Www. Deanne Clark vxVistA Product Manager [email protected] Hugh Creedon, PH.D vxVistA Operations...

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Transcript of Www. Deanne Clark vxVistA Product Manager [email protected] Hugh Creedon, PH.D vxVistA Operations...

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www.vxvista.org Deanne Clark vxVistA Product Manager [email protected] Hugh Creedon, PH.D vxVistA Operations Manager [email protected] Slide 2 www.vxvista.org Privately held company founded in 1990 Primary provider of external clinical software to the VA Six VA National Software Contracts Support over 1200 VA implementations Developing vxVistA for over 4 years Over 200+ Highly Skilled Staff with combined VistA experience of hundreds of years Methodical growth and implementation of vxVistA commercially Partnership with Open Health Tools for OS governance vxVistA as FOSS and COSS software for truly scalable and sustainable EHR Who is DSS, Inc? Slide 3 www.vxvista.org A scalable Enterprise Level Electronic Health Record System based on the VAs FOIA VistA EHR System but enhanced to deliver the highest quality, field proven, and most utilized electronic health system to the private sector. DSS vxVistA differs from FOIA VistA or any other commercially available VistA system. DSS is the only company that offers a private sector VistA system but who also works in partnership with the Veterans Administration to develop and support modules within VA/FOIA VistA. As a result, solid features and enhancements are created that will work within the current and future VA/FOIA VistA architecture. Our focus is on augmenting the VA/FOIA VistA system in ways that bring function and value to our users in the private sector while still leveraging the millions of dollars the government spends on enhancing the VA/FOIA VistA system each year. vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA What is vxVistA? Slide 4 www.vxvista.org Better Sustainabilityover 160 packages to maintain, enhance, and support across the administrative and clinical spectrum More attractive to larger state or private/commercial entities as Open Sourcereduces risk and provides transparency and community innovation Reduced cost of ownership, regardless of size In keeping with the true spirit of VistA with contributions from many disciplines welcome to continue to improve patient care thru decision support FOSS and COSS models thru the Community, DSS, and Resellers vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA Why vxVistA OS? Slide 5 www.vxvista.org vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA Eclipse Public License is a friendlier license than viral license models and fosters support for OS development and integration of traditional commercial software systems vxVistA like all VistA systems is both the source code and the database, and this creates constraints for interoperability and integration of systems that the EPL offers protection for to ensure continued innovation Code changes/modules can be contributed to the OS Stack or marketed as traditionally licensed software to give hospital CIOs and doctor practices freedom of choice for add-ons, interfaces, and leading decision support tools that may or may not be Open Source Why the EPL License? Slide 6 www.vxvista.org vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA Key Componens and Key Enhancements Key Components of DSS vxVistA vxVistA-OS(M) vxCPRS vxBCMA vxVitals Lite vxGroupNotes Key Enhancements Multiple Medical Record Numbers( MRN) Documentation for Pediatric Patients Age will display on the coversheet in Days (d), Weeks (w), and Months (m) up to the age of 2 years. Lengths/heights may be entered for any cm value greater than 0. Weights may be entered and displayed in lbs/oz for pediatric patients up to 2 years in age. Out Patient Prescriptions auto print; non-formulary selection Support of NewCrop Multi-Formulary drug look-up. Print out of the patients weight if they are under 21, under 2 in lbs/oz Print out the text equivalent of the numeric quantity for all prescriptions. Problems categorized as one of four categories: Medical/Surgical, Family, Social, and Unassigned. Have modified Group Notes to function correctly within vxCPRS to facilitate documenting on groups of patients On the Fly informational alerts Slide 7 www.vxvista.org vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA Clinical Decision Support and Enhanced Documentation Tools Coding, Compliance, and Billing Modules Administrative/Medical Records Modules DSS Proprietary Modules for the following areas Slide 8 www.vxvista.org vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA Automated Nursing Vitals Sign Entry (vxRTV) with select vitals monitors Interactive Clinical Note Template Tools (CNTs) to make documentation accurate, standardized, readable, and efficient Evaluation and Management Automated Code Calculating Template Tools (vxPAT) Mental Health Treatment Planning (vxMHS) Dental Treatment Planning (vxDRM+) Chemotherapy Treatment Planning (vxVCM) Infectious Disease Control and Monitoring Software (vxVistA Integrated TheraDoc) Radiology Procedure Validation (vxRadWise) Anesthesiology Systems (vxSavLink) Clinical Decision Support and Enhanced Documentation Tools Slide 9 www.vxvista.org vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA Medical Coding, Compliance, and Reporting (vxProCode and vxProCode Reporter) tools for professional fee coding that can be interfaced with a customers current Billing Package or that works seamlessly with the DSS PAMS Billing and Accounts Receivable system. Billing and Accounts Receivable system for professional and facility fee reimbursement (vxPAMS) Coding, Compliance and Billing Modules Slide 10 www.vxvista.org vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA Scanning and Indexing system for filing documents, signed consents and clinical reports from outside entities into the electronic chart (vxDocManager) DSS has created an easy to use Release of Information tool (vxROI) that makes collating, printing, and tracking copies of the electronic record fast and efficient for the patient and your medical records staff. The system allows data capture and reporting of medical record requests for patient/family requests, payor requests, and attorney requests simple and prompts for appropriate consents. The system can be set to allow fees to be collected for documentation. Administrative/Medical Record Modules Slide 11 www.vxvista.org vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA VistA Community Involvement & Collaboration Collaboration with vxVistA Interoperability Tools? New GUI applications? Add key enhancements Comprehensive Patch Stream Debugging Propose new vxProjects Create more vxCertified Modules Slide 12 www.vxvista.org vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA The vxVistA Enhancement Process Slide 13 www.vxvista.org vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA Synergism Synergism, two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently. Developers Users Patients Software Community Companies MSC WV DSS OHT HH Others Individuals As individuals - Poor impact - Low influence - Lack of synergism MSC WVDSS OHT HH Others Individuals VistA Synergism As a Community - More impact - More influence - Strong Synergetic effect Slide 14 www.vxvista.org Phase I Collaboration Environment Resource Pool GUI Mockups Workflow Diagrams Issues and Bug Tracking Agile Project Management vxVistA.org collaboration structure vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA Slide 15 www.vxvista.org vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA One vxVistA system does not mean one size fits allit means that one EHR can meet and exceed the goals of creating complete electronic records, providing needed clinical decision support, offering patients health promotion, delivering accountability, facilitating research, and reporting while still allowing clinicians and staff to effectively treat and care for patients. Become a part of the vxVistA-OS Community and help create a system that works today and grows in the ever evolving field of Healthcare Informatics and Clinical Decision Support systems! vxVistAOSUnlimited Potential Slide 16 www.vxvista.org vxJourney 6 - vxVsitA vxVistA Community site: www.vxVistA.orgwww.vxVistA.org DSS web link: www.dssinc.comwww.dssinc.com OHT web link: www.openhealthtools.orgwww.openhealthtools.org Eclipse License web link: www.eclipse.orgwww.eclipse.org Helpful Links: