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    NEWSLETTER Spring 2013

    Featured Stories

    Bell of the Ball

    Celebrating 10 Years of VO

    in style like only we know

    how...and we didn't even

    go to the Barge!

    Page 3

    Rás UCD 2013

    Fun in the sun as the annu-

    al 5km gets bigger, better

    and faster than ever!

    Page 4

    What Next!?

    Motivated and rearing to go

    when you return from vol-

    unteering? Check out Fran’s

    e x p e r i e n c e w i t h

    Comhlámh’s new course.

    Page 5


    Because you can’t have fun

    without the fundamentals

    (of fundraising!). Read

    Sam’s story on hitting that

    illusive target.

    Page 5 & 6

    Therapy in Kisiizi

    VO’s first venture into

    Uganda with the five physi-


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    All Country Updates

    and Much More!

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    YELLOW SUBMARINE Campus goes yellow as volunteers take over for VO

    Day 2013

    By Margaret Hayes

    April 4th this year was an early rise at 7:00 for the 125

    Volunteers who will be working overseas this summer.

    Bright eyed and bushy tailed, each country group was as-

    signed to a different area around UCD and South Dublin

    and by 9:30 over €2000 had been raised for the charity.

    Continued on page 2

    Bridgette and Michael enjoying the view from their homemade tuk-tuk

    Sport: Team “Classic Nicaragua” take all in ‘Old Ones Vs Young Ones’ VO Day Football final

    Celebrating 10 Years of Developing Students, Developing Communities

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    Margaret Hayes volunteered on the 2012

    Tanzania Project, was Events Officer for the

    VO Student Society for 2012/13 and is cur-

    rently Student Leader for the Tanzania 2013

    Project. Margaret was elected Auditor for

    the 2013/14 Student Society

    That was only the beginning.

    Following a scrumptious (‘chilled’ in the

    doughnuts case) breakfast, kindly sponsored

    by Superquinn in Blackrock and Café Brava

    here in UCD, the volunteers donned their

    best sports shorts and headed to the soccer

    cages for the annual VO Day 5 a side where

    friends became rivals and winning became

    everything. This was certainly the case for

    the Nicaraguan volunteers who managed to

    get both teams to the Grand finale where it

    was the ‘Classic Nicaraguans’ who took

    home the trophy. Some hearts broken, Nic-

    araguan hearts elevated, all the volunteers

    then took a well earned break. Except of

    course the trojan spinners who spun there

    way through the day raising money

    throughout while also promoting the UCDVO

    Wicklow 200 contingent who will this year

    again take part in the annual cycle through

    the rocky Wicklow mountains in efforts to

    pump up fundraising targets.

    The now annual UCDVO Day ‘Global Aware-

    ness Evening’ began at 17:00 and volun-

    teers showcased the presentations they had

    been working on for weeks in advance. Each

    country where UCDVO works was represent-

    ed via an interactive information stand

    which aimed to build awareness of the cul-

    ture and traditions of the communities

    where volunteers work. The volunteers also

    researched key development issues with the

    aim of educating themselves and the wider

    UCD community by displaying this infor-

    mation on stands and speaking to people

    about the topics of interest. Making sure

    they didn’t lose the chance to showcase

    their talents the Nicaraguan volunteers pre-

    formed a traditional Nicaraguan dance that

    entertained the crowd. The Delhi volunteers

    also invited an Indian Henna artist to come

    in and work his magic for the day.

    The new Ugandan volunteers showed what

    they had learnt with a fruitful display while

    the Tanzanians quizzed all present on their

    Swahili skills. The Haitian volunteers made

    sure there weren’t any stomachs rumbling

    tarian Action who gave an insightful view

    on volunteering on the ground and the

    many issues that volunteers are likely to

    face this summer.

    To finish what had been a fantastic day we

    enjoyed some delicious Four Star pizza giv-

    en to us at great discount prices and sat

    down to watch a UCDVO exclusive viewing

    of the Lion King, where a sense of Hakuna

    Matata after a busy day really began to sink


    Overall over €2,300 was raised for the

    charity but the real success of the day was

    raising awareness of the issues faced by the

    communities we work with overseas and

    promoting this awareness around campus

    with a sea of yellow seen throughout cam-


    with a great array of Haitian food and the

    main attraction of the evening was the

    homemade Tuk Tuk put together by joint

    efforts from the South Indian and Delhi vol-

    unteers. Wrapping up the Global Awareness

    evening we had a talk from Dr. Pat Gibbons

    – Director for the UCD Centre for Humani-

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    UCDVO 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BALL Yellow t-shirts and hard hats swapped for ball gowns and black tie as Stillorgan

    Park hosts 10 Years of Volunteering!

    The 23rd of February 2013, will go down

    in VO folklore as the single biggest reun-

    ion and party celebrated in the organisa-

    tion’s honour. Stillorgan Park Hotel set us

    up with a dance floor, food and wine, De-

    lorean pumped the tunes, Fr Tony Coote

    rocked the mike, Red was on hand with

    the insults and the rest, as they say, is


    Special Guest Robert Lyakurwa, of Tanz-

    Ed, was a treat for all the Tanzanian vol-

    unteers and his comments set the tone

    for what was a special evening. In an all

    too rare occurrence, volunteers and board

    members got a chance to celebrate together

    the 10 years of combined planning and volun-

    teering, and the dance floor proved to be the

    ideal location.

    In total over €5,000 was raised on the even-

    ing for the charity and I think everyone in at-

    tendance agreed on one thing; we need to do

    this again!

    Final word goes to Patrick “Red” O’Neill to

    sum up the evenings events. “Congrats to all

    on a super night. So well planned and it made

    it a great night. Couldn't have gone better!”

    ANNIVERSARY YEARBOOKS STILL AVAILABLE: with pictures, stories & messages that cap-

    ture 10 years of blood, sweat and 10 years with UCDVO, to get yours contact [email protected]

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    Laura Shaughnessy (Tanzania 2011 & Tanza-

    nia Student Leader 2012) Ailbhe Ní Chon-

    ghaile, Assistant Irish Language Officer,

    Bórd na Gaelige UCD, and Kate O’Donnell

    (Tanzania 2012, Tanzania Student Leader

    2013, Campaigns Officer with UCDVO Stu-

    dent Society 2012/13 and loads of other

    stuff too!)


    AG RÁS UCD 2013 By Ailbhe Ní Chonghaile

    Ar an 6 Aibreán rith breis is 450 duine Rás

    UCD 2013. Rás bóthair 5 ciliméadar é seo;

    rás trí mheán na Gaeilge, ar champas Bel-

    field. B’iad Emmet Jennings a bhuaigh an

    chéad áit i gcomórtas na bhfear agus Aoife

    O’Connor a bhuaigh comórtas na mban.

    Is comhthionscnamh é seo idir Bord na

    Gaeilge UCD agus Saorálaithe Thar Lear

    (UCDVO), carrthanacht atá 10 bliain ar an

    bhfód i mbliana. Ba é Dónal Ó hAnnrach-

    taigh a chéad bhunaigh Rás UCD 4 bliain ó

    shin. Is mac léinn leighis ildánach é Dónal

    a bhí ar scoláireacht i dTeach na Gaeilge,

    Bord na Gaeilge, ina bhall de Chumann

    Aclaíochta UCD agus ina shaorálaí le Sao-

    rálaithe Thar Lear (UCDVO). Tháinig Dónal

    aníos leis an smaoineamh seo ar mhaithe

    le mic léinn na hollscoile a mhealladh i

    dtreo an spóirt, iad a chur ag caint Gaeilge

    ag imeacht spraoiúl agus airgead a bhailiú

    don charthannacht UCDVO. I mbliana

    bailíodh breis is €5,000 a rachaidh i dtreo

    tionscnaimh eagsúla UCDVO, sa Tansáin, i

    Háití, i Nicearagua, i Uganda mar aon le

    Delhi agus Vijayawada in India.

    Students Laura Ní Sheachnasaigh and Kate

    O’Donnell lead the Rás UCD 2013 committee,

    with the support of UCD Volunteers Over-

    seas, Bord na Gaeilge UCD, UCD Sport, UCD

    Services, Centra UCD and Bank of Ireland.

    UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science

    commemorated 2012 medicine graduate and

    athlete Jevon Newman (RIP) with the Jevon

    Newman Trophy. Rás participants included

    students and staff, both Irish and interna-

    tional from a wide range of UCD schools,

    centres, clubs and societies as well as ath-

    letes from numerous athletic clubs in the

    greater Dublin area. If you would like to par-

    ticipate in or help organise Rás UCD 2014,

    contact UCDVO Manager Caroline O’Connor

    at or Bord na Gae