Yellowstone to Yukon: Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Large Landscape Conservation

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Yellowstone to Yukon: Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Large Landscape Conservation. Wendy L. Francis National Workshop on Large Landscape Conservation October 23, 2014. Biodiversity Conservation pre-Y2Y. Species by species approach (Endangered Species) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Yellowstone to Yukon: Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Large Landscape Conservation

Yellowstone to Yukon: Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Large Landscape Conservation

Wendy L. FrancisNational Workshop on Large Landscape ConservationOctober 23, 2014Yellowstone to Yukon: Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Large Landscape Conservation1Biodiversity Conservation pre-Y2YSpecies by species approach (Endangered Species)Focus on protecting isolated parcels of public land (Endangered Spaces)

Emergence of conservation biology principlesWildlife population dynamics need for large-scale connectivityWide-ranging mammalsIsland biogeographyClimate change

Journeys of pluie the wolf

40,000 mi2 = 100,000 km2 = 24M acres4How large is large landscape conservation?Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem ~ 19M acres

Crown of the Continent ~ 18M acres

Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act ~ 24M acres

I wrote the words Yellowstone to Yukon with the conviction that this was the right scale at which to think and act. - Harvey Locke

First meeting of the Yellowstone to Yukon biodiversity conservation strategy: December 1993

Yellowstone to Yukon Region: 321M acres

Y2Y Atlas

Y2Y Hike

Grizzly Bear Habitat Effectiveness Model

Cores and CorridorsNew protected areas on public landsProtected corridors across private landsMitigating the impacts of highways and railroadsReducing human-wildlife conflictRestoring/re-contouring road networksPromoting compatible development on public landsAdvancing connectivity policies

New Protected areas on public lands

Protected corridors across private land

Mitigating the impact of highways and railroads

Reducing human-wildlife conflicts

Restoring/re-contouring road networks

Restoring/re-contouring road networks

Restoring/re-contouring road networks

Promoting compatible development on public lands

Advancing connectivity policies

Government AgenciesUS Fish and Wildlife ServiceMontana Fish, Wildlife & ParksParks CanadaFirst Nations/Native American TribesNez Perce TribeConfederated Salish Kootenai TribeWest Moberly First NationsTreaty 8 First NationsLand TrustsTNC Montana and IdahoNature Conservancy of CanadaVital GroundNature Trust of BCBusinessesTeckCanforVolker Stevin

NGOsNational Parks Conservation AssociationHeadwaters MontanaDefenders of WildlifeYaak Valley Forest CouncilFriends of Scotchman Peaks WildernessCenter for Large Landscape ConservationThe Wilderness SocietyWildlands NetworkWildlife Conservation SocietyWildsightCanadian Parks and Wilderness SocietySierra Club BCPeace Valley Environment AssociationAcademic InstitutionsUniversity of MontanaWestern Transportation InstituteMiistakis InstituteA mountain of partners


Other Conservation Designations


Other Conservation DesignationsLook at three transborder examples: Cabinet Purcells private lands; Flathead (public and private lands); Castle (public lands)26ProtectedCanadian National Parks and ReservesAlberta Wilderness AreasAlberta Wilderness ParksAlberta Provincial ParksBC Provincial ParksBC ConservanciesBC Ecological ReservesNWT Parcels of Conservation InterestYukon Territorial ParksYukon Wilderness PreservesYukon Peel River Protected Areas US National ParksUS WildernessUS National MonumentsUS National Wildlife Refuges

Other Conservation DesignationsAlberta Natural AreasAlberta Provincial Recreation AreasBC private conservancy landsBC High Conservation Value Forests BC Special Management ZonesBC Old Growth Management AreasBC Ungulate Winter RangeBC Wildlife Management AreasNWT Conservation ZonesYukon Natural Environment ParksYukon Special Management AreasYukon Restricted Use Wilderness AreasMT Legacy Project LandsUS private conservancy landsUS Grizzly Bear Recovery ZonesUS National Recreation AreasUS National Recreation RiversUSFS Administrative DesignationsUS National Wildlife RefugesUS Roadless Rule landsUS National Wild and Scenic RiversUS Path of the PronghornUS Wilderness Study Areas20 Years of Lessons Learned by Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation InitiativeA bold and positive vision can inspire others to act: dont be timid!Large scale planning identifies priorities; action/implementation still occurs at a local-scaleLarge landscape conservation consists of a mosaic of actions at different scales: large protected areas, small protected private parcels, highway/railway mitigation, co-existence with carnivores, restoration work, road density and access management, municipal planning . . .NGOs, government, industry, private landowners, and tribes each play a unique role; its best if we all work together

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