Yatra Saar 2016 - Jagriti 12. Sabarmati Ashram Jagriti Enterprise Mela Panel Discusion Education...

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Transcript of Yatra Saar 2016 - Jagriti 12. Sabarmati Ashram Jagriti Enterprise Mela Panel Discusion Education...

  • Yatra Saar 2016

    Jagriti Yatra Team and all the Yatris of 2016 Yatra

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    Jagriti Yatra Team and all the Yatris of 2016 Yatra Sincerely thank Indian Railways for their support.

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    Jagriti Yatra Team and

    All the Yatris of 2016 Yatra Sincerely thank the Sponsors, Media Partners, Supporters

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  • Yatra-Saar - Jagriti Yatra 2016


    Role Models 1. Selco 2. Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya 3. Ampere Vehicles 4. Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) 5. Aravind Eye Care 6. Sri City 7. Akshay Patra 8. Gram Vikas 9. Nalanda 10. Goonj 11. Barefoot College 12. Sabarmati Ashram Jagriti Enterprise Mela Panel Discusion Education Panel – Barefoot college Ex-Yatries at EDI Ahmedabad

    Purpose and Commitment: Opening Note by Shashank Mani From a Journey to a Lifetime: Note by Raj Krishnamurty Jagriti Yatara Saar team 2016 What is Jagriti About Jagriti Yatra Jagriti Enterprise Centre, Purvanchal (JEC-P) Yatris Facilitators’ Workshop

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    AC Chaircar Sessions – Learning continues while in train What is Sustainable Business? | Climate Change | Online Dhanda | Measure Your Impact Sessions at Nalanda Biz Gyan Tree Yatri Stories : Naresh Sijapati | Nidhi Prajapati | Preeti | Maheshwari Palleti Women Empowerment: Archana | Poonam | Saroj Yatra through an International lens: Joe Roberts, UK | Rodrigo Ferreira, Brazil International Perspective - Hezal | Quotes from International Participants Life on Train

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    Yatra-Saar - Jagriti Yatra 2016

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    Engine Room Club

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    The Jagriti Movement

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    Behind the curtain team members (ERC) Stories Manish Bajaj-Crowd Management Chinmay Vadnere-Operations and Punctuality Team Pankaj Mane -Jagriti Yatra Team Member, Before, during & after Yatra

    Various Artists on the JY train - Boardroom on wheels ‘Yours Truly’ theatre group captivates Yatris Gauri adds hues of enthusiasm to the Jagriti odyssey Painting magic with pastels of joy Translating experiences into sketches When Yatris mesmerised their fellow Yatris

    Valedictory function at EDI Jagriti Incubatee Companies Deoria Designs VK Foods UdyamSakhi Rural Roots

    Veterans on Train Tauji | Col. Bhaya | Col. Patil Industry Personality - Friends to Jagriti Yatra Naina Lal Kidwai: Country Head of HSBC India Muhammad Yunus: Social entrepreneur, Nobel Prize in Peace Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar: Padamshri, Padambhushan, and Padma Vibhushan Anshu Gupta: Ramon Magasaysay Award

    Media Page Sponsors and Partners Closing Note by Rewati Prabhu

  • Yatra-Saar - Jagriti Yatra 2016


    Opening note by : Shashank Mani

    Jagriti’s story is tied with the growth of our country. Next year is the 20th anniversary of Azad Bharat Yatra, the 10th anniversary of Jagriti Yatra and the 70th year of Indian Independence. We believe the time has come to shape Jagriti into an institution to support the growth spurt of India over the next 20 years. This institution will be powered by you, the Yatris. It will bring the tool of Enterprise Led Development as to all the Tier 2 and Tier 3 districts of India over the next 20 years. India is a relatively young country, approaching its 70th year of Independence. If you look at USA that other large democracy, we are at a point when Abraham Lincoln, emerging from a log cabin, was getting into national politics and later to take over as

    President. Slavery, a blot at the time of Independence was about to be contested with an industrial north and an agrarian starting to diverge. The subsequent 20 years included a civil war, the assassination of Lincoln, the presidency of Grant. The United States of America as we know it was shaped then. Approaching its 70th anniversary India is in a similar churn. A new India with new institutions, with the citizen at the center has to be shaped over the next 20 years. Those institutions have to help with the biggest nation building exercise faced by a democracy ever. The next 20 years provides an opportunity to bring 1/6th of Humanity into the zone of prosperity. The $10 Trillion economy; substantial improvement in our Human Development Index is in our grasp. And we have one shot at this, because after 20 years like China our working age population will peak at a Billion and then start declining. At Jagriti we believe that building new institutions with urgency should empower young

    Purpose and Commitment

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    Yatra-Saar - Jagriti Yatra 2016

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    citizens to take to nation building. That is the Indian republican dream. If the American founders talked about pursuit of Happiness, in a nation that has 1.5 Billion humans,for Indians, our belief is the pursuit of meaning is the operative phrase. Indians in search of meaning come together to discover common purpose. Once they commit to that purpose magic happens, long term solution to our many issues emerge. Jagriti believes that enterprise creation starts meaning and purpose, and profit is the result. The role models we have met in the 8 Yatra’s started with a burning purpose. Once they found purpose, as Gandhi predicted, the means followed. That purpose has to be discovered by millions of youth from the Tier 2 and Tier 3 districts of our country. We call it the middle of our Demographic diamond, where over 800 million Indians reside. Over 10 million people will enter the working age population in India over the coming 20 years. Using Jagriti Yatra as a starting point, in a Tier 3 district like Deoria, we are creating the working structure of new institution that citizens can use to discover purpose, power enterprise and create employment. Jagriti Yatra, Jagriti Enterprise Network and the Jagriti Enterprise Centres are three pillars that inspire, help find collective purpose provide the means to fulfil that purpose. Today in Deoria we are helping six such enterprises like Deoria Designs, VK Foods, Rural Roots, Rural Shores, Udyam Sakhi, and Inficold and many other are in the pipeline, with the Jagriti Enterprise Centre – Purvanchal a first of its kind centre being created in Deoria. It is being built under a 200

    year old Banyan Tree that is the symbol of Jagriti, and the national tree of India. The physical architecture, designed by a Yatri from 2014 Yatra is impressive, but more than the physical architecture it is the national and international network that this centre supports. At the core of this network are you the 4,200 Yatris who have tasted nation building over a 15 day journey. Over the coming 20 years we will create four such centre in the four corners of India. Each will support a region as large as Purvanchal, almost 70 million strong. Our effort in Purvanchal is to test and prove the model so that it can be rolled out to other parts of the country through the Yatris. We are preparing the ground for this through the Jagriti Ambassador for District Administration or JADE program. And I hope all of you will sign up for this so that others can be selected from middle India and come for this journey. Over these 15 days you would have seen an India that is as beautiful as any on this planet. You would have observed 470 others who have inspired you as much if not more than the role models. You have faced hardships no doubt, but that hardship has prepared you for the mission of Building India through Enterprise. Protest may be easy, but the tiredness when you build is ultimately satisfying. You would have seen that there is no room for protest on this journey, but there is a huge expanse to build. I hope it is that inspiration that will drive you forward in a lifelong journey of Building India through Enterprise. Shashank Mani Chairman, Jagriti Yatra - 24 Dec 2016

  • Yatra-Saar - Jagriti Yatra 2016


    Raj Krishnamurty

    After eight years of traversing the nation spawning young entrepreneurs, Jagriti Yatra has established a well penetrated network into the far reaches of our country and around 200 Yatris spread across the world that carry the same insights and learnings from this unique experience. As I have spoken to Yatris over the years it has become very clear that the Yatra is just the beginning of the journey. This unique experience is a starting point of a lifelong pursuit of the singular aim of bringing hope and wellbeing to the deepest corners of our nation. Our approach of creating a unique mass experience for formative minds in a panoramic concerted trans-national setting leaves not only a deep impact, but creates a critical mass of enduring partnerships. Jagriti Yatra is the beginning of the journey that sets you off on a lifetime of pursuing your dream of transforming lives

    From a Journey to a Lifetime

    through enterprise. Every organization develops certain core values that guide