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Transcript of WVU Libraries Intranet  internet | intranet | extranet  library intranet | extranet ideals ...

  • WVU Libraries Intranet internet | intranet | extranet library intranet | extranet ideals plans issues

  • Internet access: public users: everyone information: broad range

  • Intranet access: private users: members of specific group/s information: proprietary

  • Extranet access: semi-private users: closely related groups information: shared in trusted circles

  • Internet | Intranet | Extranet

  • Library Intranet Ideals increases connectivity and centralization reliable source for library information facilitates communication within libraries creates community & collaborative culture increases employee satisfaction increases productivity and improves service

  • Library Intranet Ideals shared electronic filing cabinet knowledge base troubleshooting FAQs less time spent searching for documents

  • Library Extranet Ideals disseminate information gifts press releases receive feedback bibliographer contacts book request forms

  • Plans: Content committees structure members charges minutes works in progress completed work and documentation

  • Plans: Content personnel tutorials training materials (including student-workers) safety Library Staff Council Business Office forms and instructions

  • Plans: Content technical services policies and procedures manuals schedules best practices and FAQs

  • Plans: Content departments useful links training administration Deans corner memos and announcements press releases

  • Access Guidelines basic guideline: provide university-wide open access unless there is a specific reason to restrict an information resource

  • Access Guidelines consider the danger of premature or casual information sharing drafts versus revisions minutes out of context budget planning and other sensitive documents

  • Access Guidelines individual with responsibility for the content will determine the level of access

    author has primary authority, unless a broader policy supercedes it

  • Access Guidelines authority in descending order: Dean of Libraries Department Head Chair of committee author or owner of resource

  • Access Guidelines

    WVU libraries intranet team is responsible for oversight of intranet content and access and will work to resolve any ambiguity or conflict

  • Access Levels library group-specific all library employees all WVU employees and students

  • Access Levels: Examples library group specific committee drafts or works in progress unapproved minutes

  • Access Levels: Examples all library employees committee structure, membership, charges, and approved minutes Business Office forms and instructions

  • Access Levels: Examples all WVU employees and students (extranet) library faculty criteria for appointment useful inks for departments (OCLC, PALINET) website and intranet guidelines gifts bibliographers

  • Access Level Control Methods ID and password required for secure areas (group specific) IP recognition (library employee computers) WVU students, staff, and faculty can access extranet on the WVU server (one location, multiple access points)

  • Issues training word-processing and FrontPage

    intranet team server management content converting and publishing

  • Issues guidelines and standards content file format design organization, indexing, searching file location

  • Issues location: WVU or Libraries server control we can use directory-specific IP address control on the both the WVU and the Libraries server the WVU server will allow users to find our documents when they use intranet search they are developing virtual meeting rooms and other features that we may want to use