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  • 1. TIMELINEDo yeon
  • 2. HRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Born 1451 in Italy-explorer He discovered America in 1492. Columbuss impact was discovering America which is the most powerful continent now generation and I think that is a pretty big impact on our society now.
  • 3. NICHOLAS COPERNICUS Born 1473 in Poland Invented the first telescope. Nicholas impacted the world by inventing the telescope. It made Galileo to find out the laws of motion and helped people to study astronomy easier and accurate.
  • 4. MARTIN LUTHER Born in 1483 in Germany Martin Luther he was a German monk but, published the 95 theses which criticized the Catholic Church. Martin Luther made the Bible available to the people. He influenced religious thought throughout Europe. Luther also weakened the power of the Church.
  • 5. HENRI VIII He was born 1491 in England.-The king of England He made Anglicanism because he wanted to divorce with hes wife but, the pope didnt allow him. So, he made hes own religion. its a big impact to the world because he made a new religion for people who wants to divorce but, still believing in Christianity. From that time many people from now days are still believe in Anglicanism
  • 6. ELANGELO BUONARROTI Born 1496 in Italy he painting the Sistine Chapel, began in 1508, and was completed in 1512. Michelangelo were famous for sculpting, painting, poetry, and architecture. His paintings were all equally proportioned, with very good perspective. All of his pictures had a 3-D effect to make his figures stand out from the background.
  • 7. NICOLO MACHIAVELLI Machiavelli wrote books that were like handbooks for rulers. His most famous book was Il Principe (The Prince) wrote in 1513 which was the way the leader has to act to be successful. Nicolo Machiavelli his books influenced the behaviour of many leaders. Like Holocaust and the genocide happen in Cambodia was used the Idea of Nicolo but, used it in the wrong way . was used the Idea of Nicolo but, used it in the wrong way .
  • 8. GERADUS MERCATOR Mercator was born 1518 in Germany. He was the first to use longitude and latitude for sailors. He made the maps of the British Isles and Flanders His many maps and globes increased trade and exploration and peoples knowledge of the world.
  • 9. MONA LISA Leonardo Davinchi drew the last Mona Lisa in 1530. the model in this painting was the wife of hes friend (Francesco di -Bartolommeo di Zamboni -del Giocondo) which was a silk and cloth trader. This painting has a mysterious smile and natural beauty. Da Vinci drew the first relaxed portraits with misty landscapes in the background. He used warm and passionate colours to create the misty look on the backgrounds. Da Vinci had a different way of painting with mixing colours. Da Vinci did not put eyebrows on his painting because he changes the looks of people in hes painting. He was the first artist that painted the person in the portrait to smile
  • 10. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE He was born 1564 in England He was a poet and playwright. From 1594-1608 Shakespeare worked for the London Theatre World. he wrote Hamlet and Romeo and Juliette. Shakespeare had great influence on culture throughout the world. His writing is still studied today. Shakespeare influenced literature and is looked up to for his great works. His plays are still being produced today, and made into movies
  • 11. GALILEO GALILEI Born 1564 in Italy was a physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher. His impact was his theory that the sun is the middle if the universe and the laws of motion. Galileo Galilei changed the way people viewed the universe and the church.
  • 12. CAPTAIN COOK Born 1728 in England He discovered New- Zeeland, Australia, Vancouver and Hawaii. Found out a way to prevent scurvy by eating vitamins from fruits and vegetables. He discovered countries that are making a huge impact on the world right now. Then found out the way to prevent scurvy which was the major problem on the old days when they were sailing.
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