.

    Whether it is forex, products or targeted corporate communication or updates to the day’s menu, you can fine tune and control time, locations & points of delivery. Talk about reaching the specific audience… This is where 3M DSN’s awesome, proven capabilities come to the fore.

    Why 3M DSN?

    3M DSN consists of high-definition displays, 3M media player and 3M DSi software - proprietary software and seamlessly integrated harware tailored to your needs. Coupled with 3M’s expert off-site support or hands-on training for on-site implementation, you have a potent communication system.

    Coming from 3M, the leading technology innovator, 3M DSN embodies the legendary reliability and robustness associated with any 3M product.

    3M DSN benefits:

    • ‘Set & Forget’ scheduling• Multiple screen layouts• Plays almost all standard multi-media formats (videos, images, audio, ppt, pdf, web URLs and live streams)• Centralized control & proof of message delivery• Cuts cost (vs traditional paper-based communication)• Real-time updates (conference information, today’s specials, etc.)• Uses Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Dial-up or Broadband connectivity and VPN• Customisation based on client requirement• Total source code control by 3M India• End-to-end total solutions

    Unleashthe power of a click…

  • Benefits:

    • Promote products and services.• Quickly update changing data.• Decrease perceived wait time & enhance customer experience.• Build brand

    Typical Applications:

    Case Study 1: Case Study 2:

    • Seated “waiting” areas• Behind tellers• Lobby walls• e-lobby• Special services kiosks


    • Explains complex product and services offerings• Targeted, relevant product offers help expand existing relationships• Provides direct communication with customers at point-of-decision• Enables rapid updating of time-sensitive information, such as interest rates• Delivers updated/changing training information to employees• Supports “infotainment”, such as local news and other entertainment• Allows customers to assimilate information at their • Improves financial institution’s image as technologically innovative and progressive• Enables rapid, cost-effective rebranding in case of acquisitions and mergers• Delivers consistent cross-channel experiences across all touch points: ATMs, online portals, contact centers and retail branches • Provides venue for community relations/events• Connects to corporate headquarters• Delivers consistent corporate messaging to all branches• Helps establish culture and build morale• Creates a sense of community across offices

    Forex rates, new deposit schemes or even card safety tips… Communicate all these to any branch from a single point. Special schemes for Diwali or a gold bar offer for Durga Pooja - reach just the right audience with one-click. This is where 3M DSN for banking can help drive up your customer satisfaction rate.drive

    SunTrust Bank, USASunTrust’s digital signage network currently spans 135 branches in eight states. Large format LCD screens in portrait and three screen ‘banner’ formats display five content channels for dynamic marketing, news and employee education. Additional ‘drive-thru’ kiosks are located outside. 3M’s active monitoring system provides daily tracking and reporting to ensure optimum uptime and issue resolution.

    Sovereign Bank, USA3M Digital Signage software enables the latest in a line of innovative communications strategies from one of the largest financial institutions in the US, Sovereign Bank. Waiting area “media centers” integrate a 42” digital signage display with take-away literature, displaying content designed to educate customers on Sovereign’s various financial products as well as financial news, weather and news headlines. The network currently powers communications in 28 locations across the US.

    Banking & FinancialServices Industry

  • Benefits:

    Typical Applications:

    Case Study


    • Welcomes customers and visitors• Displays updated product and public relations messaging• Builds customer loyalty with customized messaging during visits• Provides venue for communicating community news and events• Ensures compliance that messages are displayed• Provides “wayfinding” information• Displays seminar and other event information• Cross sell other properties• Display information related to dining rooms and offers

    • Reception and lobby areas• Dining facilities• Lounge areas• Meeting rooms• Exhibit halls

    • Communicate with customers/build brand.• Reinforce traditional communication with dynamic messaging.• Convey daily agendas and project updates.• Deliver training and corporate initiatives

    Banquet management solutions, seasonal offers, updates to the menu or that special welcome message for the party guests… Just one-click will do. Reach properties at one go or make off-season offers for just that jungle resort - 3M DSN for hospitality lets you get the right message acorss, at the right time to the right place.Hospitality

    Distribution Centre, UK3M installed digital signage networks at its European Distribution Centre in Bedford and its UK manufacturing facilities in Aycliffe to deliver compelling communications directly to employees in locations where they are most likely to benefit from the information. Each site installed a series of strategically placed 42-inch plasma displays, linked and controlled by 3M Digital Signage software, to enable the display of multimedia files displaying real-time data.

    A mixture of warehouse space availability, outstanding picks for the day, safety information, production, quality, and claims data, keeps staff current with relevant information.

    The software allows each site manager to schedule site-specific information displayed at pre-defined times of the day, and for different information to be displayed on different screens. Operating the digital signage network is simple and staff at each site have volunteered to manage and maintain the data to be displayed.

    right HospitalityHospitality

  • Benefits:

    Typical Applications: Locations:

    • Promotes products/menu items specific to “day-part”, e.g coffee in a.m.• Increases visit frequency by promoting age-determined offerings• Allows multi-lingual capabilities• Enables quick-to-market introduction of new items/upsales; premium breads, flavored coffees• Allows easy updating of current promotions, such as Rs. 150/- meals• Consistent messaging across locations, with location-specific details when required (price or item)• Creates/enhances total customer experience within dining area• Decreases perceived wait time• Builds visit frequency by promoting products off-hours, i.e. “Come back for breakfast”• Advertises special promotions programs, such as games and toys with purchase• Acts as public relations tool by communicating local news and event•Communicates emergency messaging

    • Indoor• Menuboards (full digital or partial)• Outdoor Promo Panel (greeter)• Order Confirmation• Seating area TV/Branded channel

    • Display menus according to time of day or demographics.• Drive sales of featured items.• Training staff.

    Specify what’s hot in todayís menu at Delhi or announce that donut at Bangalore - during lunch or at tea-time - you choose the message, time and place - that is 3M DSN for QSR’s. It’s one quick click away.

    Quick-ServeRestaurants DSN Quick-ServeRestaurants

    Case Study

    Boost JuiceBoost Juice Bars in Manchester and Oxford, UK, mark the beginning of an ambitious global network powered by 3M Digital Signage software. Rapidly updated multimedia material, generated by Boost Juice Bars’ creative team in Australia, enables rapidly updated content to be distributed to each store worldwide with a click of a button. The software operates with large plasma screens located in the stores, supporting fast moving graphics, text and video.

    The software also allows direct monitoring of all screens and players globally, so if problems arise, the team in Australia is alerted instantly and can use remote diagnostic tools to identify and fix the issue rapidly.

  • Benefits:

    Typical Applications:

    Case Study


    C-AdsC-Ads is a service station display system designed to enable advertisers to directly influence consumer purchases. Set above gas pumps, digital displays capture the attention of a captive audience with a combination of advertising and infotainment content. Because this innovative system allows content to be updated at any time, the information and promotions are always relevant. 3M Network Edition and Network Operations Manager software drives and monitors the network of over 300 screens in 50 locations across Ireland. Future plans call for deployments in the

    •Enhances traditional “still” media• Revitalizes visual interest• Allows different types of media to be used effectively• Increases utilization of (limited) signage real estate• Relevant schedule and ticketing information.• Updates easily with current ticket availability and pricing•Announces/displays upcoming transportation arrivals and departures• Eye-catching medium that can combine dynamic information, such as flight gate with baggage claim information• Directions, maps and wayfinding.• Updates with relevant routing information• Flexibility allows display of changing information, such as baggage carousel number, plus directions to the baggage claim area• Advertising revenue source.• Attracts advertisers drawn by “moving” medium• Enables lower operating costs, with quick changes-outs for specified footprint• Maximizes space efficiencies with rotating messages• Multiple ads for same vendor• Multiple vendors in one spot

    • Outdoor• Destination “resorts”• LED Advertising boards• Indoor• Malls• Convention centers• Sporting venues• Airports• Subways/Train stations

    • Enhances traditional “still” media• Directions, maps and wayfinding.• Relevant schedule and ticketing information.• Advertising revenue source.

    Announce the next blockbuster, direct customers to that mega offer, display important flight updates or even that last ball win… One-click lets you log-in to a tap underlying advertising and communication streams. 3M DSN for PVA just the solution to enable instant all-round reach or communicate to just the right platform in a particular station.particular particular

    Public VenueAdvertising

  • • Target advertising and promotions.• Targets messages by demographics, psychographics, time-of-day, store zone and other business rules• Communicates to customers at critical junctures: point-of-purchase or point-of-decision• Promote sales lift.• Increases revenues by promoting, up-selling, and cross-selling products and services directly at point-of decision• Increases margin by encouraging sales before discounting• Promotes and encourages advance orders of new products and services•Enhance in-store experience.• Creates and reinforces consistent branding messaging through digital signage displays, websites and print graphics• Delivers entertaining and informational content to reduce perceived wait times• Provides location and directional guidance• Builds customer loyalty with “card memberships" and other specials for regular customers• Deliver training and corporate communications.• Displays real-time messages from company executives, plus HR, safety, and other internal communications• Provides cost effective, flexible training options on new products, product features and benefits, and special promotions Improves productivity with motivational communications, demonstrations of proven selling techniques and up-to-date sales info

    • Target advertising and promotions.• Promote sales lift.• Enhance in-store experience.• Deliver training and corporate initiatives.

    Got to showcase the up-coming model? Or how about featuring that how-to-use guide? Announce a seasonal sale or just create a better in-store experience… You can fine tune offers at a particular store or make that end-of-day offer announcement across locations. All through 3M DSN for retail with the power of one-click.


    Typical Applications: Locations:

    • Windows• Walls• End-caps• In-aisles• Purchasing desks (check-out lines)• Special services kiosks

    through MEG

    A SALE!!

    Retravision3M Digital Signage, Prime Digital Media (PDM) and Telstra Corporation launched one of the largest roll-outs of digital signage ever deployed in Australia and New Zealand.The network, which targets shoppers at point-of-purchase in Australia’s largest electronics goods retailer, Retravision, allows distribution of advertising and product information, plus staff training and corporate communications, to any number of select store locations simultaneously. The content is transmitted over Telstra’s IP network from a central management location using 3M Digital Signage content management and monitoring software.

    Case Study

    Currently displaying on 2000 screens in 100 stores, 2007 plans call for roll-out to 8,000 screens in over 400 locations across Australia and New Zealand.


  • 3M Digital Signage utilises the internet and hi-speed computer networks to enable multiple messaging across locations and time zones. All managed from one central hub.

    How 3M Digital Signage Works

    Features–Remote Player Software

    Multiple Screen LayoutsStandard Multimedia Files: Flash, Mpegs, AVI, ImagesBranding and Weather BannersScrolling BannersRSS News FeedsTime-Sensitive ContentUnattended, Continuous PlaybackRemote Shutdown, Burn Save ModeConnects on “as-and-when-needed” basisCan use Dial-Up or Broadband Connectivity or VPN

    Components - Typical 3M DSN Network

    High-Definition Displays – LED Displays, Projectors, Video wallsMedia Players – Small Form FactorSoftwarePlayer SoftwareControl / Admin SoftwareContent – Flash, Mpegs, AVI, Images, TextServer-Class Admin PC at Network Operations CentreData Communications LinkRemote FTP Server or LAN Network or WAN or VPN

    3M RTG Media Player

    Windows Embedded StandardOut-of-the box Plug and Play2GB /4GB RAM16 GB Flash MemoryVGA, DVI and supports HDMIOptional Flexible Mounting OptionsSlim DesignReliable 24 x 7 OperationPreloaded 3M Digital Signage Player SoftwareIdeal for Corporate Communications, Hospitality and other stand-alone Digital Signage Applications

    Features – Central Control Software

    Easy to use GUI (Graphic User Interface)Control using GroupsPowerful Scheduling FeaturesSimple Billing Engine – Can be customisedUnrestricted ScalabilityPush Concept from Admin, Pull Concept from Player‘Set & Forget’ SchedulingAlternative Content- purge outdated informationPowerful Logging of filesSingle Media Asset ManagerRemote Monitoring with ‘OK’ statuses from players

    ylessboundarreal-time communication

    at the click of a button24X7 lick of a button

    Digital Signage Network

    3M DSi LANManager Installation