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Introductory presentation about Yew Chung International School of Beijing. Find out more at http://www.ycis-bj.com/

Transcript of YCIS Beijing Introduction

  • 1. Global Education in Yew Chung International School (YCIS)
  • 2. Our History
  • 3. Stages of Development 1970 1980 Dr. Betty Chan Po-king A pioneer in education reform 1932 1970 Madame Tsang Chor-hang A dedicated educator and devoted Christian 1980 1990s Through-train International Education Early Childhood/ Primary/ Secondary 2nd Generation 1st Generation
  • 4. 1990s present Yew Chung International Schools : Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Qingdao, Silicon Valley Stages of Development
  • 5. Purpose of education: To help students acquire knowledge + To build good moral character To build a stronger country Yew Chung 1st Generation
  • 6. Purpose of education: To prepare students to lead a quality life + To make positive contribution to society and the world To build a better world Yew Chung 2nd Generation
  • 7. The best education program Yew Chung 2nd Generation Integrates the strengths of both Eastern & Western educational systems
  • 8. Global Education in YCIS
  • 9. Globalized world in the 21st century Flooding Trade Poverty Global Warming Air Pollution SARS Conflicts AIDS Financial Tsunami Energy Crisis
  • 10. TO TACKLE! TO CARE! TO TAKE ACTION! Wars AIDS Human trafficking Pollution Global infectious diseases Deforestation Global warmingDrug abuseWater depletion Global Mindedness
  • 11. Globalized world in the 21st century We are competing with everyone from everywhere for everything in our world TO COMPETE!
  • 12. Our world is changing! How about Education? Everyone acknowledges that the world has changed, that we have moved into a global society. Traditional societies and cultures are mixing and transforming as rejuvenated civilizations clash. A paradigm shift is occurring as we re- structure thinking and re-programme lifestyles from local to global. Local economies are now part of the fabric of a global economy. Educating students to become global citizens of this vastly changed 21st century is now the major focus of educators everywhere.
  • 13. Traditional Education vs Education in an International Context vs Global Education Yew Chungs Vision of the 21st Century
  • 14. Global Education Global Education is about : Transforming students to become global thinking individuals through content and process of education
  • 15. Global Education in YCIS Prepare students for the globalized world
  • 16. Global Education in YCIS Global Education Fully rounded & balanced Education Character Formation Responsible Global Citizens
  • 17. Global Education in YCIS Commonalities in YCISs Co-principals management Co-teaching model Diversity of Eastern & Western culture Bilingual in English and Chinese Research based Chinese curriculum Multi-cultural learning environment Fully rounded & balanced education World Classroom Character Formation programme Appreciative & caring community Benefits for students in YCISs Global minded, Global thinking English and Chinese Language fluency Character formation based on integration of Eastern & Western values Active learner Competitiveness Responsible global citizen Internationally recognised certificates & diplomas University placement around the world
  • 18. Co- Teaching Model Co- Principals Management Ideologies Values Styles of living English Language and Culture Chinese Language and Culture Global Education in practice
  • 19. Global Education in practice Co-teaching class with Chinese & Western teachers
  • 20. Global Education in practice CAS Trip in Tanzania World Classroom Community Service - Visit children with Down's Syndrome Cultural exchange with local students in Mexico World Classroom - Egypt Students participate in Harvard Model United Nations World Classroom Germany