Year 9 gcse art induction 2014

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Introduction to GCSE Art

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  • 1.Introduction to GCSE Art

2. Welcome to GCSE ART, this is the beginning of a hard, but enjoyable two years. Art is not easy; its about hard work, creativity and the will to do well. If you listen to the help, advice and guidance that we will give you and give 100% in every piece of work, and try your best, you will succeed. You have chosen this option, so we expect nothing but your best. Welcome ... 3. We currently run the EDEXCEL UNENDORSED ART, CRAFT AND DESIGN course. This enables you to learn a range of different disciplines and skills including drawing, painting, photography, photoshop, mixed media, printmaking, contextual studies and sculpture. The Course ... 4. As an artist you must be punctual, well equipped and always complete work on time for deadlines If you miss deadlines you will be given an hour after school detention. All the Art work you create from now on will count towards your GCSE so it is extremely important that you keep up to date as this could affect your final GCSE Art grade. You must have your sketchbook with you and be fully equipped for every lesson. What to Expect 5. Marking Assessment Objectives AO1: RESEARCH IMAGES & ARTISTS Develop your ideas through investigations informed by contextual and other sources, demonstrating analytical and cultural understanding. AO2: EXPERIMENTS WITH MEDIA Refine your ideas through experimenting and selecting appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques and processes. AO3: IDEAS, OBSERVATIONAL DRAWINGS & EXPLANATIONS Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to your intentions in visual and/or other forms. AO4: FINAL IDEA & FINAL PIECE, LINKS WITH ARTISTS Present a personal, informed and meaningful response demonstrating analytical and critical understanding, realising intentions and making connections between visual or other elements. 6. The Beaumont Art Blog can be found on the school website and using the link above. Your Home Learning will be posted on here, Power Points as well as current exhibitions and other useful Art links The Beaumont Art Pinterest can be found on the school website and using the link above. This is used for Artist research, Art techniques as well as good GCSE Art examples created by students to inspire you. Your first home learning task is to create your own Pinterest account and follow Beaumont Art 7. Look at the equipment list and try to start collecting this through to September. This is a list of essential equipment which you must have. You should be trying to introduce independence into your work to get the highest possible grade and this can be done easily by collecting newspaper and magazine articles/internet information or through gallery visits of artists you like. You do not need to buy the magazines or books but be aware of what is going on around you now in the art world. Equipment 8. Essential: -A range of pencils -Pens (including a biro and a fineliner) -Coloured pencils(at least 5 different colours) -Masking tape -A glue stick -Rubber -A 30cm ruler Preferable: -Buy the Beaumont Art equipment kit - A tool box to keep all equipment in -Paint brushes -Scissors Equipment list